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I am experiencing chest congestion. I am over weight and it hard for me to breathe and also when I cough I taste blood ?

"cold" feeling down throat into chest. Feels like i've been running in the cold weather, but i haven't. Normal chest xray 2 months ago. What is this?

1 yr old with chest congestion for 7 days coughs but not frequent and not productive. No fever. Can hear the congestion when breathing Go to dr?

10 days loss of voice, itchy burning eyes, cleardischarge, chest pain, shortbreath, tight neck, headache, inconsistent cough, tired, mouthsores ideas?

102.3 fever, chest pain especially when coughing and breathing, stuffy nose and runny too, sneezing, headache, dizziness, nausea, fatigue. Bronchitis?

1st symptom was pain in both sides of my neck, then a cough with mucas, fatigue, some nasal congestion, no fever, and chest feels heavy.

1yr old with rattle/phlem sound in chest, slight cough, no other symptoms.Can it be formula, teething or virus?Had recent sinus infection.Is it serious?

2 weeks of flu and really bad cough one week of antibiotic i still have wheezing feeling in my chest before i cough my air way don't feel clear help?

2 yr old daughter has respiratory rate of 60 accompanied by a cough and slight wheezing. Should i take her to the ER ?

22 year old with stuffy nose, shortness of breathe, and achy feeling... What could that be?

26 weeks pregnant. The last 6 weeks I've had horrible congestion in chest causing a constant cough. Common? I have no other symptoms of cold. No fever, vomiting etc. Just constant chest cough and irritation. I can hear stuff when coughing but rarely get

3 weeks ago I had a terrible cough, pain/burn in chest etc; minor bronchitis (z-pac and predisone). I have these symptoms again, is it something else?

3 weeks ago md diag bronchitis, cough, headaches, no fever no nasal drain, chest tightness, hurts to take deep breaths , back/body pain, extreme fatig?

4 days with benzonatate 100 (3 times day) but the cought continue without secretion and throat and chest with a lot pain for. Thank you?

7 days ago dry cough, sore throat. since 3 days ago cough with yellowish phlegm and pain in chest with deep breaths and back while exhale. ?

8 yr. old diagnosis with pneumonia x2 in 3months. Now has occasional deep cough, nonproductive with chest pain.

99.2temp cough chest congestion not always productive, feel like needs to.Chest/back/rib px&soa 3rdabx, inhaler, steroids-cxr o2 ok feel worse pneumonia?

99.2temp cough chest congestion not always productive, feels like need to.Chest/back/rib px&soa 3rdabx, inhaler, steroids-cxr o2 ok feel worse pneumonia?

99F, migraine, stuffy nose, barking cough, ear pain, throat pain(feels tight), mild chest pain. Low appetite. Trouble sleeping. How to relief?

A deep cough sometimes with phlegm no other cold signs. Gets worse at night?

A male friend has a dry cough, and also say his chest hurts when he coughs.What can this be?

After 3 days of no nicotine i get chest pain, especially on movement and also phlegm cough in the morning. Is it a normal reaction?

After coughing a lot and clearing my throat, I now have a bulge at the suprasternal notch when I cough or laugh. IS this a hernia?

After treated acute bronquitis, cough shortness of breath chest pain no voice really bad weezing face pane fever is all back, go back to doctor ?Help

All month have had drainage,shortness of breath,tightness&sore chest&back. Rare cough.ekg&pulse ox good. steroids&antibiotics haven't helped.What now?

All symptoms of pneumonia except fever. Could it still be pneumonia? Chest pain, bad cough, trouble catching breath, slight wheezing, etc.

Am just getting over a virus but have a persistent cough, tight chest, chest taste of blood when i cough but no actual blood, is this normal after?

Are periodic chills and a tickle cough anything serious?

Bad cough nasal drainage sore throat hot flashes chest feels heavy lots of congestion plus sinus pressure my son has bronchitis and pneumonia ?

Been coughing phlegm for 4weeks wouldn't say I have bad chest pain but strain on neck/throat/chest when I cough. Could it be a chest infection?

Been having a bad cough producing mucus and sever chest discomfort/ pain. No fever. Runny nose. Could it be acute bronchitis?

Been on zithromax for three days for dry, barky cough, tight feeling in chest, weak, etc. Shld bottom of chest hurt when i cough?

Been sick today with a cough,phlegm, burning chest, slight difficulty swallowing and breathing and chills, a little warm no fever what can it be?

Been sick with a cold for six days. Brown coming up when coughing. Chest hurts when breathing. ?

Blood in sputum for four weeks, no cough , no fever , no chest pain, have been examined by my doctor said no problem.What do I do?

Bronchitis and infection. Trouble getting breaths. Tight chest bloated stomach diarrhea anxiety slight pain. Using albuterol inhaler. Normal symptoms?

Burning, itching lungs after coughing, help?

Came down with heavy congestion, feeling a headache, and throat ache - difficulty breathing, breath sounds wheezy.

Can a respiratory virus cause an arm ache and shortness of breath?

Can adults have walking pneumonia and not know it? What are symptoms? Can you have light cough, throat congestion , fatigue light shortness breath?

Can allergies cause some mucus in the throat along with slight chest wheezing?

Can bronchitis cause swelling under brest?

Can chronic chest infection exist when one feels that it is present but there is no cough, phlegm, shortness of breath and xrays are negative?

Can chronic sinusitis cause throat swelling sensation and fullness and shortness of breath?

Can constant postnasal drip cause dry cough and chest problems?

Can coughing due to a cold cause breast tenderness/pain? Just diagnosed w/Costochondritis due to cough from sinus infection

Can glandular fever cause constant shortness of breath even when tonsils are no longer swollen?

Can glandular fever cause shortness of breath even if you don't have a sore throet?

Can gluten worsen chest congestion in toddlers?

Can I do CT lung chest scan with contrast tomorrow if i now have cold ( mild sore throat and occasional cough with no fever). Any contradictions?

Can nebulizing with normal seline help with chest congestion in toddlers? What are some tips for clearing severe chest congestion in 3 yrs old?

Can post-flu symptoms (clear sticky mucus, uncomfortable breathing, no gasping, tightness in ribs, fatigue, no fevers) linger on and off for months?

Can propranolol cause a cough and is it a bad symptom to have? On 60mg and I have had a constant cough and a couple of episodes when I couldn't breath

Can the body heal itself of pneumonia heaviness in chest, slight fever

Can we rule out COPD if there is no cough at all. Mucus actually comes frm nose. But shortness of breath n slight chest discomfort. Had chest infectio?

Can you have a chest infection without a cough?

Can you tell me what can I do if someone stops breathing due to coughing caused by a cold or flu?

Chest congest harsh cough for over week, some fever w/it. seemed to be clearing up, now coughs hurt head, lots of sinus pressure pain see doc?

Chest congestion and fatigue. Head and chest hurt when i cough. Productive cough, don't know mucous color. No fever of mention or sore throat.

Chest congestion for 5days now/coughing up light green mucus/pain under arms and chest when i cough/sometimes i can hear it when i breathe/what to do?

Chest congestion, cough, sounds like some wheezing. When should I be concerned if it doesn't clear up?

Chest pain running fever really dizzy and heart rate is86 so weak coughing but stopped coughing stuff up and. Hurts to breath?

Chest pain w wheezing, coughing yellow mucus... Should i go to e.R i feel horrible!

Chest pain, dry cough, shortness of breath(during and after coughing "fits" along with near vomitting) no colds or infections in 6+ mths. ?

Chest pains due to cough and flu like symptoms?

Chest tightness, breathing difficulty, chesty cough, no fever. What does this sound like?

Chest tightness, lots of yellow mucous coming up, chills, headache in between my eyebrows. What could it be?

Chesty cough after having flu over5 weeks ago , cough a lot during night , feel as if lungs are congested , also having night sweats , otherwise well ?

Chesty cough for a week, was nearly over it but came down with cold symptoms last night and now have more coughing & chest tightness. When to see dr?

Chesty Cough, flu like symptoms, neck pain, breathlessness, off food, Wheezing, Chest pain and temps. HR of 138bpm Please help...

Child's cold feet, chest pain and wheezing, what to do?

Clear mucus, stuffy nose, dizzy, and minor chest pain on and off. Is this sign of pnemonia?

Cold a few weekd ago. Chest xray and xray of sinuses normal. Now how the nees to clear my throat and cough like something stuck in throat?

Cold a month ago. Cold is gone but I have a ingering cough still that is sometimes dry and sometimes produces and I have burning in my chest/lungs?

Cold has hung on for a couple of weeks,now includes burning chest pain. Constant barking cough. No fever. Should I wait it out or see a doctor?

Cold worse after 10 days. Symptoms: phlegm, shorter breath, chest pain, eyelids sealed by mucus at night. Is it more than a cold? What do I do next?

Common cold or bronchitis? Symptoms: Tired, Lime color mucous, raspy cough, no tight chest, wheezing/gurgling before cough, headache, body ache. Thanx

Congestion in chest and throat. I am making wheezing sound. Can you recommend a over counter medicine?

Constant breathlessness, dry throat, hyperventilation, dry nose, restless leg but no cough or wheezing. What's wrong?

Constant dry cough, mostly at night. Hurts head and chest when he coughs. Some nasal drainage, no fever. Cant get cough to stop so he can sleep. ?

Constant dry cough. Two months now. Feel good, no fever. Any suggestions?

Constant Wheezing x 1 week, continuous prod cough, lethargic, SOB, cong, sore throat, chest on fire, severe sweating, chills, tight chest?

Constantly coughing, pain in ribs, breathing kinda uncomfortable, but manageable. Excess phlegm, and cold for 2 weeks. Have latent TB, managed?

Cough after having meals and have pain in throat shortness of breath?

Cough and chest congestion has persisted for several days?

Cough and chest congestion relieve for four year old? Upper respiratory infection and allergies was her diagnosis but her congestion seems worse today

Cough and chest feels scratchy and iratated?

Cough for 2 weeks, tiredness, light phlegm, and recently pain in my ear when swallowing. What do I do?

Cough for 2weeks swollen on left side of viocebox painwhen i cough/talk rare scant blood with phlem. What is wrong. Lots of phlegm no fever?

Cough for more than 1 month. Got worse in the past 10 days, more yellow phlegm, chest pain, low grade fever. Chest X-ray & blood mormal. What is it?

Cough phlegm chest pain with fever?

Cough with yellow mucus, chest pain sharp and hurts when I breathe deep, steam helps, sneezing also yellow mucus, major headache also. Any ideas?

Cough, burning chest, nasuea, nasal passages open, headaches?

Coughing body aches chest congestion?

Coughing fatigue chest congestion body aches and wheezing should I be concerned if im asthmatic?

Coughing fits,Runny nose and sneezing.Common cold?My chest hurts when I move certain ways.Could it be muscular or from lungs?No fever either.

Coughing spasms and I get shortness of breath and tightness in the left side of my chest and I cough up phlegm over half the time when I cough.

Coughing that brings up mucus, cough in the chest, over 6 months, slight fatigue, talking causes coughing, laying down makes it worse, what may it be?

Coughing up phlegm. Thought sinus infection or allergies. Coughing so much stomach muscles hurt & voice has deepened. No cold symptoms at all.

Coughing up tinted pink mucous, dizziness sore throat, painful breathing, chest pain etc. Pneumonia?