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1 yr old has bad cough, he suffers with bronchiolitis often. He has been on antibiotics for almost ten days?

16 yr girl has cough accompined with sputum from about 1 weeks what is the diagnosis and the different between it and dry cough ?

9 month old is having her 6th wheezing episode (lasting for a week) in the past 5 months. Has been bronchiolitis. Could be something else?

A friend of mines have a short persistent cough what could be it be?

After 5 days amoxicillin cough still frequent and debilitating?

Any experience with a persistent nigthtime cough in children?

Best way to rid of a chronic "viral" cough that has lasted for 9 weeks? I have been to two doctors who cleared me for whooping cough and any infection

Best way to treat whooping cough when symptoms first show up?

Brother has a severe cough, any info?

Can a (relatively) dry cough still be associated with chronic bronchitis?

Can a untreated phlegmy cough lead to bronchitis?

Can an allergy from blood pressure medicine cause a persistent cough?

Can anyone have tuberculosis without experiencing cough very often?

Can camel milk be a cure for chronic chest coughs?

Can coughing and sneezing spread disease?

Can coughing out the plegm help alleviate symptoms?

Can it be that a mass in the lung cause a chronic cough or coughing for years?

Can my coughing cause brain damage? I had a bad cough and now I have severe migrianes

Can nasal congestion, sore throat, with fatigue sometimes be a symptoms of asthma attack onset?

Can silent reflux cause chronic non-productive cough?

Can u suggest any remedies for recurrent cold and cough.Its been on and off since last 2 months in some or the other way.

Can you describe how to cure cough in children?

Can you give some advice on how to treat bronchitis or a cold when your coughing up phlegms? For an adult and toddler, any advice?

Can you please describe the natural remedies for chest congestion and cough?

Can you please describe the natural remedies for chest congestion and cough?

Can you please tell me which is the top conservative management for cough caused by bronchiectasis?

Childs chest congestion remedy, what to do?

Chronic cough for 4-5 months what could it be?

Chronic cough in a 4 year old female child lasting more then 1 month ?

Chronic cough when exhaling. What can cause this?

Chronic cough, heartburn (usually controlled with meds), fatigue, horseness, chronic pain. Could this be lpr?

Chronic cough, should I get test for bronchitis?

Constant belching from chronic bronchitis, is this normal?

Cough during day but not at night, what could be the problem?

Cough subsided after 6 weeks, any implication.

Cough with fever. And blood phlegm. What the procedure to cure it?

Coughing for 3 weeks.At first the cough was only a problem at night. Now is a continuous unproductive cough due to an itchy throat. Should I see a doc?

Could croup present without cough but with a stridor lasting three weeks?

Could my 7 year old daughters cough at night be a symptom of reflux?

Could scoliosis be causing me to cough?

Could there be a cough remedy for a cough due to pertussis?

Daughter diagnosed with parainfluenza don't know much about it has non stop cough and now she's sneezing a lot what should I do?

Day only cough but productive & wet, with low grade fever & tired. Doctor said psychogenic. Cough way worse when full exhale or exercise. Opinion ?

Dear sir i am having chronic cough for past years here they finally diagnosed couhh variant asthma. What should i do now. Its not settling easily?

Developed a cough and lightheadedness after having a common cold for 5 or so days. Is this normal? How can I treat it?

Diagnosed with acute bronchitis & on antibiotics for 48 hrs. Still have low fever, hacking cough with chest pains when coughing. Should i be concerned?

Do I have bronchitis? Had a cold which worked itself into my airways. Coughs are productive. Cold&laying irritates. Will it resolve itself?

Do I have pneumonia, bronchitis or influenza i had a severe headache for 3 days and then began with productive cough, which is now dry more than productive. I have mild sob and no fever, but I am aching, fatigued, unable to sleep and suffering from interm

Do you know of some cases of whooping cough that are very minimal symptoms?

Does asthma symptomps always include cough?

Does cough medicine also help with coughing from lung problems?

Does the beginning symptoms of acute bronchitis include burning dry cough and intermittent wheezing?

Does thyroid cancer cause a productive cough?

Dry and sometimes productive cough for more than 2 months, started after a viral in december. Cough lot more when outdoors. No other symptoms. Reason?

Fever 39, productive cough, congestion - 15 year old?

Following 3 back to back viruses & ear/sinus infection, i now have a cough lasting 2 months. Is this still acute bronchitis or is it now chronic/copd?

For months I've had a wheezing cough, and have been extremely fatigued, and antibiotics aren't helping. Is something serious?

Getting severe cough with mucous in it.....I am a severe smoker and drinker.....Suggest me what to do.....

Hacking every morning. What can cause a person to have a chronic cough?

Had the flu in December which turned to bronchitis. Treated for bronchitis but still have lingering cough. How can I get rid of the cough?

Have had a non-productive cough off and on for about 2 weeks. Not better or worse, and no other symptoms. Not wheezing. What should I do?

Help please! is chronic cough a sign of asthma?

Help plz! Can purging cause the person to develop a chronic cough?

Help! I've been having chronic cough that will not go away?

Help! I've been having chronic dry cough (bp+thyroid patient)?

Help! what could be causing my persistent cough?

Hi i suffer from barking cough most often and also have chest pain. But i don't cough while asleep. Can it be croup. Please help me?

Hoarse barking cough in 4 yr old for 2 weeks. No other symptoms. What should I do? It does disturb her sleep.

How can I cure a wheezy cough?

How can I cure my mother's chronic cough?

How can I stop persistent productive cough and wheezing? I have been suffering since 8 days.

How can I treat my mother's chronic cough?

How can one deal with incessant cough?

How can you distinguish dry cough from cough, associated with secretions in children of age 3?

How can you relieve a chronic cough?

How can you treat a chest infection/cough?

How can you treat whooping cough when you first get the symptoms.?

How do you cure a bad cough?

How do you tell the difference between phlegm caused by asthma and phlegm caused by a flu/cold?

How do you treat a persistent nigthtime cough in your child?

How is someone diagnosed with whooping cough? What are the signs?

How long after having a persistant cough is it time to see a doctor?

How severe is to much coughing?

How to differentiate if my cough is just a normal cough or chronic cough ?

How to get over a chronic cough?

How to reduce bronchitis symptomes and pain ?

How to treat a bad cough?

How to treat consistent cough?

How to treat whooping cough. Already had a round of steroids with no change. No fever or cold symptoms just the cough for about 2 weeks now.

How would I be sure that my child don't have pertussis? He has fits of coughs, and usually worse at night, but still very active in the day.

Hubby has persistent cough for three months following a severe cold. No other symptoms.?

I am constantly having cold & chronic cough.. What's wrong?

I am experiencing cough (quality: barky, hoarse, or hacking sounds, whooping sound when breathing in, with phelgm or mucus, chronic cough) hyper eosinophilia, worms in lungs and throat pain...also fever episodes at night....

I am experiencing cough (worsened by: lying down, at night) (quality: chronic cough) .

I am experiencing headache (severity: severe) , fatigue, cough (quality: barky, hoarse, or hacking sounds, chronic cough) , difficulty breathing (...

I am experiencing productive cough. The following also describes me: Cough. What should I do? I cough up worms and they come out my nose. Help me pls

I am pregnant & have developed a chronic nonproductive cough is that normal?

I am suffering and have been for months with excessive mucus in my lungs that i can cough up. What can I do to treat this?

I am suffering form cough and cold for 2 to 3 weak?

I am suffering from ashthma cough when I am slip and wake at morning mild cough on my sinus?