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Can Ipratropium Bromide nasal spray help with post-nasal drip? No runny nose or front nasal discharge, just the drip. Not linked to allergy (per ENT)

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I have allergies. I use ATROVENT and Qnasl. I rinse my sinuses before. Then ATROVENT. Then Qnasl. My nose still runs after. When can I blow my nose?

I have asthma/allergies and some lung congestion. Will it make lung congestion worse if i take post nasal drip nose sprays?

I have nose bleeds every morning, facial pain,& Nasal Congestion all year.I've been getting headaches too. I've tried RHINOCORT, Claritin, & flonase.

I have perennial rhinitis and blocked nose, what to do?

I have post nasal drip after a cold I have been using Flonase mucinex (guaifenesin) and Allegra it's still horrible?

I have sinus pressure, stuffed nose, headache, been having this for about a week, taken antihistamines, pseudophedrine, nasal spray, none works?

I know the inhaler contains the decongestant levomethamphetamine. does this relieve chest congestion or only nasal?

I took afrin, no drip, servere congestion nasal stuff for your nose. And now I have been sneezing all day. How do I stop it?

I'm pregnant and my sinuses are clogged, i've tried saline nasal spray 4 allergy but no help?

I'm worried I have the rebound congestion from the allergy nasal sprays?

I've been using nasobec nasal spray for 3 days for blocked ears 2 sprays in each nostril 2 times a day now I have a really sore throat is this normal?

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Is a air purifier the best option for a child that has nasal congestion?