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As a young professional w/ a mobile lifestyle, how would you recommend I locate and vet a caring primary care physician? (HMO, Blue Shield CA)

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At what point should someone seek professional assistance for an out of control 6 year old child?

Because im taking care of her i need financial help from my mom, but i don't know what it should be?

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Best dental care routine?

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Can dads do kangaroo care? How?

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Can you tell me about physician's orders for stroke patient plan of care. nursing help!?

Can you tell me are atos healthcare providing a good service and help me improve?

Can you tell me how I could assure myself I don't have ms?

Can you tell me if someone gets sick when they get old, can they seize all of their assets if they need palliative care?

Can you tell me if there are any situations where one could get an electrocardiogram (ecg) as part of preventative care?

Can you tell me the between quality dental care and poor dental care?

Can you tell me what is the best health care plan for family of four?

Could you recommend a bilingual primary care doctor? I live in denver.

Could you recommend a good nutritional regimen for wound care?

Crowns can last 40 years or more with proper care?

Depression help needed but no insurance. Why doesn't anyone care?

Difference between a prophylaxis care and a periodontal maintenance care?

Do a foster care kid get to see the same doctor for preventive services, over time?

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Do I need professional care during pregnancy?

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Docs, what's a really poor person to do that really needs dental care?

Does anyone think managed care actually improved the way in which a healthcare provider make medical decison?

Does emergency care include pregnancy-related doctor visits?

Does every new mother need postpartum care? Will every new mother need to follow up with their doctor for postpartum care? .

Does every new mother need postpartum care? Will every new mother need to follow up with their doctor for postpartum care? .

Does it matter if i choose a male or a female primary care physician?

Does medicare pay for long term care non-acute medical care or custodial care? I'm referring to dementia class patients.

Does metro health express care see patients for yeast infections?

Expat living in the philippines, where can I go for emergency medical care?

Explain who provides care for breast and vagina problems.?

Fragmented care is a problem everywhere. How do you deal with trying to coordinate inpatient or outpatient care among specialists and your self ?

Geriatrics: when looking for skilled nursing care center for a 90 year old frail but social parent, what are the most important considerations?

Has managed care influenced or changed the way in which healthcare provider make medical decisons?

Hello docs, is adult foster care the same as a group home?

Hello! I was wondering, How does transgender medical care differ from heath care for people of the born sex?

Hi doctors, can you tell me what is marasmus and the proper plan of care?

Hi doctors, can you tell me what is surgical wound care in nursing?

Hi I am seeking help I cannot find primary care with my insurance I have been seen at urgent care she wrote me for the wrong medication I almost died ?

Hi, I have Arizona's ACHCCCS/MEDICAID coverage but I haven't had a primary care physician for over three years. At that time, I stopped taking Hydrocl?

Home health care and i'm a member of a search and rescue squad. So how will they fix it?

How can a home evaluation by pt help me care for an elderly loved one?

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How can I get good social skills? Not that I care, but I need them for work.

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How can someone take care of their spiritual health?

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How do I become a health care provider for my grandparents?

How do I care a facial palsy at home?

How do I care for my newborn's nails?

How do I care for my prosthetic? What do I need to know about taking care of my prosthetic so that it stays in good condition? .

How do I care for my prosthetic? What do I need to know about taking care of my prosthetic so that it stays in good condition? .

How do I care my health because of over weigh ?

How do I get a minor with mental health issues into a residential facility for the help that is needed?

How do I get home health care for my grandmother?

How do primary care providers involve support groups when planning for patient's care?

How do you get medical help for a loved one that refuses to seek care?

How do you know if your care was in adherence to a medical guideline?

How do you provide care for someone who was knocked out?

How do you treat/care for dementia?