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amoxicilina the right antibiotic for chest. I'm coughing up green stuff.

I had bronchitis. lost my voice for 3 days. Then i got a cough/lasted for 2 months now. Taken steroids, asthma and antibotics the cough wont go away.

went to e r last Tues. Pregnant..cough congestion phlegm diagnose Upper resp. No antibiotic . Strep flu cbc all negative. still coughing !what gives?

(lasting 2 weeks) i've had sinus-drainage, productive cough, and fatigue. No antibiotics. Dr. Ordered CBC and wbc=13. Is this normal, considering?

1 yr old taking amoxicilin for ear infection and has a cold. Coughing up what appears to be cold. Is this normal?

12 days after my tonsillectomy and I can't stop coughing. I think I have bronchitis. Will this cause bleeding or complications?

2 1/2 weeks ago developed bronchitis - 1 wk w/amox - dr wouldn't prescribe more - said this was prob viral - now it's in my head & sinuses & cough - yellow mucus & phlegm. It's prob still viral, right?

2.5 wks of cough w/mucus. No congestion for 1.5 weeks but now severe congestion. Low fever 1st week none now. Viral or will meds/abx help? Never sick

23, 6ft, 145lbs - had bronchitis 6 weeks ago. Took steroids, z-pak and got better. However, when dehydrated, I have yellow mucus. What to do?

3 year old son has a rough cough to near gagging occasional fever of 100.5 yellow nasal drainage. Originally diagnosed strep & flu finished tamiflu.

3 yo w/croupy cough during URI w/fever. Doc gave orapred. Will orapred make him more susceptible to a secondary infection like pneumonia?

3month old cousin diagnosed with pneumonia.No fever/cough, just phlegm.Given penicillin shot.What can we do to treat it & prevent worsening?

3yr old has congested wet cough, nasal congest.,no fever,clear nasal mucus,irritated throat, taking antibio's for yeast inf.Cold? Concern? Treatment?

3yr old recurring bad cough. On antibiotics with penicilin. Doc says tonsil infection. On inhaler. How do I help cough as reli bad?

4 half baby persistent cough since first immunisation occasionally wheezing but getting more persistent cough like mucus filled 2 courses antibiotics?


4 year old boy w/ croup, treated w/ prednisolone & amoxicillin. No seal cough, but dry constant cough what can I do? Started with high fever 4 days ago, then 2 days ago with "barking seal cough" after 3 doses of prednisolone & amoxicillian, he now has a

4 yr old got parainfluenza Christmas bad croup cough gone mucus sound cough what can I use for itstill has draining down throat and fever off and on?

4 yr old had serious parainfluenza virus infection 2 wks ago. Has now developed nose sniffing/throat clearing tic. Benadryl = no help. Adenoids?

4yo has had cough that comes and goes for 2 months, didn't need any antibiotics the last time now he stopped his meds he is coughing again w no fever.

5 mnth old with light cough, runny nose, reddish throat. Doc looked at her but did not diagnose anything. Prescribed amoxicillin. Is this necessary?

5 y.o. had ear infection, cough and congestion in November. She was prescribed amoxicillin. 2weeks ago she had congestion and a week later temperature?

5yr/o has viral bronchitis and had steroid shot 5 days ago. He is still coughing and wheezing at times how long does viral last? Could it be bacteria

6 month old fever 101 for 2 days stuffy nose but just finished cefdinir.Had shots 6 days ago.?

7days cephalexin, 10days ceftin (cefuroxime) but still cough phlegm and runny nose.Symp. Improved but not gone. Why is the still pneumonia not gone yet? More abx?!

7month old baby just finished antibiotics for URI and is still coughing...Why?

8yo is on 3rd day of antibiotx for chest infctn no more fever but seems to be coughing more than usual.She takes bisolvon+bricanyl phenexpect augmentn?

9 mths of sore throat and nasal congestion. No allergy or reflux. Sputum test today shows growth of Pseudomonas aeruginosa. 2 wks of anti-bs solve it?

9mo had initial stages of ear infection & a cold. Coughing since Wednesday night, coughj is much better but sounds in her throat and rattly. Normal?

9mos old ds has mild cough and colds for 2 wks(no fever). Doc prescribed antibiotic,salbutamol & antihistamine. Is it ok to take all 3 esp antibiotic?

A 5-day course of azithromycin knocked down but not out a case diagnosed as viral bronchitis. What should I do? (Infrequent coughing persists)

About three weeks ago i was on antibiotics for bronchitis..Or phneumonia..I still have a violent cough am extremely tired and now have lime greephlegm?

Advice 4 night-time mucus drainage w/ respiratory infection? Just want to sleep! Waking up choking. Am asthmatic on 10 day prednis./7 day augmentin (amoxicillin and clavulanate).

After a chest infection and prescribed clarythromycin i still have a chesty cough. Is this to be expected or does it indicate they haven't worked?

After antibiotics which was for flu and bronchitis , i still have a caugh and im sneezing , why im not healthy? Do I have hiv? Can blood test show it?

After having a chest infection can a cough still continue weeks afterwards ?

After having a cold, sinusitis, bronchitis & something viral for a month+. Better now, but is it possible to bruise a rib by coughing harshly?

After having two colds a green mucus in the nose has lingered for the past month. Could it be a sinus infection? Does it require treatment?

Allergies are bad, constantly coughing/hacking up mucus. Had recent bout of candida in mouth given zpak to recover. Any suggesrions?

Almost finished amox course for tooth but now feeling like fevers coming on/chills and green mucus in coughs. Have 3days of amox left. Advice?

Amox clav 875mg 2x a day.Started last night.Good for bronchitis or sinus infection?I feel awful and I'm coughing up green chunks of mucus.Super tired

Antibiotics have cleared up a throat infection. However i still have a cough that makes me gag/throw up and leaves me gasping for air?

Antibiotics for 14days in Oct still have postnasaldrip mucus is clearwhite Antihistamine help some went back to doc/no infection Winter weather cause?

Asthmatic, getting over flu-like illness. When can I exercise? Occasional cough, sinus drainage, on prednisone. Six days since onset.

Bad cold for 9 days, cough, congestion, fatigue, wake up everyday w/ lots of thick green mucous. Should I start my augmentin prescription my Dr gave?

Been diagnosis influenza a, on day 4 of tamiflu, (oseltamivir) am doing lots of coughing with congestion, head and lungs, yellow to brown mucus. Pneumonia?

Been on antibiotics for 3/4 days with tonsillitis. This has made it a lot better. Today and yesterday there was blood in my phlegm? Is this normal?

Been taking amoxicillin for 3 days (upp. respitory infec.) Today Ive been coughing horribly, puking lots of mucus. Could meds not be working?

Been to dr a week ago - gave antibiotic for Bronchitis - not getting better. Still have blocked nose and heavy cough! Could this be signs of Pneumonia?

Best antibiotic for heavy cough and malarie, age is about 68 year old?

Bronchitis -3rd wk- my worse case. Finished 14 day antibiotic- chesty cough remains. light yellow now but clogs airway. Am working. Will it improve?

Bronchitis for 2 weeks.On 3rd day of z pak (azithromycin). Still have fevers, cough, huff and puffing, a horrible soar throat started and runny nose.What should I do?

Bronchitis for over 3 wks, been on 2 courses of antibiotics and am still sick. I get very dizzy from coughing and my back aches will any OTC help?

Bronchitis resolve on its own? Took cheratussin, azithromacyn for one week feel better but still sick. 2 wks dry cough. What to help rid mucus? Tips?

Bronchitis. Do I have to have a sputum culture done or just take antibiotics?

Came down with pneumonia 3 weeks ago. Took 10 days of antibiotics, dr said it was clear. Now i've had a bad dry deep cough for a week. Normal or not?

Can you have bronchitis without fever cough or phlegm? Doctor said I had phlegm and a little bronchitis and gave me antibi which I didn't start.

Can you suggest some antibiotics for cough?

Can z pack clear up a uti. So painful to pee and I am on zpack for sinus infection and bronchitis?

Can zpacks give you diarrhea? I had bronchitis and allergies.

Chest congestion with cough. Week's dose of augmentin (amoxicillin and clavulanate) and vasican didn't help. Been a month, able to breathe better but phlgem persists. Possibilities?

Chest pain, congestion, stuffy nose, green thick slimy mucus. Tooth infection, but what about the rest? amoxicillin 6 days now- when will I be better?

Child has strep and mucousy cough can I give him mucinex (guaifenesin) with his antibiotic azythromycin?

Chst infction over 1m with bloody mucus. Took 3x antibiotics to resolve. Xray clear. Sputum = respiratory infctn. Why effect so bad and last so long?

Cold symptoms - runny noise 5 days congestion and now phlegm - have antibiotics, 1 pill (Zithromax) - will 1 pill help?

Continious tonsillitis for 4 years kid and cough with ttt.

Cough for 3wks, first got antibiotic & albuterol for cough, wek aft, different antibiotic, & coughsyrup, Tue, antibiotic, dayquil, & ny- nose run now?

Cough for over 8wks, mucs at times green and white cloudy, antibiotics, cough medicine and paracetamol in first 2wks, chest X-ray clear, what next?

Cough for over week and now temp of 100.0 to 102.0. Antibiotic didn't work gave tummy ache and now tamaflu is too expensive! what can I do?Wheezy too

Cough, brown-yellow phlegm, and feeling "under the weather" for 3days. Similar symptoms 3wks ago, took course of ZMax and resolved. What to do?

Cough, not hacking just light with phlem. Fever 100.2 Otherwise feel fine.2 wks ago bacteria infection in throat took antibotics, same infection?

Coughin & chockin on phlegm. What to do? Get nervous, face/eyes red 1.5wk bronchitis takin inhaler mucus relief antibiotics. Doctor said breath steam.

Coughing over a month. Diagnosed with bronchitis. Got better. Cough returned. Barking with metallic taste. 37 weeks pregnant. What should I do?

Coughing with red chunky mucous... had antibiotics two courses during the last month... doctors earlier told accute chest infection. please help?

Day 4/10 abx, can't sleep last few days nasal congestion and cough.What should I do?Need to go back to doctor?Uti feels better, but my pneumonia is same!

Developed phlegmy cough. Visited doctor & dismissed as cold. Persisted for 2 months, revisited & given antibiotics for sinisitus. No improvement. ?

Diagnosed 3 days ago with a sever sinus infection they put me on antibiotics & cough syurp for my cough & to help me sleep but my cough is getting bad?

Diagnosed with a sinus infection and bronchitis. 6th day of antibiotic. I'm feeling better but this drainage & cough is awful. When will i feel normal?

Diagnosed with a sinus infection. Given Augmentin (amoxicillin and clavulanate) and Prednisone. 3 days later started coughing up thick green mucus. What should I do now?

Diagnosed with bronchitis after sore throats and cough (phlegm and blood). Given augmentin. How long before cough and fever go away?

Diagnosed with bronchitis and sinus infection almost two weeks ago. Finished 10 days of antibiotics on Monday and now am starting the cough all over.

Diagnosed with strep 3 days ago. Been on antibiotics and I have now developed this bark like cough that makes me short of breath & a fever of 100.5?

Diagnosis with bronchitis. Taking amoxicillian. Mucus now clear/white/or slightly yellow at times. No cough and anxiety. Anything else i can do?

Doctor for a couple of months I have had to take prednisone, and some antibiotic, for bronchitis, and severe allergy's, symptoms, some wheezing, mucus?

Doctor I have a tonsillitis and when i cough I have a blood in my phlegm is it just a severe tonsillitis or a tb?

Doctor said my bronchitis is viral, no fever. She still gave me prescription for zpack. Why if it's viral? My phlegm is very light green or clear.

Doctor told me I have bronchitis and gave me antibiotics and steroids. Is it ok for me to go to work?

Does green nasal discharge and cough without fever mean infection on child?

Does my 2yr old need antibiotics he was diagnosed with RSV bronchitis he has been havn all thick green snot for a few days now?

Does pulmonologist or primary care prescribe antibiotics for cold, bronchitis, cough, sore throatss, some sinus and ear infection, stomach flu?

Dr said I have URI got antibiotic over a week ago. Finished. But still have loss of breathe more often and bloody vomit and still cough. Is ER needed?

Every morning I wake up with a single cough with white sputum the pharmacist said it is an infection and recommended allegra as an antibiotic?

Facial pain, fever up to 103 (fever has stopped), yellow watery nasal discharge, cough, greenish brown sputum. Sinus infection and/or bronchitis?

Fever 103, coughing until vomiting. Diagnosed with pneumonia 10 days ago. Finished z-pack 5 days ago. Suggestions?

Fever on wed morning and continued thru Sat. On Friday I got strep test. Was negative. Coughing up bloody phlegm. Bronchitis? Need antibiotic?

Finished antibiotics 1 wk ago for uri/sinus. No longer feel stuffy, etc. But still experiencing good amt of clear /sticky nasal discharge. Normal?

Finished antibiotics for sinus infection 5 days ago, starting to get sick again and now have pain in my chest when breathing in and headache, no cough?

Finished antibiotics to treat Otitis Media/Otalgi/Sinus-Cong. Still exp. slight ear discomfort and coughing lots of yellow phlegm. How to fix ?

Finished my antibiotics fr sinus , still have it with labored breathing?

Finished vancomycin last wk for a blood infection. Now just noticed when i cough i feel a little bit of phlegm, what can it be? I just finished meds!