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21M. Something is happening to the muscles of my face for 1yr now: no cheeckbones, chin muscle, and less masseter muscles. Any reasons why that happen?

5 wks after dog bite difficulty swallowing, minor tension in jaw and 3 spasms in my arm trigger by loud music- could I have tetanus? Im not vaccinated

7 months ago when I had the botox in my neck it partially paralyzed my swallowing muscles. So that's why my new doctor wants to put me on PEG tube. ?

After a filling 6 months ago I now have speech impairment, difficulty chewing and chronic popping and pain with a lot of spasming and jaw jerking,?

After eating I have swollen facial muscles at the top of my jaw close to my temples. What could be the cause?

After grinding teeth all night, muscles on back of head are contracted. Any solution?

After lefort I and BSSO, should your teeth touch constantly whilst the bones are healing? Or would that stress the jaw muscles?

An X-Ray shows my jaw sometimes restricts my breathing both when awake and asleep. Can anxiety cause the jaw to "press in?"

Anxiety often affects the jaw; has anyone developed a jaw massage to relieve tension? What else can I do?

Are people with large jaws more likely to develop stiff jaw?

Asymmetrical jaw, feel prob somtimes on tooth structre , itchng and uncomfortng feelng on less devlopd part of face orthognal, jaw , implants whic is best?

Can being too skinny/underweight make my jaw/cheek muscles tight and painful? I have naturally protruding cheekbones, but never hurt until recently.

Can bell's palsy affect both sides of the face and create problems with eating and swallowing?

Can bentyl cause jaw spasms or splurred speech when talking it? Hard to speak when on bentyl, weird jaw movements/ spasms

Can bruxism cause changes to your facial structure?

Can bruxism, clenching and or TMJ disfunction cause facial nerve palsy? No drooping eye or mouth, just left cheek sits slightly lower when smiling?

Can chewing on one side of your mouth cause facial asymmetry?

Can clenching and unclenching or sucking in your stomach help your abdominal muscles at all if you do it a lot while sitting?

Can facial change due to bruxism be fixed?

Can i tell me how i can strengthen my teeth , my jaw , my cheeks , my face muscles , my whole skull?

Can improper placement of needle & numbing agent in lower jaw cause temporary facial paralysis/tingling & severe pain in jaw, ear, neck & back of head?

Can jaw pain cause extra saliva ?

Can larger masseter muscle (right side) cause a constant (3+ yrs) heat sensation on the cheek? Trigeminal MRI inconslusive, do have bruxism.

Can muscles in front of voice box be tight?

Can one reverse the muscular changes and facial appearance changes from teeth grinding? My jaw has widened and hardened.Can the masseter muscle atophy

Can oral applicators prevent my lower jaw from blocking my airway and causing sleep apnea?

Can oral sex harm throat muscle of in experienced female or neck muscles/joints?

Can problems with teeth grinding affect and cause muscle twitching?

Can running when body including jaw/face is really relaxed, enough impact to dislocate the jaw?

Can sinus infections produce muscles spasms on face?

Can sore muscles around the TM joint and jaw irritate the trigeminal nerve ?

Can spastic chronically tight muscles on the neck and jaw area cause referred pain around the mouth, lips, nose?

Can stress cause muscle rigidity? Last night i was having difficulty opening/closing hands

Can stress induced clenching of the teeth and strained jaw muscles cause swollen neck glands?

Can stress induced clenching of the teeth and strained jaw muscles lead to swollen glands in the neck?

Can teeth problems contribute to a narrow chin.

Can tensing jaw too hard cause damage to joint, muscle or bone?

Can tight muscles cause pressure on the infraorbital nerve towards the nose/upper lip?

Can TMJ and tight jaw muscles cause muffled ears - how?

Can tmj cause a twitch in the temple region?

Can TMJ cause like tight facial muscles?

Can TMJ cause very mild skin sensitivity on the skin around the jaw? plus I have tightness and very mild soreness, no other issues.

Can TMJ cause your neck and facial muscles to swell, as well as causing sinusitis like symptoms?

Can you tell me some types of jaw exercises to help loosen the jaw muscles (mainly around the joint?

Can your heartrate be raised by TMJ or tightness in your jaw? Feel the need to grimace, smile teeth, and jut jaw forward, up down to release tension

Chin/ bottom jaw tightness. almost like when you take the first bite of something and your mouth tightens up. tongue presses upward and tight very un?

Clinching fist and jaw is this normal in new born?

Concerning lateral pterygoid muscle,why protrusive action functions to test intactness of mandibular nerve?

Could chewing on one side of your mouth cause facial asymmetry?

Could the way i'm holding my jaw in place affect the tightness in my jaw muscles? Maybe I am forcing it to a new position or stretching it too much

Could very tight neck muscles cause your jaw to go into spasm and affect ears?

Developed strong spasms in my lower lip and minor spasms in upper lip and cheek after facial paralysis post surgery 15 months. Hemifacial spasm now?

Do I have torticollis, I think I am missing my right SCM. I think this has caused a very asymmetrical face. How can this be treated. ?

Do I need to worry about bone loss in my jaw if I have been bruxist for almost 40 years?

Do masseter space, submasseter space and masticator space refer to the same area? Is it rare to have masseter space abscess?

Do you know anything about marcus gunn jaw winking phenomenon?

Does growing wisdom teeth paralyze muscle function in face?

Does overusing the masseter muscle change our jaw bone (the bone itself) shape? Or the muscle just give a wider jaw appearance but no harm to the bone

Does overusing the masseter muscle change the jaw bone shape or jaw appearance? Does it change the jaw bone making it less curve? Please be specific.

Does overusing the masseter muscle change the jaw shape or jaw bone? It seems one side of my jaw is squarer than the other. The bone seems less curved

Does your jaw thicken as you age?

Double jaw surgery counter clockwise rotation 4 weeks ago, pressed tongue hard against my palate but the force was pushing down could that rotate them?

Facial muscle spasms when smiling mean I don't do it enuf?

For the past few weeks my upper lip area has been very tight and when talking, laughing or smiling, it has been pushing hard against my upper jaw. Over time will this remodel my upper jaw making it less protruding? Continuous pressure changes bone?

Genioplasty and rhinoplasty about 5 weeks ago... I get tension in my nose and some pain, still can't move chin.. Lots of tension but of pain. Healing?

Had double jaw advancment with rotation 5 weeks ago, if the tongue pressed hard against the palate could it potetionally move the upper jaw?

Had facial palsy from result from surgery 5 months. Got most movement back but when I smile, chew or swallow, my ear flutters. Is this synkinesis?

Had TMJ and stiff jaw muscles for over a year. Recently jaw muscles are twitching-feeling they trying to come back to life - could this be the case?

Hey I have an asymmetric jaw in pictures but in the mirror its just fine. But if my jaw is how it is in photos, is there a way to make my jaw even?

Hi im having vision problems dizziness jaw tightness neck tension, jaw pops when i open my mouth. Pls help my doctor won't help.

Hi, every since I was born and tried to smile with teeth, the right side of my lip has always sagged. I have Marcus-Gunn Jaw winking syndrome. Help?

Hi! Could cervical atlas bone/muscle dysfunction cause strong head/neck palpitations, tight jaw, throat & ear fullness, facial & eye discomfort?

Hi!I have overbite problem of teeth nd my lower jaw is smaller then upper jaw nd also my upper lip is heavy plz guide me it will not effect my face?

How can I help my eye really over from sixth muscle palatine?

How can I reduce my jaw muscle size?

How can I reverse my TMJ pain and the asymmetry it has caused my face ?

How can I strengthen my facial muscles so that my cheeks don't shiver/vibrate when i smile?

How can I tell if I ruptured my mouth muscle?

How can mouth breathing affect face structure?

How do I know if I ruptured a mouth muscle?

How much muscle tension is normal? If I let my jaw/throat/tongue relax I find it very hard to breath! (Day and night, upright and supine)

How to fix 6mm vertical over bite in adult male (22 yo). My lower jaw sits back when I bite down effecting my facial profile. ?

How to make jaw muscle larger?

How to make my jaw more protruding and prominent?

How to slim jaw muscles from grinding?

How to tell if it's the masseter muscle problem or its natural? What happen when overused? Does it affect the jaw bone, making it more square?

I am a 40 year old adult with upper and lower palate extenders. Should i be concerned about recent nocturnal spasms in the jaw ?

I am having too much trouble with jaw. Every time I do a certain task, If I put a certain amount of which on one hand, it give me jaw pain.

I am on geodon (ziprasidone) but it is not working because it is giving me tmj. Can jaw tightness clenching be related to shoulder and trapezius stiffness? Tight

I am wearing a mouth guard , but still in the morning i get my muscle tight , jaw pain, also sinus pressure in the cheeks! what could be done?

I chewed hard gum to grow muscle in my face & specially in left side I chewed more, so hearing loss 50% then tinnitus only in left, hearing fixed T No?

I clench my jaw at night, garble my words, have tension headaches, tongue feels heavy, large & sluggish. My son had tongue tie, could i have one too?

I had a fractured jaw, had 2 plates. Because of injury, i suffer from jaw dislocations, clicking, muscles in my jaw, head and neck hard as a rock, wake up with migraine. What can I do I can't eat steak?

I had a MRI on my jaw joint for bruxism. My neck muscles hurt more then the joint. Ear ringing and sore. Will the MRI show muscle inflamation?

I had lower jaw surgery 5wks ago and an incision was made to my right masseter. My face is assymetrical because its still swollen. How do I reduce it?

I have a constant tremor on my jaw, specially more noticeble on lower mandibular jawbone, that never stops. What could I do to treat or ask my doctor?

I have a friend who is very healthy but is always twisting her mouth.So bad, that her face distorted can this be categorized as muscle spasm disorder?

I have a tight digastric muscle that makes breathing a tad difficult. Any suggestions on how to relax it? Thanks!

I have a tremor or shaking when i close my teeth no trouble swallowing and its not visible i just feel my teeth shaking a little bit and jaw tension?

I have developed aberrant fibers 4m orbicularis oculi to oris after left TMJ surgery because of there any cure? Left cheek moves up when I close left eye