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I have an irritated throat, mild chest cong/cough& ear pressure like they want to pop. I don't get sick often - does this sound like a sinus inf?

11 weeks old really congested. Sometimes when sleeping sounds wheezing, when she wakes up in the morning sounds with mucus but there's none on nose. sometimes when I'm burping her flem comes out. Doc said saline water n take out her mucus. Not helpin?

1year old has a dry bark like cough that sounds like a seal. Runny nose and irritable ?

2 days after surgery i feel like I have pneumonia. Started with a sore throat from the airway tube. Now have massive congestion.

2 months since my cold resolved, but i still keep producing faint yellow clear phlegm(no fever/cough)can feel it at the back of my throat constantly.

2 weeks of crackling/phlegm in lungs, which followed a week of sore throat before that. I feel fine & can breathe fine however. Do I need antibiotics?

2 year old went to doc has sinus infection what can I do in.Mean time to help with her cough from flim in throat its a constant cough she can't stop?

2 year old with stuffy nose, and cough that sounds like a bark? No fever, no wheezing, worse at night. How do I make him feel better?

20days cough, bad smell from nose, bitter taste mucus from throat. Night @11p.M to 6a.M again 10a.M. Now no-cough, no head ache. What is the problem?

29 days ,for last 3days having cough,sound during breathing,suggest some solutions?

3 days 3yrold cough when laying down sleeping no other symptoms other than sounds slightly stuffy nose. Cough sometimes sounds like catching breath?

3 days w/sore throat near trachea. Voice is a bit hoarse. Pressing on sore area hurts a bit + makes me cough. No other coughing, no fever or congestion. Reflux unlikely, just had endoscopy. What's up?

36 had cold now burning in chest when cough and hurts to take deep breathe also an allergic asthmatic. Not a bad cough sound but small amount ofyellow?

38 weeks nd 5 day pregnant with a bad cold very sore throat and coughing up mucus may throw up times and now my chest hurt now when cough what to do ?

3rd night with fever 102. Very bad painful cough with mucus. Sore throat, hard to breathe. Going to dr in 5 hours. Will he give me antibiotics?

7 year old has been coughing nonstop sounds dry to sometimes deep sounding. .No other symptoms why?

8-10 wks pregnant, have RA, very tight chest, raspy cough, feels like glass in my throat, how can I treat safely ?

92 yr old throat is gurgleing she is sick with a cold and now her throat sounds like she is gargleing with water for 2 days now. She eats a little and drinks a little. But sounds like she needs to cough. What can I do?

9yr old has harsh bad cough for over 2 weeks with little congestion no fever feeling fine. Does this require antibiotic? Can't seem to rid cough

A four year old with runny nose, high temp that is sporactic, bottom of throat hurts to talk or swallow. Deep cough.Raspy sounds breathing chest clear?

A friend has had mega soar throat, high fever, night sweats, dry cough for a 4days, feels week and dizzy when he tries to move around. What's wrong?

A little bit phlemy cough but I don't feel sick at all. It's just that.. What could it be?

A seat teeth exstream went into ears nose throat very sick Can hear myself chest weezing cough bad Will Keflext help ?

A slight Sore throat that comes & go along with yellow or orange like phlegm, with a persistent cough for what seems to go on more then three weeks?

About 1 week ago my 2yr old had a fever for 3 days. Now she has a really bad cough with flem + a runny nose. It seems to be getting worse not better!

About 3 weeks ago I had a terrible head cold and recently when I cough it taste like bleach or chlorine and a lot of phlegm ?

Acute Bronchitis. Feeling better w/ antibiotics but still coughing (clear) mucus and throat feels somewhat swollen. Should i be concerned?

After having the flu, i began to notice the need to clear my throat often..Feels itchy, phlegmlike on back of throat. What is this likely?

After i eat i always have this crackling in my chest.I hear it when i breathe To get rid of it i have to cough or clear my throat of clear mucus.

After I had cold now when go to sleep my throat becomes very allergic and so I cough every 5 min. ?

All day everyday constantly clearing throat, swallow alot feels like something not letting saliva go down, plegm buildup, worse after I eat. Why?

Almost Always clearing my throat, it's embarrassing and annoying :,( sometimes takes forever to clear? Always been like it and idk why? :/ help?

An 24 yrs old and my throat is really hittin me everything i swallow and itches that it makes me cough if there anything i can take or do?

Anxiety? I often get a sensation in f a lump of mucous in my throat and cough and cough but never get anything up feels like choking but I can breathe

Bad cough feels like there is mucus stuck or something if that makes since but no sore throat or flue like symptoms but Is there anything I could take?

Bad cough feels like upper resp wheeze anything to worry about?

Bad cough in mornings and thru day headache tired and runny nose and feels hard to take deep breath in mornings also?

Bad plegm that won't come up all the way. I have the flu righ now and this morning i woke up with a very congested nose and throat. My stomach has pains when i stand up or sit up that i think are related to swallowing too much plegm. The plegm doesn't com

Before I got a cold, I occasionally would cough (not lying down). Got a cold 3 weeks ago but occasionally cough with little phlegm. What could it be?

Can a deep respitory cough. (Sounds like croupish) be caused by eating a handful of bubbles in a bubble bath? (My son is 3 years old) . no other symptoms just cough.

Can a virus cause me to itch. I also have a bad cough ?

Can bad post cold throat congestion/cough make 9mth old vomit while laying down? No diarrhea no fever eating fine.Just vomited slimy after coughing​.

Can chronic sinusitis cause feeling of something stuck in throat and bad breathe? And can it be viral?

Can cough cause throat chest feel rAw n burning n cause u to cough more n what can I do can't stop coughing cause throst I think ?

Can cough syrup help with my throat that swells up and feels like it closes?

Can sometimes feel mucous coming down but it stops before going down my throat.Try to cough it out but won't come out that way either.

Caught virus 4 times this winter & keeps coming back, its now spring and thought was over it now its moved into my chest hurts to swallow.Blocked/runny nose, coughing yellow/green phlegm, chest pain.

Chest hurts, coughing a little bit, bad headache, runny nose - yet kinda feels little stuffy at times. What's wring with me?

Chronic morning cough which feels like the throat tightening. When on vacation my husband never has this cough. Is it linked to anxiety?

Cold for 9 days.Slight sore throat, dark yellow phlegm from chest and noise.Don't feel much improvement.Should I see dr?dont want unneeded antibiotics

Completed zpac was feeling better. Now I am feeling achy again and my phlegm is back to being hard to cough up and grey green. Please help!

Congestion thick mucus chills stuffy nose cough feels like there is cold air in my lungs every time I breath. Been like this for 2 weeks is this bad?

Continues cough and cold,throat problem, not sewere cough,mucous coming out through mouth while sneezing,body heating up?

Cough sore throat cold feeling in throat mouth feels like I ate spearmint is this normal? Maybe dry or hot air

Cough that makes me feel almost like i'm going to throw up? Is that whooping cough?

Cough yllw mucus, nose white mucus meds don't seem to work. Raspy voice, shoulder blade pains and mid back spasms. Cough seems to be subsiding a lttle?

Coughing for little over a week tons of green flem, snezing nothing helps. Getin dizzy is it a cold or worse?

Coughing more at nites and conjested..Feel like ears are stuff up?

Coughing with pleghm that is clear with green spots, throat feel irritated, runny nose, chest feel tight, difficulty breathing, what's wrong?

Day 3- top of my throat hurts. Today it's making me cough and there's a little phlegm. Why? How to sooth at home. When should I see a doctor?

Deep dry cough, laryngitis, and throat seems to close up when I lie down?

Did I Inhale saliva? Had a mouthful of saliva and I yawned and felt like I inhaled it. Are there symptoms related to doing so? I didn't cough though

Difficulty breathing, green mucus in throat, and thr occasional cough. Happening for 2 months now. What could be happening. Life theeatning?

Do I maybe like have the Flu with me having a sore throat, coughing, gagging a lot, sneezing a lot N that too huh? Just wondering!

Dr. Ive been having a dry cough fo 3 months...lately I just feel amd itch in my chest when i breath...and end up expelling a clear phlem what is it?

Drainage scratch throat feel like I have to cough to breath. Feel like my lungs are not breath as easy?

Dry cough off and on for a while now usually at night and in the morning and have an occasional barking sound.Whats wrong?

Dry cough, sneezing, hoarse voice & mucus stuck in the throat in 7.5 month baby? Going for 2.5 weeks now. No cold before. No other symptoms. Eats well

Dry coughing fr about 2wks and i think i taste blood in my throat when i cough for more than 15secs & my chest feel like on fire & headache what's wrng?

Dry coughing fr about 2wks and when i cough really hard for about 10-15sec i think i taste blood in my throat & my chest feel like on fire what's wrng?

Dry nose, clear (almost like water) mucus and bloody sores. Could you help me? And I've been feeling really tired lately. Been going on for 1-2 weeks.

During the night, my nose always bungs up and during the day my throat feels like it's full of phlegm, help?

Every night when I lay down to go to bed I have so much throat clearing with phlegm. This only happens at night. Why? What can I do? Thank you.

Every time 4 month old coughs it seems to be bothering his throat. He brings up cold sometimes as well and I can see that it irritates him.

Every time I have a cold i get coughing fits. Can't control them with medication. I feel like i'm choking, runny nose, tears, sore stomach muscles. ?

Every time I sneeze or cough I feel like I am gona pass out?

Every year around this time i get these symptoms of a cold but i don't feel sick. I get this dry cough with this green mucus. What does this mean?

Extremely extremely bad tickle in my throat cause very horrible coughing could barely catch my breath. Even with water. Is this bronchospasm?

Feel a lil sick... Dry cough that is really making my chest hurt. Some what productive at times. Both coughs feel like in my chest. Help!

Feeling like scratch down side of throat with ear irritation, couple days later led to productive cough with yellow/green mucous. Raw feeling. Strep?

Feeling under the weather last four days. Started with a very sour throat (no coughing). No mostly mucus. Been taking DayQuil. Anything else I shou?

Feels like i cant breathe lungs ache really bad and have a dry cough but no other symptoms cause?

Feels like i'm breathing in a lot of cold air, dry throat, coughing, especially at night. What could be wrong?

Feels like mucus or fluid in throat. Causes me to clear it and lose voice sometimes. Go away on own? Why and help

Feels like phelgm is stuck in the back of my throat. Constantly need to clear it & it has gotten worse. Post nasal drip med & antibiotics didn't work?

Feels like there's a lot if mucus in my throat, i don't smoke nor drink or have a cold. Where is this comming from ?

Fever 101.2 feeling exhausted head hurts, dry cough for 2 days but mucus is stuck in lungs .. Nose and throat are ok. Pneumonia Or flu?

For a couple of days now, when i breath it feels cold in my throat. Makes me cough. Is there a reason for this i also have allergies.

For about the last week I've been getting through bronchitis. In the last day I've started making a weird honking sound when I cough. What is this?

For like a few months I have been coughing up water like mucous it's only happens when I a lay down to sleep. Allergies are horrible but how to end it?

For over a week now I have been sick with sinis congestion, cough and it feels like someone is squeezing my head?

For over a year it seems all the phlegm in my nose goes into my throat somehow and causes me to choke. I also always wake up with blood in my mouth. ?

For several days ive had Bad headache's, flemmy cough with burning sensation in my chest. OTC meds not helping. What could I have? Infection?

For the past 7 months I have a constant tickle in the throat that makes me lose my voice when I am talking if I do not clear it by coughing.Pls help.

For the past two days i been clearing my throat constantly and im not sick but lately feeling a bit of anxiety but why am i needed to clear my throat?

For the past two years I have been clearing my throat and nothing seems to help me overcome it, what's wrong?

For the past week i'm coughing and have no voice. My throat doesn't hurt it is just a tickel. No other symptoms and meds don't seem to work. Help?

Good day does the use of warfarin cause you to constantly feel hoarse and have mucus on your chest and in throat?

Good Night. I dont beleive i have a cold whereas no flem is coming out but i cant stop coughing. i noticed it only happens when i breathe out. ?

Got meds for flu.Feels like sumthin stuck in throat,post nasal drip,phlegm,runny nose,tight chest but shld I worry about upper dull/heavy back pain?