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"my 5 year old coughs in the morning for a few seconds & then does not cough again until the next morning w/yellow nasal mucus when I blow his nose?"

28 weeks pregnant. I woke up this morning with crusted blood in my nose and have been producing bloody mucus and saliva from my throat. Is this normal?

2month old baby has gunk in ear and runny nose with smelly snot?

3 weeks old baby having runny nose with mucus. How to get rid of the mucus?

3yr old having thick mucus sometimes a bit yellowish sometimes clear from his nose. No fever.what could be the reason. He has enlarged adenoids?

4 weeks pregnant, runny nose with clear mucus, stuffy nose and abdominal pain after sneezing. Should i be worried? Is the pain a sign of miscarriage?

4 yr old had mild fevers to start and now had a runny nose sneezing has green snot discharge from nose should I take to doctor or wait out

4yo draining yellowish snot out of nose and eyes, normal after claratin? Or should I try something else?

6yr old with fever & ear infection has bloody mucous when clearing nose?

7Yr old has congestion and runny nose, greenish mucous. Going on for 2 days no other symptoms. Should he see a docto?

8 months of thick clear mucus plugged at back of nose, throat clearing, no nasal discharge. Tried everything and only Pseudoephedrine works! But why?

8 years old puking and bloody nose for 4 days?

A cough, turned into runny clear nose. Been thick yellow mucus for 8 days now. Headache and mostly blocked sinuses. Should I go to Dr or ride it out.

Almost 2 weeks with cold and i now have bright yellow mucus that I am coughing up and when i blow my nose ...What is going on?

Am i hacking up mucus from my lungs or from post nasal drip/allergies. It's constant clear and sticky to yellow/thick. I don't know what's causing it.

Any advice? I have had this cough and mucus in my nose. And the inside of my nose itches. What could it be?

Any medicine to eleminate mucus. I have nasal mucus. Caught cold 2 weeks ago but mucus still remains. Any cure.

Any over-the-counter help for someone with bloody nose?

Are grey streaks in nasal discharge dust particles? At times when I blow my nose I notice grey streaks in the mucus.

Baby has stuffy nose with white snot?

Best way to remove mucus from nose?

Blew my nose this morning and there was lots of blood , after I coughed there was bloody in my phlegm is this from my nose ?

Bloody nose last night now constant clear drainage down the back of throat but not a runny nose..Why?

Can a person have a sinus infection and not really know it? I don't have running nose, but stuffy in morning with some blood and green mucus sometimes

Can a small amount of white-ish nasal mucus be normal? I don't have any symptoms, just a bit in my nose everyday.

Can airborne allergens cause greenish mucus or colored mucus from lungs and nose not in large amounts just small particles?

Can antihistamines make thick mucus PND worse? Suffering thick mucus back of nose 2 yrs, no front congestion/nasal discharge, tried everything with Dr

Can clear,sticky mucus in nose be sinus infection? Had septo/turbinectomy 4mths ago. Got a "cold" w/yellow mucus. Now nose stuffy & clear. No allergys

Can green snot mean sinus infection?

Can nasal polyps cause green bloody plegm in mornings?

Can stress cause a bloody nose?

Can stress cause a bloody nose?

Can you tell me how to stop my nasal discharge?

Child 2yr old has cough for a week and had fever for just a day. Green mucus from nose and yellow discharge from eyes now. Should we see dr?

Clear liquid dripping from nose continuously. It's been almost a year now. ENT says there is nothing around nose.

Clogged ears mucus and stuff nose what do I do to clear it up?

Cold for a couple days. It's gone. Just very slight stuffy nose rarely runny. Post nasal drip very thick yellow and lots of blood looks like a clot?

Congested nose that mucus won't come out of when blown!!! Sneezing too?

Constant runny nose occasionally having bloody mucus over a six month period, go through a box of tissues a week?

Cough, sneezing, constant sinus drippage (yellow mucus): what do I have?

Coughing up thick clear mucus with white specks for a couple weeks also gave either a stuffy or runny nose with it. Is this viral bacterial or allergy?

Could allergies cause gray/green mucous to come from nose? No other symptoms

Could u have a sinus infection? Have thick yellowish brown sputum coming out my nose and when i cough is it an infection. Decongestants not helping

Difference between cold and allergies ? Runny stuffy nose clear discharge but yellow mucus spit up..scratchy throat..3 days now

Do I have a sinus infection? 1 nostril congested; can't breathe through it; constantly running w/ thick bright yellow-green mucus. Sinus/ear pressure.

Do I have to have an antibiotic if i'm sneezing out yellow mucous?

Doctor said i have thick nasal tissue. What should i do ?

Does chronic bronchitis cause nose to produce excessive mucus, which is more than mucus coming from throat?

Does having green boogers all of a sudden with no clear runny nose beforehand indicate a sinus infection?

Does it matter if a child's nasal snot is green or clear, when he has cold symptoms?

Does staph in nose produce yellow snot?

Everytime i blow my nose, there are sticky yellow mucus. I can't breathe through my nose, when i swallow i can feel the pressure build up at my nose.

Fever of 100.2. Sinus congestion &pressure. Spitting up very thick sticky white and yellow sinus mucus. What causes this? Is this normal? Sinusitis?

For 2 years been having an excess production of clear phlegm. Sometimes throat feels blocked & saline nasal spray will bring up mucus. What is this?

For a little over a week my nose has been stuffed up, and whenever I blow my nose to clear it up, it's a mixture of blood and mucus. This is only happening in one nostril. Is this a nasal inflammation or something else?

For over a week I have been blowing long, thick yellow strands of mucous out of my nose and suddenly I can breathe and smell better. Why is this?

For the past 2 months I have had chronic nasal mucus (snot) build up and spotty blood when blowing my nose. Pls advise?

For weeks I have had excessive phlegm in my throat and nose has been stuffy. I blew my nose today and phlegm with a bloody lump came out. Whats wrong ?

Frothy thick saliva. Dry mouth while bottom of tongue tip feels glued with saliva, chronic cough, stuffed dry nose (no mucus), post nasal drip-white ?

Had a bad headache, running nose and cough last week. Those symptoms are over but for 2 days yellow mucus with blood. What could this be?

Had a blocked nose for a week and finding it impossible to breathe in through nose... Also experiencing bloody mucus when i blow?

Had a runny nose mix with mucus and tear drops dripping out of 1 nostril for about month now. Had sinus surgery 8 months ago. Could it be CSF leak?

Had flu 2 1/2 weeks ago. Now stuffy nose clear and yellowish mucus mostly clear and cough with clear thick mucus worse at night when lay down.Allergy?

Had head cold and snot was yellow then green then bloody now brown. No fever just need to blow nose. Brown from dried blood or more bacteria?

Had HSV-1 in my nose for 3 wks. I have really sticky, yellowish mucus (just a little) that seems to stick to the inside of my nose. Is that normal?

Had septoplasty/turbinectomy for blocked nose. Cleared but got a cold & now nose won't clear (mucus was green/yellow now clear) No allergies/infection?

Had septoplasty/turbinectomy to clear stuffy nose. Still producing clear mucus/stuffy feeling. No allergies & oral antihistamines not effective. Ideas?

Had sinus surgery to clear infection. Rinsing twice daily, I have green/bloody snot. Pain in forehead, watery eyes. Pus zit in nose. Should I worry?

Have a runny nose and when i blow its thick mucous with coughing up a lot of thick yellow mucous for a week now. Should i get checked?

Have runny noses with a lot of bloody noses, what does this mean?

Have sinus.When I blow my nose with after applying saline nasal spray, blood comes out with thin white mucus.What could be causing it?

He is coughing with green boogers coming from his nose and eyes. What could this be?

Head congestion, mucus, clogged nasal passages. What does this sound like?

Hello, I have had really sticky mucus in both nostrils for the past two weeks. My nose hasn't been runny. This is not normal for me. Any thoughts?

Hi. Im sick with the flu and I have bloody boogers, but not a bloody nose. Why is that?

How can drinking water help clear mucus from frontal sinuses?

How can I best clear the nasal passages of a newborn?

How can I clear my sinuses in my nose? It just seems that there is so much mucus in my nose it is clogged, any ideas how to rid of it?

How can I help my baby who is sneezing has clear runny mucus and really watery eyes? She is 10 months old

How come I wake up with a snotty nose every morning?

How come my sinuses always dripping?

How come sometimes my nose produces so many boogers and other times it doesn't?

How coming every time I have a conversation with someone, i will develop mucus in my nose and throat & have to blow it out.

How do I clear my baby’s stuffy nose?

How do you clear a stuffy nose without tissues?

How much should I worry about bloody nose?

How much water do I need to drink to thin mucus coming from the Nose and Sinuses?

How quickly can the nose produce mucous/snot?

How to clear out the mucus from the chest, ears and nose ?

How to stop my nasal discharge?

How to tell why i always have yellow mucus in my nose?

Hurts to swallow, nasal congestion with light yellow/clear mucus and light headache. What could it be?

I am 36 weeks pregnant. The last week I've have mucus in my nose , its been so stuffy . I blow out so muh mucus. How do I get rid of it ?

I am 39 weeks pregnant and having symptoms of the cold, but when i blow my nose my mucus is clear with a tinge of green or orange. Is this normal?

I am constantly blowing thick bright yellow snot out of my nose. Everytime I think it's cleared it's not, blowing nose upto 20+/day. What's going on?

I am experiencing bloody nose.

I am experiencing bloody nose and nasal drainage. My nose has bleed once or twice every week or every other week for this past month nose also liquid ?

I am having cough and cold from last 16 days now when i clear my nose blood comes out?

I am pregnant and have been suffering with a blocked stuffy nose. My nasal mucus is clear sticky and stretcy. The only thing that seems to work is nasall spray but I have been told it is dangerous in pregnancy. Can you help?

I can't breath through my nose, it clog, but i keep having mucus in my nose mostly white but yellow too... I use allergy pills so what's wrong?