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2 months ago I had a blister (I think) on the tip of my nose and inside nostril. The tip part cured, not the inside. Scabs/bleeds. What is it? help

A can of hairspray fell on the bridge of my nose and now it is red, swollen and bumpy, what do I do?

Anything i can use on this painful bump inside my nose?

Bump forming inside my nose after piercing. What do I do?

Bump in nose crusty and that a cold sore?

Can allergies make the inside of your nose red?

Can vasoline help scabs inside my nose?

Can you have a boil inside of your nose?

Could a sore inside front of nose be from staph infection?

Could this be nasal cancer? Blister or crusty sores inside nostril every few weeks.

Daughter has red bumps on her nose.?.

Doctors can you tell me why are the sides of my nose red?

Doctors can you tell me why do I have spots on my nose?

Found a lump inside my nose just below the bridge?

Good day, I have a painful lump in my right nostril (not visible)-painful if I blow my nose/touch it from inside/outside nostril. Please advise?

Had a septoplasty 4 days ago. Inside of my nose is really itchy and the wound feels hard when I move the skin around my nose. Any tips?

Hard white lump on septum in nose. Hasn't cleared up and painful of pressure applied. If picked no liquid inside. Visible from nostril opening.What is?

Have a sore inside nostril it's brown and it hurts could it be cancer?

Have blister looking in my nose what should I do?

Have scabs and puss bumps in nostrils which are creating holes in nasal cavity what could this be?

Have soreness redness some swelling on underside & tip of nose due to infection/pimple inside r nostril near edge. Some puss now scab. What do I do?

Have spot on nose that is oozing, what is it?

Headache , boil inside nostril what might cause this in a 12 year old ?

Hello. My nose is swollen. Its on the tip. Its painful touching it. Im not hit or anything like that. Its not pimple as well. ?

How can I cover up a bumb on my nose?

How can I get help for red itchy skin around mouth and corner of nose?

How do I heal the annoying red bump on my nose piercing hole?

How much does nose cauterization hurt?

How painful is nose cauterization?

How to treat a red swollen middle nose septum. My left nostril middle nose septum is red & swollen so what should I do to treat this ?

I accidentally scratched the inside of my nose and it has been swollen and hurting, now it is crusty, what should I do?

I am experiencing nose itch and white small bumbs on nose?

I am having a painful pimple inside my nostrils. What should I do?

I got my nose pierced 6 months ago and i have red blotches on my nose, pain and its stuck. what should i do?

I had a bump on the inside of my right nostril the tip of it was white. while blowing my nose i popped the white. bump is still there and is painful?

I had a cold and was blowing my nose a lot. Now there is a bump under one nostril. It has blisters on it. What could it be?

I had a pimple on my nose 1 year back ; now it has been covered inside the skin and seems like swollen nose .What should i do now?

I had a septoplasty around 8 months ago, and during recovery i picked the scab inside my nose a lot, and now my nose hasn't healed and is swollen?

I had my nose pierce for about 3 weeks now and I have a small bump on the inside! is this normal?

I have a boil inside my nose but it has made my nose swell up and go red and it really hurts now what can I do pleaseĀ ?

I have a bump above my nose ring. What could it be?

I have a bump inside my nose for past 2 years and sometimes it hurts?

I have a bump inside my nose for the past two years and sometimes it hurts what is it?

I have a few red itchy bumps inside my nose. Is this hsv1?

I have a hole in my nose cartilage, painful and always bloody, was told it was sinusitis, but what caused the hole.

I have a little bump on my nose that won't go away it bleeds if I scratch it? fibrous papule?

I have a lump inside my nose approx 1cm diameter. It has caused me to have nose bleeds from the one side of my nostril. What can cause this?

I have a painful sore inside my nose, it is red and rough. My nose is very dry too. What is it and how do I treat it? It won't go away and it hurts.

I have a red bump in my nostril i've been stressing over it for a week now it's not a pimple it doesn't hurt and its kind of at the bridge of my nose.

I have a red spot on tip of my nose what is it!

I have a small painless bump inside my right nostril which seems to be between the septum and the fleshy outer part. I do pick my nose sometimes.

I have a sore red recurring bump on the bridge of my nose, any idea what it could be?

I have a very bumpy scratch/sore in my nose that is very painful and I have had it for a month now. It's getting deeper?

I have bump on my pierced nose what to do?

I have crusty scans on the inside of my nose. What is this and what should I do about it?

I have got a itchy nose.

I have had a sore in my nose for a few months that won't go away. It has a scab and sometimes bleeds. Do i need to see a doctor?

I have had soreness on the inside of the tip of my nose for just over a month. I can't tell if there is an actual sore as not visible and no discharge?

I have little scabs inside my nose that don't hurt when i touch them, but could they be cold sores? I don't get them there but have blown my nose a lot

I have painful scabs on the inside of both nostrils. They haven't gone away for over a month now. What could this be?

I have red blisters' with pus coming out of them' on the tip of my nose what could that be?

I have red itchy blister inside my nostril, what is it?

I have small red bumps on the top of my mouth and a stuffy nose any clue what it could be?

I have sore in and out of my nose they are painful and the one outside gave me swell on the nose?

I have sores all over my nose. They are red and nasty looking. They are from me squeezing blackheads on my nose. What do I do to heal them? & quickly?

I have this weird bump in my nose, what to do?

I have what looks like a pimple right next to my nostril piercing. Could my nose ring be irritating the surrounding skin?

I have what looks to be a pimple in the inside on my nose where the nostrals meet. It has not gone away in 3 months and won't pop. What is it?

I just had my first nose ring last night. Should it hurt?

I popped a keloid by my nose ring. I need help! what to do?

I popped a pimple on my nose and now there is a hole. How can I cover it up?

I think i have a pimple inside my nose and its swollen. What should i do?

I woke up with a sore inside my nose and by the next day the whole inside of that nostril was swollen and so sore what could it be?

I'm worried because my nose is swollen inside, what do you suggest?

I've had a sore on the top left nostril... the sore is a little on the inside too... very sore to touch.... it's like on the rim of my nose.... ??

Inside of my nose is peeling, raw and very itchy. Back of throat itches as well. Could this be from allergies?

Is it a good idea to pop white heads on my nose?

Is it normal for a pimple inside the nose to have a slight bleeding ?

Looks like a blister inside my nose what can I do?

Lump below nose, what is this?

Lump inside nostril, scabs inside of nostril, painful, what could this be?

My 1 yr old scratched himself under his nose and has now broken out with a bunch of blister from his nose down to his lip. What could this be?

My 3year old has a sore inside edge of his left nostril. He keeps picking at it and it bleeds. Not sure where its from. What can I do?

My 7 yr old daughter has a boney bump on the bridge of her nose, near her eye. been there a week. Flesh-colored, no redness. Does not hurt to touch?

My little son had a few white dots in the tip of his nose. Inside the nose. He said its very painful. What it could be?

My nose always have a cold. N if i look at hole the nose is have like red buble in there. What should I do?

My nose always itches me.Can u please help me?

My nose feels painful on the right nostril. My nose is clean so I do not know why the inside of my nose hurts. Sometimes bloody when I clean inside.

My nose feels really dry and I have a bump in each nostril. any ideas?

My nose has a little bump inside my nasel and it hurts?

My nose has developed an indented line running from the top of my lip and septum, onto the tip of my nose! appeared in the last week or so, any ideas?

My nose has these white bumps in both side in my nose what is it?

My nose hurts and is crusty is that a nasal infection?

My nose is red at the tip and hurts really bad, what is this? A zit inside?

My nose is so big what should i do for my nose to look small?

My nose ring still sore after months, what could this be?

My son has a bloody scab & thick, yellow mucus in his nose. He has a scab on the corner of his mouth & red spots on his face as well. Any ideas?

My throat feels sore and dry, my nose is congested, I'm sneezing a ton, and the external skin on my ears are slightly red & itchy with no bumps. Help!

My toddler has raised bumps on his nose and has had them for awhile now. Anything i can do about them?

Pain in nose and redness inside?