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18 y/o girl. Poor diet as a child, lots of cookies and chocolate from parents but with healthy dinners. Been eating healthy for 3 yrs, done damage?

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Can you please tell me why it'simportant to promote healthy eating for children and young people?

Can you please tell me why it'simportant to promote healthy eating for children and young people?

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Hi, I'm a stay-at-home mom of 2 small children. I eat too much and can't organise my time to live healthier. How can I be more motivated?

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I am a college student. Our school does not have very healthy and yummy food choices! what can I do?

I am married in 1 year no children en problem in my health would you eat that type of food can be eat him in my husband and me?

I force myself and my children to try and eat healthy but i can't! what are some suggestions or websites you'd recommend for healthy family meals?

I have one child who is overweight and another who is thin. So, what do I cook for dinner?

I know I am not the healthiest eater, so how do I make sure my child receives all the nutrients he needs?

I offer a variety of foods to my daughter but she's so picky and refuses to eat much at home. At daycare eats well. Multivitamin?

I want to lose weight but my school told my parents I wasn't eating and was making myself sick (I'm wasn't). Now I can't talk to my parents about It?

I'm a picky eater and I want to change my habits, please help me find recipes for veggies?

I'm a very picky eater. But i'm also overweight. What can I do?

If I let my kids eat candy, is there one type better than others?

If I never give my child any junk food, will she enjoy it since she can't compare it to anything else?

If I'm 24 and want to start having kids at 30, what should I do health-wise to prepare?

In high school, what are some healthy choices to eat during at lunch?

Is baby carrots and fat-free ranch dressing a healthy snack for kids?

Is eating low glycemic index foods as important for kids as it is for adults? Kids are growing and they have so much energy after all.

Is eating walnut good for children?

Is having friendly only on the internet healthy for my son?

Is it healthy for children to be a vegan?