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Cough and sneeze really bad when i eat chocolate am i allergic?

My daughter gets very congested and really bad mucus from nose from drinking milk.she drink it every morning. what do you think the problem is Dr. ?

2 yo was drinking in bed. He cough, spit up & swallow. He coughed a few times today & has cold. If gets fever how do if know from cold or aspiration?

2 yr old vomitted 3x. Drinking water. Now sleeping. Only other sx are runny nose, occasional cough. How should I care for her?

2yrs old has a bad cough low fever took him to dr they say spleen inflamed but just a cold he's not eating but is drinking all he wants to do sleep?

2yrs. Ago i was eating 50 halls cough drops a day, that's when i could no longer eat hot & spicy foods. Now I have a sore tongue all the time. Help?

3 year old has a bad dry cough that we can't soothe we've tried humidifier steamy bathrooms warm drinks etc vomits when cough hard. Cold/fever for 3day ?

4 year old has barking dry cough,mostly at night.tried humidifier and lots of liquids, when should i call dr?Anything else I can do!Seems fine otherwi

8th day of cold. Still have little yello/white cattarh and dry with some productive morning cough. Does the sun and the sea get me better?

A boy nearly 2 gets sick but its water and phlem he is always chesty and need an inhaler due to repository issues, why does he vomit water and mucus?

After i eat, drink, chew gum etc. I always get an awful, hacking cough, often lasting as long as an hour. This has been going on for about a year.

Almost 3 years old. Slight cough, fever. No wheezing, small mucus, fast breathing, Active. Not feeding well but drinking water and peeing. Worried?

Always congested after eating any ideas.?

Always sensitive to wheat. Ate some contaminated food today: instantly warm/flush , then hives, then cough/stuffy, wheezy, dizzy. Ok if goes away?

Are the virus of cold and cough are the same and what you should avoid to eat during cough?

Asthma-coughing fits between Nebulizer/albuterol treatments. Better to steam/cool mist? Foods/teas? Sit up, lay, walk? I cough until I gag/cry.

Been taking Mucinex (guaifenesin) blue liquid for cold. Now have green diarrhea. Also been eating a lot of splenda sweetened hard candy for cough is this why gassy?

Bro thought son choking 2 days ago. Hands by neck. No other symptoms distress. Eat/drink normal. Noted cough today post run /drink. Sign lodged item? Has cold& history of cough after drink. Brother coughing too

Can chewing hard candies such as "mint candies" help reduce a person's cough? Does it produce more salvia? I had a cough but I hard candy reduced it.

Can drinking a lot of water help with the mucous associated with bronchitis?

Can gripe water cure baby bad breath?

Can gulping a very cold drink quickly trigger afib?

Can i drink lemon water every morning to reduce fat? I have sinus and generally have throat aches, coughs. Would i undergo side effects due to lemon?

Can I give banana to my 7 month baby having cough? Wot type of food is contraindicated in the case of cough and cold?

Can I give banana to my baby suffering with pneumonia.Do banana makes cough?

Can i give pomegranate juice to my 7 months old baby when she has cold and cough?

Can I inhale peppmint steam (to break up mucas from asthma/stop clearing throat) the day I had 4 wisd. teeth out? I know hot things are bad for clots?

Can i let my 7 months old son drink some water with ginger extract to warm his throat? He has a cold, cough and runny nose

Can my 9 month old drink iced water ? His lungs are clear and he is coughing congestion.

Can there be a way to somehow block out the taste of cough syrup?

Can you drink dairy products with URI and bronchitis ?

Can you dry drown from getting swallowing water down the wrong way, even if you supposedly cough it back up?

Chest cold, cough, no energy, wheezing. taking regular Robitussin (guaifenesin) and drinking lots of water?

Choked on water and i coughed most of it out (i think) at the time, but now (about 18 hours later) I have a mild cough. Could this be anxiety or what?

Cough. How do I treat it? Last week i ate lots of fried/baked food. No sore throat or other symptoms. Have mucus. White color.

Coughing fits and excess clear/white phlegm post-exercise. Worse when running outdoors. Allergies, asthma...Or both?

Coughing up green phlegm after tonsillectomy? Im on day 3 and so swollen I can't eat, I have been told to eat because not doing so can cause infection?

Coughing up salty water; not getting enough air in; food/drink make it worse; need to clear throat; post nasal drip; lasting for months; no fever/sick?

Coughing up water?

Could someone possibly eat too many cough drops?

Dad has had a cough from a cold few days now. Loves pepper on food and sprinkled nearly 2 teaspoon on it 24 hrs ago. Coughing more now. Bc of pepper?

Do ice cold liquid drinks make a child cough?

Does banana n rice increase sputum formation in 9 month old baby with productive cough?

Does cold and cough cause loss of sense to really nothing at all?

Does cold drinks make you cough more?

Does drinking cold liquid make your cough worse?

Does drinking methanol cure a cough?

Does hot coffee suppress coughing?

Does nutramigen cause excess phlegm?

Does rice make phlegm thick? should we avoid rice in cough n cold??

Does rice water cause upper respiratory track congestion?

Does water help cure bronchitis?

Dry, coughing spasms - do not have asthma. What can be done to relieve the cough (not drink a whole bottle of water)?

For my throat, nasal, and cough i take an allergy liquid cap and it seems to help. Had laryngitis fromfrom inhaling smoke from a burn barrel. This ok?

For the past few months I have a lot of flem / mucus in my throat after every meal. Irrespective of menu. Any ideas?

From past some days if i drink cold water or even mild cold water or eat icecream i am getting throat pain and mucus through throat.Before it fine why?

Had cough for a month which is now better but i still have a dry cough after eating . What could it be . Don't smoke and i don't feel acid reflux?

Had laryngitis w/low fever have intermittent coughing attacks, even with cough medicine (benzonatate). Been gargling w/salt water etc. Next step?

Have a cold with a nasty cough that makes him gag, and he hyperventilates before he coughs. What can lessen the coughing? He also had no energy

Have cold or the flu. Awful. They say swirling salty water in your mouth helps. Is there any evidence that actually helps? Please link.

Have flu/cold. Avelox 400 mg, 4th day, 2 litres of water plus 2000 mg vitamin C daily, bed rest 1 wk, but throat still hoarse, yellow phlegm. Why?

Having cough and vomiting after taking food, especially breakfast. no cough at other times only after taking food. no fever, no other symptoms. Help?

Having weakness, drowsiness whole day and saliva tastes like chemical , and acidity and low on stamina and a very little bit of cough and cold.

Heard candy is as good as coughdrops. Why?

Hello Doctor, I am 24 years old and female. From last 1 week I have been suffering from cold and cough. I am puking when ever i eat. ?

Hello if I can take a tea with honey,lime anytime?? because im sick cough and throat sore while im pregnant 20 weeks.

Help after i drink water I will hear a wheeze if I take deep breathes is that normal? same with any drink or food? is it going to my lungs?

Help please! could chocolate make you cough?

Help, what to eat when you have colds/cough?

Hi , when I drink my cough syrup, I feel so nausea. After 6 hour , I wanna drink the cough syrup again but I feel nausea. Is this cough syrup suit me?

Hi i cannot stop coughing and it is so much that i cough up very salty tasting what looks like water, i have had this cough for 2 weeks, I have asthma?

How can I quickly flush cough syrup out of my body? Accidental overdose and I hate the way it's making me feel.

How come i cough after eating/drinking cold things?

How do I tell if I have water in my lungs temp is 99.0 I choked on water a few times this week I'm not coughing at all?

How much local honey should I eat to prevent hay fever?

How to avoid cough?

How to drink rock and rye for a hacking cough?

How to get rid of cold/cough symptoms before my birthday dinner this afternoon!?

How to know what I am not supposed to eat when i'm coughing?

I always have dry coughs in morning because my throat is itchy. I drink water to help calm it. What can cause this?

I am 19 weeks pregnant and having a cold and cough since last 2 months which. Could it be serious. I have tried warm water with honey. Doesn't help?

I am have problem when I eat or drink or even temperature is cold, I start to cough. What should I do? Do i need to check with any specialist?

I am having cough and cold. Even grade 2 fatty liver. Should I eat Azee 500 MG medicine?

I am sneezing after drinking water and when its little cold due to A/C and sometimes due to dust as well. Can you suggest me - what to do ?

I am spitting out phlegm with blood in it after having a cold, but no coughing or respiratory problems. Was also exposed to mold in water bottle.

I am suffering from allergic rhinitis..As a result of which i can't eat and drink cold things...M jst fed up of dis cold..I get cold everyday..Plz help?

I cough afta a drinking cold drink, why?

I cough after eating certain foods and my voice is getting hoarse?

I currently have some phlegm and a bit of a closed up throat. Am I not supposed to eat dairy? I hear it causes phlegm.

I don't have cough or cold but from past 2yrs when i eat spicy food i coughout jelly like phlegm i quit smoking 4yrs back.

I drank a little lemon juice (i like the taste). I started wheezing. Always happens. I have asthma. Is this an allergy to lemon or something else?

I drank about 3 cups of coffee and am kind of having truoble breathing? I always think i get pneumonia but no chills or fever. Can you tell me please?

I eat cough drops almost as if they were candies, is that ok ???

I had a very acidic smoothie. It burned my throat. I used cough drops, tea & honey, and water to fix it. It seems to have caused a runny nose - i was fine before the drink, but now feel sick. Help!

I have a 8 month old baby, 6.5 in corrected age. Shes very healthy she has a cold and she sounds like her throat is a bit raspy can i give her tea ?

I have a cold and fever. I love the energy drink monster, but would it make my sickness (fever) worse?

I have a cold now for a few days, I have no appetite, nausea, and keep coughing up an almost solid green substance, is there anything OTC I can take?

I have a cold with a cough everytime i drink some juice i would start coughing pls help...

I have a cough that's gotten worse even after rinsing with salt water, cough drops, and getting it checked out. What should I do now?

I have a head cold and nasty cough. Should I do my aerobic exercising?