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How to treat sinus dripping?

I am experiencing nasal congestion (stuffiness) and sinus pain and have gastritis. Will methylprednisolone upset my gastritis?

I am experiencing nasal congestion (stuffiness), nasal drainage, post nasal drip, chills. On Aura amoxicillin 3x500. Can I take Advil Sinus?

I am having chest congestion, sore throat, nasal congestion. I have high blood pressure and graves disease.

I am having sinus pressure all over my face.What is the solution? How can I avoid sinusitis?

I have a cold and really bad sinus congestion. Do you have any tips for OTC treatments?

I have a horrible forehead headache with no sinus issues but the dr said its sinusitis. Is this possible with no runny nose or congestion?

I have a slight cough and sinus pressure. I have tried nasal irrigation and it seems to relieve pressure for awhile. Is this allergies?

I have bad sinus issues and when my sinuses are acting up which is every day and sometimes all day, my nasal passages get congested. Any advice?

I have been having nasal congestion accompanied by some laryngitis.Now I have pain under my right eye. Is this coming from the sinus congestion?

I have CMV mono with sinus congestion, hoarseness, sneezing. What medications do you recommend?

I have drainage down the back of my throat, is it allergies or sinus?

I have had a headache for a week and a half behind my eyes.. I have sinus congestion but no drainage or fever. Is this caused by a virus?

I have had a sinus infection for 1 month. I am almost done with 2 round of antibiotics. I still have sinus pressure sore throat cough and congestion.

I have had sinus pressure on nose for a week w/ out congestion. What could this be?

I have had sinus surgery and still have clogged sinuses and trouble getting mucous out?

I have severe sinus pressure but no congestion or runny nose. I've done the netipot and it isn't really washing anything out. I'm in so much pain.

I have sinus pressure and my tonsils are bleeding. ?

I have the common cold and it is causing a horrible sinus headache. What are some home remedies to drain the sinuses?

I have thrown up mucus the other day and had no other symptoms. Could it be from the sinus drainage?

I often feel nasal irritation and congestion, sinus CT always comes clear, can a person have infection at back of nasal airways, withou sinus infection?

I think i have rosacea sinusitis in my nose. And i have difficulty breathing. How can you help.

I think i might have a sinus infection. How effective are neti pots to clear up the infection? I have been having a lot of nasal discharge and headaches. My sister says she uses a neti pot to relieve sinus pressure. How effective are they and when should

I thought my sinus congestion was allergies but it hasn't gone away. It's been almost a week now, could it be a sinus infection?

I was diagnosed with sinusitis no stuffy nose but ears are clogged don't want to take antibiotics?

I was diagnosed with sinusitis. I have sinuse pressure and pain. My voice is closed but I don't have congestion. I'm afraind that its not ctscan?

I've been experience eye drainage, sore throat, and nasal drainage. My eyes are sealed each morning. It's been 4 days.

I've had a cold for 4 days and now my sinus cavities have a lot of pressure and I cannot breathe through my nose.

I've had a cold with a productive and raspy cough followed now with lots of sinus pressure and congestion for over 3 weeks. Sinus infection? See a dr?

I've had a sinus cold for 6 days now. Thick yellow mucus when I cough or blow my nose. Horrible sinus pressure headaches. Do I need an antibiotic?

I've had a sinus like headache for over a week and no energy but only a mild runny nose. Could that be a sinus infection?

I've had bad nasal congestion and laryngitis. Now I am having pain under my right eye. Could this be caused by the sinus congestion?

I've had sinus congestion for the last three weeks that drains into my throat during the night what can I do?

If I am sick and have nasal congestion, will this worsen when I fly because of the altitude?

If I do a nasal wash daily will it help with my sinus pressure?

If sinus CT says, both sinus are patent, what does the word patent means pls, my symptoms are nasal congestion, dryness, and trouble vid nasal breathin?

If u have hay fever and almost always blocked nose. how often should u see your ENT?

Is a neti pot good to use for a sinus infection that been 7 weeks.? Doc said nasal is swollen, but my nose feel fine. No mucus.sinus won't drain

Is a viral sinus infection when the nose has yellow or clear nasal congestion?

Is bad to masturbate when you have sinusitis or does it help clear your sinuses?

Is congestion in my sinuses still contagious?

Is Coricidin hbp good for allergies/sinuses?

Is it actually true that draining your nose with water will help congestion?

Is it common for sinus congestion to cause a decrease in appetite?

Is it normal for sinus to drain ever other day?

Is it normal to have a sinus pain when sneezing?

Is it normal to have sinus congestion/pain after using neilmed sinus rinse?

Is it possible to have a sinus infection or sinus pressure without having a runny nose/ clogged nose?

Is it possible to have a sinus infection when the secretions in my nose are clear?

Is it possible to have a sinus infection with no "stuffy nose?"

Is it possible to have a sinus infection without nasal congestion or runny nose?

Is it possible to have chronic sinusitis or rhinosinusitis without sinus pain/pressure? Suffering with thick mucus back of nose, dripping, 2 years...

Is it true that if you hold your sneezes in it gives you nose or sinus infections?

Is it true that sinus pressure have to come with a stuffy nose?

Is nasal endoscopy effective for sinus infections?

Is sneezing a sign of sinusitis??

Is there an amoxicillin substitute? I think I have a sinus infections, have had runny/blocked nose for about 2 months. It's winter where I live.

Is zyrtec (cetirizine) good for sinus pressure and ear pain?

Lightheaded, headaches; sinus pressure. Ears feel blocked and sometimes ache. Nasal congestion like the airways are narrowing for 2 months. Sinusitis?

Lots of post nasal drip for 2 months/mild facial swelling. Could be a sinus infection. Any solutions?

Muffled hearing in one ear, yellow nasal discharge, but no nasal congestion or fever. Help?

My 14 month old daughter has the worst sinus drainage she chokes on it all the time is there something i can give her specifically to clear sinus?

My daughter has had sever sinus congestion for 3 weeks. What can I do for her?

My doctor told me I had nose congestion and should sinus rinse x2 a day. Should i not be given antibiotics to treat the bad odour from the nose too?

My nose not stuffy but have sinus headache and sinus drainage back of throat and fever how to treat this?

My Other is experiencing nasal drainage, nasal congestion (stuffiness), sinus pain and difficulty breathing through nose (side: both) .

My sinuses are clear but sting?

Nasal turbinate swelling for last 7 months. Now having pain in nasal passages, and pressure behind eyes and headache. Can this be a sinus infection?

Nose head and ears congested. Lungs congested. Sinus infection?

Off and on Facial, sinus and.temple pain for 2 weeks. Sometimes ear. On & off Stuffy. Zithromax & flonase not doing it. Clear mucus.

Otc meds for a sinus headache and stuffy nose?

Please help! what is the best way to clear sinus passages?

Please what are decongestants? And what is a sinus? Thanks a lot

Pressure in face, nose, upper mouth when bending over. No sinus drainage. Could it still be sinusitis? I have a deviated septum, could that cause it?

Pressure in forehead upon standing, clear nasal congestion, a lot of post nasal drip. Head feels wobbly. Is this common for a sinus problem?

Pressure in my head, post nasal drip. nausea, sinus pressure. could i have infection? cant take decongestant i have high Bp now that i have sinusitis.

Really bad smell lingering in nose. No congestion and no sinus pressure. Is it possible to have sinus infection with no congestion or pain?

Recurrent sinusitis. I'm on Nasonex (mometasone) and nasal irrigation, but I get sinusitis every time I get a cold. 4 sinusitis in 4 months. What else I can do?

Should i ask my doc antibiotic? i had sinusitis for 3 weeks now. i can breathe, no congestion just pressure around face, nose and eyes.

Should I exercise/ do sports if I have a stuffy nose and sinus infection?

Sinus ct scan said retention cyst and mucosal edema in right maxillary. All other sinuses clear. Sinus infection? Do I need antibiotics? I head pressure, clear post nasal drip, i can breath through nose, sinus rinse easy, snot is clear/white blowin

Sinus infection no congestion or cough?

Sinus infection or just allergies? Yellow congestion, mild cough at night, post nasal drip, constant runny nose. No sinus pain. Had this 2 weeks now.

Sinus infection without runny nose or drainage, is this normal?

Sinus pain with no congestion only at night. What could be the cause?

Sinus pressure and congestion for more than seven days, do I need to go to dr ?

Sinus pressure behind eyes and in temples, post nasal drip but no cough or runny nose. Start of a cold or an could it be an allergy?

Sinus swelling sinus pressure congestion when humidity changes or it rains! help?

Sinus swelling sinus pressure congestion when humidity changes?

Sinus swelling sinus pressure congestion when humidity changes. Superstitious?

Sinusitis ethmoid & mild mucus right front and sphenoid.I have pressure and pain n around eye, cheek.Take mucinexd &nasonex saline sprays 4 weeks help!

They told me I have fluid in my ears and a sinus infection is it normal to have nosebleeds cause I have been having some?

This week, I've had the worst nasal congestion I've ever had and some sinus pressure. Nasal sprays not helping. What can I do? I feel panicked.

Tonsil and earache, common cold or sinus problems?

Vaporizer or humidifier for a sinus infection?

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