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16yr old girl i was told i had bronchitis and have have asthma but I have a painful long cough gasp for air, wheeze, mood swings. Do I have lung cancer?

2 yr old has a cold accompanied by cough and wheezing. Eating and playing normally. Is the wheezing normal?

25yrs old, Productive cough, hoarse voice, raspy breathing, brown and blue inhalers making cough worse, sides hurt from coughing, should I see my gp?

27 y/old. Smoked unfiltered cigarettes for 5 years. Constant tickle in chest for several weeks. No wheezing, no shortness of breath. Could it be copd?

2months-breathing is funny.Feels like my bronchi are inflamed and "URGE" to cough, occasional wheeze. Off and on. Cold air worsens. Allergic to air?

32 y/o asthmatic, gurgling/wheezing sound from chest which isn't normal when breathing in and out, productive cough, pf 54%, advice please?

64 year old COPD patient complaining of increasing shortness of breath and productive cough of thick. What would docs do?

After a heart attack and CHF no congestion no cough 3 months later coughing and congestion 6 months after that no congestion and coughing. What is it?

After drinking last night i coughed up a lot of fluid this morning and lungs are crackling when i breathe. Why?

After exercise or even breathing in hard, trachea feels dry and hurts. Cough a lot. Is it because I am sick or asthma. Cough for few mins after. ?

After running i will cough for quite some time like i'm short of breath. Is this asthma?

Anything that can help my wheezing and sometimes tightness when i run?

Asthma and gerd.on flovent. BUT mornings seem worse than before.Feel breathless and gurgling full lungs when I breath in. Only time I use albuterol.

Asthma attack during a run in the middle of the woods. Sx: shortness of breath, wheezing (in/out), coughing. Stop or run out of woods? No inhaler.

Asthma or bronchitis? Symptoms are coughing with no mucus, difficulty breathing, chest tightness, gasping for air. Took albuteral and it works.

Asthma vs. Rad my son has cough variant asthma, he never wheezes during an attack, just coughs violently and uncontrolably. He recently has had this cough for the past week that he just can't shake. It get really bad in the first thing in mornings and at

Asthmatic with yellow/green phlegm and chesty cough, should I see doctor or ride it out? Lungs feel half full so breathing shallow and pf reduced

At the moment i think i have Pneumonia i have shortness of breath i am wheezing coughing and vomiting i am a teenager what do i do?

At times I get fatigue, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing at times. Wheezing, cough that is dry at times. Other times clear sputum. No fever?

Bad cough and producing yellow sputum. Notice wheezing from my chest when I laugh or lie down. Cough worse when laying down. What should I take?

Bad cough, metallic taste, wheezing and mucus. Happens only at night. Lasts 5-10 minutes then stops. Inhaler doesn't help. What could be the problem?

Barking cough after flu last week. Dr says lungs sound 'clean' and it's probably just from flu. Mild short of breath, mild wheezing. what to do?

Been coughing 3 weeks its taking my breath away i can't speak , breathe or catch my breath when the gasps for air are over im left with slimy spit?

Been coughing for 6 weeks9, wheezing & short of breath.My doc says just ashtma but my ashma hasnt been an issue for 25 years.any other possibilities?

Been sick for a few days now most of my symptoms have improved but I'm concerned because the wheezing and rattling in my chest and lungs feel tight?

Been sick with bronchitis and im having a hard time breathing feels like a weight on my chest I have a cough that has wheezing involved what is this?

Breathing feels heavy, feeling breathless, not wheezy. I have asthma, with some relief from ventolin, still taking this more than usual?

Breathless. No cough/wheezing. Xray a month ago was normal,doctor suggested deep breathing.EKG/Echo10 months ago: normal. pulmonologist said allergies?

Bronchitis 2 months ago and I have it now. Doc said breathing trouble was bronchospasm.Why does my bronchitis keep coming back? What is bronchospasm?

Bronchitis in feb. Still have cough, tightness, & short of breath. Possible sumthing is still lingering?

Can a Dr tell the difference between bronchitis and pneumonia by listening to your breathing with a stethescope?

Can a little chest congestion with mucous cause some wheezing at night when trying to sleep?

Can a person have an asthma attack without feeling breathless and no wheezing. Can the only symptom be coughing?

Can a wheezing sound come from the throat instead of lungs? I have silent reflux and i hear a little wheeze if I take deep or quick breathes after eat

Can anxiety cause cough?

Can asthma problems make your throat feel scatchy along with shortness of breath and weezing ? Albuterol helps but need to use it often , allergies?

Can chronic hyperventilation cause slight wheezing? Albuterol doesn't help. PFT normal. Xrays normal. Chest clear while I have the wheeze. Have OCD

Can emphysema/copd/bronchitis&other respiratory conditions make it feel like the throat/esophagus has cool air in it (no pain) but feels abnormal?

Can greek yogurt cause chest tightness, wheezing & coughing?

Can I have allergic bronchitis with no cough no wheezing.Only constant breathlessness that usually gets better if I go out with friends?

Can pneumonia or bronchitis cause a horrible smelling cough/breath that infiltrates a whole room? The smell is AWFUL!

Can u have bronchitis with no cough? My chest hurts, I have asthma, and I am having really bad headaches as well please help

Can you be breathless with laryngitis?

Can you have allergic asthma with no wheezing or cough? I breathe normal but something doesn't feel right when I inhale in my chest. Been checked and heart and lungs are normal. I also have a stuffy nose at night.

Can you tell me what can it mean if you wheeze when you cough?

Can't exhale w/o coughing. Burns?

Caught a cold. shortness of breath. have asthma. Went to ER twice in week. No pneumonia. now spitting up lots of thick mucous. sweat at night new.

Causes of 4 month cough besides asthma? Right lung pain but no fever. I don't smoke.

Chest hurts when i cough. Coughing up a lot of flem. Feels like needles in my lungs when i cough. Feels like bronchitis.?

Chest pain breathing problem croop cough shortness of breath. Went to doc&put me on prednisone&albuterol inhaler. Still feel same. What shld i do?

Chesty cough Astma and aniexty scaring me because I'm so breathless on exertion?

Chesty cough for two weeks scared I have clot on lung. ?

Chesty cough hurts to breathe two neg d diners?

Choking feeling when I run. Is that just my throat or is it asthma?

Constant coughing for a week, throwing up, pressure on chest, and a ton of pain. (not cancer). Has asthma and eczema. Could asthma be at fault?

Constant need take deep breath, rattle/weeze, always yawn(unsuccessful), brownish balls of mucus when cough, tired, smoker scared! tryin to qt copd?

Cotton feeling throat and lungs. Cannot breathe in cold air cough like seal. When sleeping wake up coughing sometimes, is this asthma?

Cough causes missed heartbeat and sneeze.

Cough for 2 wks At first productive now dry but have chest tightness&sometimes a crackling feeling when I breathe. Asthmatic. Time to see dr?

Cough for a week, no fever, very little nasal congestion. Crackling sound when breathing. 28 year old smoker. Could it be bronchitis?

Cough for more than three weeks. No fever. Shortness of breath but work not really affected. One trigger of cough when speaking. What is this?

Cough from bronchitis. Phlegm trying to break up but cough is straining and makes me dizzy/short of breath/too much phlegm. Can this hurt me? How?

Cough not goin go away spat up blood once wheezing popping in throat when swallowing and crackles, never smoked. Goin on for a while. Lung cancer?

Cough that produces green mucous. Coughing for much of the day basically every 2 full breaths.Been 4 days.Causes shortness of breathe and no fever

Cough, chest congestion & wheezing w/ deep breaths for ~3 wks. Cough can be aggressive @ times & barely productive. When productive, phlegm is thick.

Coughing , choking, nasal drip make it worst, all that causing headache neck stiffness, no wheezing, yellow sputum I have been coughing my lungs out, shortness of breath, can't breath from nose, struggle through night for sleep, wake up coughing all the t

Coughing a lot sometimes dry sometimes wet. Wheezing whenever taking a deep breath coughing up phlegm and chest pain.

Coughing up blood in my phlegm a week after being impatient in the hospital for four days for pneumonia not coughing freq. Just pain with breathing?

Coughing, Wheezing And Dizzy headed for about 2 weeks now?

Coughing, Wheezing, Hard to Breathe when I lay down and sinuses are stuffed? What should i do?

Could burning incense cause you to wheeze when you breathe?

Could I have pneumonia with shortness of breath and mucus only symptoms?going on for months. Pfts normal. Am a smoker. feel like I can't breathe

Could I have vocal cord dysfunction even if it's my chest not throat that tightens? Sob is not relieved by albuterol. I feel like I wheeze on inhale

Could my bronchitis turn into pneumonia if I can't cough up the mucus in my lungs my chest is now crackling instead of wheezing?

Could someone have asthma with just air hunger and no coughing / mucous symptoms?

Deep breathing causes strange cough. Is it my lungs?

Deep breathing causes strange cough. What can I do?

Deep cough burning in lungs. Producing some phlegm ? Doesn't burn all the time?

Diagnosed with bronchitis without a cough. Chest feels bloated but hard to burp.Chest feels congested but no difficulty breathing. What do you think?

Do you recommend mustard plastering for chest congestion / pneumonia?

Doctor listened to my lungs and said i was not wheezing but based on my cough noise he said i had bronchitis and croup. Why didn't i get an xray?

Does bronchitis cause shortness of breath and make it really hard to breathe? Is it heard with stethoscope?

Does coughing after running always mean asthma?

Does excessive coughing mean asthma?

Dr says it's bronchitis, but I have a swollen throat, unproductive cough, and severe inability to breathe. No asthma history. Should i be worried?

Dry cough 7 days - some clear mucous, feel wheeze and crackles. Cough at end of exhale. Breathless and tired. Cephalexin for 5 days no help.. Worried

Dry cough and too much itching inside my chest when i makes me crazy and cant stop this allergie or asthma or what?

Dry cough for 4 months with whistling crackling lungs for 2 months. Recently shortness of breath and worsening of cough. Have to sleep sitting up. ?

Dry cough inhalers don't work for coughing .had asthma up to age 5.cough ever less then a min can't control it. Worse at night feel like throw up to.

Dry no phlegm cough for two weeks. Can't HOLD a deep breath in lungs without coughing? I cough after inhale. worse in morning. Better after hot shower

Dry persistent cough. Negative for allergies, gerd, asthmas, cancer & heart conditions. Leads to shortness of breath. What can I do?

Dry throat. Tightness and cough especially at night. Pfts done. Is it asthma?

Ever i laugh, i get out of breath i cough, do I have asthma?

Every morning I cough up brown phlegm. I don't have a fever. I'm always short of breath and feel heavy in my chest. I don't smoke.

Everytime i laugh, i wheeze and cough. What is wrong with me?

Fever, asthma history, & slight shortness of breath. Just more asthma, or maybe pneumonia?

Flemy cough, shortness of breath, hard to take deep breath, congested chest. Over all can't really breathe. What do I do? Puffer helped last time.

Flu for 4 days. Developed a chronic cough. I can not take normal or deep breath without triggering coughing spasms. Will pro air hfa help?

Fluid in my lungs? 21 yrs old, weight 128.9 lbs. Nonsmoker. Can't lay down without shortness of breath. Raspy sound when inhaling and coughing.

For 2 days now i have wheezing on my chest like a cat when i exhale and with dry cough. Chest tightening dry mouth?