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history of severe asthma no meds now.persistent mucus in throat sinuses are clear. 2 Ent docs tried asthma, allergy meds and low dose PPIs. Any thoughts?

What is having cough at bedtime means. Is this allergy , cold, Asthma. ?

10days dx with asthmatic bronchitis.Rx breathing treatment, steroids, antibiotic, inhaler-now finished. Still coughing/short breath.See dr or wait out?

13yr old son , croupy cough for three weeks also has mucous on amox/clav, prednisone, Bromfed dm, xopenex (levalbuterol) but no major improvemnet can this be pnemoni ?

16mo, asthma&chronic bacterial bronch. CBB flaring up-congestion, productive cough. Very tired, no fever. taking long, slow, noisy breaths. Go to doc?

18mo no allergies, no CF, no PCD, asthma that meds won't control, constant respirtory infections resist antibiotx. Do some kids just always "rattle"?

1yr old with viral bronchiolitis.Saw pedi. And recieved bronciodolator and corticosteroid.Couging and vomiting up phlem.Is this normal for the meds?

2 weeks ago I had asthma and recovered. Still coughing. When will bronchitis go away? Any treatment without medication? I use inhaler here and there.

2 weeks plus postnasal drip course antibiotics done thick phlegm with shortness of breath at times need relieve using chlorcol and prednisone, cough m?

2 y/o has flu and reactive airway disease. Currently taking Tamaflu/prednisone/albuterol treatments. Cough is worse after treatments-barking. Normal??

2 year old with croup cough and fever. Hospital gave steroid shot when will the heavy breathing stop!?

28 f havin cough wit sputum& wheezing fr last 1 week, used 2hav steam inhalation.Is it good to drop some eucalyptus/vicks in the water for inhalation?

29 year old male smoker asthmatic on and off dry cough having to use ventolin more often but peakflow constantly at 780 any thoughts cough not chesty.

2nd round of antibiotics& prednisone & albutrol for severe cough. Is it whooping cough? Cough not any better. What next? Dr said pneumonia 1st time

2weeks of productive cough, sob at times cxr is clear had oral antibiotic, bisolvon, seritide and ventolin.Easily gets chest ineection. Do I have asthma?

3 month old baby's third week of RSV. Now cough sounds like croup although she's been receiving albuterol-nebulizer treatments (6x/day for 4 days, 3x/?

3 year old daughter has asthma and last week had a course of steroids for a flare up but this week she is still rattling and coughing?

3 yr old was said to have bronchitis and asthma, is on day 5 of omnicef, (cefdinir) prednisone & albuterol. No improvement. Still wheezing. Now what?

4 years cough congestion bronchitis pneumonia with wheez in lungs 5 days Zithromax & nebulizer 2 day steroid still sick wheezes worried plz help ?

4 yr old coughing for 7 wks.Diagnosed with asthma.Did 10 day steroid, albuterol evry 4 hrs, 7 day amox & qvar inhaler.Still coughing.Wat now? Answers?

4.5 year old w/ 5 month dry cough that doesn't respond to asthma or anti-reflux meds or abx. Classic asthma triggers but no wheezing? Pertussis neg.

4yroldsonwokeup hacking and gasping for air. .. previously gave him pseudophedrine phenylephrine diphenhydramine and his breathing treatment abuterol ?

5 year old cough. Has been going on for 6 weeks. Been to dr. 5 times. Tried antibiotic, singulair, (montelukast) and Claritin . No cough when asleep. Help?

6 month old that's wheezing, coughing and nasal drainage. Pediatrician only gave an albuterall inh with chamber mask. She isn't getting better. Help?

6 months babu with persistent cough, nasal congestion and wheezing. the fever (102°f) went away 3 days ago. as a treatment only sodium chloride inhal?

6 months baby with chronic persistent cough daily for four months! oral antiallergic agent is not effective, X-ray showed bronchitis(or pneumonia?).Af

6 yo has bronchitis. Just gave him albuterol in nebulizer and his cough is really bad after treatment . It sounds productive though. Is this normal?

8mnth baby if recurrent wheezing without too mch cough doc identifies it as nebs with pulmicort and salbutamol since 10 step?

8mnth old girl flu,wheezing,laboured breathing,given prednisolone.+nebs with steroid and after recovery has recurrence.why?astma or RSVagain

8mnth old recurrent wheezin SOB,labourd breathing.since13days.on inhaled steroids and bronchdilator.eczema+ve can we giv monteleukast for future recur?

8mnth old recurrent wheezing,cud be asthma my paediatrician told me.m giving salbutamol nebs.its bronchiolitis at this time or asthma.steroid needed?

8mnth old,lot of crackles and wheez in chest.take pulmicort2ml in 0.2mg/ml between at 4hrly salbutamol.wheez doesnt go even aftr neb?

93 y/o female. Been coughing up phlegm Still clear/white Hx of asthma has a symbicort (budesonide and formoterol) inhaler. No helping. What can I do? OTC expectorant no help

93/f. Hx of asthma no other breathingn issues. Has been coughing white mucousy phlegm. Symbicort (budesonide and formoterol) not helping. Refused to c dr?

A month ago I had Bronquitis, My doctor gave me Azitromicyne and Albuterol.I got better but 4 days ago I started coughing wheezing,green flems.

After 2 weeks still hacking cough. Could it be because of my 12hr Asian flight?

After a puff of salbutamol inhaler i cough up phlem, why is this?

After about a week of dry coughing, wheezing and fevers, i've coughed up lots of cold. Now, i'm still wheezing & coughing. Taking prescribed meds.

After finish antibiotics, cough syrup prednisone medications to treat bronchitis, is it normal after 1 week to feel chest congestions and cough again?

After finishing antibiotics, cough syrup, prednisone medications to treat bronchitis, is it normal after 1 week to feel chest congestion and cough ?

After I take albuterol inhaler I can't do my whistle register. Which is whistling with my throat when I sing. Does thr inhaler affect my VC?

Am on flecainide and lisinopril and am having some dry coughing and hearth rate goes up when cough is this normal or is this is an allergic reaction?

Asthma been on pred 40 mg 5 days & neb peak flw bettr no fever, but now I am coughing up yellow stuff, any exertion still trigger wheezing. Worrisome?

Asthma flared with allergies and getting the flu. Kept taking my albuterol daily for over a month. Noticing mucus stuck deep in lungs that I feel rumble but I can't seem to cough out. Would a steroid inhaler help clear this?

Asthmatic with bronchitis - how could i encourage the congestion to lessen?

Bout of asthmatic bronchitis for two week. all meds from primary doc complete, rescue inhaler not providing much relief. still coughing up green.

Bronchitis & asthma on prednisne antibiotic & neb peak flow from 600 to 390 after week back to 500. Should i see pulmonologist not pcp for asthma?

Bronchitis diagnosed fen 21 given injections of antibiotic and steroid given z pack albuterol and Robitussin (guaifenesin) AC stll coughing up very yellow mucus an?

Bronchitis w/cough x2 weeks prescribed zpack not coughing but sob and mild chest spasms ER said pleurisy px albutrol but increases hr.Alternatives?

Bronchitis- how can I stop gagging when I cough? I take shallow breaths to avoid coughing. Taking tessalon perles (benzonatate) but still have coughing fits.

Can a 6 year old taking flovent and albuterol be throwing up phlegm every night from asthma?

Can a chest infection cause tightness of the chest? An on amoxicillin and take a preventer inhaler?

Can Albuterol cause me to wheeze? I have CHF and seem to wheeze worse after I use it. I also seem to cough alot more after I use Albuterol.

Can asthmatics take OTC cough syrup? Barking cough for 6wks lots of phlegm. 10 days antibiotics and 4 days steroids helped briefly but getting worse

Can E-cigs cause Stridor? Polyphonic stridor after exercise/cough/chemicals. Inhaler 6x + a day. Take flonase/zyrtec for dust allergies, doesnt help.

Can I administer Orapred (3 ml 2/day) along with breathing treatments (Budesonide or Albuterol)? Baby had croup but now cough sounds rattly.

Can I give Zithromax suspension to my son who is having cough and chest congestion?

Can I take my salbutamol rescue inhaler more then every 4 hrs? Nasty cough, wheezing and green olive colored sputum for just under 3 days

Can i take pulmacort if im coming out of pneumonia?

Can i take ventolin to break up a mucousy cough?

Can I use inhalor [clenil] and sometimes salbutamol while using gabapentin given for cough variant asthma?Cough was not going away, i ve bronciectasis

Can Ipratropium Bromide cause a bronchitis like cough? Whenever I use my nebulizer I cough so hard and it will last for minutes.

Can Q-Var inhaler for asthma cause a cough or slight sore throat? I am taking 80mg 2puffs twice a day.

Can spiriva cause this increased coughing?

Can u take NyQuil while on Zpac antibiotics, prednisone, inhaler? Treating asthmatic cough that is constant, rash,& X-ray that is unclear if pneumonia

Can ventolin syrup be given to baby with a bad cough and phlemy chest there is no asthma will it help him to bring up his mucus?

Can you get pneumonia if you don't cough (by using cough suppressants) when you have acute bronchitis? Or is that ok to do?

Can you overdose on your inhalers as my asthma as turned worse since I have had a chesty cough and I have been using my blue and brown inhaler alot?

Can you suggest a means to get my doctor to prescribe me an asthma nebulizer and cough syrup?

Can you tell me if asthmatic bronchritis gets worse after being on antibitotics?

Chronic bronchial asthma. 2 days coughing up green sputum, no voice, SOB, uncontrolled cough even with benzonatate. No wheeze, o2 94-96%?

Cold for 2 months. Short of breath. Foamy sputum. Tried antibiotics. Non smoker. Coughing almost to point of puking. Asthma. Tried puffer but no help.

Cold/bronchitis now worse 73 days. Penicillin and inhalers not help. Now lungs feel weighted down.?

Confused abt difference between asthma & bronchitis. Don't both cause wheezing/phlegm? Must I take meds for asthma if I only have symp's w/bronchitis?

Cough 3X weeks with ABX x 10 days, albuterol and qvar. Fatigued and cranky. See ped ASAP? or other dr? Not croup or whooping. Not much wheezing.

Cough for three months. Started after bronchitis (got that treated). On singulair (montelukast) Zyrtec and albuterol but it's still super bad. How to rid this?

Cough: 6 weeks now; visited gp 3 times, was prescribed 3 different antibiotics, nasal spray & steroids. Tickly cough eased but now have rattle in chest ?

Cough/ mucus in chest. Took 2 puffs albuterol inhaler and 1 mucus relief pill. Afraid of mucus blocking airway. Am i overreacting?

Cough/mucus in chest. Can't expel without stridor/asthma attack. On amox/prednisone 3 days. Mucus not better. Are more meds/tests needed?

Coughing for 2 wks now, have asthma, prescribed with montelucast, and cefuroxime why is my cough worse now and dry? thanks.

Coughing/phlegm stuck in chest. Took mucus relief pill and two puffs of albuterol inhaler. Afraid of phlegm blocking my airways. Am i overreacting?

Could a Vicks inhaler be inhaled through the mouth for chest congestion?

Could I have chronic bronchitis I have deep horse dry cough i tajes advair everyday doesn't seem to help the cough it worries me?

Could prescribed meds w steroids for persistent cough from bronchitis and walking pneumonia cause dysfunction of parathyroid or hyperparathyroidism?

Dd has bronchitis and asthma. She on a steriod for cough spasms but still having many spells. She is 5. Anything else can help??

Diagnosed w/ double pnue.a week ago. On keflex, promethazine/codeine syrup and albuterol inhaler. Still coughing so hard I vomit and pee. Help?

Diagnosis is burned broncials with over use of inhaler for asthma. Now have a dry chronic cough and throat clearing. Is this the wrong diagnosis?

Do I have the flu or walking pneumonia? I been coughing/phlegm and sneezing/wheezing. Headaches/coughing. I use my albuterol inhaler/otc meds. Help me

Do i need a prescription to buy sterile saline for a nebulizer? Will it work to break up chest congestion? Cough, not wheezing-don't need albuterol.

Doc my daughter is suffering from cough and colds and asthma due to the weather changes. can I give her salbutamol nebule and what dosage. she is 1 y?

Doc prescribed azithromycin and albuterol inhaler for strep with mucusy junky cough for child, is it safe to take these together? As well as nasal spr

Doctor prescription me an inhaler for bronchitis, should I take when only out of breathe?

Doctors have told me I have asthma but aren't certain I use inhalers and i still keep on coughing up phlegm how can I get rid my phlegm?

Does an inhaler like ventolin help with sinusitis?

Does the ventolin inhaler can also take off some phlegm?

Does ventolin inhaler help reduce mucus production ?

Dr gave me methyprednisolone for cough but didn't work?

Dr mumneh you saved me today i tried the symbicort (budesonide and formoterol) and i could breathe swim without wheezing i was very breathless and wheezed a lot first time since?

Dr said my chest xray was normal and no rattling. Why and how diagnose bronchitis and pleurisy again with steroids/zithromax/albuterol?

Dust allergy! Doc gave prednisone 30 mg x 18 days, salbutamol, Becloasma 3x day. 6th day now. Nose still runs, mucus, itchy, low fever, mild SOB? Help