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88 year old DX hydrocephalus no shunt desired- how long to live with no shunt? On hospice & private caregiver.

92 yo discharged from 2-day hospital obs at 5pm. Disoriented to place. Now confusing people and events. Pleasant but juvenile. Delerium or sundowning?

A 14 month old is receiving digoxin and Lasix (furosemide) twice a day. In planning his care, the nurse should assess for what complication?

A nurse infected from hepatitis b virus. Would she still allow to working in the hospital and do patient care?

After being discharged from 6 days in hospital with severe sepsis, I'd like to donate blood but I'm not sure if I'd be able to after a blood infection?

After someone is labeled "dnr" can their doctor turn around and offer dialysis?

An 87 yr. Old man survived a heart attack (code blue) 14 hrs ago. The current hospital recommends that he is transferred to a hospital that specializes in cardiovascular surgery. Is there more risk to stay or transfer to another hospital?

An acutly injured patient needed a laparotomy operation urgently,and he was unconscious but he was presented to hospital alone,can u do opperation ?

Any recent news on treatment for hospital acquired pneumonia?

Any recommendations for an excellent pulmonary critical care doctor for a elderly person with aspiration pneumonia in largo/clearwater fl?

Any recommendations for an excellent pulmonary critical care doctor for elderly person w/aspiration pneumonia in largo/clearwater fl? Not jacksonville

Are all hospitals the same when treating unstable angina?

Are allergy shots administered in the office or in a hospital? Is it safer to have them in the hospital?

Are any hospitals now doing transcatheter tricuspid valve repairs in the usa? We know of maybe only one, ny presbyterian hospital. Any others?

Are doctors/hospitals allowed to send a child with severe epileptic fits home with morphine to die?

Are hospitalists under pressure to release patients prematurely before they are ready?

Are juveniles placed in the icu unit when their cancer gets bad?

Are most patients in an intensive care cathed and if so, why and is it embaressing?

Are nurses allowed to call in perscriprions for patients?

Are only Intensive Care Units equipped to give total parental nutrition (TPN) or can this be done in most wards?

Are rehab centers/hospitals reluctant to accept a patient that has had a brain bleed?

Are respiratory therapists really being phased out and their duties being replaced by nurses?

Are there long term care facilities for patients with self mutilation i.E. To help recovering cutters?

Are there any advance cleaning equipment in hospital on better handling patient's feces?

Are there any cardiac rehab phase 3 outpatient facilities in western suffolk county ny (islip, bayshore patchouge)?

Are there any specialized hospitals for trisomy 13 patients? Spealized drs?

Are there any teaching hospitals that I can contact anywhere in the United States that will hospitalize me and get to the bottom of why Im losing potassium?

Are there doctors that can do adenoid and tonsil surgery on a 1yo without blood transfusion , i'm jehovah's witness , and if so , where can I find one?

Are there ways that hospitals can lessen the chance of sepsis after surgery?

Are you allowed to wear anything under a hospital gown for an outpatient surgery?

At what level of o2 is it important for me to go to the hospital if I have copd?

At what stage of Alzheimer's should a patient remain in the hospital for care?

At what time would it be appropriate for a patient with a kidney transplant be admitted to the hospital due to fluid retention?

Being admitted to hosp, outpatient patient What can I expect to happen, am told there are intake procedures, kinda scared but happy at the same time ?

Best children's heart hospital in the world?

Can a critical care nurse work in a trauma unit?

Can a hospital refuse to release patients who want to leave?

Can a nurse catche herpes from a patient?

Can a patient be in coma for less than 6hrs (as 6hrs is minimum)? What's the diagnose that someone is in coma?

Can patients routinely get a stress testing before discharge from the hospital if they have had pci or cabg?

Can somebody with a hernia still do intensive labour work?

Can someone that is HIV positive work in a hospital at a surgical job?

Can the hospital force your love to a nurseing home if they mess her up and they don't have the treatment for her she have a trac and kidney done fail so she dialysis

Can there be many hospitals that you are aware of allow holistic therapies to be carried out in the hospital to help with palliative care?

Can they do interpret a frozen section at small hospital as well as large medical center?

Can you call me at 908-405-0112?

Can you explain the difference between partial hospitilization and intensive outpatient programs.

Can you have a patient transfer between psychiatric hospitals?

Can you please tell me about guidelines for prehospital hyperventilation of head injury patients?

Can you tell me about post mortem and the ambulance service?

Can you tell me how hospitals treat overdoses?

Can you tell me how your hospital treat ards?

Can you tell me if a nurse is caring for a patient who is 1 day post-op. Which data regarding patient's urine should the nurse take?

Can you tell me treatment of patient suffering from stable angina in the emergency department of a hospital?

Complaints about hospital care -- why don't they wash their hands more?

Could a psychiatric nurse date a patient that is no longer in their care?

Could a&e/hospital staff check if female patients are on their period. Take 2.?

Could an autopsy be done if the patient died when being transferred from hospital to hospital?

Could cancer patients leave the hospital?

Could you tell me what happens after a person has a stroke and she is in the hospital in the icu?

Could you tell me what happens in in-patient hospitalization?

Dad has developed hospital deluiruim/pyschosis. How do we proceed?

Dementia pt 1st in assisted living, then memory care unit but evict due to assaults, in psych unit, then again assisted living unit (not locked). Y?

Dementia pt had aspiration, back on o2, to be bed bound, very robust appetite now plummeted, has hospice care of some kind. What does this portend?

Dementia pt. had aspirational pneumonia D'C'd back to RCFE even tho needs higher level of care. Nursing scvs provided by hospice. Why not sent to SNF?

Dementia pt. on DNR, only IV of morphin, no V/S, just palliative care, no nutrients. What is happening to body and is this a slow painful death? Time?

Diagnosed with puliminary embolism, how long can you last untreated. On hospice with dnr?

Do doctors have the right to refuse surgery because of financial status even if patient has already been admited?

Do hospitals have to report MRSA cases to anyone?

Do I have to be admitted in hosptail to remove gallstones?

Do i still need to take HIV meds now that i'm receiving hospice for cancer? Hospice nurse says no, HIV nurse says yes.

Do many ophthalmologists do cataract surgery in their own office or does a person usually have it done in an outside facility or hospital?

Do the sounds in the hospital affect pediatric patients?

Do you know the hospital procedure for a concussion patient?

Do you know which is the best hospital in the country for treating sle?

Doctors, do hospitals allow a person to self-donate blood for a future operation?

Does a donor need to be hospitalized for pre-evaluation?

Does dislocated neck, cranial nerve damages, and resulting heart failure cause liver failure and ascites? Is this medical neglects by the hospitals & health care providers? We have told the doctors/nurses/lawyers this isue many times and they just covered

Does north memorial robbinsdale and /or maple grove have a team that can administer tpa (alteplase) to a person suspected of having an ischemic stroke?

Does unstable angina require hospitalization?

Dr referred to what I have as hospital delirium..What does this mean?

Elderly man in RCFE fractures patella requiring surgery. After surgery will he go back to the residential facility or be put in an interim facility?

ENTDr asked me to admit to the hospital for a Microsuction to clean the ear.Can it be done as an out patient procedure without staying at the hospital?

Family member has surgery 3 weeks ago. He is off vent but on trach. Is it possible for rehab facility to get him to breath on his own again?

For a stage 4 biliary tract cancer, are there benefits to being treated at a university hospital vs hmo?

For what reason would a patient with an epiphyseal fracture be admitted to the pediatric ward?

Have detoxed from alcohol at a facility just fine, last few times at the hospital were severe.,i have cirrhosis. why are some worse than others.

Have there been any cases of any people who have been saved in ID ward because of antibiotic misuse?

Hi how long does it take for some over 85 that's been admitted for pneumonia in intensive care on a ventilator to be released from hospital. Thanks?

Hi, Doctor; I'm in the hospital right now for the 5th time with acute pancreatitis. It's been almost two years since my last hospitalization, and the doctor treating me has said in that time the method for treating pancreatitis patients has changed. Is th

Home health discharged my mother (88) because she was resistant to bathing & therapy (confused; delirium).Shouldn't they know how to deal with this?

Hoping you can tell me, is rehab, surgical ward in a hospital infectious?

Hospital delirium after ventilator, should I be concerned?

Hospitals having drs who specialize in necrotizing pancreatitis will they accept pt with no insurance we l mtive in butte, mt?

How can hospital care become safer for patients?

How can a patietn find out which local hospitals have the best nicus?

How can hospitals prevent patient fear their care will be compromised due to their living will or dnr order?

How can I get original prescriptions of an admitted patient after death?

How can I tell doctors that I am uncomfortable in the hospital bed as a disabled person?

How can I treat dka without staying in the hospital?