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Deviated septum/netti pot possible?

Did septoplasty 3 week ago. Lt side dns and rt side concha.In operation docs just repaired nasal septum. Now breathing problm from rt side. Pls help!

Difficulty breathing through nose. Deviated septum. Is rhinoplasty required?

Dizziness and sore right sinuses when i press on them. I have a deviated septum and concha bullosa, can fluid in sinus causing dizziness?

Do I have a deviated septum which causes me to snore?

Do I have to fix deviated septum for constant nasal congestion?Is the procedure dangerous? I have allergies, deviated septum, atopic dermatitis.

Do lots of people get perforated septum, or is it unusual?

Do people with smaller noses more prone to sinus blockage problems?

Do you think that i could have to convince an ENT to operate on my deviated septum?

Doctor said I had deviated septum but I don't know if that was just for insurance company, how do I tell?

Does "deviated septum" mean something got broken long ago, or can you be born with it?

Does a deviated septum have to be fixed?

Does a septoplasty only straighten a deviated septum or does it also straighten a crooked/hooked nose?

Does deviated septum hurt?

Does deviated septum surgery change the appearance of your nose?

Does deviated septum surgery counts as nose job?

Does deviated septum surgery helps with nasal allergies?is there a connection?

Does neurocranial restructuring work for a deviated septum? Would rather not get surgery.

Does pH monitoring have any risk I hve completely blocked devaiyedbnasal septum will it affect breathing?

Does swollen nasal turbinates cause a diveated septum?

Does the deviated septum side that's more closed off also tend to get more congested/mucous? At what point do you consider surgery? I don't snore

Does the deviated septum surgery trigger a constant headache?

Does the shape of your nose change if you get deviated septum surgery?

Done septopasty 1 week ago. Still breathing problem. Is this normal? If not then when will it be healed? Rt nasal blockage left deviated septum. Pls?

During a septoplasty, do doctor's sometimes leave only 5 mm or less of a dorsal strut to correct a deviated section? I have saddle nose now.

Ent found deviated septum, nasal obstruction, damage from gerd. Needs to do endoscopic septoplasty. Scared. Risks? Any life threatening risks?

Ent please should I get my deviated stepum fix? Nasal polyps surgery twice. Allgeries moderate.

Ent suggest radiofrequency turbinate ablation to help me breathe and smell better only doing first turbinate any risk emptynose syndrome?

Feeling of something stuck in throat? Polyp in maxillary sinus and thickening of septum and turbinates? Could these things cause feelin in throat?

Flight attendant get sinus infection every 2 months have deviated septum sinus surgery permanent or temporay fix?

For a second time I was diagnosed with viral hypothyroidism. I have a deviated septum (90%). Could they both be related?

Getting harder to breathe. I always thought I had a broken nose/deviated septum. Recent discovery was a thornwaldt cyst. Can I fix both at once?

Got nasal septum deviation -poor breathing, left side. This lowers the amount of oxygen flow. If i fix, would it lower my epilepsy episodes?

Have bilateral concha bullosa on left,hypertrophied right inferior turbinate,deviated nasal septum.2 swollen nodes on front nd bck of right ear..why?

Have chronic rhinitis and enlarged turbinates. I have a bump on left side of nose which goes down after using decongestant is this to do with turbinat?

Having hypertropy of inferior turbinate for years. Dark under eye circles can't be cured ever since it happened. Is it okay to trim off the turbinates?

Help please! could deviated septum cause dizziness due to lack of oxygen?

Help please? What is it like to have nose surgery on a deviated septum?

Hi Doctors. How do I know if I have a deviated septum and is it important to get it checked out?

Hi there , after a surgery of deviated septum and reducing of turbinates I am suffer from constant post nasal drip 24/7 . No allergies?

How can a person with a deviated septum improve breathing with nose job?

How can I clear mucous/blood from my nose after a deviated septum surgery? Starting to have sore throats from breathing out of my nose at night.

How can I get insurance to coverage nasal septal deviation and rhinoplasty?

How can I know if my breathing problem is due to a deviated septum or collapsed tissue or throat?

How can I tell if I have a deviated septum or a nasal polyp?

How can you get tested for a deviated septum?

How can you tell if it's your turbinate swollen or a tumor in your nose? Help please?

How common is a perforated septum after a septoplasty? Are there any people more likely to end up with a perforated septum? My doctor says i need a septoplasty, but i'm worried about ending up with a bigger problem. .

How common is being born with a deviated septum?

How could i get checked for a deviated septum?

How do a deviated septum and a nasal polyp differ?

How do I get a deviated septum?

How do I get relief from blocked nose caused by deviated septum?

How do I know if I have a debiated septum?

How do I know if I have nasal polyps or deviated septum?

How do you know if you might have a deviated septum?

How does a deviated septum affect the sinus enough to justify surgery?

How does cutaneous sarcoidosis cause deviated septum?

How does having hole in nasal septum change things?

How long can swelling last after deviated septum surgery?It's been almost 3 wks & I have a small bump on the bridge of my nose. (Had rhino. 10 yrs ago

How long should I wait to fly after having deviated septum surgery? Never had sinus only deviated septum

How many children have a deviated septum?

How much can my nose change in appearance after deviated septum surgery?

How much cocaine would cause a perforated septum?

How much does it hurt to repair a deviated nasal septum?

How should I feel after getting a deviated septum surgery?

How soon can someone use a cpap after a deviated septum surgery?

How to breathe better with deviated septum beside surgery?

How to get a deviated septum?

How to know if I have a deviated septum?

How to solve a nose deviation and breathing problem? My nose's deviated to the left , i believe it has been more by the last 2 yrs, right hole is half blocked so the amount of air out of it is less.

How to tell if I have a deviated septum or vpi?

How to treat enlarged nostrils from nose-picking?

How traumatic is septoplasty? Lots of scar tissue common? Deviation in in the back of left nostril. Is that bone there?

How would manage a deviated septum on a surgical basis?

How would a doctor know if I need surgery for my deviated septum?

Hyposmia after septoplasty and middle turbinate reducation I had a combined septoplasty and middle turbinate (concha bullosa) resection on 29th Feb. Immediately after the operation (1 day) I couldn't smell anything. My sense of smell returned after about

I am having a collapsed nasal valve repair to my nose. Can this cause anything libido related?

I believe I have had a nasal polyp for 5 years in my right nostril. I often get nosebleeds in this nostril. Is this to blame & what should I do?

I believe i may have a deviated septum. How can I tell?

I can only breathe through one nostril at a time (deviated septum?). Do I need a rhinoseptoplasty?

I feel so breathless when i ve reduced airways due paranasal congestion, often nasonex (mometasone) don't fix the problem, any solution without turbinate surgery?

I got X-ray done.S shaped deviation of nasal septum and turbinate hypertrophy detected. Is it a problem.How can it harm. Is it necessary to visit ent.

I had a deviated septum repaired & turbinectomy recently and suddenly I am having really bad nose bleeds. What could be wrong?

I had a septoplasty and turbinoplasty 3 weeks ago and i'm still feeling very congested - almost the same as i was before. Is it normal after?

I had a septoplasty, middle turbinates, chonchia turbia resection a week ago and I have a headache and pressure. Is this normal?

I had a surgical turbinectomy. My left nostril feels completely plugged now. We did not treat my deviated septum. Why is my nose worse?

I had partial repair to my deviated septum and baloonoplasty of my sinuses. I still suffer from chronic sinusitis. Should i get a second opinion? It worsens at times.

I had septoplasty surgery done about 8 months ago for my deviated septum. If my nose is grabbed, hit, etc. Can it be re-deviated?

I had septoplasty surgery in Oct 2014 which straighten my deviated septum &reduced my turbinates. It's May 2015 &my nose is swollen again, making it hard to breathe &causing mid chest discomfort with a little dry cough, what can I do?

I had septoplasty surgery in Oct 2014 which straighten my deviated septum &reduced my turbinates. It's May 2015 &my nose is swollen again, making it hard to breathe. It keeps swelling on and off constantly. What can I do?

I had surgery on my deviated septum but its worse now. I wake up at night just to blow my nose because I can't breath. Its almost completely closed. ?

I have a 1/8 inch white sore inside my nose, straight back into the sinus cavity. I have allergies, nasal spray addiction, cpap and deviated septum. ?

I have a 3 CM tumor in my sinus. They think it's due because of my deviated septum. What are the chances it could be cancerous?

I have a deviated nasal septum, which is giving breathing problems. What can I do to alleviate the breathing?

I have a deviated nasal seputm(dns) problem.What are the treatment for dns.

I have a deviated septum and cannot afford a surgery. How else can I cure it?

I have a deviated septum in my nose. Is this a congenital defect and/or heritable?

I have a deviated septum on the left side of my nose that covers up 50-75% of my nasal passage, & I want to have it fixed. Will it affect my singing?

I have a deviated trachea. Should I be worried?