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constantly having sinus infections I keep going to the allergist or ENT they say nothing is wrong what should I do? I take several meds nothing helps

!aahhh! help! I have saline rinse trapped in my sinuses. How do I get rid of it? I had sinus surgery last week and was told to use sinus rinse 3 times a day. Now there is so much fliud trapped, i feel seasick when i stand/move. Please helpme if you

12 week old had cold cruddy cough eye boogers x 5 weeks cannot sleep flat. PCP said let it run but does t seem to be getting better. Advice please?

12 year old daughter has stuffy nose, an feel like she is going to throw up but can't. Why is this?

14 weeks pregnant bad allergies & congestion. Nothing works please help I am not sleeping cause i get dry mouth so bad & can't breathe through nose?

2 weeks now that i been getting up in the middle of the night around 120 and having running nose and coughing.But i get home around 1145 because work?

2 years old baby coughing and funny nose, how can I make healing process faster?

28 weeks pregnant and I think I mite have really bad nasal congestion. I can't find anything that help with keeping my nose unclogged,is worst a sleep?

3 months Clogged sinus. Goes from one side to the other. When I'm sitting at home it'll get really clogged and I get really tired tried zyrtec (cetirizine) nohelp

4 yr old nostril gets blocked while sleeping,doesn't has cold. He has enlarged adenoids,feel he has mucus behind nose but after doing saline nothing comes out, no fever?

5 times know i go to sneeze and get to ahhh and then the sneeze won't come out? Happens every couple of hours? No cold no stuffy nose? Wgat is this?

A burning nasel passage amd where nose throat connects has sensitive feel. May i go to gym tomorrow.

A month of stuffy nose, can a ENT help to figure out what is wrong even though am 23 weeks prego, or do I just have to wait until after gave birth to find out why my nose is so congested.

A smell of vomit is stuck in my throat and nose, and has gotten worse since a great deal of stress and crying. Is this normal?

After using nasonex (mometasone) for the first time it feels like i has this irritated painful sore in nostril. How long will it take for this to go away?

All day i will feel fine but at the end if the day, while i lay in bed my nose gets super stuffed up, why is that?

Anytime i smell garlic cooking my nose gets congested and i feel like its a little hard to breathe should i test for an allergy to it?

Are there some genetic reasons I get stuffy nose off and on?

Awhile back i had a cold and took nose spray, now when i try to stop my nose gets clogged up what can I do to help discontinuing the use?

Been sick for 4 days. All the medicines I have will not stop my cough or clear my nose. Unable to breathe through my nose. When should I see a doctor?

Blood in eye wont go away, been a month since nose job?

Can ?Blowing nose actualy make things worse?

Can a stuffy nose make your pulse higher?

Can allergies make you dizzy? My nose has been stuffed up for 3 days and I've been extremely drowsy, now dizzy but I don't feel like I have a cold.

Can blowing up too many balloons make you sick?

Can depo-ralovera cause sinus problems or nose problems like to make it blocked I was fine until I got it again now its playing up again?

Can i get sick from the neti pot solution going down my throat?

Can mold in your home make you emotional have head pain allergys like itchy nose stomic pain an just make you sick an emotionally crazy?

Can untreated nasal allergies make you feel constantly lethargic?

Can you get pain from a fan blowing on you?

Can you get surgery in the inside of your nose so that you will never get clogged nose again from coke?

Can you tell me is a dry nose worth going to the doctor about?

Caught another cold. going on week four and sinus pressure is only getting worse. yellow mucus. ?

Cold with running nose . Say me treatment asap?

Constantly having some blood coming from my nose and throat in my mucus. I take allergy med. What could be wrong, its annoying! And how can I stop it?

Could i get help with extreme congestion!?

Could you explain why does it hurt so bad when you get water up your nose?

Daughter is getting over parainfluenza and she still gets warm at times is that normal and still sounds nasal like and has green bowel movements?

Did septoplasty 9 days back.nose feels it because of swelling inside or allergy(cannot make out the reason).how long it takes to recover?

Do any one know how to stop a nose bleed people say to put your head back then you feel it in your mouth that will make me pass out?

Do i need to go see someone? I currently have a dry itchy nose from allergies, and i've been sneezing a lot. However, i just sneezed and got a bloody nose from it. I had stuffed it with a tampon to try to get it to go away and when i pulled it out, a huge

Doctor's opinion? My nose is always either stuffy or runny, i can't smell things like i used to.?

Does a deviated septum get worse over time? It seems to be getting harder to breathe out of the bad side. Is the only way to fix this surgery?

Does anyone have any ideas why i feel sick after nose bleeds?

Does stuffy nose last thru out pregnancy due to the changes in the woman's body? Or will it go away. I am in 2nd trimester with stuffy nose and wondering how much longer till things clear up.

Does winter cause sinuses to play up more? Heavy/pressure in top of nose & nose always feels like ice Waiting on sinus X-ray 2nd jan

Ear nose & throat doctor for him. Alway dizzy and stomach up set. He has been throwing up. Even water. His sister had the same ?

Ears have been plugged up for 2 weeks and my sinuses hurt but no yucky colors. Should i keep waiting it out another week or get into doctor sooner?

Entire house got a cold 3 wks ago. Everyone is over it but myself and my 1 year old. Our sinuses are still swollen shut. Should we go back to the dr?

Ever since bad sinus infection 2 yrs ago, nose is always sensitive/stuffy. Often suddenly get stuffy, blow green stuff, then goes away in a day. Why?

Every evening (just evenings) my sinus drips & gets stuffy, whether in the house or other place. Just began last couple of weeks. Possible cause?

Every morning I sneeze around 10 times, my mouth get very itchy at the back and my nose gets blocked then starts running. ?

Every morning i wake up my throat gets sore and itchy. And then i sneeze a lot. This continues for 20-30 minutes till i clear my nose. Help me please?

Every night when I go tobed my nose is almost immediately stuffed and dry. Would anyone have a suggestion on why this may be, or a solution?

Every spring I have allergia.And have got runy nose and tears alot.I allways use aerius and nasal spreys.How can I get rid of this?

Every time i inhale my ear gets stuffy. How can I prevent this?

Every winter i get left earache only. I get them cleaned out at end of winter and then it is fine.What can I do for winter to prevent it from hurting?

Everytime i drink water i feel like I have to throw up, im also light headed more often , n i keep sneezing n stuffy nose what can this be?

Everytime I go outside and it's really cold, I get a runny nose that lasts until I go somewhere inside. Is this normal?

Everytime i start working out again i end up getting sick (like a head cold or sinus infection). Why is this?

For past few months keep on getting bothersome nasal congestion that makes me really uncomfortable few times a week on 1 side only. what should I do?

For some reason every time I eat my nose starts running. What is that all about?

For what possible reasons have i always got a blocked nose?

For what possible reasons have i had a stuffy nose for two years straight?

For years, every night my nose drains when I turn over or get up causing me to sneeze a lot and keeps me awake. How can it stop?

Have a cold..My nose is full of mucus keep blowing it a lot can't seem to get it out. can that cause any danger? My head hurts!

Have bromocriptine tablets that are 2.5mg when I have 1 at night it makes my nose blocked&I feel sick and tired should I stop having it&tell my doctor?

Headache that comes for days and then goes but then comes back? What is this? I also have a blocked nose and feel all clogged up?

Hello I've had a cold for 3 weeks and I feel all full my nose is makes a popping sound than I get a headache what advice do u give please ?

Hello, I have been experiencing a blocked/stuffy nose (only on one nostril), but I do not feel sick. How do I get rid of this? Thank you, presh.

Help my nose always feels irritated after I come home ?

Hey! If I stay in the shower a long time my nose starts dripping and running like crazy. I also can begin sneezing time after time. Any idea? Thanks!!

Hi doctor, I have sinus and my ears clog up i get dizziness that comes and goes away when i take ginger it helps also when i sneeze my throat hurts?

Hi doctor,I have been suffering from allergy of nose from last 2 year. everytime i go outside of home i get runny nose, feels cured when at home. ?

Hi Dr, having nasal polyps. Did a scan last week doctor told me my nose has blocked from top need steroid spray to get them better. It starter i always feel water and pressure pain in my ear. And now days dizzy and in balance too. Just want to get seco

Hi I have a nose allergy, I started to sneeze everytime. Please help me to resolve my problem?

Hi I have very bad sinus and have to breath and sleep with my mouth open and it makes my throat hurt because it get dry .What can I do or take .

How can I get rid of nasal swelling, I have been getting nasal swelling everyday for about 2yrs. I get tired of speaking and i can eat and breath ?

How can I make my nose get unstopped?

How can I prevent blocked nose from turning into a bad cold?

How can I stop getting a sore nose when wearing glasses?

How come i get sinus pressure really bad all the time?

How come i start to sneeze and get all stuffy after running on the treadmill?

How do I get rid of a runny noise for myself and my baby?

How do I get rid of bad breath , I went to the dentist she says I don't have any symptoms but I always find when I talk people covering their noses?

How do I get rid of sinus pressure in rain?

How do I stop my nose from getting blocked and congested when i go to sleep?

How do you get rid of a cold sore scab fast? I get 1 by the same side of my nose since i was 7 every 2 yrs. Why? How do I stop it from happening?

How do you get smoke out of your ears? Will it come out on its own?

How does Caffeine make Nasal Cilia move faster?

How to get instant relief from my chill of nose?

How to study when i'm sick? How am i supposed to make the most of my time when i'm blowing my nose every 5 minutes?

I always feel like I have a blocked nose nothing makes it go away, what should I do?

I always have long-running diseases when it comes to ENT area. I can cough for 2-3 weeks, sore throat lasts more than a week, runny nose too. I also snore. Who should I go to to get this checked out?

I am 16 years old and i keep being sick and i haven't eaten in a while I am constantly cold and I have a stuffed nose and I do go dizzy sometimes, whe?

I am 38 weeks pregnant. I am fine during the day but at night My ears start hurting and my nose is runny. Is this normal or could i be getting sick?

I am 55 and, for the last couple of months, my nose usually runs when i eat, enough that i often have to blow my nose during the meal. What's going on?

I am having bromocriptine 2.5mg it is a new tablet for me been having it a week everytime I have it i get a blocked nose will this eventually go away?

I am having flu after every few days, the sneezing never stops and makes my entire day horrible. Please advise what should I do.

I am having hives, a stuffy nose, and feel like i'm going to barf? Should I go in?