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20 or more tablets of librax (clinidium and chlordiazepoxide) is fatal ?

After meal with wine, IBS actin gup and I have levsin, (hyoscyamine) should I take it?

Any interactions between Bentyl and Xanax? I only take Xanax very rarely, but took 0.5 mg's about 5:30 this morning.Now I need a Bentyl for IBS flare.

Anyone have bad experiences with librax (clinidium and chlordiazepoxide)?

Are there any nasty side effects of taking hyoscyamine (levsin) for ibs?

Because Donnatal (phenobarbital atropine hyoscyamine and scopolamine) has scopolamine in it,does it give you any amnesia like effects? I was given a dose in the ER and now I am worried about side effect

But now i'm on a medication called levsin (hyoscyamine). Can I still drink?

Can amitiza (lubiprostone) cause tachycardia?

Can bentyl (dicyclomine) be used for menstrual cramps?

Can Bentyl (dicyclomine) slow down gut motility?

Can buscopan be used for IBS-d?

Can Drotaverine HCl INN 40 mg be used in painful mild IBS-D. ?

Can i take 200mg of bentyl (dicyclomine) a day?

Can I still take Valium on levsin (hyoscyamine)?

Can I take Bentyl (dicyclomine) and propranolol together?

Can I take bisacodyl and dicyclomine/ bentyl together?

Can I take dicyclomine and bentyl?

Can i take generic version of librax (clinidium and chlordiazepoxide) and Nexium at same time?

Can i take librax (clinidium and chlordiazepoxide) on an empty stomach? Also, can i take zantac and librax (clinidium and chlordiazepoxide) together before lunch and dinner?

Can i take librax (clinidium and chlordiazepoxide) with steriod.

Can i take linzess or amitiza (lubiprostone) even with gallstones?

Can i take myrbetriq & dicyclomine at same time?

Can i take omeprazole 20mg if I am currently taking librax (clinidium and chlordiazepoxide) with cilidium for IBS and mild gastritis .I heard there is interaction between two medicine?

Can i take quetiapine 50mg and librax (clinidium and chlordiazepoxide) with cilidium +omeprazole together since I am suffering from ibs, mild gastritis+depression.Is their interaction?

Can levsin (hyoscyamine) sl cause a severe headache?

Can librax (clinidium and chlordiazepoxide) be taken prn?

Can librax (clinidium and chlordiazepoxide) cause heart problems?

Can Librax (clinidium and chlordiazepoxide) help relieve symptoms of IBS-C?

Can one of my medicines be causing my tinnitus? I'm on sertraline, famotidine, librax, (clinidium and chlordiazepoxide) & Mag-Ox. I'm only on day 5 of the sertraline.

Can you please tell me how the drug amitriptyline causes constipation?

Can you use hyoscyamine for bowel spasms?

Clozapine is going to react with my IBS meds buscopan (hyoscine butylbromide) what else can I try for my IBS ?

Dear Doctors, do you give PPI drugs with IBS drugs like Trimebutine maleate or Mebeverine for IBS related gas and bloating ? Please respond...

Dear sir what is difference between mebeverine and dicyclomin, which one is the best? Can I use both of them?

Dear Sir, Please let me know the difference between Librax( Chlordiazepoxide + Clidinium bromide) and Levosulpiride Can I use them both or should I ?

Dear sir, otilinum is good or mebeverine is good.

Dear sir, what is deffirence between hyoscyamine and mebeverine?

Dear sir, what is difference between levosulpiride and dicyclomine. Can I use both of them with mebeverine hcl?

Dear sir, what is difference between mebeverine and alverin? And which one is the best for ibs.

Dear sir, what is difference between mebeverine and drotaverine?

Dear sir, which antispasmodic is the best, mebeverine or drotaverine?

Dear sir, why my GI prescribed me mebeverine for 3 years.

Diagnosed with IBS - cramping and constipation. Was prescribed nortrypline-no relief. Alternatives?

Doc said to take omeprazole & bentyl (dicyclomine). Said would help if have ibs. What are these meds for. Wat do they do.

Doctor prescribed librax (clinidium and chlordiazepoxide) 3x day for IBS spastic colon and Nexium 1xday for my gerd. Can i take both of these at the same time in morning?

Does anyone take hyoscyamine (levsin) for ibs. If so, any side effects?

Does anyone take hyoscyamine (levsin) for ibs. If so, any neurologic side effects?

Does bentyl (dicyclomine) change your poop?

Does bentyl (dicyclomine) help ulcers?

Does donnatal (phenobarbital atropine hyoscyamine and scopolamine) work for ibs?

Does levsin (hyoscyamine) help for uncomfortable gut?

Does the GI cocktail of donnatal, (phenobarbital atropine hyoscyamine and scopolamine) lidocaine, and almacome need to be kept refrigerated?

Doses of Mebeverine 135mg for ibs?

Dr prescribed ciprofloxaxin while I am on Librax (clinidium and chlordiazepoxide) - think I am going into benzodiaz withdrawal - panic and depression. what should i do? stop librax (clinidium and chlordiazepoxide)?

Experiences with librax (clinidium and chlordiazepoxide)?

For IBS, how much/long should you take meds before going to ER? I have been alternating donnatal & Librax (clinidium and chlordiazepoxide) & Motrin & Percocet for abdominal pain.

Has anyone ever taken levsin (hyoscyamine) or heard for colitis?

Has anyone ever used the drug librax (clinidium and chlordiazepoxide) and had it work?

Have you prescribed drug levsin (hyoscyamine)?

Help! Been having diarrhea. Should I discontinue hyoscine medication?

Hi doctors, can you tell me what is hyoscyamine perscribed for?

How do donnatal (phenobarbital atropine hyoscyamine and scopolamine) and elavil interact with each other?

How do you acquire fybogel mebeverine?

How effective is motilium in helping the bowel?

How effective is the medication hyoscyamine?

How long does it take bentyl (dicyclomine) to work?

How long does it take for hyoscyamine to work in ibs?

How much can donnatal (phenobarbital atropine hyoscyamine and scopolamine) effect gastric emptying?

How much time does mebeverine take to work for ibs?

How. & for what is amitiza (lubiprostone) to be taken?

Hyoscine butylbromide (buscopan tablets) with paracetamol ok?

Hyoscine butylbromide and alprazolam?

I have an anxeity related ibs.Taking 25 mg paraoxetine and 2 tabletrs bd librex/gutfit.Want to know dicyclomine is better than librex for me ?

I have been given amityryptiline for IBS . What will this medicine actually help ?

I have been waking up to diharrah and stomach cramps for almost 2 years because of "IBS", They have had me on bentyl and xanax (alprazolam) and neither has helped?

I have both IBS and asthma and my medications are librax, (clinidium and chlordiazepoxide) tryptopmer and budesonide transhaler.Is it ok if i consume whey protein for bodybuilding?

I have IBS with constipation, can I take bisacodyl with bentyl (dicyclomine)? Bentyl (dicyclomine) alone doesn't help me with constipation

I have IBS-d not responding to meteospasmyl, mebeverine, alverine, hyoscine, rifaximin, simethicone. What should I do?

I have librax(chlordiazepoxide and clidinium), it expired 7 months ago, could i still take 1? im having horrible cramps and have nothing else to help

I have mild gastritis and IBS .I am taking librax (clinidium and chlordiazepoxide) with cilidium for ibs.What should I take for gastritis. Prilosec or pantoprazole?

I have mild gastritis and IBS .My GI doctor prescribed me librax (clinidium and chlordiazepoxide) with cilidium .Can i take omeprazole with librax (clinidium and chlordiazepoxide) or not .

I took Xifaxan (rifaximin) for my IBS/SIBO and I don't think it helped at all. Am I always going to be sick? Can I do anything else? On Elavil and bentyl. No help

I unintentionally took hyoscine butylbromide with antacid. What should I do, what to do?

I was prescribed Bentyl10 mg, twice a day for IBS-C. It has helped me out, but will this csuse me to be more constipated? N can i take morning & night

I've have ibs, nobody has been able to give me treatment that works. Things I've tried fodmap,bentyl,Elavil,peppermint,align, even morphine,reaglan.

If I am taking fludac and librax (clinidium and chlordiazepoxide) , does it indicate that I am having irritable bowel syndrome or some other illness?

Is an antispasmodic addictive?

Is an antispasmodic medication right for me I ibs?

Is bentyl (dicyclomine) prescribed or over the counter?

Is bentyl (dicyclomine) safe during pregnancy?

Is calmepam contraindiated with motilium?

Is donnatal (phenobarbital atropine hyoscyamine and scopolamine) safe to take while trying to conceive?

Is hyoscyamine an effective treatment for bowel spasms?

Is it okay to take Normacol Plus is addition to my prescribed Librax (clinidium and chlordiazepoxide) for my constipation predominant IBS?

Is it possible for all donnatal (phenobarbital atropine hyoscyamine and scopolamine) to have phenobarbital in it?

Is it possible to get addicted to librax (clinidium and chlordiazepoxide)?

Is it safe to take Bentyl (dicyclomine) if you have gastritis?

Is there a reaction between phentermine and dicyclomine ?

Levsin (hyoscyamine) was prescribed for IBS to my 6 year old. Can an adult age 60 take it too?

Levsin (hyoscyamine) was prescribed for IBS to someone. Can an adult age 60 take it too?