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5mm deviation of the nasal septum to the left?

5mm deviation of the nasal septum to the left. Is this serious?

A deviated septum constricts my breathing. Are there any worthwhile non-surgical options?

Adenoid and deviated septum getting fixed. Can you tell me procedure?

Anything to help with septal perforation crusting?

Apart from blocked nose and sneezing, what will happen if the moderate hypertrophy of my inferior turbinates is left untreated?

Are people born with a deviated septum or can it be caused by severe/chronic sinus infection?

Are there any new treatments for a deviated septum?

Are there non surgical methods to fixing a deviated septum?

Are there non-surgical procedures to fix my deviated nasal septum?

Are you hospitalized for nasal trauma?

At night time, i snore, and i often get headaches. Is this a deviated septum perhaps?

Been having problems breathing due to deviated septum for years but its got so bad i cant sleep.i have no insurance is there any other way to fix this?

Broke nose month and half ago, dr's said my nose looked fine and wasnt crooked. Now im having post nasal drip, does this mean I have a deviated septum?

Can stress cause turbinates to swell up? It happens with me?

Can a blocked septum cause bad breath?

Can a deviated septum affect athletic stamina?

Can a deviated septum affect how the nose looks to others?

Can a deviated septum affect my athletic performance?

Can a deviated septum and constant nasal drip cause mucus to build up on your upper lungs?

Can a deviated septum be at least part of the cause of upper airway resistance syndrome?

Can a deviated septum be common?

Can a deviated septum cause blurry vision at times, or pain in the glabella/ethmoidal sinus?

Can a deviated septum cause headaches?

Can a deviated septum cause tongue thrust?

Can a deviated septum lead to nasality in voice?

Can a deviated septum or a nasal collapse be caused through a rhinoplasty operation?

Can a deviated septum surgery affect allergies?

Can a deviated septum surgery straighten my nose?

Can a malocclusion (abnormal bite) cause a deviated septum?

Can a nasal septum deviation be corrected through yoga?


Can a septoplasty ever fail? I mean, after a while can the septum return to its old position from before the septoplasty? .

Can a septum deviation be associated with bad hearing?

Can allergies cause deviated septum?If yes, how?or is it just a myth?

Can any doc tell me what's it like to have nose surgery on a deviated septum?

Can any rhinologists or otolaryngologists do nose job?

Can braces cause nasal blockage?

Can deviated nasal septum lead to asthma?

Can deviated septum affect ears in any way , i know its al connected but is there a relation to ears when u have deviated septum?

Can deviated septum cause reoccurring sinus infections? Ent said I have 90% nasal blockage on right side.

Can deviated septum or minor upper bridge fracture or cartilage chip cause sinus pressure headaches? Left sinus about 60% blocked since minor bruise.

Can deviated septum surgery relieve eye beds?

Can deviated septum with prominent spur and nasal valve collapse cause recurrent sinus infections even if CT scan said sinus were well ventilated?

Can drainage of mucus from the middle ear be hindered by a deviated nasal septum?

Can ent Doctor tell if you have a diverted septum on a endoscopy exam when they look up your nose.

Can GERD cause a hole inside the nose on septum?

Can having a broken nose cause post nasal drip? If so is that normal or does it mean you have a deviated septum?

Can having a deviated septum surgery change the shape of my nose?

Can having deviated septum surgery caase your blood pressure to elevate?

Can I do pushups, weight training, orbit track running if I have nasal septum deviation and i'm respiring through my mouth?

Can I have nose surgery to correct my deviated septum and reshape my nostrils in one procedure? I get frequent sinus infections due to a deviated septum. I also dislike how my large nostrils look. I'd like to have both problems fixed, but i don't want hav

Can i lightly blow my nose 24 hours after a deviated septum surgery?

Can I use pot if I have a deviated septum?

Can inferior turbinate cauterization cause sarcoidosis? Can it be reversed? My inferior turbinates were cauterized in 5/09. My airways since are very dry. Can the lack of nasal filtration/humidification cause sarcoidosis? Can turbinates be restored to

Can it be possible to have a deviated septum if your nose isn't crooked?

Can nasal septal perforation grow bigger or enlarged with time? Any help appreciated!

Can random twitching be caused by lack of oxygen caused by deviated septum? I can almost breath normally but ENT wants surgery for headache/tinnitus.

Can removal of a deviated septum free the voice of nasal sounds?

Can septoplasty/turbinate reduction cause apnea-like symptoms (gasping for air at night) for a couple of weeks after surgery due to stopped nose?

Can septum piercings cause breathing problems?

Can severe deviated septum with bone spur projecting bet left middle and inf turb to contact the lateral wall cause chronic infections? sinus are ok.

Can sinus cysts or polyps cause a deviated septum or is it the other way around ( deviated septum causes cysts or polyps)?

Can sinus problems be caused by a deviated septum?

Can smoking cause turbinate hypertrophy? Ent wants to operate but that seems extreme if my smoking is the only cause.

Can someone tell me if stretching your septum from a 20 to a 14 bad?

Can there be some natural way to fix my deviated nasal septum?

Can turbinates be operated on for better breathing thru the nose?

Can u fix a droopy nose with septoplasty?

Can untreated deviated septum cause constant mucus in chest? Is this post nasal drip? How is this treated? It's affecting my breathing substantially.

Can you deviate your septum without breaking your nose? And would it be painful or have any symptoms?

Can you donate plasma with a deviated septum?

Can you explain what a deviated septum is?

Can you still develop sinusitis after septoplasty and inferior turbinate reduction?

Can you tell me how one know if they have an enlarged nasal turbinate?

Can you tell me if I have a deviated septum?

Can you tell me things to keep in mind about deviated septum?

Can you tell me what kind of doctor should I see for a deviated septum?

Could cartilage in nostril be mistaken? Ent says thing in 1 side is cartilage.What else could it be,if anything? Would it be obvious if was a tumor?

Could yoga help with a deviated nasal septum condition?

Could 1 of my students running in2 my nose cause further septal deviation? Mild septal deviation on CT + nasal congestion/pain

Could a deviated septum change the nostril that it blocks breathing through?

Could a deviated septum come back after surgery?

Could breath fine through left nostril until recently, even with deviated septum. But it has a spur on it now. Could sinus cancer be a cause somehow?

Could enlarged nasal turbinates and deviated nasal septum cause sleep apnea? Had PNR and was told that sinuses are good. I don't snore.

Could it be my deviated septum is causing bad breath?

Could my deviated septum result in my memory problems?

Could my nonstop nosebleeding be attributed to my deviated septum?

Could nasal septal perforation grow bigger or enlarged with time?

Could the nasal conchae also be termed the nasal meatus? What's the difference in conchae and meatus?

Could you explain what slight thickening in ethmoid sinuses is is it serious should I have my ENT dr look at it i had surgery for deviated septum ?

Deviated nasal septum ( right side ), what to do?

Deviated nasal septum surgery, what to expect?

Deviated nasal septum with adhesion inferior turbinate at right side.Eustachiantube dyesfunction, is turbinate reduction only useful or with septoplas?

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