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No fever,nasal congestin subsiding,thick green phlegm coighing up, pain in back of neck by glands, no fever, rattle cough?

(33 weeks preg) been having a dry cough that produces thick green mucus, throughout the day could this be asthma related?

11 month old has a runny nose changing from clear to green going on 2 weeks now and a bad cough & coughed up blood with phleghm?

12wks pregnant. Severe chest congestion. Coughing up brownish/yellow phlegm. Using inhaler 20+ times a day. Robutussin doesnt help. Suggestions?

14mth old boy had head cold now chesty cough at nigh/phlegm drips down throat. Nose running brown/yellow mucus. Been 7 days. When see a doctor?

2 month wet cough. Bronscopy yesterday. Clean put lungs with fluid. Cough was better. Today, have wet cough with phlegm.

2 nights ago had Gerd while asleep some acid and food went into airway I coughed it up. No fever no colored conjestion just clear mucus 2wk post cold?

2 weeks ago I was diagnosed with the flu. Even though most symptoms are gone Im still coughing up and blowing out yellow mucus what do I do?

28 weeks pregnant cough for two weeks coughing up watery fluid difficult to catch my breath and vomiting because of the coughing?

2days ago i inhaled chlorine gas which cause me to cough with sputum now the cough is gone but the sputum has very little drop of blood?what should do

3 days feels like a lot of phlegm in my throat. Some times i cough up a green/brown color phlegm. I don't feel sick no fever. Some chest pains w/cough?

3 months after flu: excess sticky clear mucus -no blood, am only yellow phlegm, sleep: lungs dry out w/ rib aches, no fevers, some fatigue. Pneumonia?

43,coughing>5wks in morning/night,after antibiotic phlegm change from green 2 clear but still thick&feel chest congested&tightnessOf breath.cough wors?

5yr old has had persistent cough for a week.Had fever that's gone now.Clear phlegm but otherwise he's himself. Does this sound like bronchitis?

7weeks old is very congested with green mucus and has a slight cough her chest does rattle and sound raspy I do saline and suction always comes back?

About 3 weeks ago started a dry cough.Then about a week ago, wet cough and cold symp. Still coughing green phlegm.Give more time? Non smoker.

After 2 weeks of shortness of breath i was coughing up thick green phlegm for two days. Now yesterday i couldnt cough phlegm but coughed 1 tsp of blood. Saw doc two days before says viral. Still sob.?

After having a cold 3 weeks ago I have had a constant cough, starting with green mucus and now it is clear. I get asthma when sick?

After the cold I still cough for month do I have bronchitis? If I do what do I do other than go dr. I cough with my troat irritation and lot a mucus

Almost 2 weeks in my 13 year old that she has had bad cough. She is coughing up white or clear mucous and has long coughs not short coughs long coughs?

Almost every morning especially when winter starts I cough up yellow mucus in the morning. I often catch colds. I cough only in the mornings.

Are these symptoms anything to be worried about? I have a tickle in my throat that leads to coughing attacks as well as coughing up light green mucus after some of the coughing fits my grandma said it was allergies but my allergies in the past were compll

Asthma, I get mucus plugs every 2 or 3 mo. If I have cold, can be a few times a week. What can I do? Can I injure my trachea from coughing/vomiting?

Asthmatic, had cold, now have thick green sputum from lungs, very tired, no fever, no wheezing. On mucinex (guaifenesin).Can this be beginning of pnemonia?

At night I have severe phlegm coming out ( no color) and I'm not sure if it is allergy or copd?

Bad cough for about 2 and a half weeks, sometimes thick green phlegm, pain in lungs breath in deeply. What could this be?

Bad couging/hachking coughing up green/yellow mucus. I have exercise endused Asthma, it seems harder to bteathe and I have a migraine. What is wrong??

Bad productive cough for three weeks, yellow mucus, trouble breathing, occasional sinus pressure. What should I do?

Been fighting a cold with fevers of 101-102. Chest congestion lots of coughing and bringing up yellow phlegm. Today theres a rumble is this pneumonia?

Been ill for a few weeks headaches dark hard green phlegm and coughing?

Been over a week since i had a cold (maybe bronchitis?). Still have a lingering cough that produces phlem/mucus. Is it time to go see a doctor?

Been sick for 2 weekssinus and drainage. Clogged ear, and my chest feels heavy. And also green mucus no cough.chest X-ray clear.can infection be there?

Been sick, sore throat, sniffles, pressure when i bend head forward, dry cough at night, sometimes productive cough with thick green mucus?

Bloody phlegm but im not feeling sick any ideas?

Bronchitis and hurts when I breathe coughing up green stuff?

Broncitis, last day of azrithmycin was 2 days ago, still wheezing a little and coughing flem, is it normal?

Can a breathing tube from surgery two weeks ago cause a deep congested cough with yellow phlegm?

Can allergies cause phlegm to be light yellow. Dont feel sick, no fever, no coughing?

Can coughing up bloody phlegm be caused by a weekend of chronic smoking?

Can mucus come up from lungs without noticing it and without actually coughing it up? I have trouble telling whether mucus is from nose or lung.

Can the body rid itself of mucus without actually coughing it up?

Can you tell me how to prevent coughing up mucus?

Causes of white phlegm. I'm 26 years old, had viral bronchitis 2 months ago and still have congestion on and off with white phlegm. COPD? I do smoke

Chest cough.. White mucus.. Are there symptoms bacterial or virus?

Chest pain coughing up green stuff and pregnant?

Chesty cough for 3 weeks now, symptoms starting now are congested nose, green phlegm. Can't get a doc appointment are there any home tips to help?

Chesty cough with greeny yellow phlegm. A bit of blood in mucus sometimes. headache & sore throat/neck.Worse with cold air. Son has croup. Do I?

Chocking coughing fits as try to cough up yellow phelgm. 17mth has it 12+ days me 10+ days. Sinus pain & yellow discharge from nose, chest infection?

Chronic cough with mucus and phlegm sometimes short of breath do have cysts on thyroid what could this be?

Clear mucus once in a while during cough. Is that anything to worry about?

Constant Phlegm in throat, very itchy or burn throat, violent cough to clear phlegm and breath out deeply to clear phlegm. 2 weeks of these symptoms. ?

Constantly coughing yellow mucus with a little blood for over 2 and a half weeks. I also wake up with stuffy nose and with more phlegm to cough out.

Cough for 7 days now, wheezing, on antibiotics, neg X-ray for pneumonia, but now starting to cough up green and pink tinged sputum. What could it be?

Cough for the past wk, assumed allergies. Last few days, pain at base of throat with more coughing and green & clear mucus. What could this be?

Cough isn't from secretion in my lungs, it seems to come from secretions from my wind pipe. I can't sleep from coughing. Suggest an over the counter.?

Cough producing mucous for a week. No fever or other cold symptoms. Non producing cough a week before mucous. What could this be? Should i see gp?

Cough when in contact with cold air. After spitting out the mucous, it goes away. How do I stop the cough completely?

Cough with phlegm coming from my sinus what can I take to clear up ?

Coughed some bloody sputum or phlegm? Having sinus problems too. Must be related?

Coughing always with thick mucous and the lungs stiff?

Coughing for past 5 months. Expriencd chronic bronchitis too. For the past 3 days I have dark yellow mucus. What should I do?

Coughing sometimes coughing up white mucous and some horasness get slight headache when coughing?

Coughing up foamy mucus, when I cough I can hear the mucus bubbling in my lungs. Have been on antibiotics for 5 days. Should I be concerned?

Coughing up green mucus, sneezing, upset stomach, diarrhea, wheezing do I have an upper respiratory infection?

Coughing up green phlegm, feeling sick and bloated. What could be wrong?

Coughing up green stuff don't feel sick but deep cough?

Coughing up horrible tasting phlegm, what can I do?

Coughing up pale green phlegm that tastes bad; burps taste like phlegm too. (Have had bronchitis twice before, is it related?)

Coughing up phelm and airway feels as thou its blocked?

Coughing up red mucus with pneumonia good or bad?

Coughing up thick green phlegm. No other symptoms. I feel great. Only coughing if I think I need to then phlegm comes up. It's been about a week.

Coughing up thick yellow mucous, no wheezing, no fever, no chest tightness or pain. Should I be concerned?

Coughing up white frothy phlegm also chest pains ?

Coughing up yellow mucus, and hoarse voice. Has been going on for more than a month. Have been to doctor's 3 times and nothing has helped.

Coughing up yellow mucus, and hoarse voice. Has been going on for more than a month. Have been to doctor's 3 times and nothing has helped.

Coughing with phlegm for 2mos. Wheeze for 1 month once in the morning, mid day and 2x in the day. Sometimes, a severe scratchy throat. What do I have?

Coughing/bringing up phlegm, no other symptoms of cold/flu. Phlegm is usually whitish clear. Why?

Could coughing come from something wrong in your throat? Or is it most likely your lungs if you have clear mucus?

Could coughing up phlegm be from thyroid cancer?

Could i be constantly coughing if i had fluid in my lungs?

Could I have an endoscopy/colonoscopy with a bad cough and phlegm?

Could I have pneumonia? Severe cough, chills, vomiting, can't eat or sleep for 2 days, coughing up and vomiting up clear thick mucus

Could you tell me ways i can deal with this cough/mucus?

Could you tell me what happens if you swollow mucus you cough up from pneumonia?

Day 1-2- fever, chills, sore throat, cough, Day 3- current (7) very congested, constant dry cough (hard to stop), green/yellow nasal discharge ?

Days after respiratory infection I still have postinfectious cough and still producing a little phlegm is this normal when will it go away?

Dear sir! I relize that I get lung inflammation and I wana know how severe is? and cough up yellow plegm in the morning and sometimes bloody plegm.

Developed a cough a few weeks ago with no other symptoms. 99% it has been a dry cough but very rarely mucus (sometimes green) has come up. Advice?

Developed a cough that only happens at night when i lay . Had it for a week now but am now coughing up greesnish mucus . Is this bronchitis?

Difficulty swallowing, excess mucus and green phlegm?

Direahha, chills, severe congestion, no productive cough, chest wheezing, mucus yellow, green & blood tinted when does come up, ears plugged help!

Do i have, a cold, or allergies. I have no fever, no aches, but couging with chest congestion, and coughing up yellow, and clear phlegm.

Doctor told me I have chest infection for the past 7 days.. And I have difficulty breathing and a cough the spits out white clear mucus. Is it bad?!

Does an ear infection cause a runny nose and chesty cough trying to get mucus off the chest? Chest clear, throat fine.

Does expelling the mucus from my throat stop me from coughing?

Does green mucus mean pnuemonia ? I have no cold symptoms just coughing and swollen lymp nodes / coughing up green mucus.

Does smoke inhalation cause symptoms similar to those of your sinuses draining? Like chest congestion, stuffy nose, yellow/greenish mucus? Asthma?

Does this sound like allergies or asthma if I have yellow mucus some days but no cold?

Dry cough for 2 weeks at times a little bloody. Chest burns when I cough?

Dry cough for 2 weeks then productive cough white sputum then vomiting after attacks of cough then after 1 month sputum contain blood ?