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30 year old female with headaches and nosebleeds sametime?

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Are nosebleeds common in children. If they happen frequently, should I be worried. What is the way to prevent them.

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Cause of reoccurring nosebleeds?

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Could use your help docs! my dad has frequent little nosebleeds?

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Frequent nose bleeds for the last week initially at night but now more frequent during the day as well as at night. I had septoplasty 6 weeks ago. ?

Has anyone had a child who has has frequent nosebleeds?

Hello, I have been getting headaches and nosebleeds everyday for about a month should I be concerned?

Hello.What s the reason of frequent nose bleedings?

Help please! is excessive nose bleeding a sign of leukemia?

Help please? I have frequent nosebleeds and aching bones?

Hi Doc, My boyfriend has never really had problems with nosebleeds but has had three very heavy nosebleeds this week. Should I book him into a doctor?

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I am itching everywhere, nauseous and having frequent nosebleeds?

I am now having frequent nosebleeds after a huge nosebleed that included a clot, should I be worried?

I get so many nosebleeds while i'm at work. Is this normal?

I had been having constant nosebleeds and have been throwing up as well ?

I have a 9 year old with a nosebleed, and headache. Any answers?

I have been having frequent headaches and they are starting to be accompanied by nosebleeds. What could be the cause of this?

I have been having frequent migraines accompanied with a bloody nose. What could be the cause?

I have been having nosebleeds frequently lately and sometimes twice in one day. What could this be?

I have been having nosebleeds several times a week for the last few months. Is this anything to be concerned about?

I have continuous nosebleeds for 6 years?

I have never had a nosebleed before this past year, now I have one almost everyday! Why is this happening, and what should I do?

I have never had a nosebleed in my life and all of a sudden i have just had 4 nosebleeds in less that 48 hours. What do I do??

I often have nosebleeds. please help.?

I'm 21 years old , female complaining from recurrent nosebleeding (epistaxis).What is the diagnosis and causes and treatment of my condition?

I'm 27f what causes nose bleeds on random . I've had the problem from age of 8 and still having it?

Is excessive nose bleeding a worrisome sign of leukemia?

Is hemophilia happening more or less frequently?

Is it bad to spit up blood after a nosebleed? The weather is what caused my nosebleed.

Is it normal to have a nosebleed while throwing up?

Is it normal to have nosebleeds very often and headaches?

Is it normal to unexpectedly have 3 nosebleeds in a week?

Is monthly too often to have a nosebleed?

Is there a way to stop nosebleeds for good and never have them again?

Is there such a thing as chronic nosebleeds?

Isn't it unusual to to have 5 nosebleeds in a day?

My 15 month old son had a febrile seizure 4 days ago, and now having nose bleeds. What can I do? What is causing this?

My 15 yo son has had 3 nosebleeds in a 3 day time frame. No cold not sick. What could be some reasons for frequent nosebleeds?

My 16 year old son suffers from chronic nosebleeds. He gets between 4 and 10 a week. What could be causing this. Headaches do accompany the nosebleed.?

My 2 year old has had at least 2 nosebleeds per month in the last six months. This is worrying me. Please can you advise.

My 3 year old has very frequent nosebleeds, should he be taken to a doctor, or is it allergies?

My 5yr old daughter always complains of a headache and has nosebleeds often, what is the cause?

My 60 year old uncle has frequent nose bleeds at least twice a day. What could be the cause of this? Is this serious?

My 7 year old daughter had a nosebleed last night and this morning never happened before. What could cause this?

My brother has chronic nosebleeds. What can I do about this and what is causing it?

My dad has frequent little nosebleeds. What could be causing them?

My fiance has nosebleeds sometimes when his nose is blocked and he uses power to blow his nose. Is it a serious issue about his nosebleeding?

My granddaughter has had four severe nosebleeds in two days. She is 10 and has had them about once a year the last few years. What could this be?

Nosebleed and frequent headache lead to what deseases?

Reasons for nose bleeds and headaches, tumor?

Recently, I have had a lot of nosebleeds, why?

Started a nebulizer 3 days ago now I have nosebleeds?

What are a bleeding nose and headache symptomatic of?

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What causes nosebleeds?

What causes nosebleeds?

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What could be causing my frequent bloody noses?

What could be the cause of my recurring nosebleeds?

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What happens if you suffer from epistaxis what is wrong?

What is frank epistaxis?

What is the best position for a toddler with epistaxis?

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