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once a month for a week i get inflammation in neck, low back . balance is off, heaviness feeling ect. post menapause like i am on steroids why?

10 weeks ago i herniated a cervical disc. Im fine now except when i drive i get a pinprick pain on my neck its a bit sore, will it go do you think?

10 year old daughter wakes often from head and neck pain.PCP says tension headaches. Yoga, meditation not helping enough. Any suggestions?

150lb animal jumped on neck&back. Neck&back pain since and episodes of feeling like about to pass out&nausea. Best course of action? No money or ins.

2002 I was thrown on floor & my neck & head hit a metal device. No issues then. now having pain & stiffness in neck & shoulder blades & headaches

22 year old female suffering from neck clicking and grinding when I turn head side to side followed by stiffness. Osteoporosis is in my family?

22f.have loss of lordosis.pain in left arm from neck to finger,back pain,chest pain,left ear pain,dizziness,headache,weakness.sufferning from anxiety nowadays.feeling weakhearted after fights.mentally am not stable.

3 mos delayed but not pregnant. Neck pain radiated to my head. Dr who examined says its myoneurial disorder?

3 weeks: dull headache, all-day fatigue, some nausea, tight neck, sensitive scalp, CT scan normal. PT, massages not helping much. What else can I do?

3.5 weeks of pegasys/ribasphere tx; severe light sensitivity/pain behind both eyes, neck, shoulder&hands tingling&pain; normal symptoms or should I go to er?

34 yo m w/ chronic neck pain/ headaches since 2000. I think that i hurt myself "head banging" at heavy metal concerts. Neck "popped." thoughts?

8 year old frequent neck and eye pain. What type of doctor should I take him to see ?

8u botox ea eye for crowfeet 3d ago, since I have head/neck pain, hurts eyes and feel press like choking, pain on shoulders like tension. Is It relate?

A good medication for cervicogenic headaches caused by neck arthiritis. Had nerve block injections but still get headaches every other day.

A severe herniated disc 6/7 in neck. Waiting for results if a few tests before i see neuro again. Blurry vision, head and neck pain? Vision scares me?

Adenosine scan, , apologies, problems were, severe upper chest pain spasms into neck , swallowing problems and loss of eye sight. Leg pains. ?

After a bronchitis, I've had neck tension/pain and a few days after my unsteadiness 24/7 started and fogginess at times. All tests clear. Any ideas?

After a stressful event I got again chest pain somehow like numbness on the upperpart of body, both arms and neck. Now I have headache. Is that normal?

After one or two sips of alcohol, I always get pain in the back of my neck and sometimes my shoulders as well. It only lasts 5-10 minutes, though.

After orchiectomy psa is 4.3. Is it natural feel pains at times on arms and at times on neck. Tried some yoga too.

After suffering a lower back problem last week ,for the last 4 days my neck has been stiff and have been getting double vision ?

Almost 2 years muscle spasm in back & neck and loud tinnitus in left ear, I used too many medicines and exercise at home, is their a treament or no?

Am experiencing headache in the right part of my head, followed by stiffness in neck , fever .Haven't experienced it before , age:23 , no med treatment?

Are head/neck aches normal from provigil? Can I prevent them?

Are musle aches caused by a bad thyrod?

Are my fibromyalgia symptoms all in my head like they said?

Are swollen lymph nodes in the neck, general aches and pains and headaches side affects of depression? + restless legs. Should I seek more help?

Are the any neurological conditons that cause really bad headaches that last for months and drugs don't help at all , and really bad neck/back pain ?

Are there any neurological disorders that cause really bad headaches bad neck/ back pain. Had this since august, and nothing works, no drugs will help?

Bad tension headaches for about 6 weeks now, nausea for 3-4 weeks, muscle spasms, and a burning in my back. I've had a CT done, is it my wisdom teeth?

Been having back neck and headaches. Took meds. Which helped with back pains. Neck and headaches continue despite hot pads&meds. I have not fallen or had any incident. Making me feel weak and sometimes lightheaded

Been having pain on my neck going towards shoulder for more then a week. Hoping it's not a symptom of a stroke. Can i take cyclobenzapr?

Been more than 2 weeks since i sprained my neck in exercise. Still stiffness is there. Help pls. Can you let me know what type of doctor to consult?

Been suffering with headaches which I normally don't suffer from, also neck stiffness which comes and goes and elbow joints ache what can it be?

Been to the ER with numbness in arms , pain and numbness in neck and back, headaches dizziness, etc. They sent me home with bupap. Wat should I do?

Before going to sleep, felt a pain above eyebrows . A bit sharp ..rate it maybe 4/5 on scale. History : anxiety neck/back pain. Tmj issues , sinuses , got over colitis .

Best med(s)/plan for headache:concussion and neck sprain from sports injury? Neuro seen, have tingling back of head, stiff neck, nausea one month later

Best way to treat severe back, head and neck pain after drinking alcohol?

Buckd off horse 9/7 hit back head. 9/8 sore stiff neck front. Swoll. musc right side. Treating @ home. Is it worth get. seen? Or is it muscle strain?

Burning ear sensation...then headache...sore neck down back. Saw primary to rule out meningitis. Blood work done. No diabetes.

Burning stiffness in center of upper back and neck, headaches and tremors been her for a long time. What could it be?

C-section 2 months ago. Muscle & joint pain. Having night tremors (internal) now all over body- including in my head. Bloodwork neg so far. Causes?

Can 20mg of lovastatin cause neck/shoulder discomfort & headache?

Can a neck collar help for cervicogenic headaches? Cannot take meds due to GI problems. Physiotherapy hasn't helped.

Can a possible pinched nerve or bad posture be causing my headaches? They are usually in one spot of my head and its more like a pressure feeling.Thx

Can a pulled muscle in you're neck or a similar strain cause ear pain and ear ringing I have a very physical job of constant heavy lifting ?

Can an md do anything about my neck when i've slept wrong/can't turn my head? I love my md, but sometimes I wish he were a do. I have cervical spondyl

Can anxiety cause ms symptoms? Have mri of head and neck. Everrthfjne. Still blurred vision abnormal sensation all over body. Off balance. Difficultly swallowing. Hard to control urine. Sore muscles. Shock of pain when I look down running from neck to han

Can anxiety disorder caus tension &headache daily, seen nerologist dr, he giv me amitraplin not tried yet.Sent me osteotherapist whosays it muscula neck?

Can anyone tell me what causes pain in the scalp?

Can arthritis in the neck cause vestibular neuritis? I suffer from chronic neck pain and I have VN I wonder if there is a relation.

Can bactrim (sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim) ds cause bad neck stiffness/tension and pain that radiates to the jaw joints/head and face? Should i be concerned?

Can carrying a heavy baby around cause me to have neck pain and headaches?

Can chronic pain in back and neck go away for almost a year then get aggravated by a car accident? I had an adrenalectomy from having cushing's disorder which left me with chronic pain in my back & neck for years and i also have insomnia (along with many

Can neck pain be caused by too much golf practice in older men?

Can neck pain effect in breathing..? Means any neck problem can cause trouble in breathing? Is neck connected to nose and its functionality?

Can the ache i feel now in my neck and jaw be possibly caused by the heart-ache am undergoing due to relationship break-up?

Can whiplash or neck pain cause long term headaches?

Can you get arthritis n your head and what are symptoms and treatment.

Can you have arthritis & what are symptoms of arthritis in neck to back shoulder area. What might you feel like? What age does it begin?Poor posture

Can you make yourself worse after a bad whiplash injury by not resting enough and doing things that cause pain esp in neck? 9i.E. Computer work?)

Can you tell me how i could comfortably fly following a neck sprain with periodic headaches and vertigo?

Chronic neck pain and pressure head aches worse when laying down or apon waking up.Waiting to see nurologist . What can it be?Lupus, sjögren's, fibro?

Concussion back in 1998 due to a bicycle accident. Ever since migraines and pain in the neck. Have to pop my neck to avoid headaches everyday?

Could compression at C5-C6. c6-C7 causing RADICULOPATHY also be the cause of headaches? I never had headaches until the RADICULOPATHY started

Could cortisone shots cause really bad head and eye and neck ache the first night?

Could extremely heavy or long hair be a cause of neck pain?

Could neck pain/back issues , TMJ issues, or slightly high bp , cause ache in forehead, above eyebrows ? ( I have anxiety , as well)

Could poor posture/computer work cause miserable aching down both sides of neck at the same time? Strong carotid pulse, no chest pain/neuro symptoms.

Currently I'm having severe neck pain ( located behind head close to where the end of spinal cord is ) witch is also causing a pretty bad headache. ?

Dad, 48 is a truck driver and a smoker he has severe headaches and neck pain the last few days. He can't get up to eat, hurts him to cough. Diagnose?

Daily headaches, tender points on neck an concentration problems. Doctor diagnosed Fibromyalgia? What are the causes for this?

Degen disc/bone spurs in neck, in car crash got whiplash. Restr mov/feels like pressure build up plus constant headache behind eyes. Poss reason?

Detailed questions please helpi am HIV positive but i had a previous neck injury. It feels like my posture muscles are decaying. I need to ask please

Dizziness & pain in neck when turn head to either side. Occasionally see black spots. Have Mild C5-C6 pinched nerve, neck stiffness & pain?

Do doctors give cortisone shots in the neck? And if they do what would be the reason? Would it help if a person had burning pain in the neck?

Does anyone know, after neck surgery, any after effects, such as headaches, hurting shoulders, numbness etc?

Does narrowing of the cervical vertabraes c-4 thru c-7 cause neck pain & breathing problems I have like a dry cough?

Does piles have any relation with neck pain?

Does wearing several heavy necklaces on your neck cause headaches?

Doing physical therapy for migraines on my neck, shoulders, & base of head. Always off balance and dizzy. Then vomiting begins. What can cause this?

Every day very bad neck pain that i can't even hold my phone and headache that does not let me sleep, how can I cure this ?

Every morning i wake up with a pounding headache and pain in my neck. Does anyone have any recommendations on a good pillow?

Every time i take pain meds either over counter or by my doctor my neck, lower head, &upper spine hurt and i get tremors. Why is that?

For a few months i've got pain in my limbs/neck/back, morning stiffness (l/n/b). Dry mouth, unrefressing sleep. Blood test are -. What can it be?

For the last 6 month before my menstrual cycle begins I have veins in my necks pulsing, neck tightening and palpitations every month is this normal its new to me?

For the last few weeks, i been experiencing intermittent stiffness in neck with a mild pressure near the top of skull. I'm often tense in chest/shoulders due to anxiety, but never in the neck. I also wake with a jaw that pops. Any thoughts onwhether it co

Four yrs. Post acdf c-5-6/6-7 can't look up, head check while driving, or use a PC due to neck pain and lack of range of motion, normal, permanent?

Frequent headaches for 10 years. GP says tension in neck. Last 2 months tingling in arms and legs, comes and goes. GP says due to neck tension? True?

Ha TMJ jaw spasm issues - seem to be improving but now getting pain in shoulders and neck. Linked? Bad sign? Could it be arthritis?

Had cervical hernia, all symptoms are gone except a weaker arm when working out, applying ice on neck area will help to resolve the issue? Thanks

Had some lymph nodes come and go but my anxiety makes me check for lumps and Shoulder & neck aches. How much can severe anxity effect body and mind?

Had sore muscles back , neck , shoulders for 5 months. Read online it could be a symptom of lung cancer esp because of shoulder ache. I don't smoke .

Had spinal tap plus two blood patch. I'm still having bad headaches along with pain in my neck & along a back. Its been going on for a week. I need he?

Hard bony bump on spine b/t neck & shoulder blades. Causing major pain as day goes on, especially when active. Sometimes makes me nauseous. Cause?

Has anyone expierenced head and neck swelling fron doing to much cocaine?

Has anyone found a cure for serious neck and back pain, numb arms?

Has anyone found a cure for work-induced neck and back pain/stiffness?

Have neck pain and headache every day take high blood pressure medication could this be the medication that make my neck and head hurt every day this is being going on for over 1 month..

Have stiff neck w/ swollen vertebrae at the base of my skull. 3-8 pain scale.Has been around a month. Headaches. Painkillers don't work. ?Ideas?