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I get cysts on my neck when I'm under stress or the weather changes from summer to fall .. With drainage blood and puss then a thick fluid like mucus?

i have dry heat. Bleeding cracking nose. Also Green mucus, that makes me stuffy. Do I have a sinus infection?

@ 1yr oldsurgery 2open tear ducts i now can hold my nose &blow air comes out eye 1 eye wateron/off & air cant go thru that side eye look nrml scared ?

18 month old stuffed potato and egg up her nose. Could this cause sinus problems? Will it come out naturally?

18 yr fem., runny/stuffy nose, watery eyes, 101temp ystrday (98.9 now), nausea, deep(not sprficial) tongue pain where tongue attaches 2 base of mouth?

2 yr old boy has been having reiccuring bunged up nose. But of late he has also weeping eyes which are also quite puffy. Nose bleed thru da night now ?

2 yr old with runny nose longer than a month. Eating and sleeping normal. Goes clear to green and back to clear. Regular bodily movements?

2.5 weeks into a cold, right nostril fine left clogged with good amounts of yellow goop. Goop has rotten smell towards evening. Go to doctor or wait?

29/m had a nosebleed from blowing nose too much. It dripped steadily and he pinched it but he passed out. Conscious now, what should I do for him?

6 days ago in shower felt little water drop go up nose and down throat. Have mild headache. Scared of brain ameba. Live in nj?

6 month old has a cold, last night noticed a small amount of red blood coming from nose and then the same again this afternoon. Nose bleed normal?

65 year old women coughs up clear flem also comes from her nose she also has vein at the side of her eye which has been painful what could cause this?

6y son a lot bloody noses hema/onco says vessels in nose crack but he spits blood n huge clots when it bleeds no coughing what can it be?

8 month old fell on his face on a laminate floor while learning to crawl. While crying a little blood tinted clear boogers came out of his nose. Worry?

9month old has a cold. Just noticed a streak of blood in her runny nose. Should i be worried?

A clear fluid is has been leaking from my nose once a day for the last 3 - 4 days. Any idea what it is. No trauma, and no headache, and not stuffy.?

A drip or two of blood came from my nipple while i was taking a shower. There was not much blood at all, just a drip or so. What could be the cause?

A little blood in snot when i blow my nose ? Whassup with that

A yellowish non-sticky drops out of my nose..In drops..What could be the problem (i don't have sinuses and I have never had a head injury )?

About 70% Loss of smell/taste for nearly a year. Checked inside nose and Mri nothing.. I have just hocked up lot of blood in mucus is this related?

After 2nd lumbar injection, i've had bouts of clear liquid pouring from my nose, bad headaches & a constant salty taste - can this be a CSF leak?

After 8-10 drops from nose.had smthing continuously cming from my throat secretion with happend a week before also only from my left nostril?

After a head injury to a two year old, how do you know if your child's nose is running or if its the clear fluid that your told to watch for?

After a night of drinking, i wake up and blow my nose and i always blow a few blood clots out? Why is that and why would I have formed blood clots?

After a recent bad cold, When I blow through my nose it sometimes feel like it suctions shut, almost like a valve is closing. what causes this?

After i sneeze i hear a wistle sound from my nose , some times i notice small bleeding in one side of my nose , are those symptoms related?

After snorting MDMA all night long , and having swollen sinuses and bloody noses. What should I look out for the most ?

After using a sinus irrigation bottle,I felt dizzy when I blew my nose. Is this cause for concern?

All of a sudden the tip of my nose has a frequent twitch & now when i blow it there are bloody strings in the tissue. Never had that before. Concern?

Am experiencing a hard sneezing maybe 5 or more times. After that my a clooged nose occur. Help me please. Thanks?

Am i okay if i inhaled a bit of milk? I was trying to just smell it &when it touched my nose i breathed in &got up in nose.Am i ok? What couldhappen?!

Any change in temperature or humidity makes my ears 'pop open' after a couple of hours. A 'misty' mucous forms in my nasal passages. Any treatment?

Been coughing up mucous and a running nose for about a month and for 2 weeks my ears started to feel full and with a high pitch ring what is this?

Been having draining sinuses (spitting mucus, stuffy nose, asthma flare ups) after breathing in smoke from burning wood outside for <5 seconds. Why?

Bit into something with tomato sauce in it and it went up my nose. Should I be worried about nasal infection or damage to my brain Showered after.

Blocked nose + cough for about 4 days now. i pee when i cough too hard. is it cause of concern? should i see a doc?

Blood clots and mucus from the nose and look like something is growing in the back of my nasal cavity looks like mucus but when i blow it depart?

Blood clots coming out of seven yr old girls nose?

Blood clots constantly in my nose. If i look up my nostrils are very red.?

Blood comes out of my left nostril all of a sudden if i try to blow my blocked nose 3-4 times a month please advice as not been able find any allergie

Blood from ears mouth and nose without physical injury, help?

Blood in morning mucus, mouth and nose. No cough. Started sleeping in a new house 3 days ago and air feels dry. Is this serious?

Blood in mucus. More detail below. I have been sick for about a week and have blood in my mucus when i blow my nose. However, when i cough the mucus up there isn't any blood. The blood just recently showed up. Small streaks. I have been taking amax antibi

Blood in my boogers for the past few months. I notice it when i blow it out in the shower and throughout the day. is it normal. ?

Blood in my nose sometimes in my mucus. What will be my health problems?

Blood in nose?

Blood in saliva when i spit and blow my nose?

Blood is coming out when sneezing I am cold also?

Blood when blowing nose and spitting up little blood and pink in morning could that be from post nasal drip from nose?

Bloody left nostril and no sinus pressure and it doesn't run out of the nostril. It is always fresh too, usually happens once a day. After I wake up.

Bloody nose. Lots of clots coming out? What are they? And what's going on?

Boogers that are like in pieces and when i blow my nose there's been blood. Might it just be due to stuffiness?

Breathed in lots of dust when cleaning balcony for 3days after headache warm skin (37 degrees C) & mucus throat spit Breathing heavier& nausea ?

Brief and slight chemical smell in nose and a little in mouth. Have been really stressed. Can stress cause this?

Burning sensation in nose and throat and excess saliva and snot? I have blowing my nose and spitting every couple minutes for about two hours now.

Burning sensation inside nose nose as if I have a cold. I need to sneeze too but I can't ever exhale it. Happens in groups. Causes?

Can a broken eardrum will regenerate in time? Mine is broken 9yrs ago and still i can feel air passing through it when i blow closing my mouth & nose.

Can a sinus infection swell on one side of your nose.fluid pours out of mouth.when spray nose fluid comes out fast.nose burns.head fills full?

Can frequent nose bleeds mean I have thin blood?

Can i draw water through my nostril (in or out) when the nostril is swollen shut?

Can i give a small amount of diphenhydramine to 20 lb , 11 month old child. Water faucet clear nasal drainage. Maybe 6.25 mg?

Can inflammed sinuses cause minor blood in sputnum and not in nose when blowing?

Can inhaling a dry erase marker through the nose real quick and hard cause nose or brain damage? only did it for a few seconds to smell it.

Can my nasal passage being swollen cause my ua WBC to be up a little bit.

Can my sinus drip cause an infection anywhere else in my body becuase i feel a little bit of pressure in my chest when i breathe now?

Can picking your nose harm the insides or caise a brain.abcess what ate the symptoms?

Can pores white stuff from nose effect the noise and cause to nasal infection like sinus? Please be helpful

Can sneezing violently multiple times in a couple of minutes do any damage to my eyes or nose?

Can snoring cause the blood vessels in the throat to bleed? I am told by my ENT that's my problem.

Can someone really get a bloody nose from excitement?

Can you get HIV from sharing nose drops? even if the nose drop came into contact with infected blood or nasal secretions? has this ever happened befor

Can't breathe through left nostril, big bump inside closes my passage way, when I use steam it opens but occurs again, please help. Can't sleep?

Cerebral fluid? i have a drip doesn't taste salty went to doc twice she checked nose ears after concussion said I was fine no blood

Child put a wad of glue off of mag in nose she says it sucked up there and i can't see it. I tried moms kiss and nose blowing. 3 days no sign of it?

Cleaned bathroom with a product that has bleach in it. Stinging, red and watery eye. Cleaned it out still hurting, giving me runny nose and head ache.

Cleaned ears with q-tip slight blood, than blew nose and again slight blood, nostrils clog back and forth! I'm worried, what should I do!!?

Clear "mucus" almost like water from my nose pretty consistently only with head tilted forward? No cold or allergies, that i know of! possibilities?

Clear liquid dripping from my left nostril continuously for the past 9 weeks. Wake up in the morning with my pillow soaking wet from discharge all nig?

Clear salty liquid dripped from my nose when I bent down, I've had a headache all day.. Could this be csf?

Clear very watery fluid run from nose bend over. Feel it run down throat laying down. Doc says allergies use nasonex (mometasone).That sound right or CSF leak?

Clear watery fluid pours from right side of nose when bent over in a certain way for 3 days now. Not sick/ no allergies. What could this be?

Cleared my 4 month old nose and still sounds like he has a few wet ones up there. When i check the passage is completely cleard. What could cause it?

Cold not improving month later now. Abnormally dry, thick partially bloody mucus forms hard layer in nose, sneeze cough now, Augmentin (amoxicillin and clavulanate) did not help?

Constant feel of excess mucus, i've tried sinus rinses and that doesn't even help?

Continuous nose drip and mucus in throat , 3 nose specialists cant help except with sprays which don't work.. blow nose aftr evry frk full food.

Coughing up blood and blood when blowing my nose after i've been running - what could this mean?

Could a very thick soft palate that is arched cause pooling of mucus? What is best to make the palate thinner and move mucus. I've tried most evrythng

Could blood clots in your leg cause constant nose bleeds?

Could blood that's in vomit and in sputum when i cough and sneeze be from back of the nose. No blood comes out from nostrils though?

Could blood that's in vomit and there when i cough and sneeze be from the back nasal passage? It's usual globs and streaks of red blood?

Could my tonsils be causing me to spit up blood?

Could my twitching be from my blocked nose coz im not getting enough oxygen through my nose or something or is it neurological?

Could runny nose be due to her teething? And what remedies are safe to clear her out? I have a 7 month old baby who just cut her first two bottom teeth this week. In this time she has developed an extreme runny nose and congestion that seems to obstruct

Could the little bit of black stuff from blowing nose be eyeliner?

Could visible mucous throughout stool be from the cold I am getting over? My cold involved a lot of mucous which is now draining out.

CSF leak?Docs checked nothing, hit head then & just I have a drip in throat and ear is a little weird but all were checked and nothing weeks of drip

Daily for 2 yrs I get an extremely thick clear mucus plug in the nasal cavity. It only happens on left side. I'm not ill at all. What causes this?

Diarrhea, watery runny nose, pressure/headache in sinus cavity. Just returned to Boston from Florida. Drank tap water, ate raw oysters 4 days ago.

Does blood in mucus indicate a head injury?

Does constantly having blood in nose while on accutane mean I should stop, or is it just from dryness?