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Baby8 mos has been crankytoday very congested. Gave him breathing treatment and Benadryl (diphenhydramine). Tonight. Very fussy also. Sneezing quite a bit. ER or no?

My Son has been sick for two days and is having cold sweats and a bot of a cough. Should i be worried?

;daughter(2 yrs old)is having fever & running nose for 4 days now, gave her calpol, & cetrazine srup, but fever keeps comming back?

1 year old boy very sleepy very unlike temp.hoarse voice.pulling at ears.has had a cough and cold.eating well.wet nappies and poos?

1 year old high fever 105.8 2 days cough vomit runny nose irritable no sleep. Dr says ear infection but now gasping sound when he breaths in sometimes?

1 year old sounds very hoarse sounds like a seal when crying and when she is running around no cough at all. Does have runny nose and low grade fever.

10 days cold, cough, congestion, runny nose. No fever, headache or facial pain/pressure. Cold or sinus infection?

10 month old baby with sudden onset of chest congestion. No fever, has cough. Am doing everything possible at home. Could it be allergies?

10 month old having yellowish runny nose,cough n fever from yesterday. Doc says its viral. What can i give him to boost recovery or immune system ?

10 month old is wheezing, deep coughs, stuffy runny nose for a few months now, what should I do?

11 month old sleeping a lot more than usual with slight fever, no runny nose. Concern?

11 months watery eyes, runny nose, mild cough and rectal temp. Up to 40. This z been happn 4 1 month on and off. Doc says its viral. Is it viral infc.

11month old baby caught with cough and cold. She is having running nose, little fever too. Please suggest the medicine and home remedies both.

13 m old kid had 3 day fever 98.8_99, then 2 days no fever. During this time he started cough with runny nose. His temperature is 98.8. Any concerns?

13 Y.O has runny nose and then he swallowed lots of mucis and now he coughs a lot. any treatment for the coughing and runny nose?

14 mo fast spreading hives near ear, lethargic, low grade fever, runny nose, breathing hard, got into shampoo today, had fish. Cause? Visit worthy?

14 mo old boy: chest cough-6months. Noisy breathing since birth. Red, watery eyes-6months. Proj vomit 2 wks. 10 ear infctions. No allergies. Why sick?

14 month baby has cold hands and feet. Persistent cough, runny nose and sleeping a lot. No other symptoms.

14 month old armpit temp is 97.5 shes staggering (yes I know shes only 14 months) nut not her normal stagger shes ok when shes sitting with me wrapped in a blanket. She will drink her milk but is extremely fussy. No runny nose congestion. She does have ch

14 month old has had a fever of 101-103 for past 3 night with running nose and is stuffy. Viral or baterial?

14 month old with runny nose dry nonproductive cough and no fevet?

14 month old, teething, getting 5 teeth all at once.Has runny nose with yellow snot and has a chesty sounding cough.Is this part of teething or not?

15 mo old son recently had bronchitis the cough & fever stopped almost a week ago. he is coughing again with a low fever & a small rash on his face?

15 month old - persistent cough, past bronchiolitis, constant ear infections, runny or blocked nose & persistent conjunctivitis. Allergies????

15 month old dihera, fever cough runny nose red eyes pale horse not wanting to eat and drink what is causing it?

15 mth old cries non stop like in pain He has cold, cough, runny nose. 99.9 is temp. Has seen dr twice in 2 weeks, he says it will run it's course?

15 mth old has a stuffy/runny nose/temp 99.0 is there any home remedies or OTC meds i can give her dr said let it run it's course. Can't breathe good?

15month old daughter is been sick for 2 months with croup cough on and off she been on steroids 4 times with puffers and it won't go away what do I do?

16 month old no fever not eating barely drinking vomited once crying out of no where lasting 2 hours runny nose for a week not ear infection. Advice?

17 month old diagnosed with ear infection.Has a fever and runny nose. Only seems to have the runny nose when her fever is high Is this common?

17m old son has yellw mucus coming frm what seem 2B 1nostil since recovery of cold ovr 1 week ago. No cough anymor& seems normal. What could this be?

17mo son vomit fever 102-103 runny nose for 2 days. Test neg for flu. wont drink. Has had flu shot. No ear or sinus infect. What else could it be?

18 month old boy with a wet to dry cough no fever and not much of a runny nose struggling to sleep what could it be have a history of bronchiolitis. ?

18 month old has a fever of 103.7 but acting completely fine and only has a runny nose. ?

18 month old has had fever on & off for a week. Has had 103 most of today. Down to 101.6 with motrin. Also very congested & has a cough. Suggestions?

18 month old vomited once, diarrhea once, now bad chest congestion slight cough and a runny nose with no fever. What could this be?

18 mth old had fever off & on for 2 days w/stuffy nose. Wakes up coughing sometimes til she vomits. Think its draining down throat. Otc meds? Or c doc

18mos baby cough with phlegm, runny nose, fever >100, dont want to eat, only breastfeeding, once vomitting with phlegm. Diagnose? Suggestion for cure?

18mos baby has cough n runny nose. Cant drink every breastfeed n always cough at the start of breastfeed cos mucus at throat. What should i do?

18ms old dry coughing on and off no temp no runny nose at x`s cough so much seems he will throw up but doesn't, suggestions please?

19 months baby, fluctuating fever - 36 to 38. Has stopped coughing. 20 breaths per minute. Stuffy nose causing snoring. Teething. Can it be pneumonia?

19month old has had a constant runny nose for over 4weeks now. What could this be?

1year old has a wheezy cough, high temperature and a dry rash on one side of his face. He has had a runny nose too?

2 1/2 yr son got a cold runny nose w/ congestion last thur. Fever 1st day only. He now has a wet cough. U think he maybe now has bacteria infection?

2 month old, wet cough, congested nose, more fussy and crying, flemm comes out mouth, had his tdap vaccine already, what could this be?

2 year old son had temp between 38/40 since friday will not keep fluids down as has chesty cough aswell and being sick been applying cold compress?

22 mnth old has had a low grade temp.98.9-99.8,runny/stuffy nose, cough& hoarseness for 5 days.Eats/plays pretty normal. Could it be a cold? Advice?

22 month old still running temp, when coughing sound like barking and hacking, stopped up and runny nose?

24yr old daughter has 101.5-102.5 fever doesn't lower much with ibuprofen. She has cough w/ fleghm stuffy runny nose headache for 3days now. Seek doctor? Any otcs to help?

29 month old toddler 101.2 temp complaining of sore throat. She has a runny nose & breathing heavy & fast. Should I go to the ER Or treat at home.

2m baby clogged nose some clear drainage coughing after taking breath and sneezing and some fast breathing No fever yet. When should I take to doctor?

2year old with 40%r lung has runny nose which is draining and stealing in chest which is giving upper res infection what will help before that bad.

2yo 102.5 temp in ear stuffy runny nose vomit with mucus. Also have breastfed 2 mo old worried about her getting & not sure what to do for the 2yo.

2yo bad cough runny nose mild temp for few days now can't sleep keeps waking coughing crying and wanting to be held what can I do to help comfort him?

2yo runny stuffy nose &fever x3d now only stuffy has been a week since onset Using Flonase Starts daycare Tues. Any suggestions? Contagious? Acts fine

2yo runny stuffy nose no fever snoring mouth breathing. What makes this a sinus infection req md visit vs cold? history tubes goes daycare

2yr girl runny nose sneezing coughing.Happy alert playful and eating. A cold? Symptoms began sun eve. The mucus is clear.

2yr old boy has croup. Sick for 1wk now no improvement with runny greeny yellow mucus nose & coughed up. Low grade fever. Needs to be checked again?

2yr old has a cough and runny nose, about 2 weeks. No other symptoms. Cough is wet. Is happy, playful. Does need dr? Both parents have colds too.

2yr old has a cough for 4 weeks day and night.Eats/plays normal. No fever,or runny nose, no wheezing.Throat irritated from cough.Allergies?Doc visit?

2yr old with low grade fever 100.6 for 4 days? Cough! runny nose! common cold? Nothing to worry about?

2yr10 month old- has had fever for 2.5 days- runny nose-and conjuctivitis- being treated- now cough-- visited CHKD this am- how long will fever last?

3 days of stuffy nose, sneezing, drainage, coughing and general achiness. Cold or viral?

3 mo oLD son has a cough, nasal congestion and red cheeks. No fever. What can I do? Will bring up clear pphlegm and gags during couth occasionally

3 year old has a dry raspy cough. No fever and has a good appetite she has a good appetite and in good spirits. Has a little runny nose?

3 year old has a phlegmy cough, but no fever. Having trouble sleeping. Just started new preschool, so might have picked up a cold. Advice for comfort?

3 year old with intermittent yellow discharge from eyes. Runny nose, occasional cough. Afebrile. Otherwise fine. ?

3 yr kid suffering from fever, runny nose sneezing can I give her benadryl-d with febrol (a paracetamol suspension nothing

3.5 yr old had runny nose and low grade temp last wk. Now barking cough & 38.7 degree Celsius temp. Can hear phlegm dripping in back of throat.

30mos TOT wakes up with colds (yellowish color) with lil bit sneezing but no cough . runny nose throughout the day. whats the problem with him?

3mth old..sneezing(bloody mucus),runny nose, coughing, low-grade fever(99.4 - 99.6) tested for flu and RSV both negative..what could it be..4dys now?

3yo has had a runny nose for several days (clear mucus) was fine in the morning but by the evening has 103.6 fever. Should she be seen by a dr?

3yo on day 3 of fever, cough and nasal congestion. Dr yesterday says ears lungs fine. When should fever go away before bringing her back?

3yo runny nose cough she's eating drinking playing and generally in happy mood. Cold? What can i give for cough

3yr old & 5mo old coughing runny nose, slight fevers, phelgm n chests, 5mo old a little hoarse. Both still eat and play. Diagnosis/suggestions please?

3yr old has congestion/runny nose, fatigue no fever yet could it be flu?

3yr old has wet cough,stuffy nose, no fever,cough is worse at night, chest/lungs sound clear. Cold?Allergies?Pediatrician put her on Bromfed (brompheniramine) for 3days

3yr old twins had cold symp.10/18 but congestion/runny nose gone. Now developed very bad wet cough especially at night x 1 1/2wks fever102 please help?

3yrold with a wet sounding cough on and off for a couple of weeks. He is now vomiting . Good spirits, no fever cool hands and feet. Be concerned?

4 mo old has had a runny nose 4 about a week, a slight fever this evening & he has been extremely cranky & irritable/restless. What can this b?

4 month old son is projectile vomiting. Has a cough and runny nose. Hes on an antibiotic. Its not plyoric stenosis. Last time (2months) had same thing?

4 year old had just a cough for the past week. Yesterday started to run a fever about 102.8 and cough harder & wheezing. history of RSV when 18 mos. Mom had influenza & bronchitis two weeks ago ?

4 yr old son has fever of 100.5, coughing, yellow drainage from nose and has some yellow drainage from left eye? I've dealt with the fevers and coughing before but not the drainage...Im running a vaporizer and using chest rub and childrens Robitussin CF f

43 yr old M with slight phlegm cough, yet no nasal congestion, with headache in the temples/eyes and evening fever? Flu, cold, sinus infection??

4year old has 102.7 temp she threw up lots of mucus, but no runny nose. tired all day and meds are only keeping the fever down 2hours. Breathing heavy?

4yo son has 102 fever, coughing which making him throw up. He says his head & throat hurts and he's cold! he's not wanting to drink .

4yo son is on day 5 of the flu. He seems ok but has dry cough and a bit of a stuffy nose. Is he still contagious? When should I send him back to schoo

4yr old toddler fever, headache. No cough no mucus. After fever has calm down she plays and eats. Shes had fever on and off for 3 days?

5 mo. Old has stuffy, runny nose, pheglm, cough and going hoarse. No fever, little cranky off and on, but still playful. Diagnosis/suggestions?

5 month old is sick. Stuffy nose, coughing, sneezing, no fever and a bit fussy but still very much herself; should she be taken to a doctor?

5 month old, bad cough, runny nose, low grade fever, extremely irritable, not sleeping, eating 3 oz less per feeding. Going on over a month. Virus?

5 month son, runny nose, throwing up, & sneezing. Can it be allergies or a cold, any recommendations, this is the 4th day he's been like this ?

5 mth old daughter has stuffy, runny nose, cough has vomited twice phlem but sounds like she choking when vomiting. Currently no fever but did have small fever begn of symptoms. Suggestions for cure?

5 year old child has runny nose and cough for over 5 days. Should I give a cough suppressant or let it run its course? No fever and is acting fine.

5 year old son had IgE 3187 and now 1857 in 2012.He was on asthafen for a year and now allegra (fexofenadine).Frequeltly falls sick with sudden fever and cough ?

5 yr old daughter has hives on face and lots of mucous in lungs just on the walk to school, what could it be?

50 yrs; fever (100+) and chills, runny nose, cough, tired, watery eyes, stuffy. Since sunday. "dr: virus, hydrate and rest. Should i go to ER tonite?

5year old all of a sudden as a nagging cough, coughing up fleam & vomit Bright red face Temperature 35.9 Could this be more then a cold?

6 mo old girl coughs a lot, with throaty phlegm when crying. Prescribed nose drops and prednisolone for 3 days. Improvement but still there. Thoughts?

6 month old baby boy has stuffy nose and cold and not coughing though his tone has changed coz of this.not sure if he has sore throat.suggestions pls?