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I have cough headpain cold since 3 days.. Inspite of taking medicine I have not got ful relife ... When I sneeze or cough I Get sharp painInhead?

1 yr old coughing so bad he keeps thowing up, what do I do?

10 days post flu, feel better but can't shake a cough. Slight mucus but clear. It's starting to get on my nerves, go to doctors or will this go away?

11 y/o healthy daughter started coughing up bloody bubbly/frothy mucus today (4 times). No cold, no ongoing cough. Temp: 99.6.... Does she need er?

12 weeks baby has got cough n cold. Undergone antibiotics 2 days back. Everytime she coughs she poos lil bit. Is it normal?

16mth old has cough trying to get phlegm off chest. Had it a wk & getting worse with vomiting. Not whooping cough & on amoxil (amoxicillin) for ears. See doc again?

2 1/2 wk old gasps for air here & there since she was a few days old. Recently has about 3 little coughs once or twice a day for the last week. Help!

23 years old, physically fit. Got sick 3 weeks back, but still have a lingering cough/phlegm. Coughing a lil from the diaphragm. What to do? See doc?

24wks preg. Since last week suferng from cough and sneezing.I fear these strong coughs may harm my baby. Somtime i feel mild aches after cough.Help me?

27 weeks pregnant, got a really bad sinusitis which is clearing up but started excessive sweating at nights now! anything to worry? What to do?

3 weeks ago I swallowed sea water, later that day I developed a chesty cough. I still have this cough and it's getting worse. Is it wortH seeing my GP?

3 year old has consistant dry cough but is not sick. It doesnt seem to bother her but i am worried. What should i do?

3 year old with a wet cough, wheezing and heavy breathing, gets short winded, started out with fever of 103 about 3 days ago fever only lasted a day.

3 years ago I had small pneumonia. Havent been sick since. Now 3 days ago.cough starts.yesterday stuff head.tempis I at risk of pneumonia? ?

3-4 months ago i got a cold, i don't get sick offen but since I have had a few reoccurrences and now coughing up mucus from my chest?

31 weeks pregnant coughing up hard green Flem anything I can do to get better?

35 weeks pregnant, horrible lingering cough from bronchitis. Nothing seems to help, doc out of town, any advice on what to take? Been 4 weeks.

3month old just got over bronchitis still on meds for it but now she sounds hoarse..Should i take her back in? Could she be getting sick all over ?

3rd time this winter fiance' has gotten sick. Always starts out with a bad cough that leads to vomiting for 2-3 days. Is it more serious than a cold?

4 year old w a croup cough all night. Seems fine during day , typical cold symptoms and croup sound when coughing. Does he need to see a dr?

4 yr has parainfluenza since Christmas found out went to ER coughing so bad got breathing treatment codeine cough syrup not working what should I do ?

40 weeks pregnant and I have a chest cold, no fever just really bad cough and baby hasn't been moving much should I be concerned?

47 yo throat is always burning an red itching if I talk or raise my voice it gets has been like this since June, now I have a cough.

5 year old daughter had dry cough nonstop 6 days. Got steroids helped now getting worse, runny nose and coughing fits frequently, gasping.

5th week of preg, 2 days with sore throat & dry cough. Cough is getting worse at night during sleep. Will this harm my babies? Pls help. Tq.

6 month old baby with cough caught from her sister. No temp, still eating and drinking but cough started today. Should I take to dr?

6 months ago i had a cold and after the cold went away the cough lingered. When i go to sleep my boyfriend tells me i don't cough at all. Sometimes not talking helps. Should i be concerned?

6 months ago I started exercising 3 times a week. I've been getting more sick ever since.Things like colds and coughs. Is it because of the exercise?

6 week old baby has got a cough Off of us and when he coughs it hurts him and he cries everytime. Seems viral. Anything needed to be done?

65 years old with bad cough and high fever. On zpak and not getting better.?

7 week old baby sometimes she coughs and sometimes her nose is blocked i feel is it something serious my dr checked her today her breathing was normal?

8 year old son constantly coughing and then being sick with it he's got asthma and is on montelukast does he need to see a doctor?

9 mth old sick since thursday with cough, running nose. Last 2 days developed weeze in his chest. Should i bring him in asap or wait? Musus is clear.

A 4yr old has a cough and now sound like a "seal". Can this be whooping cough? Sneezing since tuesday. Mild cough then, but seems to have progressed. Slight chills, along with a sore throat. Seems very sleepy today.

A month ago I choked on water it went into my lungs. For the past three weeks I have been coughing up green flem and having asthma attacks. Whats goin?

Aftr my 8yo kid had flu last march,she stil has lingering cough that comes every now and then esp when her nose is wet.pls advise y her cough wont go?

Already have had my 3 days of full blown symptoms, now i just have the sniffles and a productive wet cough. How long till i'm back to normal from this cold?

Already seen doc, gave me amoxcillin but no help. Keep coughing up dark mucus everyday, choking feeling at night and tight neck throughout the day.

Bad cold virus for 2 weeks, finally feel better. Went to sleep, starting to cough lots. Barking seal cough laying down, tight chest sitting up. Bad?

BAD cough for past 14yrs.Doc said allergies (shots helped A BIT)Coughing all day, mucus 24/7,sharp pain in back when breathing. Maybe something diff?

Bad cough that started yesterday. I've had to take my asthma pump twice today and the humidifier once. It hurts when I cough. Any idea what's wrong?

Bad fever aches and pains now starting to cough witha weird whooping sound. How to ensure not whooping cough?

Been coughing and wheezing for a cpl wks. Finished z-pack on sat still coughing, wheezing and runny/stuffy nose. Worse at nite when on left side?

Been coughing for 1 month, nonstop been on my cycle 5 months, everytime I cough I soak a pad! ?

Been coughing up tons of colored sputum for 3 weeks. Diagnosed with flu 2 days ago. Urgent care doctor said worst thing to do is cough, but cant stop.

Been feeling bad since flu shot. Now I have pneumonia and asthma (new). Been to dr. 3 times and not any better. Female, 56 years old. Feeling depressed and fatiqued.

Been having a painful+persistent cough, like coughing up a lung.I recently cared for a sick friend, he coughed up blood.Am i infected?Should isee a dr.?

Can 15month old hurt themselves from coughing? Saw pedi yesterday, gave daughter antibiotics, but she's coughing until she gags and eyes tear.

Can coughing harshly cut my esophagus? I just got over a very bad case of bronchitis. It was so bad that coughing was almost constant and unstoppable. I have been coughing a lot still, even though I have gotten past the worst part of the sickness. I was w

Can you have bronchitis but with no cough?Went to hospital and diagnosed with it but I hardly have a cough.Weird?

Can you tell me how common is it to get this after a bad bout of bronchitis?

Cant see a doc. 3 days ago i had a dry throat now I have a bad cough. Chills. And body aches. My temp. Is 100.1 I am afraid i will get pneumonia.

Caugh problem since 1 month ago?

Childs strep seems to be getting worse since starting antibiotics yesterday, and he has a very mucusy cough that sounds horrible and makes him gag?

Cnst. clear throat whn i was kid. Stopped. Started again last year. Now have sudden dyspnea, hurt diaphrgm n want puke. Doc ruleout nasaldrip&reflux. ?

Cold/Flu 2mo ago & heavy cough hasn't gone away. Dr. Put me on meds and it didn't help. Green phlegm, throat irritat. Cough til I get red. Xray ok?

Cough in the morning bringing up a lot of mucus for 2 months. No pain. no flu like symptoms. I need to appease my mum to stop pestering me about it! ?

Cough is getting worse. Can they test for pertussis now even though she's not coughing very heavily?

Coughing blood started roughly two hours ago without nasty consistent cough prior to it.... Shortness of breath began 2 weeks ago.... ?

Coughing every half a second,they said he has allergic asthma but it to much,he can't sleep at nights it the worse coughing he feels like throwing up.

Coughing had it for nearly 3 wks now?

Coughing non stop for a week now and I'm getting worried. Is this bad?

Coughing spasms for over two months, nothing is helping. I don't know what to do next?

Coughing up a lot of mucus does that mean i'm getting better?

Coughs for ard 4 mths. Nothing serious, but it has been persistant. gets worse at night and in the morning. phlegm feels stringy & thick. Tight chest?

Could my bronchitis turn into pnemonia if I started my antibiotics yesturday my cough sounds extremly bad n hurts when I breathe too?

Could smoke and have been for about a year and a bit. I also have a bit of hay fever since about 2 days ago. Is it anything serious?

Dear doctors, why i always had a hiccups after get a cough, even a mild one. Thanks?

Dear sir, my wife ( 29 years) is having dry cough since 6 months. While coughing she is having tears in eyes. This cough is getting worse in nights?

Developed cough from mold in apartment. Lived there one year, cough for 8 months. Now that I'm gone, how long for cough to go away?

Diagnosed upper respritory infection since december. Hasnt gotten better. Still coughing up mucus and don't feel like i'm getting any air in my chest?

Do I have pneumonia? These symptoms started wednesday...Mild fever, deep coughing that produces little sputum, weakness, light headed feeling, exhausted easily, difficulty breathing, wheezing, mild diarrhea...The coughing began randomly wednesday and sta

Does farting spread any disease like sneezing n coughing do?

Does pneumonia ever go away on its own? I had a horrible cough, chills and clammy skin. I was going to go to the doctor after a few days, but the symptoms started getting better and i’m almost recovered now. Did I have pneumonia, or was it probably someth

Dr, I have been coughing for weeks and am getting breathless and have a headache often. Every morning I am sick from coughing but also am pregnant?

Earlier today I started choking, trying to cough it up triggered an asthma attack now, hours later coughing causes terrible pain to shoot down my arms?

Enhaled way too much bleach last Sun. Felt nausea that eve. Bad, phlegmy cough started other cold/flu symptoms. Related? What to do?

Er gave me predisone& albuterol didn't have chest congestion now I do phlegm is crackling so hard to get out all i keep doing is coughing that it hurt?

Ever since I had a cold 2 months ago, I've been constantly coughing and for 2 weeks, I've been getting breathless easily. Why could this be?

Ever since i had pneumonia I have coughed like a 50 yr old smoker. How do I get better?

Every night for the past 2 weeks at 2 or 3 my 12 mo old throws up from dry cough! how and whys this happening? What can I do to help her?

Feel a little out of breath whenever I cough(dry). Very minor chest pain. Had cough for past week. Never had asthma though grandpa died from it. ?

Fever 2days. Residual cough little to no phlegm. I smell like a sick person also bad taste. How long till the smell subsides? Cough n phlegm worse?

Few days ago I got a severe flu follow by fever and nonstop cough (mucus). Now im recover from it but I fell slight pain in rib when take deep breath.

Flu like symptoms for about 3weeks. Now symptoms are gone. Have been having coughing fits now for 1week chest is really hurting. What to do?

For about 17 days, I've had a hacking cough and headache. Within the last two days, I've started throwing up. What do you think it could be?

For the last week or so ive been having a wet cough that seems to be getting worse, as well as a weezy sound to my breathing everytime i inhale and exhale. What can i do to help these symtoms?

For the past few days I been spitting up phelgm is that bad?

Got a bad cough i cant speak and i got yellow plghm nothing is helping?

Got a cold feeling now and my chest is starting to hurt which causes me to cough what do i have Please? Thanks in advance

Got a zpack yesterday for bronchitis. Congestion, cough, fever, hard to breathe. Now nauseated, abdominal pain. Should I be concerned?

Got chills last night before bed been coughing up phlem felt slight fever what can I do?

Got flu shot 3 days ago & have been sick since; temp.101, headache, chest pain, congestion, tightness & now started coughing & expelling some yellow sputum. Is this normal? Should I be worried? I feel absolutely awful.

Got terrible coughing w/ weird sounds of my chest when i inhale. No fever since @ beggining of my flu.Never had asthma and pneumonia.Is this serious?

Granddaughter 3wks old bad cough w/phlegm can't bring up. Saw dr 2day. Anything we can do help her 2nite? Xray ok

Granddaughter newborn 3 weeks old. Has bad cough can't bring phlegm up. Sneezing also. Saw dr. 2day. Xray ok. Do what help her 2nite.

Had a bad cold for a week & at the end got a cough. Cough has turned into a week of wheezing (unable to breath in/out properly) that won't leave.

Had a cold and cough for 9days and every now and again I will have a coughing fit and be sick we're it makes me gag will antibiotics help?

Had a cold for about a week, thought it was getting better, but last three days I've had a cough so bad I throw up. Asthma treatments no help. Ideas?

Had a cold thats been gone for a week but still have a slight cough. How long before i should suspect something other than post viral cough?