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I am experiencing cough (worsened by: lying flat, in the evening, at night) (quality: chronic cough) .

I am experiencing cough (worsened by: lying flat, in the evening, at night) (quality: whooping sound when breathing in, with phelgm or mucus, chro...

I am experiencing cough (worsened by: lying flat, in the evening, at night) (quality: whooping sound when breathing in, with phlegm or mucus) , ch...

I am experiencing cough (worsened by: lying flat, in the evening, at night) (quality: with phelgm or mucus, chronic cough) , enlarged or tender ly...

I am experiencing cough. The following also describe me: Runny nose and Wheezing. What should I do?

I am experiencing headache, nasal congestion, sinus pain and cough (quality: barky, hoarse, or hacking sounds) (worsened by: lying flat, in the ev...

I am experiencing nasal congestion, sneezing, cough (worsened by: lying flat, in the evening, at night) (quality: with phelgm or mucus) , ear ache...

I am experiencing runny nose (worsened by: recent exposure to allergens) , cough (worsened by: lying flat) (quality: no phlegm or mucus) and sore...

I am experiencing a cough. What could be causing it?

I am experiencing wheezing worse by lying flat occurs with skin flushing turning red and hot cough with phelgm hard to breath runny nose chest tight?

I am having a hard time breathing coughing sneezing and congestion body aches hot and cold sweats?

I am having chest pain and coughing up mucus and runny nose I don't know if I should go in?

I am having tennis elbow surgery tomorrowand have a very slight chest congestion no phlegm just mild dry cough.

I am having throat irritation and chest congestion in the past 3 days. What to do?

I am hot but no fever, sore throat from sneezing and athma. Feels like my arm is burning or it changes to my neck or just chest burning..Bp is normal?

I am in need of something that will rid me of my constant cough and pain in my chest. My coughs are very dry and persistent, even through the night?

I am super congested my chest hurts low grade fever back pain when breathing no cough currently on bacterium for a UTI could i have bronchitis?

I am wondering if i might have pneumonia and how to treat it. My chest is congested and it hurts when i cough, i also have chills.

I currently have bronchitis, sinusitis, and a virus. I am experiencing aches and pains in my arms after sneezing/coughing. Why is this?

I feel a burning sensation in the chest with a phlegm and severe cough and high fever?

I finished my walking pneumonia meds 3 days ago but I still have the cough and headaches and now my ribs are starting to ache from the cough. Normal?

I had a chest cold five weeks ago. I have asthma . Cough is worse, low fever and very painful under left breast coughing and at rest. Bronchitis?

I had a cold, my cough is gone but i still have chest congestion. What can I do?

I had a sinus infection a week ago, i was feeling better except for chest pains and cough. Now i have a deep, raspy cough and chest pains.

I had a sinus infection for a couple of weeks but it's cleared up now. I still cough every once a while and produce a little phlegm . For the past few days i've had a tightness in my chest. I have no fever or any other symptoms. Any idea what this can be

I had a sore throat and no voice 2 days ago, now terrible chest pain, how do I know if it's pneumonia?

I had acute bronchitis back in may I'm not coughing any more but my chest is still really congested every day I wake up how do I get rid of this?

I had flu last week but now am left with a dry cough which does not go away. Is this normal?

I had flu now bad cough and burning in centre of chest, suggestions?

I had my tonsils taken out 7 days ago and now im having excessive coughing and chest congestion?

I had severe mycoplasma 4 months ago, but for 3 weeks now I have yellow & clear phlegm , chest pain, vomiting twice, sore throat and muscle ache?

I had swollen tonsils and a bad chest but no I just have shortness of breath could it be glandular fever?

I had the flu about 4 weeks ago, i have an ongoing chronic cough, some flem, shortness of breath, dizziness, sharp pain in both lungs when I lay down,?

I had the flu about two weeks ago along with strep. Now coughing up phlegm, wheezing, heart rate 115, oxygen 94,chest pain..would they admit me?

I hav chest pain in lyingbed, no fever, no cough but I have phlegm. Normal vital signs. What is your dx..? I

I have a 5 week old with chest congestion & cough, is there anything we should keep away from her?

I have a bad chest cold. Will amoxicillin actually help?

I have a bad croup cough, especially at night. I am having trouble breathing and am wheezing..I also have. Pain in my lower stomach and spine. Help!?!

I have a bad sore throat, hard cough, yellow mucus, chest pains, shortness of breath, and fast pulse.

I have a burning itching sensation in my lower bronchus when i cough but I am not producing sputum, what could it be ?

I have a burning sensation when i cough in my chest and throat very sudden raspy voice also. Wondering what it could be.

I have a chesty cough, week body and a runny nose with a head, sometimes I have chest pain and shortness in breath?

I have a cold, In the morning I feel rattling in chest so I cough mucus up and out and I'm wheezing throughout the day. Should cold run its course?

I have a cough and i observed that I dont produce that much phlegm now after 6 days but I feel some heaviness in my chest.. What is it?

I have a cough stuffed up head and chest no fever?

I have a cough that already lasted for two weeks. But I don't have a fever. On one day, I felt like something is on my chest or a phlegm on my chest. ?

I have a cough that produces LOTS of flegm, and is constant throughout the day with tightness in my chest (despite lots of fluids, rest, steaming etc)?

I have a cough, and some chest congestioni usually workout everyday, and don't want to skip, what should I do?

I have a dry cough , and my chest pain when i cough their is no mucus what can I take to feel better , i all so have a fever and headache?

I have a fever and below normal temperature, sore throat and I am coughing up blood tinged phlegm. Pain inside right upper chest.?

I have a foul odor from my nose, cheek pain, nasal speech, cough, fatigue and heavy chest breathing. Is this an infection and do I need antibiotics?

I have a Lung Infection and Chest congestion, but since then, i wake up in the middle of the night and cough until i cant breath and sometimes vomit ?

I have a mild sore throat chest and neck pain when coughing drainage clearing throat tender chest shallow breathing. Diagnosis?

I have a minor chest congestion. No cough or other symptoms. Just that and mucus in my throat. Will it go away on it's own?

I have a mucus cough following a cold But everytime i cough my chest stings and I get out of breath easy. What could this be???

I have a non-productive cough that only happens in the daytime. It has lasted 12 weeks. No fever, no other symptoms. Hacking, feels like spasms.

I have a really sore throat for a week recently when i cough or breath heavily my chest starts to hurt what could this be and should I see a doctor?

I have a sensation in my chest that I have to cough, but there is no cold. What should I do?

I have a sever caugh accompanied with mucus and defferculty in breathing.How should this problem be address?

I have a severe cough that has persisted for 3 weeks now, i cough up flem and it's hurting my chest, i can't go more then 2 minutes with needed to?

I have a severe cough with foamy pink vomit no fever that I have caught and no chest pain but tightness when I breath in very deeply ?

I have a sore throat with slight chest pressure but no coughing. Is this a chest infection?

I have a stuffy nose, and discomfort when breathing. Does this sound like I have bronchitis?

I have a tight chest and a sore throat after recovering from cold, no coughing. Diagnosed gerd. Should i worry about the tight chest?

I have a tight chest with a dry cough but when i cough i can taste blood at the back of my throat?

I have a very sore head, achy back and legs, hot and cold, shivery, congested, tight chest, wheezy, worsening asthma. Feeling sick and dizzy at times?

I have a wheezy cough with little mucus, heavy chest, headache and soreness in my hips. I have less of an appetite. Should i see a doctor ?

I have been coughing brown mucus as well as tingling sensation in my chest and throat when i breathe. My cough hurts as well. Is there anything wrong?

I have been coughing for 2 weeks.No common cold.Mucous is thin. Today experiencing chest pain on left side.Bronchitis or pnemonia?No fever

I have been coughing for 70+ days. At first I caught a cold and the cough was painful. Now I cough every 30 min, but show no signs of improving.

I have been coughing severely a well as dealing with a bit of congestion. My throat pain is closer to my chest. Will this go away on it's own?

I have been diagnosed with bronchitis as of Sunday. I've started coughing up yellow stringy, spaghetti like phlegm. I don't have a fever but have sweats and chills. I have tightness in my chest and pain on the right side.

I have been dry coughing for a week strait now and getting light headed when I cough. I have also been running fever, chills, and shortness of breath.

I have been fatigued, cough, (using proventil (albuterol) and ventolin) chest heaviness sore throat, runny nose, headache, for 5 weeks now. No fever. Now what?

I have been having a terrible cough for 9 days, chest tightness, pain when laughing, and fatigue, can this be bronchitis or is it something more serio?

I have been having some drainage but very little to no cough. Can the mucus be causing my chest pain and trouble breathing?

I have been sick for three weeks with cough congestion off and on fever headaches and sever neck pain right now i feel like im drowning while i breath?

I have been spitting up brown mucus having trouble breathing chest hurts when cough sweating severe headache?

I have burning in my lungs when just breathing normally, a sore throat, and a burning pain when I cough. Is this pneumonia?

I have burning nose when breathing, sore throat, wheezing, muscle twitches, headache. Am i going to die, what to do?

I have chest congestion after lying down. Sometimes when I wake in the morning I cough up lots of mucus. No other respiratory symptoms. Causes?

I have chest congestion and allergies. The congestion started 2 days ago-I hear a rattle when I breathe, but no pain. When should I see a Dr.?

I have chest congestion and almost no other symptoms for two weeks now. Could it be mold?

I have chest congestion on a regular or it might be better to say mucus in my chest at least 6 years but I do no have a cold.What might be the cause?

I have chest congestion when running, what do you recommend?

I have chest congestion. Took Robitussin dm (guaifenesin and dextromethorphan). I have been coughing up mucous. My right arm feels tight. Is that normal? Also I have head pressure.

I have chest pain, congestion and a cough; but no fever. Its been five days and i don't insurance, what can I do to feel better?

I have chest tightness, swollen eyes, tickliness in throat while breathing and malaise. It feels like I have fever but don't. Chest x-ray, EKG and CBC are good. Is this viral?

I have cold been coughing and sneezing when i cough i feel serious pain on my sides and chest. i have bought cough syrup don't know what to do.

I have consistent chest congestion, help, any recommendations?

I have constant flu, breathing prob and irritation from throat to chest after having meal.What can b the reasons?

I have cough w/ phlegm @ 1st hr.Then follow dry cough, tired, headache, sinusitis, sneezing, slight chestpain (sternum)and wheezing when only inhaling.?

I have cough with crackling chest , it is dry cough.It was start like normal cough three weeks before.I have no fever.Is it symton of any viral diseas?

I have crackling when I breathe(rales), have had a fever and headache for 4 days, and have some soreness around my spleen. Could it be pneumonia?

I have difficulty breathing. I also spit up brown spotted phlegm. I have no cough or no head ache and my CT scans are normal. for a month can't breath?

I have dry cough with crackling chest.It was start like normal cough 3weeks before.I have no fever but only dry cough.Is it symton of viral disease?

I have had a bad cough for 2 weeks. Sometimes my chest is really toght and its hard to breath i also cough up mucus. And other symtoms.What is it?

I have had a chokey productive cough for months. No pain in chest, no fever, worse when i lay down. Doesn't seem to be drainage. No wheezing.

I have had a cold for 2 weeks & abdominal pain when i cough, backaches and headaches and coughing up phlegm. Any remedy. Should I not have sex either?

I have had a cold for 3 weeks which has now worsened now I have an awful cough and when i cough it hurts my heart any ideas?