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1. What are your professional ethics? 2. What ethical dilemmas do you face in the work place?

11pm+7am shift.Nursing home.Lpns intimidate cnas to cover up mistakes or inappropriate and unethical. Behavior.?

Am I allowed to transfer sponsors if I need to in aa?

Am i eligible to enter the fire service or police service if I have a cardiac pacemaker?

Am I legally allowed to breastfeed in public?

Anyone know what is a senior assisted living facility?

Are all procedings at aa confidential?

Are assisted living and a SNF the same thing?

Are assisted living and retirement living the same thing?

Are assisted living and senior housing the same thing?

Are doctors offices and clinics allowed to not have automatic door openers for handicapped?

Are HealthTap Doctors allowed to fill out a DBQ (Disability Benefits Questionnaire) issued by the Dept. of Veteran Affairs, for PTSD?

Are only blood relatives allowed to occupany someone in an ambulance?

Are there any free cpr classes to join as an aide to an elder?

Are there any homeless shelters in anaheim, ca. Or a place a homeless young man can spend the night?

Are there funds to help me out financially in dealing with Parkinson's disease?

Are there public or private group homes for the mentally ill?

Are you born an entrepreneur or are you forced into it by the economy?

Artificial insemination of anonymous donor--what are his obligations to provide updated health information about him/his family?

As a caregiver, how can I be more organized with all the paperwork?

As a caregiver, must I apply for guardianship of a loved one?

As a caregiver, what must I know about public benefits/entitlement programs?

As poa, do I need to tell my loved one about informed consent?

As power of attorney, am I the only person who can access medical records?

Best value for health boot camp to attend?

By 'depends on the company' mean that the ultimate revocation decision is up to the employer and not the med. examiner?

Can a clinical social worker (instead of a doctor) complete my fmla and disability paperwork?

Can a doctor refuse to honor advance directive?

Can a doctor share certain information with a permissible party if you have signed a hipaa waiver allowing it, if you ask them not to?

Can a md. Deny medicare-paid hospice end-stage dementia patient physical therapy if patient's family requests it to maintain movement with new law?

Can a senior citizen in a nursing home can be found mentally incompetent by the staff doctor without family request?

Can a therapist legally charge you for cancellations?

Can an elder be denied placement in al if incontinent?

Can doctors ignore the power of attorney person?

Can employers legally explain to other employees that their co-worker has been granted an exception and is allowed to eat at his desk ?

Can health professions that are MRSA positive still operate?

Can I be qualify for medical, im 26 fulltime community college student. No job r income. I live w/ & get help from my low income parents. Live in cali?

Can I still be a police officer if I have asthma?

Can my mom rent a scooter on medicare?

Can my mom rent a wheelchair on medicaid?

Can someone be addicted to receiving praise and awards?

Can the government demand I have living will?

Can you become a police officer with only one kidney?

Can you initiate a second law enforcement 5150 after the first one expires?

Can you tell me about new healthcare laws and young, unemployed college grads?

Can you tell me stages of bereaving and bereavement cards?

Caregivers allowance entitlements. Will they ever happen in obamacare?

Could a disabled person have any animal as a service animal, by law?

Could a recovering alcoholic/addict stay in an oxford house for free if they have no income in oregon?

Could I have a job as an avition maintenance technician with this juvenile felony?

Could I have an antidepressant subscription without parents' awareness?

Dad had a stroke; how do we claim financial dependence?

Do childhood bullies turn into lawyers or presidential candidates, or do they descend into a life of crime?

Do live-in mental institutions help children who are mental retarded more than living at home and going to public school?

Do social workers follow the patient confidentiality code?

Do you have to have a statement from the doctor in order to exercise power of attorney over a dementia patient?

Do you know any organization or sponsors for financial support for dialyais patients?

Do you support or oppose obamacare and why?

Does awd require ramps and automatic door openers in all healthcare facilities?

Does durable power of attorney for health come into coonflict with hipaa?

Does hipaa allow facility administration to keep information from aides that work "very closely" with alf residents with c-diff?

Does hospital administrator have no ability to improve health?

Does islam support transplantation?

Dr. How do i accept you as my dr. ? Dawn

For single mom how much is your total household income per year?

Fully recovered from delivery but exhausted by caregiving. Hire a sitter?

Geriatrics md: how can nursing home refuse to share care plan with woman's child citing hipaa even before she moves in? Older nonmedical sib has poa.

Government making cuts to medicaid, medicare and social security how would you do it?

Hipaa penalties can be assessed for violations themselves and what else?

How are support workers for the disabled trained?

How can an independent living center help me if I have an emotional disability?

How can hospice determine who is eligible or who stays in the program?

How can I 'recharge' when I am a caregiver?

How can I change my durable power of attorney?

How can I find out about caregiving services in my community?

How can I find out about dental coverage for dependants of a senior or disabled veteran?

How can I handle unsolicited advice from my in-laws?

How can I know I am about to have a burnout, or if I am already in burnout state?

How can you find available social services for disabled people?

How common is elder abuse at assisted living facilities?

How did you select this occupation? Doctors

How do caregivers obtain legal rights?

How do healthcare workers protect themselves when interacting with pneumonia patients?

How do I become my moms healthcare power of attorney. She is past the stage of signing?

How do I contact social services for a suicide watch for someone I know?

How do I create an advance directives?

How do I emotionally handle comments from the public about my disability?

How do I obtain disabled parking?

How do I take power of attorney away from a sibling?

How do nurses/social workers supplement caregiver's work?

How do social workers collaborate with social services?

How do social workers help in cases of claiming custody?

How do you create a legal advanced health directive?

How do you do a living will; do you need a lawyer?

How do you pass advance life support certification?

How long with the healthcare battle last in us? I need to plan my retirement spending.

How many assisted living facilities in the u.S. Have separate alzheimer's special care units?

How much does in-home assistance for an elder cost?

How much does religion inform the practice of psychiatry in america and does this discriminate against nonchristian patients?

How much, if you have to pay, is it to do assisted suicide with euthanasia where it is legal?