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Coughing with fatigue for two weeks what could this be?

Coughing with itchy chest, what might these symptoms be?

Could chest pressure be a virus?

Could I have pneumonia I am an asthmatic recently had common cold which went to my chest then developed cough with grren plem fever rattle on 1 side of chest breathlessnes general unwell feeling for past 10 days?

Could I have pneumonia? I have had cold symptoms for the past 3 weeks. I have a constant cough and have had a sore throat. For the past 3 days my chest has really been hurting. It gets worst when i cough and breathe in deeply

Daughter has has chest congestion, with varying other symptoms to rid her of this congestion, what to do?

Day 1,my whole body was in pain, and I had chills, and sneezed. 2nd day I had throat pain, cough, thickening bloody mucus, no runny nose. Please help!

Day 10 pneumonia, 2nd antibiotic+steroid,fever,chills,sweats,joint pain now gone but chest still rattling/wheezing/gurgling. PF 55% best. Recommend?

Day 5 of being sick. Symptoms changed from sore throat to sinus pain to dry cough causing chest pain. What could it be and what should I do??

Deep tightness in chest an throat losing voice off an on. an nasal an neck swelling an headache. is this part of the cold virus going around?

Diagnosed with bronchitis, Have all the symptoms chest pains,mucus but no cough.Could it be something else?Blood clot?

Diagnosed with pharyngitis 11 days ago. Fever is gone. Still have heavy cough with colored mucus, tickle in throat, shortness of breath and wheezing?

Difficulty breathing, achy chest, coughing stuff up and muffled voice, headache, body aches and joint pain. breathing treatment barely helped at all??

Do allergies cause tightness in throat and chest?

Do I have acute bronchitis? I have been experiencing a dry cough(little mucus coming up, which is light green), soreness of chest due to coughing(sometime lower abdomen, also associated with coughing). I also been in and out of a fever. Smyptoms have last

Do I have inhalation anthrax? I was on webmd symptom checker it says I have it I have a scratchy throat mild fever of99.5 & slight shortness of breath

Do I have pneumonia . I have sob, no fever an ear infection flu symtoms and pain when I breathe in. Doc said my chest sounds fine, but can't breathe ?

Do I have pneumonia? I have been sick since the third of february. I have cold like symptoms, chills, sweating, pain on the right side of my chest, for 3 days my body ached very badly (is no longer aching), shortness of breath, haven't really been coughin

Do I have pneumonia? It hurts so bad in my chest ribs & lungs when i breathe I have a bad cough runny nose sore sinus cavaties & a horrible headache

Do i need an antibiotic for a cough that burns my chest?

Does rattling in chest always mean pneumonia? Feeling better today - no more fever/sneezing/body aches but I have rattling cough with little producton

Dr says bronchitis. I have had Fever, chills, muscle aches, headache, heaviness in my chest, insomnia, but no cough. Is this possible?

Dry cough, chest pain with deep breath or cough, dizziness, sneezing, fatigue, nausea, headache, back pain, nasal congestion. ER or wait til Monday?

Dry rough cough fits when take deep breaths, chest pain, shortness of breath, body aches, fatigue, sore throat, sneezing, headache, nausea. ideas?

Dry unstoppable coughing attacks, sob, tightness in chest, constant burning throat and chest painful to cough, headache?

Every time I take in a deep breath I have to cough. It is a dry cough. I don't have a fever but I feel like I am starting to have a slight wheeze?

Excessive mucus..breathing uncomfortable, chest discomfort. Chest discomfort usually at work i work in a cold environment?

Fatigued, dry cough from cold for three weeks. Had fever 97.0 and sinus headache. I feel better but still have small cough, did have chest cough.Worry?

Feeling achy nose stuffy and chest pain when breathing. Some chills and tired too.

Feeling breathless with tight chest. Also coughing up yellow mucous. I wheeze when I lay down and can feel rattling in my throat and chest. What is it?

Feeling of stuffy nose, and lightheadedness. Slight ttightness in chest and random coughing. Could this be seasonal allergies or something else?

Fever, chills. 2 weeks of dry violent coughing fits. Now short of breath esp on exertion or lying down, yellow sputum, wheezing. Can't talk only whisper for 8 days. & sinus infection pain, mild fever. ?

Flu for 6 days, still have a fever fluct between 38-39.5C. Not improving much. Tight chest, mild cough. Could it still be pneumonia without bad cough?

Flu. High fever that has gone down now. Some night sweats. Mild cough. No chest pain. Blood in phlegm at morning that clears up during the day. ?

For 2 month have heavy coughing when cough slight pain in chest do not smoke and also have history of asthma?

For 4 days I have had a dry cough with a heavy feeling in my chest and a constant need to cough feels like my chest is full of mucus. Normal breathing?

For 4.5 weeks have had: asthma attacks no reason, headache, naseau, chest and back pain, pale face lips nails, congestion, phlegm, cough sore throat?

For a month, every weekend i get freezing cold at night some chest congestion, loose phlem

For past few weeks I have been waking up coughing with tight chest. For the past week it happening every night and in morning and some wheezing???

For the past 2-3 days I e had a wheezing feeling in my chest, I've been coughing with a wet cough, or congested sounding, sore throat, what could it b?

For the past 3 days my chest feels heavy or tight like when I have bronchitis. Breathing is normal. Mild cough. Is it a chest cold?Tea makes it better

Getting over a cold, now with tightness in chest with a dry cough. What can I do?

Getting over chest cold, now when I breathe my chest feels irritated and inflamed. Is this normal after a chest cold with lots of coughing?

Got a chesty cough, slightly breathless. No chest pain and no cold symptoms. Could it have something to do with the mould in my house?

Gradually worsening chest pain over 48hrs, with history of productive cough over two months, precede by dry cough on n off over last year.

Hacking/"whooping sound"/breathingnoisy/sneezing/belching/jaw pain, got a whooping vaccine too?

Had a cold last week. Have developed a juicy, productive cough with intermittent wheezing. No fever. Now I have chest tightness--should I see a dr?

Had a cough for a few weeks but now my stomach is so sore down near both my sides it's sore to cough / take deep breath ? Is it muscle

Had chest congestion 2 weeks ago & dont know that its gone or not. During the 5 day medication got cough & cold. I can feel cough in my chest ?

Had cold symptoms 2 days. Yesterday was dizzy and had headcold, including chesty cough. Felt acid in chest. Now no voice + bad top stomach pain. Fever?

Had fever that went away. Now chest cold and diarrhea. for 1 week straight. Colonoscopy last year was normal. Is this common with chest cold?

Had slight blood in the pleghm every morning for 1 week had a sore throath mild cough light chest pain taking antibiotic for 3 days smoke 1 pck a week?

Had stuffy head and congested chest for a week or so. Cough with it. Some pain in chest. Now have extremely sore throat. Time to be seen?

Hard to breathe from nose, yellow sputum, painful cough, fatigue, and upper chest pain. No fever.

Have a cough/been a month I have headaches/tired/no fever/wheezing/chest&back pain when taking a deep breathe/taken all sorts of meds nothing works. ?

Have a stiff neck right down to waiste also across shoulder blades, also have a cold i think, stuff nose , cough, fever, throat and chest when coughin?

Have a strep throat and dry cough which is better but appeared tightness and heaviness at upper of the breasts.Pain when breathing.What can it be?

Have a stuffy nose for more than a month, with cold feeling even though its warm with shortness of breath an belly pain at times. what's wrong?

Have dry cough and chest tightness (been 3 weeks now), no fever/headache. It started after a few times that i went swimming. Is it chlorine allergy?

Have had a cough (sometimes productive) for about a week. Cough about every 5 mins. No temp, some congestion, no throat pain. Recently i've felt some pain in sinus when swallowing after waking up.

Have pain in back where lungs are and sore throat adn blocked nose and low fever = pain is getting bad could it be bronchitis or pneumonia?

Have shortness of breath some sinus stuffiness, body aches and the chills What's the best way to alleviate this?

Have shoulder pain in left arm while and after i cough. had cough and cold since a week. don't have cold now but mild cough. still taking cough syrup?

Having a cold sensation in my throats and chest for the past two weeks and I don't know what it is can you help me ?

Having a very chesty bad cough and ive had it more than 1 week there has been a lot of cough ups headaches pain and sleeplessness nights?

Having blood smell when I'm coughing sneezing and having tightness in chest pls explain the type of disorder what I'm having?

Having chest infection when ever I take deep breath it starts cough so much with pain in throatk?

Having cough for 5 days. Sweat and cold feeling at my back, then chest congestion. Taking guaifenesin. What's with the cold back?

Having tightness in chest. Have upper respritory infection. Head gets foggy at times and i get upset stomach could it be asthma?

He is 26 yrs old, non-smoker. He has left chest heaviness/pressure, persistent dry cough and no fever. it last for more than 2 weeks now.

Headaches dry cough stomach pain shortness of breathe ?

Heartburn, chest pains, cough & sore throat. Doctor has given me something for heartburn, what is best to take for the cough? I've been up all night

Heavy chest, mild cough, head pressure, body aches, no fever?

Hello i've had a bad cough now for 8 weeks had 2 lots of antibiotics and have some phelm on my chest that i can't seem to shift not been well with ?

Hello im 34 and have a fever of 101 and a bad cough with green mucuss this is day four of these symptoms with chest discomfort and heaviness ?

Help please! could breast necrosis cause chest congestion and fever?

Hes coughing and vomiting nasal congestion his chest hurts from coughing. And can't sleep?

Hi I have a stinging feeling in chest and am having hot sweats and fatigue. I have had a cold and am on Fostair inhaler for my asthma.

Hi I am indian.Is chest pain common during coughing and can the color of the cough tell a lot of things about your condition?

Hi I have chest pain when I cough and start sweeting sometimes fever and it's some times hard to breath any advice?

Hi I have woken up with a sore chest and a chesty cough with brown mucous. Could this be ashtma. I have no fever and no other symptoms.

Hi i suffer from barking cough most often and also have chest pain. But i don't cough after asleep. Chest X-ray and allergy reports are normal. Helpme?

Hi, for the last week, my lungs feel cold when inhaling. Why? Not sick (no cold, fever, asthma), no difficulty breathing. No pain nor discomfort.

Hi, I have a burning sensation in my chest when I sneeze. I have a cold and can't stop sneezing but it hurts my chest and I'm asthmatic. ?

Hi, i sound wheezing every night from last ten days not in day and also bit stiffness on upper back and chest so what it could be? Not cough no smoke

Hi. I've been having sore throat, nasal congestion, headaches, and chest tightness and pain for about two weeks now. I also began coughing today.

Hi. I've had a barky cough with phlegm for 2 weeks. Also wheezing. No fever. My chest is kind of sore though. What could this be?

History of lung congestion and phlem from childhood.If I drink smthing cold Im likely to get sore throat,cough,fever.How to improve lung resistance?

Horrible cough that is getting worde a but phlemy, burns deep in my chest when I breathe. No temp runny nose?

How can i relieve chest congestion in 2 months old infant ? Can i give him something for it ?

How can I relieve chest congestion?

How can I tell whether I have a bad cough or a chest infection?

How did i get chest congestion without a cold?

How do I know if its coronavirus that I am suffering from? I've been having symptoms like colds, dry cough, shortness of breath, chest pain and malaise

How do you know if you have asthma? Only symptom is urge to cough, like chest feels irritated.

How long does viral chest congestion last?

I suffring with flu, fever from three days ago now I have pain in my chest both side my nose is clear but chest not clear i not feel better ?

I am a type 1 diabetic, I came down with some symtpoms about a week ago, sore throat, losing voice, cough, slight chest pain when coughing. Help!?

I am coughing A LOT sometimes getting phlegm.its hard to breath.nasil congestion.sneezing and sometimes when I cough I get a pain my by ribs/stomach?

I am experiencing abdominal pain (side: right upper, left upper) (severity: mild) , diarrhea, mucus in stool, cough (quality: blood in phlegm, with phlegm or mucus) , wheezing (worsened by: in the evening, at night, during cold or flu) , unintentional we