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I have a mildly deviated septum. Can i get results from no surgery and just doing an in office turbinate coblation? Basically skipping the septum fix.

I have a nose problem?

I have a very serious sinus, nose block. The polyps which i believed have blocked my nose can only be removed by surgery.Is there another way?

I have been diagnosed with a nasal septum midline is it serious and does need surgery or I should be concerned?

I have been suffering from deviated nasal septum for over 20 years. I have had three surgeries but the problem is still there.Sleep apnea, snoring etc?

I have chronic congestion and feeling of nasal obstruction high in Nasopharangeal area around Eustachian tubes. Adenoid problems or hypertrophic?

I have concha bullossa in nose. Doctor says need operation but he not proving me gaurantee . Can't breathe from right nose. Is it cancer. Please help?

I have constant problems breathing out of my left nostril, but i'm not stuffed up. Could it be a deviated septum?

I have deviated sep with prominent spur, nasal valve collapse, hyp turbinates, severe allergies with recurring infections. getting conflicting advice ?

I have difficulty breathing occasionally? Deviated septum>

I have had this green, sticky, and smelly snot for almost a year now. I had a deviated septum surgery years back, any idea as to the problem?

I have just had a septoplasty done six weeks ago, and I was wondering how much actual force would be needed to deviate my septum again? What physical signs would I experience if I deviated my septum again? Can you deviate your septum by rubbing, scratchin

I have nasal septum divination and chronic hyper-plastic pan sinusitis (by CT scan but asymptomatic). Should i be treated with nasal septum repair.

I have painful left turbinates ever since i was operated on for septal deviation on the right.When under stress and anxiety my turbinates is painfull?

I have turbinate hypertropy. The swelling is the worst when laying down and when running. Can running cause my turbinates to swell? Vasodilation?

I hit my face a month ago and that injury resulted in a deviated septum. How long do I have to wait to have my septum repaired after injury?

I know from a cat scan of my head that I have a deviated septum and narrower than normal turbinate. What does that mean?

I need any and all information you can give me on tracheal deviation thank you?

I removed my adenoidi 3 months ago and i also cauterized my turbinates but i still feel my nose a little closed.I can't sleep with it.Is it a problem?

I think I have a deviated septum. I always have problems breathing from my nose. ?

I ve chronic inferior & middle turbinate enlargement, and life has been v difficult due ENT symptoms, please can u advice of causes of turbinate swelling?

I ve chronicaly englared turbinates,ENT dr says middle turbinate very edamatous and pressing on the septum,does this mean I ve turbinate hypertrophy?

I want to have surgery (septoplasty) for my deviated septum, crooked nose. What is usually involved in the process?

I want to have surgery (septoplasty) for my deviated septum, crooked nose. Who do I talk to?

I want to know if a deviated nasal septum regrow after removal?

I was kicked in the nose - nasal problems?

I'm getting wisdom tooth surgery. Due to my deviated septum, I breathe through my mouth. Will breathing through my mouth be dangerous during surgery?

I've have sinus problems everyday. When a fans on, at night, outside and i blow my nose everyday. Do i need sinus surgery?

If deviated septum is only causing occasional right side nose congestion, but no breathing problems, or bloody nose, is surgery unnecessary?

If i get my deviated nasal septum fixed, will the bulge on the left side of my nose go away?

If i get surgery to correct my deviated septum, will it also change the shape of my nose?

If I have been experiencing inflamed turbinates/congestion as a result of LPR and a deviated septum would i benefit from a septoplasty/reduction?

If I need a septoplasty for a deviated septum, can I get a nose job at the same time?

If in hyperthrophic nose, the turbinates need to be shrinked, does that mean in atrophic nose they need to be increased? They seem opposites.

If one of my nostrils is larger than the other, do I have a deviated septum? What are the symptoms of a deviated septum?

If structural abnormalities are ruled out, are swollen turbinates always the cause of congestion such as vaso motor rhinitis?

If the nasal septum has grown further in the nose,due to sinusitis.. Can and should it be operated?

If you deviate your septum as a result of facial trauma would there be blood or swelling or could it go unnoticed?

If you had your turbinates completely removed would your nose be unable to be congested? (assuming there are no structural problems)

In coke user is a perforated septum noticeable?

Inflamed septum for years and severely deviated septum. Also, when blocked on right side i cant breathe through my nose properly. what shall I do?

Is a deviated septum a good reason for a nose job?

Is a deviated septum always noticeable externally or can it be unnoticeable?

Is a deviated septum enough to get a nose job?

Is a deviated septum fixed through endoscopic sinus surgery?

Is a Nasal Septum Perforation Bad?

Is deviated septum genetics?

Is having a roman nose a sign of having deviated septum? What are the signs of deviation? Sometimes i hear a 'shh' sound while i'm breathing, is that?

Is it a good idea to have deviated septum surgery at age 21?

Is it normal to have no sense of smell/taste after deviated septum surgery/septoplasty?

Is it ok have plastic surgery to my nose if I have already been operated for a deviated septum?

Is it possible for a deviated septum to affect how the mucus drains out of the nose?

Is it possible for a deviated septum to cause a constant cough?

Is it possible for a sinus infection to cause the nasal septum to collapse?

Is it possible that a blow to the face cause a deviated septum?

Is it possible to exhale smoke after a deviated septum surgery?

Is it possible to have 2 deviated septums?

Is it possible to have grown a deviated septum?

Is it possible to stop bleeding from deviated septum without surgery?

Is it safe to fly on a plane with a deviated septum? I suffer with sinus barotrauma.

Is it true that if you have a deviated septum do you need to get surgery?

Is it worth it to get your deviated septum corrected?

Is nasal irrigation safe with a deviated septum?

Is nasal septum repair what I need if doc says I have deviated septum?

Is nasal steroid safe for a person with deviated septum?

Is nose job called a nasal rhinoplasty?

Is prolonged lack of airflow enough to atrophy a lung or create complications with air volume? I've had a deviated septum for a few years now. My left nostril barely gets any airflow. In the past couple of months, i've been feeling more and more discomfor

Is septoplasty a 100% cure treatment of deviated nasal septum?

Is septum deviation operation painful?

Is surgery on your deviated septum always effective?

Is surgery the only way to fix a deviated septum?

Is swelling nasal passage surgery referred to as a nose job?

Is talking affected by a deviated septum surgery?

Is the deviated septum surgery effective?

Is there a deviated septum surgery that is done without packing the nose.

Is there a possibility that more than just a septoplasty will be done for a perforated septum?

Is there a procedure that can help collapsed nasal valves? Without wearing nasal strips i can't breath through my nose properly. What's the name?

Is there a way to correct deviated septum and or associated symptoms without the operation?

Is there any medicine I can take to breathe better if I have the symptoms of a nose deviated septum ?

Is there any way to fix a deviated septum without surgery? I hit my nose off a metal railing 8 years ago and the cartilage is now blocking one side.

Is there anything that can help with a deviated septum besides surgery?

Is turbinate reduction and "enlarging the opening of your sinuses" the same thing?

It appears my nose has dipped in where the septum is above the tip after deviated septum surgery. the dr said no way the surgery could do this but did?

It has been 9 weeks since my son had septoplasty and turbinate reduction surgery. He still has congestion and audible breathing. Is this normal?

Last week i did septoplasty and turbinate reduction, but there is pain on the nose & somewhat blocked or runny nose...Is this normal what time to heal?

Max sinus due to deviated septum and concha bullosa. I also have facial pain. Infected?

My 8 year old has a deviated septum and has a hard time breathing out of his nose especially while he is sleeping. What should I do?

My doctor says there is no guarantee in operation of nose .I have right side concha bulossa and left side nasal septum deviated. Why doc said that?

My dr tell me that I have nasal septum deviation...At the morning the is no pain in nose but the pain get worsen at afternoon and night...Why?

My friend has a deviated septum and claims he cannot blow his nose. Is that possible?


My nasal septum shows subtle deviation towards right side . is there need of surgery?

My NCCT says S shped deviated nasal septum with mocusal hyprtrphy of bilateral inferior turbinate. I can breathe just fine is surgery required ? Thanx

My nose bleeds due to cold after septal surgery, is it normal?

My nose is blocked. Is this sign of a sinus. I had deviated naval septum, got it operated twice and i think it's back. Or is this a dust allergy?

My nose is completely obstructed with nasal polyps and I have a lung condition shouldn't I have surgery to use my oxygen better?

My nose whistles when completely clear, and my septum shakes violently when i blow my nose, could I have a septal perforation?

My nostrils are asymmetrical, is this septum deviation and will surgery make them perfect?

My septum was deviated in an accident. I don't have any symptoms right now. Can such symptoms arise over time? Is surgery a good idea?

My sister has breathing problem . Soft tissue with hyperdense Nasal septum is deviated to the lt. Side, Air fluid is seen in the lt. Maxillary sinus. ?