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sinus congestion and drainage . bronchial like symptoms with mild coughing . ZITHOMAX low dose seems to take it away. is this ok if other things do not work? I have been on many due to frequent inf.

10yr daughter has sinus infection and taking antibiotics for it, but has stuffy nose and can't sleep at night. What is the best remedy for relief?

11 yr old started with sinus drainage, then added each of the following: headache, cough, and just now diarrhea. Plus xtra sleep, cold?

14 month old with congested nose but no mucus,worse at night with sleep other symptoms.what could it be?steps I should take or treatment?

16 month baby gets chest congestion often Taken antibiotics twice in a month. What food causes this. How to prevent chest congestion?

2 wks of ABs for sinus infection its now gone. Still very inflamed, sore and dry nose. Prescribed Beclometasone nasal spray. Right choice?

2-3 weeks ago i had an ear infection and was given ten days worth of generic omnicef, (cefdinir) now i'm sneezing, coughing and have a throbbing headache?

2nd time now, I have a swollen right eye that's all watery. Also right side of my nose is watery. Benadryl (diphenhydramine) cured it before. Not now. Tried sinus med. ?

3 days only on prednisone for asthma - 40mg, 20 mg then 10mg.Feel sinus pain and fullness one side.Could prednisone cause sinus infection? Fungal?

3 wk sore throat, sinus probs, prob due to post nasal drip. tried medrol dose pk, helped temporarily, but what more can i do? not bacterial.

3 wks ago I had sinus infection so I took a Z pack. It mostly cleared up but now I'm having severe headaches and facial pain, has it possibly spread?

3 year old male has a severe sinus infection. He was prescribed cednifir 5mg 1 time a day. He hasn't had a cough this whole time and day 3 on meds he ?

5 yr old diagnosed w/ upper respiratory virus. Taking Tylenol for fever & motrin. Mucus building up in 1 eye. Possible eye infection? Treatment ideas?

A chronic sinus and lung infection has just resolved itself after two years through breathing exercises. How long do I wait before taking the flu shot?

A week ago i was put on avelox and pain meds for rti. The last few days I have developed a nasal congestion, still feel pnd. What should I use?

After 21 days on biaxin (clarithromycin) and a course of prednisone, sinus pressure still a problem along with severe headaches. Could this be med withdrawal?

After 4 days of taking decongestant sprays & pills, saline washes for apparent sinus infection my head pressure and pain is getting worse, why?

After 8 days treatment for sinusitis (antibiotics, cortisone, etc) am relapsing with fevers of 101 & blocked nose - no sinus pain. What to do? Thanks

After a sinus infection how long does it take for your head and sinus to get back to.normal? It's been over a month and everthing is sensitive.

After a sinus infection how long until sinus feel normal again? It's been over a month and I'm still sensitive. Any little pollen gives me a headache.

After recovery from meningitis (cause- sinuses) nose gets stuffy/easily irritated (im not currently infected) Anything i can do to relieve/help it?

Antibiotics didn't work for sinuses, going to try clairitin (dr said to try before trying more antibiotics) will this work for daily sinus headaches?

Any over-the-counter meds that are really good with bad sinus pressure?

Are antibiotics overprescribed? Whenever i go to my dr. With upr resp symptoms, he prescribes abx. After very quick check of ears, nose, etc.

Are antibiotics sufficient enough to get rid of maxillary sinus infection or do you need to use other medication also? Can't take decongestants. PVCs.

Bad chronic sinus infections. Dizziness, puking, headaches, congestion, etc. Decongestants, antibiotics don't help.Took Adderall, (dextroamphetamine and racemic amphetamine) and it cleared up?

Bad cold, started w/ sore throat, stuffy nose, sinus pressure. Now slight shortness of breath along w sinus pressure. I take BP meds, what can I take?

Bad sinus infection 2 yrs ago, meds didn't work at 1st, cleared after few months on own. Stuffy, blow green stuff at times ever since. Still infected?

Bad sinus infection for three wks despite antibiotic shot. Bright yellow mucus in nose, headache, dizzy, sleepy, facial pain. Sinus brain infection??

Bad taste in mouth x 2 months. Taking Prilosec. Also have h/o sinusitis. Was on predisone for enlarged turbinate. Still bad taste. Sinus or GERD???

Been taking antibiotics for 1 days for sinus infection, how long until I can breathe thru my nose? I've been taking Mucinex for 2 days as well.

Best ED med that will not swell sinuses?

Blocked nose, clear mucas (loads of it), headache and aches.. Not sure what tablets I should take to help?

Both nostrals/sinuses feel partially blocked for years. Been taking beclomethasone since july and was told it can take months to help. Is this right?

Brother taking meds for sinus infection. I woke up with bad cold this morning. Could I have sinus infection? Stuffed nose watery eyes headache tired

Can a sinus infection cause minor shaking in vision? No meds taken no alcohol no head trauma. Just sinus infection symptoms & nausea. Cant go 2 dr.

Can a sinus infection get worse before it gets better while taking antibiotics? Runnier nose, more dizziness, more fatigue, face is tingly and more sinus pressure.

Can a sinus infection get worse if OTC meds are not working?

Can a sinus infection make you feel really drained and off? My head don't feel good, post nasal drip making me feel sick. Is this another sinus infec?

Can Amoxcillin make u tired if it's 875mg tablet? Can Amoxcillin help clear stuffy nose if it's due to sinusitis?

Can astepro be used to treat a sinus infection? I believe I have a sinus infection and have been taking decongestants, doing saline rinses, and taking sinex. However i still have the sinus pressure, congestion, thick, yellow mucous with traces of blood an

Can different medication and thrush cause a loss of appetite? I had a sinus infection and allergies and my doctor had me on 9 different medications. Two weeks ago today i woke up with no appetite at all. I also have thrush, I've been through the ER and ha

Can i get a prescription for promethazine with codeine for a nasal drip bactria infection in the back of my throat ?

Can I give my 5yo nasaqort that dr prescribed for allergies back in spring. I think she has sinus infection. Headache and tons of thick yellow junk?

Can I take Advil cold and sinus (night) and Nasonex (mometasone) for a cold and sinus pains while taking azythromycin for a sinus infection?

Can metropolol cause sinuses to become somewhat stuffed?

Can my 5y/o daughter have cva? Had many upper, ear and sinus infec. Has pneumonia now and cronic cough that gets worse with known irratants?

Can nasonex (mometasone) make a sinus infection worse?

Can omnicef (cefdinir) make u dizzy shaky short of breath weak and give you back pain? I'm taking it for sinus infection?

Can prednisolone make migraines worse and nasal stuffiness n gum pain. ?

Can sinus infection get better without medication?

Can swollen adenoids cause pain in upper gums? How long will i get relief? Spraying and taking omnaris, co amoxiclav for 4 days.

Can you have a sinus infection with no cold, drainage, cough? Cat scan showed severe sinusitis, only symptom is facial/head pain, now on meds

Cause?Recurring infect been on antibiotic shot&pills2×'s & steriods&steriod spray rotten smells back on same side w/presure in head drainage raw throa

Chest congestion related cough exists after course of anti biotics. Do I need to see a doctor or wait a few days?

Child has runny/stuffy nose for a month. Dr presc. Antibiotics just in case sinus infection, should he take them? No other symptoms

Chronic infection or uveruse? Got sinus infect 6 week ago, started using OTC decongestant sprays. Congestion and infection symptoms keep getting worse

Chronic nasal and sinus ear ringing should I take antibiotic and which one to try. My septum is deviated on my left side. I have tried Cephalexin .

Clear sinus drainage down back of throat,fever,body aches,fatigue. Cant take Nsaids or OTC meds, What else can I do for some relief.

Cold, congestion, sinus pain 1 week. Now better, but 2nd bout of it in 2 months. Got better without meds both times. Normal to get viruses so often?

Cold/sinus infection for a week; productive cough in the morning. Some better but still have sinus pressure, fatigue, thick discharge. See dr? thxs

Constant head pressure that will not go away. Currently on midrodine/promethazine. Diagnosed with allergic rhinitis. Nothing works. What could it be?

Constant pressure around my sinuses by my right eye. What to do? I did take sudafed but not helping. Also did arm& hammer saline solution. Please help

Could my headache be more probably caused by ear infection or new prescription oxycodone 15mg?

Could pressure benhind the eyes be something besides sinus problems? I just took levinaquin for sinus infection. Does that mean it didnt go away?

Currently have a sinus infection and tomorrow I have to swim for P.E. Class. Will swimming worsen my sinus infection? Also recovering from diarrhea

Day 5 of omnicef (cefdinir) for sinus infection, feeling worse, congested, drainage, headache, fatigue, this normal?

Dentist prescribed me a ZPak for sinusitis, affecting my teeth. (HURTS SO BAD). How long until the pain is relieved from taking the ZPak?

Diagnosed w/ sinus infection and fluid in ear. Taking augmentin (amoxicillin and clavulanate). Should my neck and head hurt? Headaches on same side as fluid-filled ear.

Diagnosed with chronic bilateral sinusitus. Have had 2 weeks of augmentin (amoxicillin and clavulanate) and no improvement. Suggestions for reducing pressure in back of my head?

Diagnosed with strep. Taking penicillin. Feel worse than before. Congested, coughing, nauseous, headache, sinus pain. Should I see a doctor?

Diagnosed with URI and sinusitis. Been sick a month! Bactrim (sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim) not working. Congestion, runny nose, extreme fatigue, blurred vision. Please help!

Do steroid shots for sinus infections make it hard to sleep?

Do you always need a prescription if you have sinus pain?

Do you need to take antibiotics for chronic sinusitis? If not what meds can I take? eyes inflamed, parts of my forehead hurts a lot, headaches, cough

Does caffeine dilate vessels around sinuses? I know it is a diuretic and therefire contraindicated during sinus infection, but if I stay hydrated...?

Does Flonase side effects include sinus pain???? I took Flonase last night this morning woke up with sinus pain. I have no mucus.

Doxycycline for sinus/ear infection, doc out of town now. giving me bad leg cramps & reflux & nausea, what should I do?

Dr. Prescribed z-pac for my sinus infection approx. 5 days ago. I am still congested and experiencing periodic chest pains. Do i need another med?

Ear infection better but congestion is still there. Why does the congestion get better then gets worse? It's like a cycle everyday. On Sudaged/flonase

experiencing sinus/chest congestion with a cough at night for a few weeks following a cold. Dr prescribed zmax but I'm not sure about diagnosis.

Fever 99.5 to 100.9 for 4 daysear ringing 4 days and stuffed a lot of sinus pressure hoe long does a sinus infection last taking antibiotics 4 days now?

Finished week course of levaquin weeks ago. Chest still hurts, still coughing. No fever. Head pains like sinus issues. It's been like a month.Help pls?

Flonase+xlear+sinus wash has been helping a lot, but recently i've been experiencing congestion, could this be caused by the meds? suggestions?

For the last week I have had what seems to be a sinus infection. Used the pot to rinse my sinus several times. This morning my lungs are burning. Why?

Friend has a sinus infection she's got anxiety, and anxiety over taking the amoxicilito treat it she's had it numerous times b4 she will be fine right?

Getting over influenza a, and I'm so congested. Currently breastfeeding 15 month old. Anything I can take for congestion and ear pain/fullness?

Going on the third week with this sinus infection. I've finished antibiotic. Horrible congestion, ear pressure.Taking mucinex (guaifenesin). Is afrin ok? Help :(

Got a preassure in temples kind of headache!? Why!? Can it be something serious if even pills didn't take it away? Or can it be sinus infection!?

Got a steroid shot and amox i have a sinus infection with severe headache. What is the shot for?

Had a sinus/ear infection. Finished 7 days Augmentin 875mg. All symptoms better except my sore throat worsened. Very mild post nasal drip remains. ?

Had doxycycline 1x100mg for 7 days then 7 days clarithromycin 2x250mg all for Sinus, dry nose and stuffy ears. No improvement. What now?

Had ear infection and doc gave me antibiotics. Been taking them for 4 days. But still no drainage. Feeling dizzy and occasional headache.back to doc?

Had herpes 1 &sinus infection @ same time.Not sure what came 1st.Sinus turns into acute.Antibios n Claritin (loratadine) not working.could this be herpes releated?

Had severe sinus infection from October-April. Now, sinus pressure and green discharge after lying down or when sleep deprived. Fine otherwise. Cause?

Had sinusitis symptoms 4 days now how long should i wait to see if i need antibiotics. I have been using nasal spay and Advil to treat?

Have an ear infection and now bad headache. Motrin isn't helping it. What is this? How do I treat?

Have an sinus infection. Drainage ... Pressure already seen doctor on meds how else can I help myself ! ?

Have chronic sinusitis.Just finished 7th antibiotic in 9 mos & used netti pot. Still have infection with foul smell. Also mixing words and bad memory.

Have had bronchitis finished doxycycline now have terrible pain in one ear hurts to move head or cough. Pseudophed no help took Mucinex (guaifenesin) . Still bad?