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16 mo boy has adthma & chronic bacterial bronchitis. Two days in a row his cough is producing excess phlegm brown in color. Is this ok?

20 yer old female with small blisters on back of throat don't smoke or drink but always have a lot of phlegm,what could they be?

24 yr old female nurse, 22 weeks pregnant, back in summer I was diagnosed with bronchitis. I was coughing up huge mucus plugs, and chunks that would g?

25 year old 9 year smoker quit 2 mnths ago, wake up tasting blood, spit blood, 3 e.r. visits, no xrays,lungs sound clear, lung cancer? gums bleed easy

25 yr old 8 yr pack hsty,quit 2mnths ago,clear throat alot, gums bleed spontaneously,doc says lungs sound clear, spit blood, lung cancer?? 3 e.r. vis

25 yr old, 9 year smoking history, bloody boogers and when make myself cough or clear throat, I have isolated blood streak lung cancer? ?

25 yr old/9 pack hisory, cxr clear, coughed up decent sized blood streak with brown tar, lungs sound clear, lung cancer?? clear throat constantly

25,9 pack history, clearcxr,coughed small spot of blood, lung cancer?? Clear throat Alot

25yr male, 9yrpackhistory,clearchest xray,coighed decent sized streak of blood, clear throat alot, feels like something.there, lungs sound good, lc??

25yr old,9yr smoke hst,quit2mnth ago, clear xray, lungs sound clear, coighed up.decent sized streak of.blood with tar, clsar throat con, lung cancer??

25yr old/9yr smoking history, quit2mnths ago, clear chest xray, lungs sound clear, clear throat con. coughed up decent sized streak of blood,lung can?

25yrsold,9yrsmokinghistory,coughed up tar and an isolated spot of blood, small amount,clearcxr,no othersymptoms,lung cancer?? Lungs xound clear also

26 years old, female! had slight blood in the pleghm every morning , mild sore throat and mild nose bleed light smokers 1 pack a week?

28yr f, smoking for 13yrs, painful cough with greenish blobs of sticky phlem, pain in back and slightly tight chest, is this serious?How should I proceed?

29/f had clear chest xray 2 mnths ago. Stopped smoking. I have been clearing my throat constantly, and noticed a small speck of blood 2x. Lung cancer?

2wks ago cleaned up (i think) black mold w/o adequate respiratory ppe.Have had a nonproductive cough since.Throat burns.Should i worry or do anything?

31/m (smoke+drink and heartburn some time) spitting up blood since 5 days in the morning when gargle with betadine. Please tell me the cause? Paranoid

34 YO former smoker. For 2 weeks, I've been coughing up a little blood in the AM w/ tickle in my chest and otherwise clear mucus. No insurance.

34/m - clear chest X-ray but still coughing up tiny amounts of blood 3-4x's a week. Slight loss in weight. Is this lung cancer related? Xsmoker

38 female... I don't have a cough but sometimes a need to clear throat. I have had a streak of blood in my mucus twice. What could this b?

38 female... I don't have a cough but sometimes a need to clear throat. I have had a streak of blood in my mucus twice. What could this b?

38male, cough with white saltish sputum. Cough followed by ticking feeling just above color bone at the side of throat. It has taken 3 weeks now.

40 yr f 15 pk yr smkr good pulm funct test clear low dose chest CT 3 month ago brush teeth clear throat bright red blood streak in clear spit concern?

4er visits,1cxr which was clear, lungs sound clear, 9 pack history,25yrs old,coughed up small amount of blood, size of the white on my fingernail,lc??

56yo heavy smoker, overweight smells like rotten fish even after showering, blood and mucus back passages says its only hemarroids?

8th day of yellow, thick secretions. 7yo trachee. 99.7 is temp hi.Lung sounds a bit diminished of normal but not 'severe'. 6hr nebs. How long b4 go in?

9months ago my huby diagnosed with asthma never had it before 1 month ago my 12yo daughtet same thing asthma i have green mucus for 3/4 months mold?

A friend had a spi 4yrs ago. He was cough up blood. The dr says apart of his lung is dead. What does this mean and what can be done to fix this?

About once a day my voice gets hoarse, and i cough up a very small 1/4 inch clot of blood. Don't have a cold. Don't have a cough otherwise.What is it?

After eating i cough up phelgm ..what might cause this. This has been happening for a few years. No ill health except for sarcoidosis which has gone.

After nephrectomy, my mom has been having a non productive cough. What does this mean?

After the bloody sputum the ENT doctor found nothing but he gave me a medicine to stop blood in sputum without finding the cause of it should I take?

Age 23. Had bronchitis 2 weeks ago, but lingering mucus. Minimal sputum occurs when dehydrated. Recommendations?

Allergic bronchitis and asthma? I have excess mucus always forming on my lungs for months now. Eyes are always red, fatigue and dizzy. Started advair.

Am 51 years by last august, I wake up not regulary but sometimes caughing. The coughing result in blood when I split out?

Am a 20 year old female,i don't drink nor smoke.i've observed for 5 days that the phlegm from my throat is black in colour only in the morning,?

Am i more likely to have pneumonia or radon poisoning if I have bad asthma, bad cough, congestion, and taste of blood with cough but no sign of blood.

Any good tips on getting sputum out?

Aspergillosis.My blood clots in seconds, always cough up white furry puss sacs, very sick, run down. Worked in old nasty barn for months. 6 mo.Ago ?

Asrhmatic..Saturday may inhale half a peanut.Had lots of ldness in chest especially after coughing up clear to white mucous.No fever?

At end of cold, at full strength; no longer coughing, sneezing, no fatigue. Last 3 days had small amount of blood in mucus, esp in the AM. Normal?

Been coughing mucus for three weeks and now the mucus has turned to blood. No energy tried over-the-counter meds. History of broncidus .

Been diagnosed with acute/chronic sinusitis. Taking antibiotics, coughing up thick yellow mucus, now i see traces of blood in the mucus. Should i worry?

Been exposed 2 RSV, Bronchitis, flu. Adrenal insufficient & etc. But now have yellow mucus but only in the mornings. Is the start of something or?

Been smoking 10Cigs a day for a year.Quit 2 weeks ago.Withdrawal-THROAT PAIN(no pain in swallowing), clear/white mucus with some brown particles.Help!

Black specks in sputum. I quit smoking recently I am 22 years of age. I spit brownish speck after a meal after a workout what can this be?

Black streaks in my mucus and tight lung feeling :( I'm 19 and smoked for 3-4 years ?

Blood in phlegm only in morning it goes after I've cleared my throat 2-3 times. I don't smoke an no other symptoms no cough either ?

Blood in saliva. None when I cough. Diagnosed w/ GERD. Did test and lungs are fine. Quit smoking over one year ago. ?

Blood tinged saliva every morning for month already. No cough, no fever, no body weakness. Gums may bleed every toothbrushing. feeling bld frm throat?

Bronchitis, then inhaled bleach vapor, now excessive clear bronchial secretions for 3+ months. Clear lung x-ray, chills, recurring sinusitis. Help.

Brown speckled phlegm. 25 smoker for 9 years. Been happening for months. Also have anxiety so obviously the c word is first thought.

Burped and it's burned. Spit out blood streaked spit for 10 minutes afterwards. Chest pain.Is this GI or lung related? Could it be blood clot in lung?

Can Chronic cough for more than two months due to environmental allergens cause black and rusty phlegm for four days and then becomes white ?

Can foreign body aspiration give cough only at night and early morning or it should be all day long ?

Can mucus stay in chest year round?

Can pneumonia in non smoking adults cause persistent low grade fever with black phlegm for 4 days and later became yellow?y?

Can the spot on my right lung cause me to throw up blood or is it just from coughing answer asap never smoked?

Can the std's herpes and HPV cause lung cancer? Violent coughing and blood in sputum. What's going on? Please help with suggestions.

Can u have blood specs with mucus w bronchitis?

Can yellow mucus mean lung cancer?

Chest pain coughing up green stuff and pregnant text 9015097312?

Chest x, pulmo opin normal. Spitting little fresh blood, dark red clots 2 days three times. No cough fever vomit. ENT OPI normal. Gums stools normal ?

Clear chest X-ray no clots or signs but constant cough with clear or white phlegm with blood tinged sometimes is this to worry about?

Clear chest xray, 25 coughed up good sized streak of blood woth tar, lungs sou.d clear, lung cancer or aomething else??

Clear cxr, 25yrs old, 9packhistory,quit2mnthsago,coughed up small amount of blood,doc says lungs sound clear, clear throat alot,lung cancer??

Cough nearly 6week ,some sneezing,wake up with clear phlem on throat,pcp give ammoxacilin and waiting xray result,social smoker age 30(stopped 2 week)?

Cough with thick green phlegm. No fever. Family history of hodgekins lymphoma.

Coughed up a black discharge trying to clear my throat (not much in vol.)not sure of the source . Worry? See primary care doc?

Coughed up chunk of blood and tissue like material. Is it possible to cough up tissue ? Have had sinus infection mild bronchitis 2weeks onantibiotic

Coughed up mucky skin-like tissue, what could it be? Cough lasting 3 days so far. Is this an average/common symptom or should I see a doctor?

Coughing and vomiting up white mucus in the mornings only. Why? I smoke and have worked at a wood mill for 6 months now, this started about a monthago

Coughing badly after AFIB/ABL procedure day before yesterday. Today I coughed up what looked like a blood clot. Have COPD. Should I call Dr in AM?

Coughing close to three weeks, not as bad as it was in the beginning (mucus clear); pain in what i can gather is left lung (under breast) ?

Coughing for 2 days.I also have fever and headache but this morning i coughed out blood clot. My heart feels weaker. I am wondering what it is.

Coughing for years with several test and procedures. Sometimes controlling with holding my breath. Clear thick mucus and i haven't got an answer.

Coughing green yellow mucus for months. Saliva very thick. Have had all tests done. Normal pft. Been on antibiotics. Allergy test fine. What is it?

Coughing out white phlegm with bubbles. What does this mean? Is it necessary to take antibiotics?

Coughing up blood and mucus after fitness boot camp?

Coughing up blood every so often for a year ive seen a polymanologist and they through it was phenomia when i cough when i feel blood lower throat?

Coughing up blood in vegas due to heat, is this bad?

Coughing up blood mixed with mucus but it was more like skin. I went to the er today got a lung an shoulder infection an a sinus infection ?

Coughing up brown stuff every day for over 7 months now. I was a heavy smoker for around 10 years, recent chest pain. Chest X-ray clear. lung Cancer?

Coughing up mucus and swelling side of neck (a week) did gardening few weeks ago. Doctor said chest is clear. Could it be toxoplasma exposure?

Coughing up yellow phlegm for nearly 3 months. Had xray antibiotics and blood test. Nothing. When i start breathing heavily during exercise it comesup?

Couhging for last 2.5 weeks w yellow mucus, when exhaling deeply by mouth, lungs vibrate, former smoker, dayquil helps a little, no other symptoms...?

Could pregnancy make one have cough stained with blood?

CTscan clear(2 PFNS found) Stil spitting red blood from THROAT in morning 1 month? (NO COUGH) Is cancer ruled out100%? Causes? bronchoscopy or Ent??

Dad cannot clear his own secretions. Advanced dementia, 85 yrs old. At times coughs hard and thick saliva comes out.. For 8 mnths..Is he dying? Helpme

Dad has acute respiratory infection. Says he's coughing up "solid" (stone-like) mucus (???). What is this called? Why would it happen?

Dad has been smokin 40 years.He is always coughing and coughs up gross mucus stuff, only ever coughed up blood once. He has no teeth,etc. Lung cancer?

Dark brown mucous from my throat. I do not smoke and my exposure to pollutants is average. I do not feel any other respiratory issue. Please help.

Daughter has very small lungs. Are these warning signs for asthma?

Dear dr lm pregnant..8wks and l complain of blocked nose, sputum all the day which make me nueseated all the time.Its diffecult to bring sputum out.?

Diagnosed w/chronic sinusitis. On antibiotics, coughing up thick yellow mucus from chest, now i see traces/chunks of blood in the mucus. Should i worry?

Do some viruses produce more mucus in lungs than others? I VERY rarely get fluid in lungs but got it this time. 3 weeks & counting. I feel fine tho.

Do yellow colour fluid in lungs indecates tb?

Doctor said I had chest infection n before that for weeks I had blood in sputum daily now I dun see blood anymore. Am I healing, ? But still have sob

Does a constant cough mean cancer?

Does chronic hyperventilation syndrome cause excess mucus? I have constant clear sticky mucus with a small amount of blood and post nasal drip.