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After using walgrees saline nasal spray, i still have sinus pressure. Should i switch to afrin nasal spray? I didn't really use the nasal spray often.

Allergic rhinitis, and i've been using fluticasone nasal spray for about 6 months. Does it have systemic side effects?

Allergic to sudafed what can I use for sinus?

Am using avamys nasal steroid spray once daily & nasal salt rinse . Can I salt wash twice a day? And how far apart from steroid use ?

Any directions/ pictures to show how to use flonase to shrink turbinates? i have saline spray its neilmed sinus rinse in a box with packets

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Are nasal sprays safe?

Are you aware of a nasal spray called xlear that contains xylitol and do you recommend it?

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Been given beclomethasone nasal spray for ear blocked, why does that help?

Block nose for 3 years.Using nasal spray.Please advice.?

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Can i have an endoscopy just with lydocaine spray and afrin (oxymetazoline)?

Can i mix dayquil and antiallergic nasal spray?

Can i spray fluticasone 2x a day? my doc said it is ok on allergy seasons but i am aftaid of nosebleeds.

Can I take an additional oral antihistamine with Azelastine nasal spray? For chronic rhinitis, I find the affects of the spray wear off after 5 hours

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Can I use rhinocort nasal spray when pregnant for a stuffynose? How long does it take to clear up a stuffy nose with rhinocort?

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Can I use saline nasal spray and Flonase at same time?

Can I use saline nasal spray if I have a permanent hole in my eardrum?

Can I use sudafed while using afrin nasal spray. I just have nasal congestion due to a cold, can I and what would be best to take orally.

Can I use xlear nasal spray whilst I am using beconase steroid nasal spray . Am suffering chronic sinusitis due to concha bullosa :(?

Can nasonex (mometasone) nasal spray 50mcg help relief sinus head pressure?

Can nasonex (mometasone) nasal spray make you gain weight? I use it daily. 2 sprays in each nostril? I have chronic sinusitus.

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Do I I use a sinus rinse before I use my nasal steroid spray or can I jus spray it in without a problem is it still effective?

Do the antihistamine nose sprays and the steroid sprays lose their effectiveness over time? Should I alternate, using one type of spray each month?

Do you think xylometazoline HCl nasal spray could cause glaucoma?

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Does benzalkonium chloride aggravtes nasal congestion? Should we avoid saline sprays that contain it?

Does covonia throat spray contain any form of antihistamine .?

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Does nasal spray contains mercury ?

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Does using Flonase nasal spray affect the efficacy of a tetanus vaccine?

Ear blocked still 3 weeks after flying on plane, on nasal steroid spray, 2 steroid ear drops & antihistamine (fexofenadine) what else can I do?

Effecive ues of avamys nasal decongestants?

For bedwetting, what do you think about using the nasal spray desmopressin acetate?

For how long Flixonase nasal spray can be used safely? Is 3 months too long?

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How does the effectiveness of the antihistamine nose sprays compare with the steroid nose sprays for an adult with springtime allergies?

How does the safety of the antihistamine nose sprays compare with the steroid sprays for an adult with springtime allergies using sprays for 3 months?

How effective are non-prescription nose drops or sprays?

How far do you put the nasal steroid spray in your nose to shrink turbinates?

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