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12 hours of dyspnea,wheezing and productive cough with white frothy phlegm.Relieved without any medication.Next day same, took citrazine and relieved?

16 weeks baby has occasional cough. Coughs 6 to 7 times daily. Should i contact pediatrician? ? Is there any home remedy to decrease cough?

17 week old is coughing and seems very tired... He is taking Bromfed (brompheniramine) dm but it is just making him tired but he still has the cough for over a month :(?

18. Have dry cough for 2 months now have takin two courses of medicines already.. but cannot control my cough?

2 year old has a cold w/ persistent cough. Been giving her a honey based cough syrup, vapo rubs, and motrin at bedtime, prn. It's been 4 days.Check-up?

31 weeks pregnant having bad cough. Doc suggested steam inhalation n gargles with saline water.? Still no change. Can I take medication for cough ?

33 week preg. Modrate dry cough(no mucus) and stuffy nose. Cough give me stomoc pain, dr. Priscribe me codeine/promethazine syrup 5ml 3times/day is ok?

34 y/o male. Bad cough still 6 wks after cold. Chest xray clear, took antis, cough productive, taking meds for reflux and allergies. Tired of this.

4 yr old had paraflu had croupy bad cough got predisolone cough is better lil fevershould I stop using it because of the side effects I'm sick now too?

4 yr old parainfluenza went to ER proscribed codeine and cough syrup had breathing treatment sill coughing a lot and gargle bubble noicewhile sleeping

4 yr old wet cough 3 weeks, no fever. Started as a cold we both had but my cough left quickly. Using Salbutamol but still phlegmy. 2nd opinion? thnx

4 yr son dble ear infects.Horrible cough for days.almost throws up from.Dr said also take zyrtec (cetirizine).Will that help horrible cough when child bad cold?

43days baby, a little cough about one week´╝îdon't have a fever, need to take medicine?

5 y.O with productive caugh for 2 weeks, no other simptoms. The dr didn't discover the cause and just perscribed caugh sirup.Isnt this temp solution?

5 yr old coughing at night for 3 weeks. Kids Mucinex takes it away but don't want to keep giving it for so long. No other symptoms. No fevers.

7M baby on prescribed loratadine with persistent dry cough for 10days, no other symptoms. Coughs ~20 times/day (couple times 2sec each). Few sneezes.

9 weeks preg, i've taken twice strepsils chesty cough lozenge which i later found out is a no! will this harm my baby? Pls help! tq.

A barking cough that it tickley and I can't sleep with it. How can I get rid of this. Medicines are not helping?

A doctor said he usually don't recommend cough medications why is that so? It's bad for health?

A general question- is it ok to take cough suppressant medicine when you have mucus comng out when coughing.i.e you will be leaving mucus inside chest?

About to take my daughter to ER for 4 time for parainfluenza cough is non stop not eating well will this be questioned by how many times she's gone

After viral flu, harsh coughing started non stop which preventing me to sleep for 3 days. Got prescribed cough meds but doesn't help. is it normal?

After weaning, 7M baby with dry cough x 2weeks (worse at night) hoarse, throat phlem stuck. On Singulair, (montelukast) not helping! Mom has same dry cough x 1week

Age 64, never smoke. Severe acute cough 15 days ago, took Azythromycin. Now only cough mainly when lying down. Taking 1/3 Hydrocodone APAP. How to cu?

Almost 2 weeks now I have had this continuous dry cough and no cough meds seem to help and if they do its not for long. What coukd be the cause?

Am 4wks preg. Hav very bad deep cough and sore throat, earache. Only taking hot water and halls tablets to ease. Can deep coughing cause miscarriage?

Any home remedies for a bad deep cough from asthma & allergies? My dr put me on prednisone yesterday. I can't stand constantly coughing anymore! any OTC meds/ home remedies that i could try?

Any home remedy for wheezing and dry cough, my son 9year old frequently suffering, feeling bad of giving him antibiotic more...

Any suggestions on which is the best amway supplement for cough n cold?

Are halls cough drops safe in pregnancy for a mild cough and sore throat?

Are halls or ricola acceptable &safe for bad dry coughs in pregnant at 4wks? My coughs keep me up at nite. Afraid coughs would make me miscarry.

Are there any over the counter cough suppressants a 3yr old (33lbs) can take? He does not have a fever, clear mucus, unproductive cough.

Are there any ways to combat at bad cough?

As you all know, Day 11 of a cold. And today at work I was exposed to alot of dust: now I def can't stop coughing, clearing throat. tried zyrtec (cetirizine).Help?

BAby is wheezing. His chest is cleared. Tried ventolin but it doesnt seem to be working. Any other suggestions? baby is 3 months.

Baby still wheezing & has a cold after 6 weeks. Took him to 4 docs and they suggested Ventolin & saline drops. Chest is clear. Isn't getting better?

Bad cough for 2weeks. Almost lose my voice. Took the medicine but not working. What should I do?

Blood in my phlegm, no cough. Its started Nov 17 until now. what can i do? what medicine i take?

Both my kids had pneumonia and continue to suffer from cough and cold, what homemade remedies should I follow?

Can a cough and cold delay your period?

Can bronchitis last a long time ? Still bad lung congestion with cough and pheghm... no fever . 98.9 .. pregnant curious how long it will last

Can I die if I took about 5 cough drops through out the day?

Can i keep breastfeeding my baby if I have pneumonia and am taking antibodies and musinex? My sy, proms are mainly coughing and some fluid in my ears

Can I mix prednisone sodium phosphate in milk? My 18 mo old spits it. Dr prescribe it for lasting cough with phlegm . What r side effects?

Can I take Alka-Zelter plus for cold and cough while breastfeeding? If not what can i take for persistent dry cough?

Can I take cough syrup if my liver enzymes are elevated? I started to develop a cough and stuffy/runny nose over the weekend. Don't have access to pcp

Can I use jakemans throat n chest cough suppressant imy second trimester?

Can liquid Robitussin (guaifenesin) original help with a heavy feeling in chest from a cold?

Can my wife have honitus sweet for cough as she is 16 week pregnant?

Can robafen cough medicine get me high?

Can there be some kind of drug that causes one to cough constantly?

Can xarelto bloodthinners cause wheeze and cough.I have been taking it for 4 months and cough etc has just started two weeks ago...thanks?

Can you die from taking too much OTC cough syrup to get high?

Can you take tussionex cough syrup 2 hrs early, because symptoms are coming back?

Cardiologist put me on lisenapril med dr wanting to change lisenapril to losartin because of cough, but I have history of pertussis, this cough the same.

Care and medication for a bad cough?

Chesty cough can't get rid of after a cold any idea what i could take apart from cough medicine.

Child with fever and cough. On antibiotics but looking like it's not effective, so maybe change medicine?

Chronic cough wont go away, should I try hydrocodone?

Congestion with dry cough getting worse, put in ammoxicillian didn't work now on pak, not helping, ?

Continuous cough for 2 yrs. I hav tried out almost all cough syrup , but no effet. Plz help, what to do?

Cough 2weeks, sometimes hurts in chest, body aches, no fever.Taking Mucinex (guaifenesin) dm, netti pot, gypsy cold tea w/no results. Any recommendations?

Cough in nigh time from last 10 days. No fever or cold. Taking lemon, honey not cured yet. Had a mitral valve replacement 7years ago. Any suggestions?

Cough n cold causing fever what remedies shld take?

Cough x1week Tesla pearles & OTC cough med not helping I am vomitting from coughing and I hurt horribly can t sleep no Dr until Tuesday Getting worse?

Coughing all day for 2months now, after i cough i vomit, its as though i'm choking. Doctor gave me anti biotics for nasal drip and it didn't help.

Could RSV turn into croup. My 4month old has RSV he has had a cough 4 a while but now it sounds like a bark it gets better after breathing treatments?

Could similasan cough and mucus relief make babies sleepy?

Dad has been coughing for the last 2 weeks and recently he has been feeling like throwing up. He has also been taking cough medicine but not helping.?

Daughter had tonsillectomy & adenoidectomy days ago, has had constant barking cough since then and cough gets worse at night. She's taking cefdinir & hydroco/apap already. Can we give her something for this cough? Don't want to overmedicate her.

Diagnosed with step throat started on augmenten 2 pills a day and some cough medicine with codeine coughing more have shortness of breath. What helps

Do u cough at night if u have allergy agains a med? If I only cough when I'm awake does that mean it's not the medicine but something else?

Do you know which is the best amway supplement for cough n cold?

Do Zicam rapid tabs make you cough? When I take it, it makes me cough & somewhat acts as an expectorant. I have cough & cold symptoms.

Does Benadryl (diphenhydramine) help ease a constant, dry hacking cough? Am pregnant, cough is severe enough that i worry i'll miscarry from the force of it.

Does having croup as a baby have any long-lasting effect for later in life when one gets coughs?

Does pulmonol syrup get you dizzy?

Dose silent reflux in a baby cause a cough and phlegm in throat with frothy texture in a 4.5 month old baby he's on losec (omeprazole) but i can't get rid of cough?

Dr prescribed 3 days of 2ml liquid prednisone for 11months olds' asthma and cough, but its day 4 and he's not better. Can I keep giving it to him?

Dr put me on codiene cough syrup to help calm down my cough and its not helping still up at night coughing head still feels full have sinus pressure?

Dry cough from last 1month.photophobia and headache some time..medication plz..?

Each time my 23mo gets a cold, his cough lingers for weeks! otherwise he's fine. What's up with that? I don't think he has asthma. Mild allergies.

Enlarged thyroid. What's best to stop the cough? Syrups & drops don't help much. Thanks!

Evrytme i cough feels like my head is going to explode what is the best meds to take to releave the pressure already taking a cough decongestant?

Exhusband gave 3 year old (34 lbs)childrens Robitussin (guaifenesin) for common cold symptoms. She has never had it before and he didnt speak to doc. Concerns??

Flu for three days due to changing weather. Not taking any medicine. Throat is fine with no fever. ?

For the symptoms of itchy throat coughing and weezeing what medication can I take?

Got a cough with a cold almost 4 weeks ago.Coughing like nonstop. Taking Zyrtec and Tylenol (acetaminophen) Multi Plus Cold medicines but aren't working.What 2do now?

Got an awful cough. Tried robitussin, mucinex, (guaifenesin) and tessalon but can't stop coughing! Suggestions?

Gud day! doc, what is the best medicine for steam/vapor at the throat.My son have it.He is 3yrs old.Thank u.

Had a cold / cough for a week or so that I worked through. Tried natural remedies in evening but seems to be getting worse, especially coughing?

Had a cough for 4 weeks. Taken lots of different cough syrops. Is there anything else i can do?

Had a dry cough for 20 days. I've tried several meds that contain dextromethorphan but not much help. I even hv palpitation/ SVT when taking it. Help?

Had bronchitis for 3 months now, been taking medicine from doctor, but i still have a bad cough and wheezing. Should i go back to doctor?Or worry?

Had cough for five weeks that comes in fits. Starts with terrible itch in throat. Will almost cause vomiting. Tried allergy meds. ?

Had cough with plegm, headache sorethroat (right side) for 5 days. Been taking phenylephrine & acetylcysteine gven by doctor. It even got worse.

Had flu turned into bronchitis; Cheratussin not working at all & haven't been able to sleep because cough is so severe. is there anything else I can?

Had Steroi Injection On T For Bad Case sinusitis. Th Did Humaria. Worse So Dr Prescribed 3 Days Antibiotic And Cough Syrup. Night Bad All Do Is Cough?

Had the flu, fever etc. Dr. Prescribed amoxacilin and other meds, now after 4 days 35.7c* hard to breath and frequent cough, is it normal ?

Had virus 3 week ago. Got better but maintained very deep chesty cough. Cough till I'm sick. Clear mucus. On allergy meds for hayfever? What's wrong?