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feel pain behind left ear left upper jaw my throat having difficulty in swallowing and my face goes to one side ever since i had molar tooth removed?

having extreme pressure in my head and ears . 2 vains one on each side are sticking out and sore? My jaw really tight and popping

swelling to left side of face; jaw; neck and behind ear. took to uc and they put him on abx treatment. when will swelling go away?

1 gland under the jaw only on one side swells and hurts to touch every so often should I worry ?

10 days amoxicillin & still have drainage and left outside throat neck pain?

2 left neck lymph nodes swollen after 3 months.Also, pain when touched under portion of right jawline.Have tmj, sinuses, allergies.Bloodwork normal.?

2 lft btm teeth pulled, now throat aches and burns around left tonsil, left ear hurts some mornings, left eye twitches, light smoker. Infected?Cancer?

26,female.Front top upper outer ear where connects to head swollen/pain.No diet change,wound.Noticed slight hearing loss w/headphone same ear weeks b4?

3yr old screaming pain as sd her neck hurts & ear hurts- 2-took her 2 PA she sd she has lots wax & her lymphnodes swollen, but she still hold. neck ?

6 mo feels swollen on right side below ear and side of neck.Slight discomfort.No lump.Gp&ent don't feel anything. Xray cspine ok.What can it be? Ent did say I have nasal obstruction and dev. Septum.

6 months of left facial numbness and severe headaches, jaw pain, at times hard to swallow, pressure behind nose, earache, feels like brain swelling.

A lump on under my jaw, my ear feels like I have a ear infection but I don't all on my left side of neck, hurts but I don't have strep I got tested?

A painful lump node under my left jaw for about a week and a half could it be dew to my allergies I have very dry eyes noes and mild ear pain?

Abscessed top back tooth for a month. Pus drainage, stiff neck, headache,swollen cheek is bruised, no pain/fever since last wk. Still fluey. No insur.

After a few days of sinus problems, including sore throat and slight /occasional earache, I found a soft lump on left side of my neck. It's at the base sort of under my ear and jawbone. Any idea what this could be?

All in a 24hr period, a lymph node right below my ear lobe on my neck started throbbing tremendously, swelled up and swelling moved down that side of my neck and also felt like it was on fire. I got to the doctor yesterday and he said it was an infected l

All right side abscess back throat now solid right ear itchiness and pain visual distrbnces/headache lumps top palate - sensitive bottm lip twitches jaw pain very bottm edge freq swelling & pain 2 yr?

Am i suppost to be abal to feel my jaw line from ear to chin?

Antibiotics for facial infection (L) worked,but now my left lymph node by lower jaw is very painful and I have a tension headache. Bad? What can I do

Awful pain on neck between chin & jaw, right side. Hurt to talk & awful swelling from right cheek to ear& entire jawline. In floor crying @ times. ???

Baby almost 5 mos has goopy left eye I think clogged tear duct but also congested and has lump behind left ear on head. Lymph node? Thoughts?

Been having pain in neck area under the back of my left jaw and in neck at base of skull, also dark red spots under tongue. Related to infected tooth?

Been having problems with allergies bad this weak. Lot of drainage. Left gland on neck hurt and earache. What could be wrong.

Been on two rounds of antibiotics have ear aches in both ears and severe headaches the right side of my neck has swollen lymph nodes and is very tight lung congestion and very sore eyes and pain in my head I don't know what to do?

Below my left jaw hurts I think it's my lymph nodes can it be from allergies it's like a dull ache or pulled muscle feeling I'm 30 years old ?

Big headaches on head back, above eyes for past 2w. Left neck glands swollen. Left ear cavum hurts on touch. Slightly dizzy. Is it sinusitis?

Bite on left temple, swollen from forehead to cheek, redness moving towards neck,pain?

Blister like rash on tip of left ear and cheek.warm to touch, ear sweling.back pain.fatigue. dry throat.diarrhea.

Burning lump behind ear for over a year now have some facial numbness that just started what can this be?

By day 2 of antibiotic a soft quarter sized lump showed up on my right side of neck. Day 5 I feel achy and slight runny nose, ear ache. why?

Can a swollen mandibular on right jaw be connected to a swollen tongue? In what way?

Can a tooth infection create pain in the jaw, ear and a sensation of sore throat on the one side?If so what treatment is needed?

Can allergy cause burning in ear? I have a lump where my ear meets the jaw it burns sometimes it swollen and sometimes not. Burns down my neck.

Can allergy cause random burning in neck throat ear and upper chest and a burning enlarged lyhme node near jaw behind ear?

Can an unknown allergy cause neck pain and pressure on back, sides, and front near adams apple? I also have swollen lymphs and nasal. How do I get checked?

Can buildup of earwax cause pain in the side of the neck under the ear? And can it cause the neck to feel slightly swollen?

Can dry socket occur 2 months after your gums heal very nicely? Achy & itchy throat, ear and jaw ache, eye twitch, neck pops, same side as extractions

Can fever blisters show up on your chin and lip and create jaw and ear pain?

Can jaw swelling on left side be caused by any other dental/jaw issue other than abscess? I have slightly swollen left face but no pain.on clindamycin

Can my sinus cavities in the back of neck be painful?

Can pain in teeth on left side up and down be sinus related? Cold symptoms present pressure in cheeks. lymph node swollen behind ears left and right.

Can side effects like swelling of glands, swallowing problems and numbness of throat and neck last for years. After having surgeries like dissectio.

Can sinus cause my glands in neck to swell? It's under my jaw and middle of neck now

Can STERNOCLEIDOMASTOID muscle get caught on something? Felt an intense snapping in that area running from behind ear down neck. Area is now sore.

Can sternocleidomastoid muscle tightness make mastoids process more prominent than on the other side? Also have ear pressure and slight cheek numbnes

Can sternocleidomastoid tension cause tongue, jaw, ear and swallowing discomfort (feels like lump in throat). Causes and at home treatment?

Can stress bring on tmj pain? And recurring glandular fever? My glands are up in my neck and under my chin and my jaw hurts so much

Can swollen glands in neck n under jaw cause Bell's palsy ?

Can tight sternocleidomastoid.muscle make mastoid proces more prominent on one side. Also have ear pressure and numbness on a cheek all same side

Can TMJ cause an inflammation sensation in both ears & throat area & feeling like atlas is misaligned? Voice sounds congested too & jaw is tight

Can TMJ-TMD cause facial pain, lump in throat feeling, and a swollen bump on the tip of the chin, with actual pain when pushing the chin bone ?

Can't tell, but left jaw right at back at curve may be ever so slightly swollen, no swollen glands anywhere else, having some TMJ issues, concern?

Cause of swelling below ear along right side jawline almost to chin? feels full of fluid. Could this cause pinched feeling under same side of tongue?

Causes of left jaw ache or left hard palate ache? Mostly when moving neck down or 2 left. Also when speaking certain words. Earache at times too

Causes of pain and swelling along jawline under the ear?

Clicking in throat when swallowing, had an extremely painful ear infection, right gland still feels larger than normal, mild ear pain still after amox?

Congestion, sore throat, slight ear pain tender neck area behind the ear, swollen glands, body aches ?

Consistently moderately swollen mandibular jaw on one side and tongue. Can they be connected? No pain or warmth (could it still be infection without?)

Could a rotting tooth cause painful glands in neck off and on for MONTHS? Sometimes the pain feels like it's around collarbone.

Could bruxism cause extrem ear pain and hurting gums? My eye also has pressure to it. 1.9cm node in my neck and hurts neck. No infection. Fna 4 days.

Diagnosed with ear inflammation. Left side of neck and face felt like there are some pressure. Hard to breathe sometimes.Symptoms of the inflammation?

Discomfort in the neck and pressure feeling in cheeks, head, and ears. Neck hurts when bending it forward. Had viral infection over a week ago.

Discovered small lump near/in front of right ear. It's painful and swollen. Causing headaches, eye/ear ache, and dizziness. What could it be?

Do swollen and inflamed tonsillitis cause painfull joints especially from waist downwards?

Does jaw,ear,eye and headaches, connect to thyroid? I have been having so much pain for the past three months, my thyroid too sometimes hurts too much

Dull continuous ache under my jaw on the left side (could be gland or lymph node) & up toward my ear. Duration of 3 days. Should I get it checked out?

Ear bone and down side of neck is sore could be sinsus a lot pain when lend forward ?

Ear discomfort with jawline swelling, (on opposite sides) also have a dark purpl/papillae on tongue side with ear popping and dull intermittent ear pa?

Ear pain , and tiny tender "node "under jaw. Hard to even feel.. related?

Ear pain and had cipro (ciprofloxacin) for treatment still occurring back of head hurting and my throat has by touch large round egg size swelling throat pain?

Ear pain and sensitive neck and head to touch. Any ideas?

Ear pain that also hurts head, throat and jaw. What could it be?

Enlarged gland on under left side of chin? Due to bad tooth or grinding on that side?

Extreme pain in neck right under jaw bone and in ears after chocking during intercourse, can't turn head, damage? Playful no exfixiation

Feel well! But p size sore lump and swelling both on hairline and under ear and swelling in front of ear on same side of face! Developed overnight ?

Fever with chills, whole body ache and swollen lymph nodes in the neck under the right ear and near left ear canal. And rash on forehead but not itchy?

For 2 1/2 months I have experienced facial tingling on the left side and arms. Accompanied by ear pressure and ache. Swollen lymphnode in jaw. ?

For 3 yrs I have had 1 hard swollen gland that itches on the r side where the jaw \ neck meet, swelling comes and goes \ear ringing. What is it?

For 3 yrs I have had 1 hard swollen gland that itches on the r side where the jaw \ neck meet, swelling comes and goes \ear ringing. What is it?

For over 2 yrs i've had a lump on the right side of my neck close to the jaw. No pain but makes a clicking noise when pushed. Other symptoms present?

For the last 6 days i have very bad sinus congestion along pain in throat above adams apple. hurts when i bend my chin down or swallow not internal. ?

For two days I have had ear/jaw/face pain on my left side and all of my teeth have become incredibly sensitive. Is this an ear infection?

Found a lump in my neck by my jaw to the centre about 3cm with no pain about 2 month ago & I have just found one behind my ear. What could it be?

Frequent headaches over past year & everyday for about 2+ weeks. Also have pain in left ear, left throat/neck, & a small lump near end of jaw bone.

From last 10 days I am having a mild pain on my left neck, under the left ear and travels from under the jaw to ear alreadychecked with ENT and dentist?

Front of neck sore to touch also ear ache inflamed taste buds?

Getting over a cold but my left jaw/cheek is swelling, what could this be?

Getting pain underneath my ears that goes and comes for approximately 1 month. The Left side gland is swollen. Also, underneath my tongue is very sens?

Grape size lump swelling under the jaw at ear little pain in the morning (15min) and whole day without no pain and swelling what is the cause?

Had an upper and lower colonoscopy yesterday and today I have a swollen lymph nose under my chin and it's numb is this normal ?

Had pain in my left salivary gland for 5 months, ear , jaw pain red 1eye, pain in the back of my neck, tight, 1 side throat pain.2 blood test ok.Ct ok.!?

Had sore heads, throat &ear over 6 mths. Mainly head at left side. Doc said no ear infection. Put me on amitriptyline?Lump under left jaw what is wrong

Had sore throat for 3 days went to doc he gave me doxycicline. Now day 4 have soreness, tender and pain right side of front neck. Hurts wit certain neck motions. Negative nuchal rigidity. Glands?

Hard lump behind lft ear, then another lower down behind ear. painful to touch and pain shoots down jaw and neck, help??

Hard lump on jaw joint, felt through touching my cheek, level with bottom of earlobe, 2cm away, aching, always have swollen parotid gland.What could it be?

Hard lump on left side of neck about half way up can't be moved and clicking in thyroid could this be TMJ related ? If no what is it?

Hard painful pimples on right side of back. Taking antibiotics for sinus infection, but right ear and neck still hurt. Are they connected by the meds?

Hard swollen gland where jaw meets ear. Likely parotid. Had for years, but now seems to be causing TMJ symp Who best Dr or dentist to help?

Hard, painful lumps behind both ears, bk of head & bk of neck. Severe pain&stiff nk, hdache, sic 4- 3.5wks. 2 rnds antibios. Still not 100%. ?

Have a click feelin in my upper neck/jaw when swallowing or sometimes talking. Its on 1 side only. Had it before. Whats that, serious?