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CT scan The frontal sinuses are well-developed. There is mild mucosal thickening involving the inferior aspect of the bilateral frontal sinuses.


'Severe mucosal thickening present involving left frontal sinus, left anterior ethmoid air cells' plus other infect.,do I need surgery or antibiotics?

"There is mucosal thickening in the maxillary and ethmoid airĀ  cells as well as in the mastoids bilaterally" this was in my 2 1/2 year old sons MRI?

1.Acute bronchitis, 2.Allergic rhino laryngitis, CT scan report:mild mucosal thickening in bilateral maxillary sinuses.Still same prb after treatment.

7mm osteoma in the midline right frontal sinus with chronic headaches over eyes for 3 months?

A 46-year-old patient with chronic maxillary sinusitis undergoes bilateral balloon dilation of the maxillary. How effective is this?

Brain MRI "there is mild polypoid mucosal thickening in ethmoid air cells."i have headaches, vision/hearing changes, tearing up, head pressure, sinuitis?

Brain MRI reveals complete opacification of the bilateral frontal and ethmoid sinus, otherwise normal, could this be cause of daily head pressure ?

Brain MRI show bilateral mucosal disease, mexillary, ethmoid, sphenoid & frontal sinuses involvement. Why is my dr. Not treating it with anything?Headeac

Brain mri- moderate mucosal wall thickening involving bilateral maxillary and ethmoid sinuses & non specific demyelinating process. Possibly related?

Can a Mucous Retention Cyst in the inferior aspect of the left max sinus cause unilateral ptosis? CT also shows thickening of several ethmoid air cell

Can a polyp or retention cyst in the maxillary sinus cause imbalance?

Can a retention cyst in the max sinus. Amuse unilateral ptopsis? Moderate thickening of several of the ethmoid cells?? What does this all mean.

Can a retention cyst in the sphenoid and maxillary sinus cavities be responsible for excess & thickening mucus resulting in the sensation that you constantly have to clear your throat?

Can a sinus infection cause I twitching? It is severe. Both frontal sinuses are opacified.

Can an inflamed septum cause nose polyp in right mixillary sinus?

Can doctors tell me what does sinus inflammation have to do with spinal misalignment?

Can ethmoid and sphenoid sinus diesease be cured with medication?

Can sick sinus syndrome cause ventricle dilatation?

Can sinus lead to brain tumors or brain cancers specially bilateral sphenoid sinus??

Can sinusitis( focal mucosal thickening of rt maxillary sinus) cause dry coughs and constant headache(back of head)?

Can the Trigeminial nerve cause the maxilary sinuses to have minor swelling?

Cat-scan sinuses- moderate mucosal thickening of sphenoid, ethmoid, L maxillary. Does sinusitis involve all these areas or is this a bad case?

CT mild mucosal thickening of the posterior ethmoidal air cells, clear other scanned paranasal sinuses, patent both ostiomeatal units, intact bony boundaries. That means? I have random headaches

Ct results: minor mucosal changes in the paranasal sinuses seen in the maxillary sinus regions with mucous retention cysts. Possible cause?

Ct results1mild mucosal thickening involving the ethmoid air cells and small mucous retention in the left maxillary sinus.2small concha bullosa bilaterally without ostiomeatal stenosis. Please explain?

Ct scan of nose and sinus shows 11*9 mm cyst, left concha bullosa, patchy mucosal thickening.Please tell me what does all these mean?

Ct scan of sinus report says: mild S shaped deformity of nasal septum with a large left apical osteophytes. Right sided concha Bullosa.Is this normal?

CT Scan says "Bilateral mild maxillary and sphenoid sinusitis. No air/fluid levels.. 1.3cm polyp & turbinate hypertrophy. Can this cause my headaches?

CT showed - mild thickening in the bilateral ethmoid air cells and right sphenoid sinus. No symptoms except mostly constant watery nose?

Do i need surgery? I have a 7mm osteoma in the midline left frontal sinus.There is an additional 8mm osteoma or benign hemangioma in the midline frontal calvarium. Ave

Do osteoma of frontal sinus need operation?

Doctor my X-ray PNS report says Right frontal sinusitis.....and maxillary polyp/cyst. What does it mean and how can it be treated?

Does a nasal bone at 10 weeks mean no downs syndrome?

Does mold exposure cause maxillary sinus?

Endoscopic sinus surgery to remove a bunch of blocked up mucous and grossness from my left maxillary sinus, what to to do?

Ent recommended surgery for: posterior left ethmoid mucocele with some bone demineralization. Are sinus mucoceles generally surgically removed?

Focal polypoid mucosal thickening involving both maxillary sinuses with patent frontal recess & maxillary osteums - what does that mean?

Focal small polypoidal mucosal thickening in right maxillary sinus What does it means?

Frontal and left maxillary sinusites with left maxillary polyp/mucosal thickeing. Which treatment is required?

Had an abnormal CT scan of maxillary sinuses. Said maxillary sinus on left side almost completely blocked. What could it be?

Had my CT scan done and the report says polypoidal mucosal thickening in both macillary sinuses and osteomeatal complexes. So how to cure it?

Headaches, nasal congestion, sinuses, facial numbness, vision problems.Did CT scan showed only mucosal thickening of bilateral sphenoid and ethmoid.

Hello doctor, I had a PNS xray done and both maxillary anthrum showed mucous thickening, and the right inferior turbunate was enlarged. ?

Hello Dr, I had nosal dripping, my MRI shows "Right Maxillary sinus mucosal thickening" & "deviation of nasal septum to right" what does this mean?

Hi Doctor My CT scan told me the result 1.pansinusitis with ethmoids bilaterally and right maxillary fluids no polyps Opacified nasal cavity?

Hi doctors, can you tell me what is post pregnancy sagittal sinus thrombosis?

How big is the Ostia to the Maxillary Sinus?

How can I tell between csfcleak and sinutus?

How close are the maxillary sinuses and inner ear?

How do they clean out maxillary/frontal/ethmoid sinuses during sinus clean-out w/ septoplasty? Drill? Vacuum?

How do you treat frontal sinus hypoplasia?

How much is a maxillary antrostomy?

How serious is frontal drill out sinus surgery for total opacification?

How should a sphenoid sinus polyp be treated?

How to remove a 2mm cyst in right maxillary sinus eye pain?

How to treat sinus pressure in the frontal lobe region?

I am having acute sinus in my left maxillary and also having bilateral sphenoid sinuses,doctor has given me CLAVAM 625,XYZAL-M, it ok??

I am having dry cough from 3 month, now P.N.S xray showed that mucosal thickening noted in maxillary sinus and frontal sinus appear hypoplastic. help?

I am suffering from polip in left maxillary sinus and bilateral sphenoid sinus.can this lead brain tumor or brain cancer?i have heavyness in head.

I did had a CT scan that revelaed bilateral sphenoid sinuses,and left maxillary sinuses. Presently having clavam,xyzal-m and nazal spray's.Is it ok?

I had bilateral sphenoid sinusitis on the right side in january i was treated for 5 days i am still having daily chronic migraines what could this be?

I have a mucous retention cyst or polyp in maxillary sinus. Is there any relation to my pituitary tumor or to the fact that I have always had a poor sense of smell?

I have another maxillary sinus cyst but why is my gum bleeding?

I have been diagnosed with chronic sinusitis (maxillary and ethmoid inflammation L>R, deviated higher septum) and had FESS after. Can surgery cure me?

I have ear pressure bcz hyperpneumatised both frontal and maxillary sinuses.Mucosal polyp in both maxillary sinus, nasal septum deviation.Surgery need?

I have glaucoma in my left eye and a large maxillary sinus cyst in my left sinus cavity. Could the cyst have caused the glaucoma?

I have mucosal thickening seen in bilateral sphenoidal sinus & thickening in left maxillary antral polipoidal mucosal.what it means?

I have polyp in left maxillary and bilateral sphenoid sinus.I want to ask that does this sphenoid sinus results due to poly?Taking Xyzal-m nd Nasonex (mometasone)?

I have some fullness in the right fossa of Rosenmuller in the postnasal space... What does this mean in laymans terms please?

I have venous angioma on my left frontal lobe and thickening of para-nasal sinuses without fluid levels. What does this mean?

I want to about naso orbits ethmoid all fracture ?

I'm experiencing nasal congestion and have a retention cyst in left maxillary sinus. What does that mean?

I'm having polyp in my left maxillary sinus and bilateral sphenoid sinus.Dont have any problem in nose or breathing but have continuous head heavyness?

In antomy of middle ear i've read , peri sinus cells areound the sinus plate .What does sinus plate mean here ? .

Inflammation mucosal thickening noted in the sphenoid and frontal sinuses. Meaning?

Is there any way to "unopacify" a sinus w/interval opacification? How can one "unopacify" the sphenoid sinus?

Is there more than one good way to treat maxillary sinus cancer?

Lateral right maxillary sinus 8 mm ap x 6 mm transverse x 9 mm craniocaudad mucous retention cyst versus polyp. What does that mean?

Mild bilatetal ethmoid and left frontal sinusitis, what to do?

Mild mucoperiosteal thickening within the inferior nasal turbinates which could represent some polyp disease?

Mild mucosal thickening in left maxillary?

Mild mucosal thickening is evident in paranasal sinuses it is most marked in anterior ethmoid region,but minor mucosal thickening in all Sinus?found

Mild polypoid mucosal thickening of the anterior right maxillary sinus wall, 0.8 cm found on head MRI, asymptomatic. Should I worry (unilateral polyp?

Minimal mucosal thickening is seen in bilateral maxillary sinuses....i have problem of cold in normal day...what treatment i use?

Minor Musocal thickening within the left frontal sinus, the ethmoid air cells and right maxillary atrium found in MRI scan, have bad frontal headaches?

Mri for dizziness and foggy feeling shows, minor mucosal disease in sphenoid sinus. Minor sphenoid mucosal thickening. What does this mean ? Thank you

Mri says I have mucoperiosteal thickiening in my maxillary sinuses. Having chronic pain on the left side of my face. Solutions? Have had 3 surgeries.

MRI says, minor mucosal disease in the sphenoid sinus. Minor sphenoid sinus mucosal thickening. Should I be concerned?

Mri showed 'mucosal thickening in maxillary sinuses' after concussion, what does this mean?

Mri showed a 3cm polyp in the floor of the left maxillary sinus and a 1cm lipoma in the left frontal sinus. I have eye problems. What does this mean?

Mri showed sinusitis ethmoid air cells and mucosal thickening frontal as well as sphenoid sinuses. I been dealing with front headaches and eye pain.

Mri showed sinusitis in the ethmoid and mucus in the sphenoid my eye is in pain?

Mri: mild opacification of the inferior left maxillary & right sphenoid sinuses. A mild opacification is seen in the inferior right mastoid air cells?

Mucoperiosteal thickening of septum and turbinates producing near occlusion of nasal cavity CT reading. ..What does this mean?

Mucoperiosteal thickening of septum what does this mean and does it require immediate attention?

Mucoperiosteal thickening within the ethmoid sinus, what to do?

Mucosal diseases of the paranasal sinuses?

Mucosal thickening in the right great than left maxillary & sphenoid sinuses with scattered mucosal disease in ethmoid air cells. What's this mean?