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Had a cough for 30 days, starting to wheeze now. Hurts when cough in my lungs. Not got any cold or flu symptoms. What could it be?

11 month old continues to cough after RSV has cleared. Teething or something RSV related? Sometimes she coughs so much she throws up.

11 month old with a bad cough and some wheezing... Should I bring her in?

16 month old who has the common cold and cough..what medicine if any can I give him fot the coughing. Coughing is not severe but it bothers him.

19month old has developed a barking cough and he is wheezing when he breathes in?

2 month old with wet cough for 3 days. She gets really bad coughing fits from time and has stuffy nose. Should I worry about a cold at that age?

2 year old has a really bad cough, wheezing, fever on n off, runny nose, n vomits sometimes. Inhaler helps breathing but cough very bad please help..

2,year vomiting stiky Flem runny nose chesty cough hard chesty breathing feverish constant cough now 4days on getting worse?

3 year old boy with fever for 1 day, cough 3 days, wheeze and runny nose . On xray it says asthmatic bronchitis . Does he need antibiotic ?

4 yr old has a cough day & night. Night cough for 2 wks. Added day cough 1wk. Dry cough. When worry? No fever. Vomiting 1 day prior to day cough.

4 yr old has paraflu had a bad croupy cough that had be prescribed predisolone and cough has weakened now a bad mucus cough what could help feverish

5 year old has a night time cough all night what can I do to help him?

7 yr old son, dry cough, says his chest hurts when he coughs, no fever, been sleeping and not eating?

9 yr old has cough 3 days. Sounds like seal bark no other symptoms. What can I do for cough? He is not getting rest from all the coughing.

9months. Runny & congested nose, cough for 4months cough got bad rough , hard and difficulty breathing when he cough. Doc said lungs clear?

After sex i cough a lot. Why?

And can this postnasal drip cause cough?

Antibiotics for productive cough?

Any explanation for why i get a hacking cough every spring?

Asthmatic child coughs till he pukes. Will cough syrup help?

Barking seal cough for 3 months, what to do?

Been having a cough in runny in drainage for a week now. Can this turn into pneumonia? Very worried cough is badder at night. Scared no fever.

Beginning stages of the croup. Some stridor and seal barking cough only when crying/coughing. Raspy. No fever. What can I do? 14m baby.

Bronchitis? Been coughing very frequently for the past 2 weeks. Nose is not stuffy but cough has mucus. Robitussin DM (guaifenesin and dextromethorphan) makes it better. Why the cough?

But I don't have cough all the time ?

Can a cool mist humidifier make a wet chesty cough worse? Child has been coughing nonstop very mucusy cough, he has strep humidifier has been on

Can Benazepril cause a choking cough?

Can having a cold or cough for a while turn to pneumonia or not?

Can i give my 2 year old delsym (dextromethorphan) for her cough?

Can weed make you have a persistant cough and why?

Can you explain to me why GERD would cause a productive cough?

Can you get a cough from screaming too much?

Can you have pneumonia even if you don't have the coughs?

Can you tell me about non-productive cough. what could it be?

Can you tell me why I have my persistent cough?

Chesty cough sickness n0sebleeds?

Child cough and fever that goes up every 12 hours .. Wheezy cough .. Sneezing?

Cn you get a tickly cough with allergies?

Cough after a cold for more than 3 weeks. Cough is not so bad and happen only during day time. Cough sugar can help a lot. How to make the cough gone?

Cough and cold very chesty for 10 days. Am diabetic.

Cough for more than one month and night sweeting?

Cough for more then 3 months. What cause?

Cough still goes on for 9 second till I throw up no medics or inhaler works? Been 3 weeks dry cough gasp for air,runny nose

Cough suppressant for a 3 yr old? Temps of 103 every night for last 5 nights. Cough seems to be worsening. Help please!

COUGH, MUCUSghing up musus for weeks when I'm not sick? I am a smoke for 20 years but the cough is new.

Coughing for 3 months. On cough syrup but it only works for awhile. Gets worst at night. Sometimes theres wheezing sound after i cough when i breathe

Could use expert help with why my son's coughs always sound croupy?

Could you have a phleghm without cough?

Daughter coughing only at night time, What should I do?

Daughter has parainfluenza coughs are so bad that she wakes up with croupy cough trying to breath on predisolone why not helping ER sends me home ?

Do I have bronchitis or pneumonia? Or just bad congestion? I've had a cough for about two weeks now, with mucus, but today my chest started hurting.

Do i need anti-biotics? I have just had a cold/flu and I am left with a chesty cough, my chest hurts and when i cough I do bring up while flem

Do you get a cough with hay fevor?

Do you think I'm getting whooping cough if I have a light raspy cough and a cold at the same time or I could just be getting a cold?

Does a cough have anything to do with a concusion?

Does an infant with a staccato cough coughs a lot during a day or it can happen just once a day? Does the baby coughs a lot and always or?

Every night a tickly cough wakes me up. I don't cough at all during the day, only at night when I sleep. What could it be?

Every time when she coughs or sneezes she wets her self?

Everytime i take a deep breath I have to cough. I have been having this cough for about 3 weeks now, and when i first had the cough it was a lot of?

Everytime my son catches cold and cough, his cough heals very late.Please suggest an effective cough syrup or medicine?

Fever and cough..Need advice?

Grandson has a horrible cough it makes him gag and eyes water doesn't cough up anything congested and can hear rattling in chest he's 11 months?

Gud morning.. I be been coughing for more than a month.. I'm worried.. The doctor told me I have an allergic cough..

Had a cold for weeks now, and my cough is worse, any advice?

Had a cough for weeks now with wheezing what should I do?

Had a tonsillectomy 2 weeks ago and have a chest cold now. Cough syrup and Vicks rub won't stop the painful cough. Suggestions?

Had an occasional cough for a while. Sounds as though there may be phlem, but nothing brought up. Should i worry? Haven't give cough syrup, should i?

Had cough for five weeks should I be worried?

Had the flu 3 weeks ago, lasted just over a week and since then have had a cough. Just recently I have been coughing up green phlegm. Is that bad?

Hai doc I have cough since last 4 days?

Harsh cough like im trying to cough something up, what could this be?

Has a bad cough every morning. Not much cough during the day.

Have bronchitis and burns to cough; what happens to the congestion if you don't cough it up? Can it make you sicker? Better to cough and hurt or not?

Have had cold for a week, still a little stuffy plus have urge to cough when I breathe and have when I laugh I have to cough. What could it be?

Having a wheezing cough once every few months. As in 2 coughs and a wheeze and its gone. What can be the cause of this? I feel great and don't have all

Having normal dry cough since 4 months and coughs per day will be max 5 to 10 it's a single cough what is the condition is it serious bit worried sir?

Hello , my wife has this constant cough is not congestion from flu or flem in the throwt or that and it is been going on for about a year.

Hello i been coughing, headache an everytime i cough i vomit i been to my doctor an she said it could be from allergies i need help.

Hello my 9 month old daughter has a really bad cough with phlegm she can barely sleep and she coughs so much till she vomits what can I give her?

Hi I have a productive cough( but cannot get it out) started a cold last week NO FEVER body hurts from coughing more coughing after I wake/ night?

Hi I have a really bad chesty cough what should I do?

Hi I have been coughing for well over a week. . When I cough I cough up mucus. After long and hard coughing I get really dizzy. ?

Hi my son has a really bad cough for a few months had him to the doctors they said his chest is clear it sounds like a flemmy cough being sick off it.?

Hi to of my sons have been coughin most of the night a dry cough no other symtoms I am wondering if it could br hayfever ?

Hi, I've been having this cough for about a month and i cough like really loud with allot of phlegm and i am vomiting phlegm?

How can I do with a persistent cough?

How can I get my 19 month- old son to cough up phlegm?

How can i help my toddler 14 month to cough mucous from his chest?

How can I tell if my mom has wooping cough? Shes been stuffy & then started coughing for a few days! The cough is dry, but annoying. What is this??

How can you help with a bad cough in a six month old?

How could I know if my daughters tickly cough is because of kittens?

How do I know if i need to worry about this cough?

How do I tell if I need a cough expectorant?

How do you breathe with whooping cough?

How does an unproductive cough turn to productive cough?

How serious is whooping cough? What is the best cough medicine for this awful cough?

How to not cough too hard?

How to tell if my 3 year old son's cough might be something serious?

How to treat a persistent cough with little phlegm? It only hurts when i cough and delsym (dextromethorphan) doesn't do much.

I am coughing nonstop for a week now even with cough syrup given to me. Throat feels very dry, itchy. ?