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cold 1 week and now coughing up thick dark red and flesh toned stuff not mucus that remains shaped if pulled and I'm a smoker should I b concerned?

'when blowing my nose/coughing things up i get brown chunks in phlegm?

13m old runny nose & cough for 5 days. Turned into thick phlegm today. Can hear it when she breathes. Color is clear. No fever. Do I need to see doc?

16.5mth has yellow discharge from one eye. Also has wet & dry cough, sneezing, not eating much but drinking good. No fever & trouble sleeping. Worry?

19mnth old son had fever on/off, bad cough, green boogers, green discharge from eyes, not eating as much and his eyes seem a little swollen. Go to dr?

1st had sore throat 12 days later lost voice had terrible croup like cough now 1week later coughing up tiniest specs of red blood occasionally?

2 sinus infections in a row now pain in face gone but coughing thick white, yellow and green phelm. Middle of chest aches. Pneumonia likely?

22M,every morning , a thick green sputum ,a little cough and it happens whole day, sometimes running nose ,i tired from this all , what to do ?

2yr old has nasal mucus that went from clear to thick yellow,now it is clear w/ light yellow.been 7 days. sinus infection or cold? Let it run coarse?

3 months since walk pneumomua and still have to clear lungs in the mornings (light yellow mucus). No other symptoms. No fever. How to get rid of mucus?

3 week old baby has thick greenish yellow snot. Sees otherwise fine. No fever. Normal??

3 year old with mucus build up in eyes. 2 days of symptoms should I be concerned?

32 weeks pregnant my cough hurts my chest and bringing up lots of dark mucus as well?

3days yellow/green nonstop sinus mucas, 2days on/off <100 fever, today blood in nostrils, nothing is helping any common remedies?

3yo poop was white (very3x light green). She has a little fever, cough with phlegm, threw up a few times, dont have appetite. Should I concern??

3yr old having thick sometime clear or yellowish from His nose but is thick.. No fever, he has enlarged adenoids.. What could be the reason and cure.

5 days after tonsillectomy. Brown, yellow, or green phlegm, possibly pus, that I am hacking up often. No runny nose, worse after sleeping. Normal?

50 yr male non smoker signs have lasted for 2 months with some drainage some times yellow and green sometimes clear flushes nose daily with black pepp?

6 1/2 mo old diarreha, thick green mucus running out of nose. Diagnosis / suggestions / advice ?

6 months ago saw tiny streaks of medium red blood in bile when vomited with morning sickness. The vomit after did not have any in it and I continued to vomit all that day. I did have blood when I blew my nose- is it likely I had just swallowed mucus?

A few times this past month ive had spots of blood in my snot. Ive heard bloody phlegm/sputum is bad, and since snot is also mucous is that bad too?

A friend is coughing up black balls in his flem and been sick on a night not every night but just wanted to no if it could be out serious?

A have had a very bad cough and tons of yellowish brownish drainage with some blood in it for about a week now. What could this be?

A sore throat this morning which eventually went away and then I noticed tonight that I have white mucus in my nose, or white boogers. What is this?

A watery brown liquid running from the nose, 2+ times a day, for the past 3-4 days. It started as a yellow color. What is it&why is it continuing?

Achy all over, pressure on lungs, low grade fever, dark brown yellow mucous for one cough today. Past three days. See dr?

Acute bronchitis for 3 wks now. Low pitched sounds & bubbling feeling when breathing. Coughing white bubbly phlegm, little bit of green. P. Causes?

Acute bronchitis no cough. Taking amoxicillian and mucus comes out clear, white, or a little yellow. Use to come out green.Mucus still thick.Opinons?

After my husband eats, he seems to always have to clear his throat . not sure why?

After prk i keep having bad taste coughing white small balls (mucus) what is the cause of this? My blood test were good, should I see an ENT doctor?

After throwing up a speck of blood does the throat burn ?

Am smoker.... Continuous cough over 4 months with white colour thick string.. kindly help me Wats the problem..And mucous taste like Acid.

An hour ago I have yellow liquid (water like no slime but rather sticky) coming out from my nose when I bow/lower my head.What is it?Thanks

Approx 10wks ago, orange nasal mucas after real heavy cold. Sinus infect, strong antibiotics, now im coughing up spongy/rubbery stuff wiv hard work?

Awoke feeling like throwing up. Tried, but couldn't-Was dry heaving/coughing up small bits of blood.Blew nose-reddish color.Have Bad GERD. Thoughts?

Baby is spitting up white froth and sneezing a lot and his coughs sound wet. Is this normal orncause for concern?

Bad cold/mild fvr a few days ago, now just really snotty/no fvr but coughing up small amts of blood w/mucus. Feel fine otherwise. Is this normal?

Been coughing up clear to white sticky mucus for 4 months now. Had xrays, blood work, 3 rounds of biotics. Bad at night, can't sleep. Tired & wt. Loss.

Been down for about 3 days. Painful cough w/stringy thick yellow phlegm. Low fever 100.6 Painful joints. Head pressure. No vomit. What could it be?

Been down for about 3 days. Painful cough w/stringy thick yellow phlegm. Low fever 100.6 Painful joints. Head pressure. No vomit. What could it be?

Been sick for 1week started with a sore throat it went away now a cough & sinus been blowing out & spitting up dark yellow mucus should I go see a dr?

Blood in mucus in morning. Also green mucus. Weak and tired. No headaches. Not congested. Stomach inflammation and esophagitis. Been happening 2months?

Bloody snots foamy pee unquenchable thirst coughing up mucus tingly hands every now and then and fatigue. Any idea the cause of these symptoms?

Bring mucus up all the time most of the time it's clear but sometimes has green little lumps in. don't smoke ?

Bringing up pleghm on daily basis. Could probably fill a 2litre bottle. Mostly white and thick, but on occasion green?

Can allergies cause u to spit up lots of chunks of bloody liver looking stuff?

Can bringing up heaps of phlegm make your throat scratch and cause bright blood in phlegm?

Can i have virus even if little green stuff in nose? Clear but some green, improving after 10 ish days. Is green always infection or can be virus too?

Can it take up to 12 weeks to start spitting black & brown mucus after quitting? I haven't started coughing up any tar yet.

Can u tell me what colour flem is to be infectus I have jus had a cold and left with flem on my chest it is green is that infectus or not thank u?

Can you please tell me what exactly is coloured phlegm sign of?

Cant stop coughing bringing up green phlegm & snot also got diarhea& dizzyness & body ache what can I do?

Chest pain. Gurgling sound when breathing in & out. Mucus is clear w/ white streaks & a bit of bubbles. Been on antibiotics w/ no improvement to cough?

Chesty cough and thick green to dark green phelgm. Nose blocked at night. Been going on for a week. How long until I should see a doctor?

Clear sputum without cough for 6 months.sometimes greenish only at morning.4 days ago too few streaks of blood that occurs only once/day wen i wake up?

Cold for 5 days. But now eye is getting red and crusty and developing cough. Coughed up hard green/brown mucus with tiny red streak. What is this?

Cold in Oct & again last month. Have a cough now. It's deep & gives greenish yellow. What am I doing wrong? How can I prevent this better?

Cough every spring and fall for past 40 years some times cough up small amount of bright red blood but frist time I have got a sore thort ang dificult swallowing

Cough for about 6 weeks, body aches, throat burns and feels swollen, coughing up dark brown mucus and thought there was some blood in it this morning.

Cough turned thick green 2 days ago & now it's frothy clear liquid? No fever, have felt awful for past 7 days- congested, sore throat, exhausted, etc

Cough up hard jelly clear phlem like a bb bullet when i cough it just comes flying out.its thicker than normal phlem and its not a tonsil stone?

Cough, sore throat, and coughing up green, gold and grey colored mucus(somtimes w/ red specks)sever loss of energy. No primary doctor should I go er?

Coughed up a few tiny specks of bright yellow mucous in my otherwise clear spit, AND I have diarrhea with NO stomach ache. Is this connected? Serious?

Coughed up phlegm w little blood. Size of a dime. Do have cold/flu like symptoms. Should i worry.

Coughing (sounds dry?) For about 5 months now. Age 18, white phlegm turning green past few days, bacterial/viral? Cancer? (rarely smoke)

Coughing and blood and something that looks like a white tube?

Coughing for 1 month, not resolved by meds. Thick yellowish green sputum sometimes got brown spot. No fever no pain only the cough. Throat felt itchy?

Coughing for almost 4 mnths, taste of blood in my flem and colour of red. Scratchy troate, tight airway, what could it be?

Coughing up bright green and yellow...Kind of hard..Also lots of drainage...Very tired...Pneumonia?

Coughing up chunks of brown, should I go to the hospital?

Coughing up dark grey sputum since i started using heat little runny nose and slight headache?

Coughing up green chunks, hot flashes and no voice and I'm almost 24 weeks pregnant!!

Coughing up jelly balls, what could be the problem?

Coughing up lil balls of clear mucus and sticky strings of mucus .. us to always burp but now since nov 2014 ive been coughing up mucus?

Coughing up thick yellow mucus for the past month. What will the md do to diagnose me? Take blood or a sample of the mucus?

Coughing up toxic waste green mucus...And loosing voice..Also very fatigued..Any ideas?

Coughing up&blowing out thick yellow mucus for past week&in last 2days blowing out small blood clots, sinus pain in neck to ear&pregnant. What to do?

Coughing white thick phelgm and occasionally brown spots in it. Have acid reflux problem. What it could be?

Daily, for 3 yrs, i cough up thick, sticky, mucus that looks like mold or fungus... It's constant always in the back of my throat. Chest X-ray normal?

Dark brown phlegm when i clear my throat / blow nose (1 week now). Sometimes i get completely clear mucus. Don't drink/smoke. No other symptoms.

Doctor said I have pharyangitus i been taking antibiotics for 3 days now...I feel like i can't breath so congested keep couphing up this green an brown mucus with a little bit iif blood?

Does having green phlegm definitely means an infection. I spit a mouthful when I woke up this morning then it was all clear n once green n clear again?

Does it help or hurt to work/ sweat outside when coughing up brown phlegm?

Does the mucus plug always have bloody? I passed a giant booger like snot it wasnt bloody though (37 wks)

Does thick green and yellow mucous from nose indicate the need for antibiotics? I hope not because I'm nursing and don't want to stop

Dr said that its a Myth that green snot is a sign that your getting sick. But i only see green snot come out when Im sick. Im confused.

Drip after hit head has been constant coughed green mucas now ear is leaking just a regular drip?

Dry cough started end of march then that started producing yellow phlegm a week later.Suptum sample returned fine. No more phlegm, but still have irritating feeling of something stuck in chest + cough.

Dx with bacterial bronchitis and now coughing so hard i uncontrolably pee my pants a little. Is this normal?

Dx with bacterial bronchitis yesterday and now coughing so hard i uncontrollably pee my pants a little. Is this normal?

Ear hurts abit when a swallow food, I had chunky yellow post nasal drip today. Is this a concern? Help

Earlier I felt like I had something in my throat, so I tried clearing it and A chunk of what seems to be bloody tissue came out. It has yellow mucus ?

Every morning i wake up and cough up grey mucus wit black splotches is this bad, it has been going on for atleast two years. ?

Every morning I wake up my throat hurts until I'm able to cough up mucus, sometimes is green and slimy but other is dark green and really dry why?

Every morning i wake up theres a mucusy phlem in the back of my throat that gags me and when i gag little white, squishy balls come out. What are they

Every time i blow my nose nothing comes out. Only very little clear stuff, if that. When i was younger green snot would come out, why did it all stop?

Everytime I blow my nose I get fair bit of blood mixed in with green mucus going on two weeks not sure what it could be could it be anything serious?

Excessive yellow, green, & tan mucus in throat for years & causing bad breath. Allergy medicine & drinking liquids does not help. What could this be?

Feel sputum in throat always, discharge it regularly, what it indicates?

Feeling irritated throat and white sputum is also discharged quite often.