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boyfriend got into a fight and his face is swollen and around his eye as well on one side of his face (right) he is coughing up blood from mouth nose?

" is it normal for a broken nose to be numb?" " i know i broke mynose.The X-ray shows a clean break. What confuses me is that it doesn't hurt. When i touch my nose i feel a numb pressure of sorts, but i never feel any pain from it. I can breathe fine and

17 mon old fell off porch swing, about 18", landed on hands & face on cement, had bloody nose 3 hours later stuffy nose, swollen & red. Broken?Action?

2yr old hit her forehead and got a bump and bloody nose should I take her in to be cheked?

3 days ago little lumps that feel like cartilage appeared on the tip of my nose they arnt sore but u can see them they have changed the Shape of nose?

5 days ago I was hit at the bottom of my nose, I looked in my nose today and on both sides it's caved in. How can I fix this?

5 weeks post septoplasty my sister accidentaly hit my nose. It wasn't hard and didnt cause much pain but im wondering if this can redeviate my septum?

A couple months ago I landed on my nose. It had bled but no serious damage. But after I could feel my nose pop/click noises. What could it be?

A few days ago I picked my nose and accidentally pulled a few nose hairs its been feeling sore today,will i get a brain infection (triangle of death)?

A large vase fell and hit me in the nose. Now the bridge of my nose is swollen and red, and I'm in a fair amount of pain. What should I do?

After I got upset and had a stuffy nose, I sniffed way too much. Then later my nose had this tingly feeling. It has a white spot. I still am like this?

After rubbing my nose alot, skin on upper nose feels slightly swollen(not noticeable by looking). Some tenderness, but bone feels stable. Nose broken?

Always have white hard bumps on septum with recurrent sores that are painful. Both nostrils, though left is worse. What could this be?

An Ent doctor put a tube down my nose through my mouth to check throat I am able to pull air through a tiny hole on hard palate could this be why?

Been having nose bleeds on one side so I looked at the inside and there spots of cartilage showing thur on my spetum. Don't use drugs?

Body sore boobs hurt paint thinner or something like it smell in my nose all day?? What could it be?

Bone like thing between my nostril is really crocked to the right side no symptoms I just noticed it while plucking my nose hair I'm really worried?

Broken nose is the past but got it fixed, so why does my partner constantly have a cold?

Broken vs bruised nose? I fell into an object last nite. Nose /swollen / painful to touch. Inner eyes are bruised. Small knot on nose

Bump on side of nose by l eye. Sore to touch. Been there 5 wks. Feels hard like bone. Getting frequent headaches. Dr doesn't know what it is?

Bump on side of nose by l eye. Sore to touch. Been there 5 wks. Feels hard like bone. Getting frequent headaches. Dr doesn't know what it is?

Burning nose when I bent over feels like water in my nose?

Can diphenhydramine cause the bridge of your nose to go numb?

Can nose shape only be changed w/ surgery? Mine looks longer, thinner lately. Afraid a couple times pinching the tip, holding nostrils & breath did it

Can occasionally wearing glasses or blowing nose from a cold cause bump on bridge of nose to grow in adults? Seems overnight bump on R side got bigger

Can someone please tell me what can cause my nose to feel real sore and bruised?I didn't get any kind of injury to it

Can you get an abscess in the side of your nose from a nose piercing?

Can you give me advice weird nose lumps.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Can you help me figure out why my nose hurts from little zits in it?

Can you hit your nose so hard that it would kill you or could somebody punch u in the nose and kill you is a broken nose deadly? Just wondering

Can you're nose get bigger after being punch in the eye/ nose? After the swelling come down. Is there a possibility some part of the nose stay big?

Car door smacked end of nose 14 hrs ago. began to swell a little bit. 1 nostril is smaller due to swelling. Slight eye brusing. Very tender in nostril?

Could blowing my nose very hard cause eyes to bulge? They hurt after I blew very hard

Could I have somethingliving inside my body throat nose and ears i feel movment all inside my head from those spots and scratching maken me sick?

Do you lean your head back and pinch the nose with nosebleed?

Does anger cause throat vessels to pop in any way ?

Dog knocked me in the nose with head. Nose is swollen teeth hurt, can't eat or drink. Nose is very tender to touch and has pulsating pain. Whats wrong?

Due to works, i hardly sleep for 3 days, then i got headache & nosebleed. Later i found soft, swollen like blood sack in left nose. What should I do?

Ear yanked hard 10/8.Tender bump at post opening to canal is like broken nose septum would jut into nostril.Ache.Ear lift yields old canal shape. Do?

Ent dr says thing I feel in my nose is just cartilage in that nostril.I should have asked him why I have only semirecently noticed.Can cartilage grow?

Entire right nostril is very swollen and red. The pain is really very bad! no sign that its a pimple and i haven't fallen or banged my nose? Help!

Feel like nose is getting bigger. I hear nose grows as u age but in early 40s would it be real noticeable? Seems much longer and bridge bone bigger.

Few times I pinched my nose & held breath few secs to try to thin it out. Now my nose seems much longer and bridge bump bigger. Could I've caused that?

Flicked pustule above left eyebrow open w/lancet. Squeezed gently to drain 30 min later blew nose and blood came out left nostril why did that happen?

For elbowed in side of nose today, swollen on that side and nose is crooked. Will is straightn on own? Can doctors straighten? I just need nose normal

For the padt week I have had a very sore throbbing nose I have been getting a lot of pus out with a needle any ideas thanks?

For the past week, I have gotten 5 nose bleeds, from my right nostril, at night. Why?

Front tooth hurts when i press on against my nose on the right nostril. I seem to always have a runny nose/allergies too.

Going to get my 12th piercing soon, what hurts less nose or lip?

Got headbutted on the nose one week ago and having constant nose and headaches since then (nose has swelled slightly at the area which i got hit at)?

Got hit the nose 2 days ago. No blood brushing swelling. Dull headache around eye and nose still sore. Broken?

Got jabbed in the nose. But i can't remember. Will take to go away. Or is my nose may possibly be broken?

Had an abcess and swollen cheek. Cheek down 99%. Also blowing nose for 2 weeks. Saw a little blood. Could it be related?

Had scab in nose for some weeks, since tonight turned into lump with pressure on it, I can feel it when I breath what is this? +treatment

Had septoplasty 3 days ago, one nostril looks openand wide, the other is like a slit.Is this normal and just swelling.Scared it hasnt worked.

Had to sneeze to inside because had the mouth full with a drink. But felt pressure in my head and inside my nose. Is that dangerous?

Hard 2 breathe thru nose in day,bite teeth & heavy breathe @night.Area beside nose both sides always swollen.Feels full but nothing blows out?What do?

Have bad cold. Blow nose too hard. Clogged up ear cant dissapear even after chew candy, open mouth wide, etc. Feel a little bit pain now. Help!

Have i broken my nose, i hit it on a fence very hard had a 1 hour long nosebleed its swollen a little and numb , my jaw also hurts a bit.

Hello Dr, I have a pressure and ache in my sinus that started today. I was looking in my nose and noticed that my right nostril has a swollen red lump?

Hello I have a hard bump in my right nostril on the inside . My whole right side of my nose is swollen and hurts to touch my nose and my nose feels hard and it's giving me a head ache also the pain is starting to move near my eye and cheek it's giving me

Hello there is something in any of the layer of my head connected through to get that out?

Hello! I'm a teen and i'm not sick this has been happening for a while every time I blow my nose my ears pop and it hurts...

Help docs! Could it hurt to get a nose ring?

Help, i hit my nose and I have some open flesh on my nose, will i get a bruise?

Hey, I'm consider about cracking sound in my left ear when I blow out my nose or try to breathe whilst closed mouth or out. Could you suggest me anyth?

Hi , off & on ..around the bridge of my nose ..something on the inside feels like it's twitching . Nothing is sore or aching around there . I?

Hi doc. stuck a qtip in my right ear with jaw was itching. hurt a bit wheb hit the side and blood was on the qtip. how bad is this? thank

Hi Ever since it got cold my nose feels blocked on top and head is heavy. What can it be,?

Hi how do I stop my 20 month old son from chewing on the inside of his cheeks he will do this constantly and he bleeds?

Hi i have colds and alot of mucous blocking my nose and my left face is hurting?

Hi my nose was straight before now its going left ways I got kicked in the face some kids from school beat me up my nose isn't the same its going side?

Hi, i just had a nose job, and one of the stitches has felt because i sneezed im very frustrated?

Hi, my nose has been hurting for a few days now, but today I can finally see the right side of the tip of my nose is red and painful. ?

Hi, the inside of my nose is always dry and feels like there is something inside but when I look there isn't anything that I can see but at the back of one nostril it is really red and often becoms scabby which causes me to constantly be picking at it. Re

Hi.Nose blocked slight pain in right hole of nose when pressed.When i dischrg nose from it light blood comes. is it an abscess? will it get ok itself?

Hit in face. Swollen black eyes and lips. Also fractured nose. How do I reduce swelling? I have an appointment with an ear nose and throat doc soon.

Hit in nose with car door. Heard crack, no bleeding. Substantial inflammation in nostril (not on septum). Also have a cold. Should i get it checked?

Hit my my eye, my nose and my head pretty hard and now the swelling and bruising has gone but my eye still feels sore and bloody mucus is this normal?

Hit my nose very hard on the floor&hurt my nose,knees,&hands.Saw a doc.On the 2nd night,had nausea&it continues(7th day).See a doc again or just rest?

Hit nose on wall, nothing looks different (no swelling, no black eye). Feel tiny bump on left side of nose. Nose burns to breathe, stuffy too. Help?

How can you prevent a scab developing on the inside of your nose? I have been getting these ever since I was little and it hurts to touch your nose.

How come I sneeze really hard and it hurts and irritates my nose?

How do you know if you're leaking CSF?I had some clr liquid running suddenly from my right nostril when I was leaning forward.Head hot,eyes/ears hurt.

How long does the swelling last after getting hit in the nose?

How much does a nose job hurt?

Hurt 2 touch crevice where nostril meets cheek. sometimes feel lump. hurts when scrunching nose too. Cant C it. Nasocopy nrmal in March. Cacner? zit?

I accidentally bent my nose up and heard/felt a crack. I now have a swollen red bump on the bridge where the bone ends... Will it go back to normal?

I accidentally hit my moms nose(the bumpy part) it's swollen and she as we'll says she has trouble breathing... Is her nose broken?

I accidentally poked my eyes with kinda a lot of amount of hair when the wind was blowing towards my face. It hurts a little is it ok?

I always get an ice cold nose & headaches behind both eyes & cross forehead ? Docs can't find anythin ? But why an icy nose

I am a female and I have got hair on my both nose sides like outside not inside the nose and it's pretty obvious why ?

I am blowing my nose awfully hard, but nothing is coming out. Am I hurting myself? I'm not stuffy right now, but I can feel snot deep in my sinuses.

I am experiencing blackhead on my tip of my nose ,how to remove it because everytime i do so it growes back?

I blew my nose & had clear mucus with a navy blue streak inside it. I have had a mild cold for a couple of days & inside right nostril hurts at random?

I blew my nose and it hurts a lot. It feels like something inflated. What could have happened?

I blew my nose last night and my ear popped. It hurt really bad. I put ear drops in with a cotton ball. The next day it huts worse.

I blew my nose really hard and a white, hard substance came out. What is this? Recently had a nose job.

I broke my nose kickboxing a few months ago and ever since it has been difficult to breathe. It feels like the back of My nose is swollen. Help?

I broke my nose three years ago and got surgery to straighten it out but now when ever I get sicker its cold outside my nose bone really hurts why?