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I think I have a sinus infection. I have really bad postnasal drip and now I'm vomiting what can I do to help this ?

'i have swollen sinuses but no mucus?

4 courses abx 4 sinus inf: 1 yr. neg sinus CT in feb. Frequent nasal congestion/facial pain. Sprays/decong cause nosebleeds. Sinus surgery an option,?

After I irrigate my sinuses with ocean complete, my nose sometimes feels more stuffy than before I irrigated. Why? Am I doing something wrong?

Always very stuffy- Allergies, Rhinitis, deviated septum. I noticed in the last few months when in blow my nose I sometimes get a sensitivity in one tooth. It's the third from from the back, upper. Tooth or sinus issue?

Are there any home remedies that could help with sinus pressure or stuffy noses?

Best medicine for sinus pressure stuffy nose and Achiness?

Best way to clear sinuses from nose to ear?

Best way to relive sinus swelling?

Blocked nose , chronic sinus, loosing voice ?

Bronchitis diagnosis a week ago, lots of chest congestion now have sinus pressure and congestion. Whats wrong with me?

Can "clarinase" clear my sinus ?

Can allergic rhinitis cause frontal sinus pain? No discolored mucus just clear runny nose

Can allergies cause sinus pressure?

Can blockage in one sinus cavity cause pain and pressure in other non congested sinuses.

Can blowing your nose hard cause a sinus infection?

Can Flonase help relieve sinus pressure/pain?

Can hypothroism be the cause of sinus congestion and mucous that drains down my throat. It causes me to cough all the time. My TSH levelsl are high.

Can i still work out when suffering from sinus cold?

Can i tell me how i can clear sinus cavities?

Can my nasal sinuses cause tooth pain?

Can naproxen help with sinus congestion?

Can needing to clear my throat and my nose be chronic sinusitus?

Can postnasal drip be the only symptom of a sinus infection?

Can prednisone help with blocked sinus passages?

Can sinus drainage cause diarrhea?

Can sinus drainage cause throat numbness?

Can sinus pressure be the cause of my vocal nasality?

Can stress and hyperventilation cause nasal congestion?

Can stress or anxiety affect the sinuses (blocked nose for over 12 months but no runny nose etc)?

Can swollen turbinates cause you to have sinus tightness/pressure/headaches everyday nasal spray and anhistamines not working ?

Can tumor in the head cause swollen nasal passages and head pressure? Or is this really allergic rhinitis

Can you have a sinus headache with or without postnasal drip of congestion? And ear pressure?

Can you have a sinus infection on only one side of nose or one single sinus pocket? Pain & drainage only from one side of nose

Can you have chronic sinusitis without a stuffy nose? I have a lot of sinus pressure, runny nose, headache, post nasal drip, NO CONGESTION.

Can you have no nose drip but ear fluid and drip in throat to have a CSF leak?

Can you have sinus congestion without a runny nose that causes pressure & tightness in the head?

Can you have sinusitis without nasal congestion? I have all the symptoms, headache, cheeck pain, tooth pain and sneezing from allergies...

Can you recommend the best humidifier for sinus problems?

Can you suggest any remedy for sinus congestion and loss of balance?

Can you tell me is it a cold coming on or sinuses?


Chronic sinus drainage?

Clear sinus drainage, breath throughnose, sinus rinse no problem, but dizziness, ears clicking when swallowing, fluid behind ear noinfection.Allergie?

Could allergies cause sinus to drain into your throat and ears?

Could an allergy cause sinus pressure and ear pain? ears checked by doctor and clear. not sinusitis

Could I have clogged sinuses in upper sinuses even though i can breathe well and use neti pot daily? I get headaches and don't know the cause.

Could sinus infection cause my airway to be blocked when i lie down?

Deeply clogged sinuses, left ear pressure for 5 days. Used OTC sudafed and mucinex (guaifenesin) and Afrin, nothing is loosening mucous, no fever no swelling?

Do my sinuses drain into my lungs?

Do people ever get a sinus infection without nose congestion?

Do sinus infections cause nasal turbinate to swell?

Doctor said blocked sinus but i don't have typical symptoms. Could it stil be blocked sinus?

Doctor said I have sinusitis. Isn't sinusitis characterized by nasal blockage? I don't have any nasal blockage just coughing up mucous from lungs and troubles breathing in general through my mouth and nose

Does allergic rhinitis cause sinus pressure or how would you know if you don't have a sinus infection ?

Does blowing your nose hard worsen nasal inflammation?

Does sinus pressure always come with congestion?

Does sinus rinses help reduce head pressure & help shrink nasal turbinates ?

Earache for 2 mons. Ent says no infection, CT of sinuses clear. He says allergies? Could this be cause?

For a month have fullness in ear and maxillary sinus. MD says eustachean tube blockage from sinusitis. What for relief? Will this go away by itself?

Got cold. Sinuses were stuffed, cleared them up. Just ear is stuffed. Taking Afrin (oxymetazoline). Had slight fever but gone now. Ear infection? Or sinus congestion?

Had sinus surgery back in February 2015 to relieve blocked sinuses in morning still having nose bleeds and sinuses are still blocked ?

Had sinus surgery to relieve blocked sinuses 2 months ago but I still don't feel different my sinuses are still blocked why?

Have a bad sinus headache. Looking for a good antihistimane with decongestant in it?

Have facial pressure on left side of nose and in my head round by my eye, nasal congestion and post nasal drip. It is not a sinus infection.Any ideas?

Have had a bad headache and dry eyes and runny eyes and sinus pressure for a week now ent said no sinus infection what else can it be maybe now it be?

Have pressure on bridge of nose over a yr now. Worse at the end of the day/at night. No drainage/mucus. Just dry nose. Is this still sinusitis?

Have sinus pain. No fever or colored drainage. Nasal psgs clear. Some clear drainage. What causes this? Allergy? Air too dry? How do I fix this?

Having sinusitis, what is the best way to cure throat congestion?

Having what feels like sinus headache. Can breath through nose just fine.Drainageclear, sinus rinse is clear. Sinusi nfection meningitis? I'm worried

Headache, sinus pain, blood when sneeze or blowing nose. Sinusitis?

Help plz! Can sinus allergies cause other pains as well?

Help plz! Can sinus infection cause my airway to be blocked when I lie down?

Help! i'm having symptoms of blocked ear for a week from sinusitis?

Hi doctors, was just wondering what is "nasal congestion" and "retention cyst"?

Hoping you can tell me, is congested ear a symptom of a sinus infection?

How are nasal congestion and retention cysts related, if at all?

How can an acupressure massage cause a stuffy nose and sinus pain?

How can I avoid my sinus cavities getting stuffy?

How can I prevent allergies that turn into heavy sinus and chest congestion?

How can I relieve sinus congestion?

How can I relieve sinus pressure from a sinus infection?

How can you alleviate sinus impaction?

How can you differentiate strep and just congestion drainage?

How do I care for sinus cold?

How do I know if I have a cold or a sinus infection? Congestion started 3-5 days ago, Otc decongestant not helping, lots of sinus pressure!

How do I know if my sinusitus is clearing up?

How do you relieve sinus congestion and ear fullness?

How do you tell if a cough is due to lung congestion or just sinus drainage?

How effective is loratadine for sinus pressure?

How long can an earache due to sinus congestion last?

How long does an earache due to sinus congestion last without antibiotics?

How often should one do a sinus rinse?

How to have draing sinuses of phlegm?

How to make a sinus lavage?

How to make sinus lavage?

How to properly drain sinus to stop sinus pressure? I rarely have any boogers or mucus coming out of my nose is that normal?

How to relieve sinus pressure?

How to relieve sinus pressure?

How to stop ear pressure after nasal irrigation?