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1 week dry cough, with sometimes (once or twice a day) brown phlegm. Should i buy an expectorant or antitussive?

2yr old has dry hacking cough, since november. Dr confirmed lungs clear. The same thing happens each year in winter. Would a humidifier help?

4yo has a dry cough and slightly stuffy at times, is a dry cough something to worry about?

5 month old has wet cough?

6yr old dry non productive cough all the time as well as itchy skin, Dr said no asthma & no infection or anything on chest. Piriton doesn't seem 2 hel?

7 months baby persistent dry cough . What would you recommend?

After vomiting I am now experiencing a dry cough any remedy?

Are dry coughs associated with ibc?

Augmentin: i was wondering if it is good for dry cough?

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Can I use guaifenesin for a dry cough?

Can lisiniprel cause a dry hacking cough? If so, what will help the cough?

Can there be a rare condition for persistent dry cough?

Can you tell me is having a dry cough (no mucus cough) during a cold normal?

Cold drinks can worsen dry cough?

Cough and cold for 10 days, threw up last night twice, no fever, no trouble breathing. Cough was dry at first, then was productive, now dry again.

Cough that lasts over a week. No mucus production. Dry cough. Sometimes coughing spasms are mild. What could be wrong?

Coughing dry mucus, dry cough after, worst in the morning. 28 yrs old.

Could the daily use of metformin cause a dry cough?

Could you tell me what's the best way to treat a dry cough?

Cures to dry throat and cough due to cold and dry air?

Do you know what to use for congestive cold, to dry things up or moisture to loosen and cough up?

Does albuterol help with dry nose?

Does dry cough has a cure or medication?

Does losartan causes persistent, irritative/dry cought?

Does the HIV dry cough have mucus?

Dry cough for 2 days. This morning woke up with fever and worse cough. It's dry, slightly hacking/barky and hurts in my windpipe. What could it be?

Dry cough from lungs at night waking me up?

Dry cough is it HIV related?

Dry cough with on an off burning in chest. what could this be?

Dry coughsore throatchills no feverheadache?

Dry hacking cough in the middle of the night, almost every night. Not sick otherwise. Potential causes?

Dry hacky cough after bronchitis, what would you suggest?

For the last few days I have had a dry cough i work with sewage could this have anything to do with it?

From last week I have fever and dry cough now fever is fine but i still have have too much dry cough it's hurting head too when i m doing cough?

Have been having dry and tickly cough without mucus for 2-3 weeks now. Tried several cough mixtures but to no avail. Please advise?

Hello Dr's. I have a dry cough that has been going on for 6 months. I've had a bad cold in December. Could this be the cause of my dry cough?

Hello, I have a cough for a few weeks now. It's a dry cough with little flem in throat. I tried cough medications. What to do?

Help coughing dry tickle no mucus and dizzy?

Hi :) I have a dry cough- what can I dó?

Hi am having a dry cough with itching and mucus but when i cough it does not come up. What could it be ?

Hi doctor I am suffering with dry cough from last two years.Cough increases in night time.And snoring started from that time i think.What to do?

Hi i've had a dry cough with no other symptoms just a dy cough for about a year now that hasn't gone away? I have no idea what to do?

How can you stop a dry cough ?

How do cough drops work?

How do you cure dry cough?

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How to treat dry cough?

I am having dry cough since a month. Wht should I do?

I am having dry coughs but i don't have asthema so what will u recommend? Thank

I get coughs occasionaly . Its dry and cough a lot?

I had dry cough at 19 october but there is no any relief from that?

I have a dry cough and feel very week?

I have a dry cough during pregnancy at 8th week, the cough lasts 4 weeks without getting worse. How can I remove the cough?

I have a dry itchy throat followed by a persistent dry cough with a cough followed by phelgm at night... I am not sick?

I have a kind's of dry cough last two weeks . ?

I have a nagging dry cough what can I do about it ?

I have a small dry cough that won't go away. What should I do?

I have a tickle in my chest causing a dry cough. Please help?

I have a ugly dry cough and at times with flems what can I do bout it?

I have a wet cough, what to do?

I have been having a combination of a wet and dry cough. I now have a swollen gland is it possible that coughing can cause this?

I have been having dry coughs for a couple months now... Does weather have anything to do with it? What causes dry coughs?

I have been having this dry cough for 2 years now. What could be the cause?

I have dry cough and itchy throat. What should I do?

I have dry cough from 1 week how to remove?

I have dry cough from last week.2hat should I do?

I have dry cough working with sewage, any suggestions?

I have had a dry cough and this has resulted in me having no voice what could this be?

I have this dry cough that won't go away?

I have wheazing and a dry cough is it asma?

I just am getting over a 3 week flu and still have this itchy dry cough. Is this normal?

I still have this dry cough from 2 months ago. What should I do?

I suffer from dry cough from last 15days?

I would like to know do I have to get my 2 year old son to a doc , He sleeps ok at night sometimes just a dry cough but every morning he has a dry cou?

I'm having a dry cough, can I treat it with guaifenesin?

I'm not sure but is having a dry cough (no mucus cough) during a cold normal?

I'm recovering from a cold & I have a very dry, scratchy & irritated throat. As well as a mild dry cough. Any treatment options?

I've had a cough for over a month now, it's very productive in the mornings and then turns into a dry cough later in the evenings?

I've had a dry cough for more than two months now accompanied with Hoarseness, what can be causing this?

I've had a dry hacking cough for 3 days any suggestions?

I've had a dry, tickly cough and watery eyes for a few days. I've tried a hayfever tablet that didn't work. What do you think it could be?

I've had a pretty bad dry persistent hacking cough?

I've had a pretty frequent dry persistent cough. Should I be on antibiotics?

I've had dry cough for a month in a half and at nights i get congested?

Im having a dry cough accompanied with itchy throat what is over-the-counter med for these?

Is a dry cough a symptom of lactic acidosis?

Is a dry cough contagious?

Is allerga effective at reducing dry cough symptoms?

Is dry cough an HIV symptom?

Is it bad to not dry yourself after sweating? Does it cause pneumonia?