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1 yr old. Mucus coughs, snotty nose, red eyes with discharge, no fever, sleeplessness. She was diagnosed with allergies. Could it be a cold?

12 yr old - running nose, red eyes for two weeks - thought allergies. Now ear ache, sore stomach, periodic vomiting, no appetite, "nose stings"?

15 month old has had runny nose and watering eye for 3 days and now has a harshcough. Is this his allergies?

2 wk throat irritation, irritation of skin around nose with scaly/dry skin. Negative for Strep. MD said viral, but it persists. Zyrtec (cetirizine) doesn't help?

2 yr old has clear runny nose for over a week, no other symptoms. Allergies?cold? Treatment? Cause for concern?

20 month old, red rashes on face, not itchy.Runny nose n cough for a week now.Cough happens at night n when she sleeps.No fever.Could she be allergic?

2yr old has lingering persistent dry cough and sneezing after a cold that lasted 14 days. Weather is rainy? Could it be allergies? Cold? See doctor?

37 and allergic to mom's dachshund. Eyes are tearing, red and itch. Nose is runny and sneezing. Hate benadryl, (diphenhydramine) is 25mg hydrox-zine ok?

38. Constant sneezing bouts, runny nose, congestion 6+ mos. Tried most all allergy meds. No luck. Dry climate. Humidfier. Ent says no sinusitis. Next?

8mo with runny nose (clear during the day but thick & green @ night), watery itchy eyes, sneezing & cough. No fever so far. Allergy, flu, or cold?

9 month old sneezing, runny nose, one eye more watery and puffy than other. Common cold? She rubs runny nose then rubs eye before I can stop her, ok?

A week ago my 2yr old had a runny nose, cough & sneezing, & the Dr said it was allergy. Today she has a raised temp in addition. What could be wrong ?

After wicked hayfever attack, stuffy nose, sneezing, itchy eyes -- i noticed i couldn't taste food for a while. Why might that be ? Thx.

All blood work normal. Allergy skin prick test shows many/severe allergens. No runny nose/eyes but feel wiped out. is this possible from allergies?

Allergic reaction to dogs or aleve meds ? Puffy eyes, watery eyes, itchy ears and throat, nausea, dizzy, lost of appetite, weak,

Allergies, cold, bacterial infection? I sometimes do get seasonal allergies. congestion, sore throat, dry cough. Some yellow mucus.

Almost-constant nose blockage after raking leaves. Hay fever?

Are allergy meds like Benadryl (diphenhydramine) good with runny nose and teary eyes?

Are seasonal allergies to blame for my 6 year old daughters mild cough? No runny sneezy nose - which would be the classic symptom ...

Are sneezing and itchy nose just symptoms of allergic rhinitis?

Are there some effective ways to clear stuffy nose from animal allergies?

Baby is constantly sneezing and rubbing nose but she's not sick. Is this allergies?

Bad allergies. Tried every nose spray and OTC allergy medicine. Still not really helping. What can I do? Eyes and puffy cheeks. Uncomfortable.

Been having running nose and watery eyes for over two weeks now , not sure if this is allery related or i got the flu. I sneeze a lot but no cough?

Believe allergic reaction to large qty of fertilizer itchy burn watery eyes. Dry mouth sneezing stuffy nose. Remedy?

Bought 2 cats 7months ago now I have nasal allergy leaving me sneezing with runny nose but not on a daily basis and my eyes are fine, is it cat allergy?

Can seasonal pollen allergies make you tired and dry eyes? Should I try something else if Allegra not helping ? Yellow nasal mucous since Thurs.

Can 10 month old baby have seasonal allergies ? Always rubbing nose and eyes.. Eyes are red...Running nose clear ....

Can a 30 panel skin allergy test cause rhinitis and congestion┬┐ I had one done yesterday, today I am very itchy, sneezing, and.watery eyes with mucus.

Can allegra (fexofenadine) get rid of itchy, red eyes and runny nose?

Can allergies only cause congestion and post nasal drip dry mouth and no other symptoms, my nose never drains eyes never itchy but always congested. ?

Can an illness cause dry hair such as sinusitis or the flu? I think I have sinusitis cause my nose is tender to touch and my eyes r watery and dry hai

Can dog allergies cause dryness of your mouth and throat?

Can eczema be cause by being congested?

Can hay fever cause 1 swollen eye?

Can i give 2 yr old Benadryl (diphenhydramine) to dry up runny nose?

Can i give my 3 yr old benedryl for being congested and runny nose and fever . Also red burning eyes ?

Can I have a teaspoon of Manuka honey if I get seasonal pollen allergies? Runny nose, itchy throat, eyes, and nose.

Can I take allergy medicine (runny nose, itchy throat, irritated eyes) with accutane?

Can open my eyes. I also have a stuffy/runny nose, so could it just be allergies?

Can seasonal allergies cause low grade fever in children? Specifically: tree pollen, sneezy, snotty runny nose, and a 99.4 temp.

Can seasonal allergy cause swollen lymph? Ear looks normal, no fever, clear nasal drip from one side. Watery eye.

Can stuffed/painful ears & nose be caused by indoor dust allergy and be developed at 40? Never had it before. Shouldn't Zyrtec (cetirizine) be helping with it?

Can you have a garlic allergy -- itchy throat, stuffy nose, sneezing, red, itchy face? It seems to be exacerbated with alcohol consumption.

Can you tell me can I get an infection in your nose from allergies?

Child has stuffy/runny nose going on a month and wakes up with horse voice. No other symptoms, has dust mite allergy, does he need antibiotics?

Children have green snot, drainage, congestion, sneezing, watery eyes. High pollen count. Is this allergies or cold?

Cold or allergies? Stuffy nose, on and off itchy eyes, nose. After three days, now itchy throat. No fever. Did take sudafed, mild help, now zyrtec (cetirizine) but itchy throat may be the side effect.

Congested ,runny nose,sneezing and watery eyes specially right eye upper lid little bit swollen. Is it Cold or allergies ?

Congestion, runny nose, sneezing. What symptoms make allergies more likely diagnosis?

Consistent runny and stuffy nose over six month period not related to allergies?

Constant sore, dry, and blood shot eyes? Allergies?

Constantly sneezing and runny nose(clear and watery). Have been taking my anti-allergy meds, but symptoms persist. What could it be? No fever.

Could Claritin (loratadine) stop my running nose and lessen the dark circles around the eyes?

Could my family be suffering from bloody noses, allergies and colds because of the lack of humidity?

Currently I have seasonal Allergy(Ragweed) sneezing runny nose, itchy nose/ throat, Is it ok to take my annual Flu shot now or should I wait. ?

Days ago dizziness and sinus pressure started. A few days later, sneezing began with watery runny nose. Now eyes are puffy & watering. Micronutrients?

Do you have to have runny nose, sneezing etc to have allergic rhinitis I don't have either except for a swollen turbinate & clear fluid in ears.

Does a runny nose mean a cold if allergy meds don't help?

Does early morning sneezing, running nose and itchy eyes with season change is sign of hay fever?Im having this problem since childhood.

Does eating peanut butter cause sneezing and runny nose?

Does itchy eyes and itchy nose (around a cat) sound like an allergy to cats?

Does nose spray help eyes itches too?

Don't have a runny nose or constantly sneezing how can I have allergic rhinitis only thing I have is a swollen turbinates & irritated middle septum ?

During the past few months i've been experiencing watery eyelids. I do not have any allergies. What may be the cause and solution?

Ever since I moved to Florida from a metropolitan area I have had a chronic allergy. No sneezing or congestion but nose is always drippy. Why?

Every morning, right after i wake up i start sneezing, and have an itchy nose and watery eyes that sometimes itch. What could i be allergic to?

Every time i wake up, i always have sort of runny nose. Is it allergy?

Every winter, i got tonsillitis with pus. Am I have allergies with the weather? This is the third time.

Feels like allergies, but allergy testing is negative. Itchy water eyes, itchy clogged ears, post nasal drip, stuffy nose, sinus infections, sneezing?

Food the past two weeks, my nose has been burning and itchy inside, and I've been sneezing very often. I do not feel congested, and my nose is not runny. My eyes and throat are also completely normal. What could cause this?

For a/b 1week, sensitive stomach, fatigue, itchy nose, eye discomfort & headache. Could these be allergies?

For the last few mornings I have been waking up with my nose running like a fountain, itchy nose, watery eyes, sneezing. My dad and aunt has allergies?

Have a runny and stuffy nose, eyes itchy, ears hurt, and sneezing. Thinking its allergies as the pollen count is very high. Advice to help? Natural?

He keeps coughing a lot it's dry and makes him have a runny nose. I think it's allergies or asthma Had him tested 3 years ago for allergies neg. ?

Headaches head congestion runny nose and itchy skin?

Hello. I have a red nose sometimes, especially if I am out on cold weather. I think, it does enlarge. I def have allergies in summer causing red nose?

Hi i have an allergy in my nose as my doctor said 5 years ago makes me sneeze and caugh a lot...but now i am feeling pain throat..due to allergy?

Hi, I am having a problem of itching and running nose and sneezing hundred of times when itching started. Please help ?

Hi, i'm 34 weeks pregnant and have severe allergy symptoms sneezing, itchy ears and throat, runny nose and eyes, which medicine is good for me?

Hi: My 9 years old daughter has a sinus problem that she is always giggling her noses every morning and scratching around her eyes. Plz help?

Hi. How do I stop my eyes from watering. I have Upper respiratory tract infection. It feels as if the watery eyes are a consequence of a runny nose.

How to find allergen for allergy?I sneeze a lot with running nose and sometimes blocked nose. What is the reason n treatment for it.

How can I alleviate allergy symptoms (watery eyes, runny nose, clogged ears, sneezing)?

How can I comfort a 5 mo. Old with allergies? Red/goopy eyes. Bad runny/stuffy nose. He wakes up with his eyes gooped shut:-(

How can I cure stuffy nose and itchy eyes?

How can I get rid of a runny nose, itchy eyes, nasal congestion and frequent sneezing?

How can I get rid of nose allergies (sneezing, runny nose) without the use of medication?

How can I stop itchy nose and throat from allergies?

How can I stop my eye and nose allergies in the spring?

How can I tell if my congestion and itchy throat (with dry cough) and itchy, watery eyes are allergies or a cold?Runny, irritatenose, but can breathe.

How can you stop sneezing because today I have allergies?

How can you tell the difference between a cold and allergies? I've got a ragweed allergy and I've got a stuffy nose, and have been coughing.

How can you tell the difference between allergies and a cold when your nose is running all the time.

How do I know if I have alergies and how can I heal it I have a runny nose, itchy nose, and sneeze?

How do I stop watery eyes and nose cold?

How does allergies affect your ear, nose, and mouth?

How long do allergy like flu last? Had the rash in lip, runny nose, sneezing for 4 days but had a longer cough for weeks. Only now these symps come.

How long do the runny nose and watery eyes from allergy normally last?

How many ml's of childrens Benadryl (diphenhydramine) can I give my 4yr old 36lb son. Severe nasal congestion, watery eyes , and cough. Also has allergies ?