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had issues with allergies two weeks zpack cleared up have faint sense of smell nasal spray caused it inside nose swollen will saline spray help?

1 week of nasal congestion. I understand that symptoms of sinus cancer can mimic that of a cold. Should i see my dr? Sore throat gone no cough.

11 weeks pregnant. Extremely thirsty & post nasal drip. What can I do?

1st time using nasal spray (it's from Dr). Is the unpleasant feeling of it going down nasal passage toward back of throat normal?

1yr old constant sinus problems. I saline his nose 2√ódaily&started him on allergex syrup at night doc advice. Still his a mouth breather any advice?

2 weeks ago swollen glands, post nasal drip, cough. Got a z-pack- better. Swollen glands are back so is drip. Bad throat pain. Have seas. allergies to?

22 months old have a viral tonsilitis, and on antibiotic 7 days .But her nose is still extremely stuffed. Saline drops and decong.Doesn't work at all!

22 year old son has had a cough post nasal drip and congestion for months. Is our first trip to an ENT or allergist?

3 months pregnant and sick. Can I take a nasal spray for longer then 5 days?

3 weeks of flu, laryngitis, sinusitis.Nose is clear/no mucus but sinus pressure.Throat & ears feel full when swallowing.Can't project voice.Post nasal?

36 weeks pregnant and have used Otrivin decongestant nasal spray twice a day for months. It worked magically for months. But i need to use it every hour otherwise stuffed 24hr. Hard to breath. What do?

4 fillings in June. sensitive teeth, headaches, earaches, sore throat, post nasal drip, and slight chest and head congestion ever since (3 months)?

48 hrs after septoplasty, turbinoplasty and mini-fess, using a saline irrigation, bleeding/discharge has just about stopped but no debris is coming out? Is this OK?

5 month old has nasal cogestion for sometime now weeks I use a electric aspirator to clear it out and last couple days has been a lot coming out now has cough added and when clearing the nose she gags?

5yo had middle ear fluid & adenoid hypertrophy, was on Singulair (montelukast) 1 daily x3 months after which she developed sleepmyoclonus; can singulair (montelukast) b the cause?

5yr old probably has asthmatic cough are neti pots helpful-no other asthma symptoms so trying to find alternative help to avoid too much steroids etc ?

6 months of constant headaches and stuffed up.forehead hurts to touch.Prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs and nasal rinses haven't helped.why?

6wks pregnant with sinus infection. What can I do to help it go away? Saline nasal spray isn't doing a thing.

7yr old has had congestion for 3 weeks, no other symptoms. Could This Be Due To his dust mite allergy? Are there any homeopathic ways to cure it?

7yrold c/o pain in throat.doc checked nd said its post nasal drip.but there are no allergic it always an allergic symptom or can be smthg else?

A CT scan confirmed sinusitis on my 6 yr old. What is the best treatment other than antibiotics and corticosteroids? He/she is on cifex, aerius, avamys, xylalin & sinarest.

About 3 days. Now I have this post nasal drip! what can I do?

About 3 months ago i developed a dry cough, I have tried allergy meds including nose sprays with no results. Why?

Afrin (oxymetazoline) makes me sick, is there an epinephrine solution that can be purchased or prescribed to help stop my nose bleeds. Been thoroughly examined by ent?

After a severe nosebleed last week, my turbinates have become so enlarged that they completely block off my nose.Sprays and decongestants aren't working. What should I do?

After about a week of using Flownase nasal spray I am getting irritation in nose when I use it. Should I stop?

After fundoplication surgery, having severe nasal congestion for more than a year, using drops and anti-histamines. Solution please?

After getting allergies I've chronic nasal congestion that switches sides. I tried everything nothing helps what can it be, m always congested.

After having a cold that includes nasal drip and what not... How come my voice is horse and raspy now? I'm at the tail end of my cold. Almost perfect

After I use my Qnasl and atrovent my nose tends to get more mucosy and begins to drip. I rinse my sinuses before. How can I prevent this?

After successfully using Tamsulosin for years (BPH), its nasal congestion is no longer well controlled by Flonase. What are my alternatives?

All of a sudden every time i eat i get phlegm in my throat which is causing me to cough similar to post nasal drip. What can be causing this?

Allergic nasal congestion and dizziness. What can I do?

Allergic to dust. Immunotherapy 10yrs ago improved athsma&sinus. Now PM sinus/nasal congestion worsening. Using Nasonex&montelukast. OK long term?

Allergies and congestion when traveling, are there any remedies for this?

Allergies and congestion when traveling. Need some remedies please?

Allergies or a sinus infection, what's the difference?

Allergies, post nasal drip, occasionally stuffy nose with clear and sometimes bloody mucus. Sore throat and pressure/headaches on forehead.Sinusitis?

Allergy medicine&flonase has made a 80%improvement on how i've felt 4six months!but the mucus just won't stop!post nasal drip gags me sometimes! help?

Allergy or sinuses or other--which cause eyebags?

Allergy tested (none) daytime clear. Night stuffy , afrin (oxymetazoline) works wonderful. Does this mean no or slight deviated septum? The fact that afrin (oxymetazoline) helps lots

Always have a congested nose, unless i take nose spray containing oxymetazoline?

Always wake up with a really dry throat and mucus in the back of it. Breathing is uncomfortable, unbalanced. House is hot and dry, post nasal drip.

Am thinking of getting neilmed nasogel spray for dry noses. Should i? I use cpap and even with humidifier turned up, i get crusty nose or congestion.

An ENT dr said harmonal imbalance can effect nasal passages, i ve chronic ENT issues, please can u advice which harmones can have impact, thanks?

Antibiotics still an option for chronic thick PND after 2 years? Tried steroids, antihistamines, netipot, change environment, CT scan. Symptoms same.

Any alternate for otrivin? I've been having nose blocks for 12+ years and these drops are regular

Any alternative treatment to relax an irritated nasopharynx? Steroid sprays, allergy meds don't do anything. Sinus rinse helps a bit but just for 5min

Any explanation for why i get nasal congestion when lying down?

Any good alternatives to rhinicort aqua? Works amazingly for me, but I have a perforated nasal septum and am worried it'll make my condition worse.

Any helpful ideas for how to more comfortably wean down from chronic afrin (oxymetazoline) during allergy season? The rebound rhinitis is tough!

Any medicine to cure post nasal drip which causes bad breath.

Any over-the-counter help for someone with rhinitis?

Any sleep positions in which I should place my 3 year old daughter because she has post nasal drip and coughs all night.?

Any suggestions for post nasal drip?

Anyone know of good OTC meds to help a blocked nose quickly?

Anyone used atrovent (ipratropium) for snotting nose?

Are allergies or colds more often the cause of swelling of the nasal passages?

Are bronchial spasms related to allergies?

Are pepper based sinus sprays such as sinus buster safe/is there any risk of sinus damage from the pepper chemicals?

Are post nasal drip and acid reflux related ? Thanks.

Are probiotics helpful in treating allergic rhinitis ( sneezing and running nose mainly) i tried montek lc. But no pemnt cure?

Are pulsating nasal rinses affective at stimulating cilia and moving mucus? Thanks for any advice you my have.

Are sinus infections common in people with allergies? How do you know your allergies have turned into an infection?

Are steam rooms helpful for chronic sinusitis?

Are there any complications associated with using a nasal cannula?

Are there any good research articles on capsaicin or pepper nasal sprays to help migraines?

Are there any successful treatments for vasomotor rhinitis and associated coughing durig peak pollen when nasal sprays/antihista./inhalers do not work

Are there any treatments to help with the discomfort of sinusitis? I have tried nasal spray with no help.

Are there any ways to treat nausea caused by post nasal drip?

Are there effective natural treatments for post nasal drip?

Are there some genetic reasons I get post nasal drip off and on?

As soon as pica of dust returned i have a cold that has left a wierd taste from post nasal drip in my mouth,stuffed nose and some lumps in phelgm ?

Asthma symptoms at night due to post-nasal drip. Wake up choking. Any at-home remedies worth trying for post-nasal drip?

At night, my sinuses swell. Sometimes they instantly clear, else they'll clear while i'm asleep. In daytime drippy nose = atrovent (ipratropium) spray a.M. Had turbinate procedure. Ent says he can't help. Can you?

At what point do you consider tonsillectomy? I've been having tonsil stones the last month and difficulties swallowing. Post nasal drip associated?

Bad allergies, throat is very swollen with bad post nasal drip. My throat has never hurt this bad. Cough drops work but is this normal?

Bad post nasal drip for three months. Constant sore throats and feeling like something is stuck in throat. Medication little effect any suggestions?

Been having post nasal drip, sinus pressure, and swollen glands the past two weeks.

Been having sinus pain on one side for a year a few times a week, but now more often and more painful. Also have white post nasal drip. ATB didnt help?

Been prescribed steroid nasal spray for post nasal drip. Symptoms are very uncomfortable is there something different I can do? How important is it?

Been to an ENT he stuck tube said nose was fine. Using saline spray and it doesnt work it helps a lil. My sinuses keep shifting to other nostril?

Been useing nose spray for 2 yrs cause nose been stop up for 2 yrs is that bad for your health?

Been using fluticasone propionate daily since June. Is that bad? Only thing that helps my nasal airways from allergies that causes asthma.

Been working on/off in basement for 14 mo. 2 wks ago started feeling tightness mid-chest, fatigue, headaches, post nasal drip. Should I be worried?

Best allergy medicine for post nasal drip that is affecting my asthma and breathing. Something i'm allergic to is killing my sinuses and lungs.

Best nasal spray for post nasal drip?

Best treatment to keep vasomotor rhinitis under control?

Betahistine hydrochloride can cause nose bleeding?

Block euchastin tube from flying with a cold still block after 10 days and been on predisone and z pack and Claritin d but no relief. ?

Blocked nose! what are the different nasal sprays I can use to open it up?

Bloody mucus in morning followed by a day of pain.No nasal congestion.Bad smell lingers in nose.Inflammation of stomach and esophagus. Happening 2mths

Burning in throat feeling of postnasal drip, ears popping and mouth dry nasal spray and omerprazole not working ?

Can a Barium xray detect LPR and post nasal drip?

Can adenoids cause chronic postnasal drip?

Can allergic rhinitis w/ severe post nasal drip and painful swollen l-neck gland bring on high blood press. prescription zyrtec, singulair, (montelukast) flonase, motrin?

Can a cold or the flu cause post nasal drip and a lump in throat feeling?

Can a cold, cold medicine such as nyquil or nasal spray affect the results of a peripheral vision test?

Can a corticosteroid nose spray (flunisolide) increase your blood sugar?

Can a decongestant like Mucinex (guaifenesin) and a steroid nasal spray like fluticasone taken too much over time cause loss of smell and taste?