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cold symptoms for 1.5 weeks. I traveled on an airplane, made my ear pressure worse now all sounds are muffled & very bloody mucus when I blow my nose?

I started, yesterday, having painful pressure in my sinus' around my nose, teeth, and jaw. I do not have a runny nose. Today roof of mouth is numb.

I've been having headaches for a few days around my temples, eyes, and the back of my head. It may be sinuses cause I have a stuffy nose and throat h?

"off" color/smell/taste of nasal mucus for at least 4 years. Occasional discomfort around my nose. Laying on side congests that side of nose. Ideas?

(with previous question) my throat is sore and it's hard to swallow, nose runny, painful/stiff neck and base of head. Dry cough that sometimes gives up mucus. Mucus and blood after blowing nose.

19m. Having pressure in nose throbbing for 2.5 weeks. Sometimes in upper teeth. Happens after waking up. No stuffy nose sometimes sore throat. Causes?

2 clogged ears sometimes unclog when I tilt my head I have seasonal allergies and a dry cough when I talk/breathe. Stuffy nose at night?

2.5year old recovered from runny nose last week.this night he is snoring and I can hear a bit mucus behind nose and not chest.has enlarged adenoids. ?

20 year old male rash on neck stuffy nose pressure in head and ears coughing ?

37.6 weeks head cold, runny and stuffy nose how to cure?

3days ago I suffer congestion of nose& ear,pain around eyes&above nose,flu&cough.maybe sinusitis? But i feared meningitis or any mental disorders ?

5 month old has cough and stuffy nose, keeps pulling on and off the bottle. She's sleeping so so at night? Ear infection? Or just part of cold?

5th day of the flu, coughing up mucus, ears full of pressure, stuffy nose. Will a hot shower releave the pressure on my ears, and help with the mucus?

A drip in the back of the throat after a concussion 4 days ago nose and ears no blood or running was checked out no raccoon eyes or battle sign?

A few days ago I started having a runny nose and now my ears hurt every time I yawn or cough. what is this?

A few nights ago i had a sinus headache and took some nyquil. Now I am getting lots of mucus in my nose and am blowing it a lot. Possible causes?

Age 24. Virus for a month (deep cough/stuffy nose/watery eyes) Had popping in ears when laughed/swallowed etc, ring in ears for 2 weeks. Concerning?

Any remedies for nose pain after blowing it so much?

Bad headaches and bloody nose, what do you recommend?

Been having a migraine for almost a week, neck still tight to turn and forehead still throbbing, sinus pressure and stuffy runny nose ?

Been having head pressure and tightness, now I kno I have allergic rhinitis but never had a stuffy nose or etc. so how do I get rid of that

Been having pressure n my face between my nose & eyes runny nose, cough, lightheaded when blowing my nose it's kinda green alil? No fever no aches!

Been sick for approx. 2 months stuffy/runny nose and a cough that produces phlegm. when I bend over or blow my nose thEre is a terrible pain in my ear?

Been sick on & off for about a month +1/2, with flu/viral infection. Now left with blocked nose & pressure in ears. Clear snot when I blow nose. ?

Blew my nose and mucus was bright orange. I'm dizzy off and on. No cough, minor pressure in head. Had chronic sinusitis 2 years ago. Throat feels off ?

Blew nose too hard, causing left ear discomfort, pressure in left face and sinusitis and tonsillitis. 2 ENTs disregarded blowing nose hard as factor.

Blocked ears! no runny nose or sore throat. Need to fly spokane to chicargo in the morning. 1 stop. Tips?

Blocked nose & headache on forehead occasionally,mucus stuck in throat,no cough,feeling breathless once a while, how to confirm whether I have asthma?

Blocked nose with sinus headache and right sided bleeding of the nose when ever I blow my nose. Is this normal ?

Bloody mucus every time I blow my nose.. I had a bad cold since then the mucus never stops. And pain on right side of my head and neck.

Blow nose feel dizzy after?

Bridge of nose twitching, nasal passage/sinuses feel tight. Slight drainage from allergies.

Brief headache when blowing nose, normal?

Broke nose should i have feeling of pressure?

Burning in back of nose on right. Thick drainage down throat. Severe metallic taste. Sudden occurrence. No congestion or runny nose. No allergies.

Can a cold cause stuffy nose neckache andheadache for 5 days? Can move neck fine no fever

Can a common cold cause a green stuffy nose, slight headache and neck ache for 3 days so far?

Can a sinus infection be on just one side of the head? Is it 'normal' to smell a weird smell & have nose bleeds down throat? What about ear/eye pain?

Can allergies cause pressure in head/nose area that resembles sinusitis?

Can dry eyes cause pain in bridge of nose ? An pressure feeling ??

Can having a little stuffy nose from allergies cause dizziness but dr said ears look good?

Can I have meningitis? I'm scared. My neck is stiff, I have a fever, cough, stuffy nose, my ears hurt like they are about to explode

Can naturally blocked sinuses and allergies cause lightheadness and the feeling of about to pass out?

Can one side of your nose being obstructed from having a nasal turbinate swollen. Cause head pressure constantly ?

Can sinuses cause pain in your head and nose?

Can sinusitis cause brain swelling or a serous dealth problem i've been having a runny nose & watery eyes & lightheaded i'm worried?

Can you get a toothe ache from blowing your nose to hard?!!

Can you have a sinus infection without a stuffy nose? I feel like something is in my left sinus and I can't blow it out. Wife had a sin infect. recent

Can you have a sinus infection without a stuffy, runny nose, cough or fever? Basically the only symptom being head/ face/ eye pressure

Can you have an allergy without the typical runny nose? Nose full - sinuses feel full -same for ears - even eyes feel weird. Any suggestions?

Can you have Chronic sinusitis with clear mucus? Also headaches and fatigue.? Can you wake up with stuffiness and nose get runny of and on during day

Can you have constant clear phlegm in throat with a stuffy nose that worsens at night but no sinus related issue?

Cant swallow, keep sneezing, runny nose, after sinus infection am i dieing :'(?

Chest and stomach hurt stuffy nose . What is it?

Clear runny nose, little pressure in head headache with warmth to it. Is it allergies or should I take amoxicillion?

Clear watery fluid running from nose only when i bend down or when i lay my head sideways. Doesn't have taste to it. No trauma. Sinus drainage?

Cold weather giving me pain on forehead where eyebrows start at top of nose why is this it's like a headache?

Cold with sore throat, coughing, & nasal congestion for 3 days. I blew my nose & my ear now starts popping whenever I swallow. Will the popping stop?

Common cold blow nose dizziness what to do?

Concussion? This morning, i hit my forehead on my metal sink faucet. I experienced a headache, and a bit of what feels like pressure in my head. My ear is plugged up.. And I have a bit of a runny nose, but i'm not sure if this is from my recent cold. I di

Congested nose/ headache top of head/nose drips/really sensitive to high scents.Is this my sinus draining?I don't go outside a lot to get fresh air.

Constant crackling in my ear when i cough or blow my nose. What could be wrong?

Constant flem from back of nose? What is this? Please help!

Constant ringing in both ears after a few head colds, took prednisone and didn't work. Very congested, sneezing. How long will ringing last?

Constantly getting blocked sinuses, ears, nose for years. Worse after flus. Gagging from build up of mucus that's hard to cough up or blow out. ideas?

Could a stuffy nose be the reason why I woke up?

Could congestion in one of your ears cause dizzy spell.? had to sit down. Dizzy spell went away though. Also have sore throat, nasal congestion.

Could I have a sinus infection? My nosed has been stuffed up for 3 weeks and im getting head aches that don't go away

Could it be a sinus infection or cold? Runny nose, pain/pressure on forehead and temples, and a few sneezes in an hour.

Could pain in the forehead and bloody noses be related?

Ct scan showed everything normal. But still having head pressure,headaches and stuffy runny nose, aching face and feeling out of it and tired?

Currently getting over sinus issue. Ears stuffy , nasal congestion , cough. Had dull ache above left ear , maybe a couple cm above it. Ideas ?

Do I have a ear infection? Itchy ears, popping ears from blowing my nose too much. I also have a runny/stuffy nose (itchy nose). What can it be? No other symptoms.

Do I have a sinus infection? My sinuses are killing expacially on my nose! my nose is stuffed up a lot lately and i have a sore throat and a lot of bo

Do I have hayfever? I have red, sore eyes and post nasal drip, puffy sinus area and sometimes a sharp ear ache? Is tiredness associated with this too?

Do I have sinusitis.....inside my left nostril is swollen, headache, sore face, yellow nasal drip??

Do sinus infections cause nose bleeds? I also have a bad taste in my mouth, ear popping, throat pain, and nasal congestion.

Does Nasonex (mometasone) cause drainage? on day 3 taking it, and all a sudden I started experiencing tons of drainage from behind my nose into my throat.

Dull ache Spot above ear , then felt pressure on that side , ear full . have cold , nasal congestion, cough. Is the ache & pressure from sinus/cold?

Dull head ache and drip in throat and maybe right nose csf leak? Head Trama but not serious I still can swallow the drip so maybe phlem?

Ear gradually plugged up, feels numb down neck after a week. Some vertigo. Have a phlemy cough now. Sinuses or cold? What do I do to help clear this?

Earache in both ears, pressure in my face, nose is leaking a lot and imy back and chest hurts a bit when i breathe?

Ears are really plugged from being sick and stuffy nose. Will this go away on the way?

Entire household runny/clogged nose, coughing & blowing out tons of phlegm, sinus pressure. when I woke, phlegm in my eyes/tear ducts & eyelashes?!

Every morning when i wakep up I have runny nose, sneezing, my throat pain & dry, clogged nose. I felt this for almost many years. How do I stop this?

Experiencing a migraine, coughing, and stuffy nose what should i do ? What is my next step

Experiencing pressure in right ear, right eye. Woke with vertigo which caused nausea. Feeling tired. Do not have any nasal congestion or runny nose?

Experiencing; blocked nose, blocked ears, dry and bloodshot eyes, coughed up blood, hurts to swallow and hard to breath with flemy throat.

Extreme throat pain. Ears conjested. Tongue hurts. Teeth hurt. Sinus pressure. Runny nose. Drainage from eyes. Bad cold? Or need antibiotic?

Extremely tired face feels funny eyes heavy runny stuffy nose is it anxiety or chronic sinus infection I'm going to a ent for sinus infection friday?

Face pressure, teeth pain forehead pain sore throat and itching and stuffed nose and sneezing help what does it sound like no fever?

Feeling what feels like sinus pressure for over a week. No other symptoms. Possibly from having plugged nose during sneeze. How do I relieve pressure?

Following a cold, i have pain/ pressure feeling in nose, eyes, cheeks & feel as if mucus is dripping down back of my throat causing a cough? Thanks

For 2 days my son has been having headaches all day, ear aches, and when he bends over it hurts even more. He nose always feels stuffy, so sinusitis?

For 3 days, bridge of my nose - sore to the touch but haven't been struck there . I 've had headache (never get them). No cold/runny nose. Neck sore?

For 3 weeks I've had a congested nose.I don't know why. Due to this, I've been snoring every night. I'm really worried. I have no other symptoms. Why?

For about two weeks I have had a runny nose, initially with yellow discharge. Now I have been waking up with bad headaches. Sinus infection?

For what reason is it when running in the cold my lungs hurt and i feel congested & a headache in frontal lobes?

Forehead pressure, and hard to focus eyes. Always when i stand. Clear nasal congestion and post nasal drip. Feel wobbly standing. Sinus infection?

Forehead pressure, teary eye(one), congested nose, light pressure on chest some times, runny nose, but no fever, and sometimes I get slight liteheaded