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 i have chest pain when I put my neck back and raise my arms, no other symptoms, what could it be? Thanks.

19 yrs old. Popping back and neck for years. Sudden spinal pain upper back hurts to touch and hurts the most when lying down. Almost unbearable pain?

3 days ago I had a shooting pain go from my upper neck all the way down my spine. if I move my arms or look up my neck and jaw area hurt. no relief?

37 yr husband woke up w/stiff neck 2 weeks ago. Since then pain in the neck is better.. Now it is shooting pain in right shoulder & shoulder?

4 weeks pregnant and have upper back ache, close to shoulders and neck. Should i be concern??

52/f with pain in the neck, whole back shoulder and upper spinal cord.The pain is like cramps and the spinal is like shrinking.

63 yr old male. Vertebrae hurts to the touch at back of neck. Pain and occasional numbness in left arm and hand. Headache in the back of lower head.

7 yr old having headaches and neck pain past few weeks yesterday noticed a bulge on lower neck/ upper back that is painful to touch?

A chiropractor said my head pulling to left was cervical dystonia. Went to my doctor and she said too mild for that. She said muscles on right in neck spasming. She said see physio. Who is right?

A nerve in my back keeps being pinched, always on the same spot. In the middle of my spine, this is accompanied by a constant back spasm and pain.?

A sudden onset of pain and bony bulge felt at back, below neck, at level T1, between shoulder blades, with pain radiating towards chest. What is dx?

Aching neck (not stiff) In some mornings ,Not all. Lasts an entire day. Pain radiates a little. Left Shoulder recently dislocated. What could it be?

Achy all over shoulders, necj back upper and lower?

After a day of chores and little time to sit, I have pain below my right chest that spread down my side to my shoulders/neck/back. Just sore Muscles?

After I woke up this morning, I felt a pain in my neck and the pain is still existed, specially when I move my neck , what should I do ?

After lifting in the weightroom i felt a pain in my neck, like a stiff neck, a sort of sharp pain on the right side of my neck when i turn it, help!

Am healthy. had slight upper back pain for 2 months. Now have slight neck crepitus and occasional numbness of right arm in mornings. Posture related?

An area lower right in neck aches and hurts when i swallow off and on. It feels muscular rather than in my throat. Also have shoulder pain. What is it?

Are lump on the back of neck and stress related?

As of 3 weeks now I have a sore spot on my spine between my shoulder blades. It hurts to the touch and during back stretches. No pain otherwise though?

Back of head hurts, hair follicles and upper shoulders. What's wrong? Seen neurologist. Didn't give me a diagnosis. burning pain.

Back of my neck near the bottom almost where my back is. Could it be cancerous?

Back of the Neck tightness and shoulder tightness. Happening on and off. And Tight upper back muscles. I have mild scoliosis. What do I do?HELP!!

Back pain at rest, is it normal? It's inbetween my shoulder blades at the bottom and i feel it radiate by front of ribs, even when i'm doing nothing.

Broke an upper back molar few years ago & never had it worked on (doesn't bother me). Now have neck pain on right rear side of neck. What could it be?

Burning sensation on lower back of head down my neck to the middle of shoulder blades?

Burning/pinching headache left side. Worse during the day at my desk. Better at night when massaging and icing my neck. Sore back and shoulders.

Can a back and neck injury cause pain in other parts of your body?

Can a pinched nerve in the upper back or neck cause back and shoulder pain when eating?

Can acid reflux cause pain in the back of the neck/top of spine area?

Can an infected spot on my back lead 2 other problems; such as back aches, muscle spasm & aching ribs?

Can armpit pain be from shoulder/upper back strain?

Can asthma cause any kind of body aches? My shoulders my back hurt and my chest a lil. Also have cervical neck problems can it be from that?

Can atypical neuralgia cause cold sensations across the back of the neck shoulders and back of arms - as well as across upper face. sure read this ?

Can bulging discs in my lower back cause me neck pain and my left arm to have a burning sensation? Sometimes it's both upper arms mostly by shoulders

Can cervical disc buldge in c4-c6 with narrowing cause upper back pain cramp radiating to chest and left arm? Pain in back is like charlie horse.

Can lipoma in the back cause pain down the arm?

Can loss of lordosis cause left ear pain ,with back pain and left arm pain?

Can neck arthritus bring on lower back pain?

Can nerve conduction study be done for upper back pain , shoulder pain and neck pain?

Can thyroid cyst cause neck and back pain?

Can tight back muscles or a bad back/neck/shoulders cause bad chest pain?

Can tight scalene muscles cause a prickly/sore sensation across shoulders and upper back ?

Can you a doctor order a whole upper body MRI if you're not sure if the pain is coming from your neck, shoulders, or arms?

Can you get fibromyalgia in just the upper back ?

Car crash a year ago, felt sharp pain top of spine. Docs said whiplash. Move neck fine. Since been having random nerve pains back arms hands legs?

Chest pain on right side that goes to my upper back and shoulder and fast breathing and sometimesi have soreness in my neck?

Chest pain right side, upper chest and into armpit, upper back and down arm. Advil (ibuprofen) takes the edge off. Has been 3 days. Would this be muscle related?

Chest pain, hard breathing, pain of right arm because of tennis elbow reaching to neck & going down to shoulder & upper back.What is this&what can I do?

Chest starts hurting on the left side and radiates into my shoulder and the top of my back. Then starts into my jaw and neck Frequent. Whats going on?

Chronic herniated discs upper back lower neck, chest pain-mostly dull sometimes stabbing, neck muscles feel tight, high liver enzymes. R they related?

Chronic neck pain left back shoulder pins and needles every now and then what could be setting my neck pain off?

Computer guy posture. Hunched over, neck out. Now, upper back pains, also left side chest muscle sensations, stiffness. Anxiety as well. What to do?

Constant muscle bone and joint pain in back, neck and sholders cracking at the slightest movements a sharp pain and pins n needles?

Could a middle ear infection cause pain down the neck to the shoulder and across the collarbone?

Could a muscle in my left neck being torn a couple months ago be the problem to me having neck and sometimes back and right shoulder pain with motion?

Could arthritis in the throastic spine feel like back is aching on middle right side?

Could damaged neck/shoulder muscles cause a pain in the back of my head (one side) when I cough or sneeze? Really worried? Thank you

Could fibro concentrate just in the upper shoulders and the mid back?

Could upper body aching(shoulder, neck, upper back, collar bone, chest muscles) be caused by repeatedly laying/sitting awkwardly as I know I do this?

Dear Doctor my mom age 62 and she have pain from back side from middle of neck to hips please give me the solution?

Dear Doctor, I have so many lipoma in my back and elbow. What should I do? It creates lots of pain in muscles and back side. Please help

Does back and neck pain come from thyroids?

Does bad cervical steonosis cause upper middle back pain?

Does cervical stenosis usually get worse with time? And can it cause upper back ache and left arm to hurt some?

Does cervical steonisis cause upper back pain and left arm to be sore at times?

Does scoliosis cause pain around the collarbone area and around the upper neck and back and Is there any good ways to manage the pain or reduce it?

Does throat cancer causes shoulder and upper back pain?

Dull pain in neck and upper spine area. Sometimes I get a sharp stabbing pain near spine that is centralized. suggestions. No trauma or injury.

During sports jumped wrong way and got a sharp pain in back of neck into back of head. Have neck, shoulder blade, and shoulder pain. What could this b?

Every night, for the past 30 years, I will be awakened be pains from my head, neck, shoulders, back & lower back. The pain will last a whole day?

Excruiating pain in back of neck, fraying and tearing feeling. What could this be?

Experiencing severe lymph node neck pain (under jaw & all along front of neck) and now am feeling it in my upper back as well as a little bit of chest?

Fell 8 months ago, upperback/whiplash cause tight muscles in back and chest? I have both chest and back pain constantly. Already seen my Doc 7 times

Fell straight on left upper back shoulder &the area over the infraspinatus muscle is swollen &there is sharp pain when muscle in the area is used???

Felt a popping sensation in upper back. Pain between shoulder blades. Pain on left upper back--rhomboid region. Hard to move sometimes paralyze feelin?

For almost three years (90% of time) I have had a large, painful knot in my upper neck (lower head). The pain is extreme at times. Nerves? Muscular?

For around a month or so when i breath deeply i get a pain in my upper back/the small area between my spine and scapular on the left side. What is it?

For the past month I've been experience neck and legs pains especially in the morning. Tightness in the chest area it comes and goes but mainly muscle aches all over my body in the morning after sleeping. Especially the back of neck above shoulders.?

From a chiropractor, is it bad to crack your back while still going to a chiro and getting adjusted? Suffer from upper back, shoulder, neck pain.

Had a bad fall in 2010 have many neck problems but recently thoracic pain in back between shoulder blades very painful can hardly move what could it ?

Had pains and aches that started in my arms, now in my shoulders, back and neck, i'm worried it's bone or lung cancer?

Have been having upper back pain for weeks now. Today it went into my neck and all down my right arm into my thumb.

Have cp, beside the pain in the stomach and back, today I am having pain in left shoulder and neck, what is this?

Have had scratchy throat, ear pain once in a while, and upper back by shoulder blade pain, muscle was swollen yesterday, have had this for 3 days?

Have had soreness in my left shoulder area front and back for 2 weeks. Heat helps relieve the soreness. Could this be a side effect of lipitor (atorvastatin)?

Have lower back pain that is causes pain in my legs stomach chest upper back neck jaw and head when I try to lay down at night on my sides. Also nausa?

Have pain from ear, down face and neck, across chest, down back and moving causes shooting pains down spine what could it be?

Have sore to touch spots on left side only in buttock, lower back, upper back, neck n chest. No injury or exercise. What could it be?

Have upper back pain both sides while bending neck forward, it pains till the head, pains on touch, pains on touch in chest ~ 1 yr. chest CT clear jan?

Havin back pain where i had lung surgery 4 yrs. ago been walking short distance now an i have spasm in right neck an stiffness in back daily why ?

Having low back discomfort an my balance is off upper back hurts with movement neck stiff what's the cause ?

Having neck pain with shoulder pain and upper backache. left hand pain. on methotraxate 15mg and nasids. explain.

Having on/off headaches for a week,My back shoulder/neck has been hurting more recently.Pains down my arm,Does it sound related to the head pain?

Having pain on upper back, neck for 6 mnths with ankle & hip pain. Eyes burn and there's a tingling on left arm. What might be causing this?

Having sharp pain in neck with pain in shoulder what can this be? For the past 3wks I have been have a crook in my neck causing sharp pains.It is hard to turn neck at times. The pain sometimes cause throbbing in head neck base down my left shoulder. I ha

Having sharp pain in neck with pain in shoulder what can this be? For the past 3wks I have been have a crook in my neck causing sharp pains.It is hard to turn neck at times. The pain sometimes cause throbbing in head neck base down my left shoulder. I ha

Headache, slight sore throat and an ache in upper shoulders and arms traveling to thighs, upper and lower back and legs? Cold? Or something serious!?

Heavy head/ base of head back of neck discomfort/ weakness in arms/ lower back discomfort/ lower legs weakness. What could this be?

Hello I have been having a stiff pain in my the soft tissue right before the shoulder blade and along with that headach & nausea help plz?