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a chiropractor thinks my rapidly deteriorating neck conditions are happening partly because i injured my middle back and necks been compensatin true?

24yr old-past 3 months, neck/back (spine) r stiff & crack/rub anytime i breathe/move ect, sometimes get weird taste in mouth when neck cracks. Ideas?

A 1.8 CM slip of L5-S1. Cracking sounds in neck when I turn my head. Arm pain in both arms. Blood work was normal. Are neck and back related? Arthritis?

A stiff muscle in neck causes my head to go forward. What could be helpful ?

About a year ago I had neck fusion surgey since then the muscles in my neck constantly hurt is there anything I can do?

After just 10 min on treadmill I have pain in ears and in front of neck and under chin/floor of mouth.Is this muscular?Posture?PCP says not to worry.

Any tips on how to handle hair care after a neck injury?

Are pillows bad for your neck?

Are the massages on neck and shoulders harmful ? Almost daily ?

Are there solutions or daily tips to ameliorate the shape of bad curved shoulders and neck ?

Back of neck is soleing...Is this from smoking?

Base of skull has been sore for a while, dr, chiro, massage therapist say tight muscles on left side. Bad anxiety, keep poking, is this keeping it sor?

Been cracking my neck for 2 months, found the back of my neck really sore whenever I tilt/lay weird. Longissimus capitis muscle came up from Google?

Best way to get crook out of you're neck?

Best ways to alleviate tight shoulders, sore neck & headache caused by leaning over phone/computer too much (aka "text neck")?

Broken back or neck, do I still give cpr?

Bump on neck just below skull when neck bent forward, a few inches about c7. Could this be c2 or 3 vertebrae? Is it normal to be able to feel them?

Can anyone help explain head and neck mass in a baby?

Can doing neck stretches or exercise lead to a broken neck?

Can doing neck stretches or exercises break your neck?

Can extremely tight neck muscles cause head pressure when laughing? Doctor thinks I should see a chiropractor for my neck, but i suspect chiari...

Can getting an elbow to the neck cause a stroke?

Can hair dressers and massage therapists give head neck shoulder massages around swollen lymph nodes?

Can i fly if I have a sprained neck?

Can masturbation cause head \ neck strain?

Can moving the.neck to quickly or popping the neck kill you or break your.neck or sprain it?

Can spinal fluid come out from your nose after a neck injury? Was in a head lock while being assaulted and was squeezing my neck very hard for about 45 seconds.

Can stiff neck cause dizziness... My neck shoulder remains stiff next morning aftrr heavy badminton games.

Can there be a proper name for head and neck cancer?

Can tight bladder neck be cured 100%?

Can trauma to neck/throat cause cricopharngeal spasm? I was in a car accident and seat belt injured neck feel like tightness no difficulty swallowing

Can trauma to the neck, probably throat from blunt-force injury causes problems years later? Neck has always been sensitive around larynx.

Can upper back/shoulder/neck tension affect sinus? Haven't stretched them out in days and i've had bad posture for as long as i can remember

Can very tight neck, traps, etc. cause labyrinthitis?

Can vns therapy cause stiff neck muscles? I had the implant done in june, and a few weeks ago started noticing tightness in my neck and jaw.

Can you break your neck stretching it to far?

Can you break your neck stretching to far back or to the side?

Can you cause any damage or break your vertebrae in your neck from it cracking when you were pushing against it to help move your body in a seat?

Can you damage your neck from yawning?

Can you get a hernia in your neck?

Certain places on back and shoulder and neck sore to the touch . Could that be muscle tension? Any remedies?

Cervical spondylosis creating tension on artery, I get vertigo due to this when I bend my neck slightly down, is it dangerous? could I get a stroke?

Cervical strain issue. It's gotten worse over the years. My neck pops and proceeds with paid and more cracking. I went to a chiropractor several years ago and i believe he ruined my neck / cervical area by poor manipulation. I went to a physical therapist

Chiropractor: at a typical visit i lay face down and he uses a vibration device along my back. I flip over to then have my neck cracked. Nothing else?

Constant neck shoulder back pain numb arms stiffness for 6 months. Ive changed pillow mattress I do yoga and stretches no help. Is it bad posture?

Could a constricted neck make your voice crack?

Could a tight bra (the rough ones not soft) cause neck pain?

Could cracking my neck for years caused my neck to lengthen or lean forward?

Could doing neck stretches or exercises break your neck?

Could getting a neck fracture paralyze you?

Could hypnotherapy stop me cracking my neck and back?

Could it be healthy for a kid to have stiff neck?

Could someone get a stroke from getting a neck adjustment at the chiropractor?

Do people with a limp neck act like their neck is broken?

Doctor's opinion? My neck tightens when im sitting?

Doctors can you tell me why does my neck get really warm?

Does a chiropractor work with necks? Do they also practice on necks or if not what are neck doctors called?

Does anyone know, after chiropractor adjustment in my thoracic my upper back and arms get tight?

Does broadening the shoulders make the neck look longer?

Does doing neck stretches or exercises risk breaking your neck?

Does neck arthritus make your body slouch?

Does nerve damage in neck cause swishing sound when turn head?

Does problem with the back and neck can be the cause of head shape changing?

Does your shoulders appear in a neck x-ray?

Dr said I have cervical spondylosis I have lots of pain on my shoulders arms and i get cramps when i move my hands and neck i get dizziness at times?

Ever get a chill that rolls down your spine? Why?

Everytime I swallow my neck contracts one side and gets stiff last few months. ENT normal. Head is even and X-ray cervical normal. Can it be dystonia?

Face and part of neck feels tight as if i was wearing a mask that dried. Has happened a lot ever since i had a muscle spasm in my neck when i yawned?

Fatty hump at base of neck between shoulder blades, could this be from bad posture. I have always walked with a slouch?

Feeling vibrations im my body , when turning my neck , or when i make some neck strech exercises , MRI of sc was normal ! it maybe what ?

Feels like lump on back part of tongue/throat chiropractor says I have nerve-endings there. What could this be? Was in auto accident & having neck sps

Following open heart surgery I've had a very stiff neck and shoulders and when sitting for a while and moving head up and down I get double vision?

For a straight neck, who should I see?

Had cervical dystopia for 4 years now and know 3 days ago if I look down to text on my phone the right side of my Neck and shoulder start to tingle ?

Have cervical spondylosis c5-c6, c6-c7, in pain, wearing neck brace. Was told hanging my head upside down is good for recovery. Any truth in that?

Have neck arthritus is it good to stretch when you get up and before bedtime?

Have neck cracking since last month. Getting bothering. What is the cause? How can I improve?

Head and neck pain after massage, too rough or wrong type?

Headaches up the back of neck into head for about a week have had a deep tissue massage and have seen chiropractor.Getting no relief:(?

Hello, I have mild spinal bifilar, and work as a cna. My neck and back crack a lot at work. When i get up in the am my back really hurts. Why?

Hello. How could i take out a collar of six to eight moles I have around my neck, please?Thank you so much for your time and attention.

Hello. Im trying to have a good posture but it always seems like my head is reaching forward. Im also having shoulders and neck pain. What can I do?

Hi I have plain in the neck What the resone?

Hi doc this morning as I wake I was trying to get up as I'm try to get up I heard my neck pop I can't move my neck ?

Hi ER drs :) what are good places to ice in order to prevent/cure minor heat stroke? How's top of head, forehead, back of head, neck, armpits? Others?

Hi I just wanted to find out for the few months every time I smoke the back of my head and upper neck spams twitchs slightly what can be the cause of ?

Hi I on computers every day what can I do to help neck excerises I have a minor disc bulge C 3/4 but get sore traps etc thanks?

Hi my neck has been stiff for nearly a year now and I'm 16 but I don't know why I have used muscle joint cream to see if that helps but nothing.

Hi there what's best one or two pillows to sleep to look after your neck thanks always had two but people said no good for neck?

Hi there why is my thoracic and neck clicking and pop when turning stretching thanks?

Hi there! i am having the small seizures i think, im fully awake and only my neck, hand and head muscles are affected. they twice a week, anything?PLZ

Hit my head on floor. Went to hospital. Have muscle spasms in neck. Told to wear neck collar. How long should I wear it. How long before it heals?

How bad is cracking your: knuckles, neck and back.... Long term on the body?

How can I avoid working out neck?

How can I cure bruises around the neck?

How can I get a crook out my neck?

How can I get my neck to stop being tight-feeling after the accident?

How can I prevent myself from getting large neck muscles?

How can you give cpr to someone who may have a broken neck/back?

How can you improve extremely strained neck?