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cervical spondylosis have any connection to the node neck tension and narrowing neck bites in the trachea and breathlessness?

I had neck injury 2014 pain at time 8/10 now 3-4/10 Brachial neuritis radiculitis.pinched nerves in neck. MRI done 2015 I relate to injury advise ?

3 b uldging discs in neck C3 andc4 I have pain inside upper both arms down to fingers. What can I do?

4 bulging disc in the neck. Could this be touching a nerve cause shoulder, arm and upper pain that was not seen on an mri? How can I find out if it is

58 yr old, male. Symptoms:neck/shoulder pain, stiffness, numbness in right hand/arm, headaches. Could this be a bone spur of the cervical vertebrae?

6 months ago, MRI shows herniated discs c4-c5, c5-c6. Now, no tingling down r arm but still neck, shoulder n upper back pain almost daily. What to do?

After MRI, dx with c4-c5 disc herniation. Painful neck, shoulder & upper arm. How long should I wear a collar with simultaneous PT & meds.

All my disks in my neck are bulging or herniated and I'm now having symptoms of numbness on different areas of the right side of my head?

All the discs in my neck have lost height, causing me neck and head pain, my dr thinks i will need surgery, what sort of surgery?

Are neck and arm pain normal after undergoing lumbar surgery?

Are there any natural treatments that would help relieve herniated discs in the neck and head aches?

Arthritus. Boney growths everywhere.Pain and weakness in neck, upper back and right arm. Emg shows nerve damage at C5 (already stenosis). What now?

Been having back pain, neck pain and tingling all over..even scalp. Blood work normal, brain MRI normal, stenosis in neck. Worried patient!

Best treatment for cervical spondylosis, pain in back of neck, left shoulder/hand joints/fingers & also down spine & legs in 41yo male, ecg normal?

C2 neck fractures?

C5-6 Disc bulge. Should I do flexion or extension with Over Door Cervical Traction device? Face door-flexion. Face away- Extension.

Can a 4 bulging disk in the neck cause shoulder, neck, and upper back pain on both sides? What could it be that didn't show on the MRI ?

Can a back and neck injury cause arthritis in other parts of your body too?

Can a bone in neck appearing on MRI require neck surgery. ?

Can a bulging disc in your neck make my tennis elbow more painful?

Can a herniated or bulged disk in neck cause tremoring of neck and hands on the side affected?

Can a MVA cause a blow to the skull or brain injury that would send pain through the neck,shoulder,hands,back and leg?

Can a rearend car accident cause cervical spinal stenosis and hyperextention of the neck?

Can a shoulder injury (nothing injuring the neck) cause mild osteoarthritis in the neck? Was a shoulder strain nothing relates to the neck

Can a slip and fall on neck and shoulder progress the natural degeneration of discs and or joints?

Can a thyroid enlargement impinge upon your nerves and cause neck pain?

Can an MRI of the head and cervical spine see problems in the throat and thyroid?

Can anyone recommend a good orthopedic pillow for neck injuries?

Can bad posture that leads to frontal head posture restrict the blood flow through the vertebral arteries in the neck?

Can blood pressure be low if cervical discs of neck are compressing nerves on spine?

Can cervical canal stenosis cause pain in your chest? I have it in the C4 and C5 area of my neck.

Can cervical disc disease,cervical stenosis and kyphosis of neck cause widespread muscle twitches,prickling sensations all over,numbness?

Can cervical nerve compression cause hand cramps ? Or any arthritis in the neck etc ?

Can cervical nerve irritation cause throat/facial/neck/shoulder pain. Booked for esi and scared. Want to be sure it's right treatment. Unknown cause?

Can cervical spine disk protrusion at c5 & c6 elevate blood pressure to 160/100 & extremen back neck pain . ?

Can cervical spondyolis radiate to front of neck?

Can cervical traction hurt you if you don't actually need it?

Can cervical traction hurt you if you don't need it?

Can chiropractic neck "cracking" adjustment reduce dizziness caused by cervical foraminal stenosis?

Can chiropractic take away upper back shoulder and neck pain from 4 bulg cervical disc c3-c7 and cervical kyphosis also? Is this even causing my pain?

Can degenerative bony spurring in C6-7 be causing unbearble headaches?

Can degenerative disc disease in the neck be caused by being hit on the head with a 500lb barrel?

Can I asked my naurologis for a full cervical to lumbar mri. I feel all of my arm and leg weakness are due to something in my neck or back pressure.

Can I get vertigo and chest muscle tension from a bulging disc in the neck?

Can loss of cervical lordosis cause serious pains in the hand?

Can loss of cervical spine lordosis cause severe neck and sholder pain, as well as, pain in my pinky and ringer fingers?

Can lumbar surgery actually cause neck and arm pain?

Can multiple herniations between t7 and t12 with cord flattening cause muscle spasms in the back and ribs?

Can neck pain result from a head injury?

Can pinched nerve in upper thoracic spine cause headaches and more during seasonal changes back of heard to cheeks to face? Symptoms and where?

Can pinched nerves, bulg.Discs in neck cause myasthenia gravis? I have one eye lower than other, feel like choking couple days and snoring for months..

Can pituitary malfunction be caused by whiplash or other neck injuries? Can the malfunction cause chronic neck pain in and of itself?

Can repeated injury to neck face back during grand mal seizures cause spinal stenosis?

Can sciatica cause numbness in food? Have odd numb patch in one foot.had normal neck and brain mri. Have neck kyphosis with cervical stenosis

Can taekwondo injure your neck if one has a deteriorated disk? Could it strengthen ones neck?

Can the herniated discs in the neck cause numbness on face and lower back of head?

Can you do exercises to mitigate cervical spine (neck) problems?

Can you get at 50 years old have? Neuropathy? In spine and neck?, shoulder ? Can it come and go? Spinal stenosis ? What are the symptoms?

Can you tell me about a neck dissection?

Can you tell me if there are any risks of cracking my neck?

Can't hold head up have plate &arthritis in neck. Have done pt. Any other suggestions for relief.

Canmuscle spasm in neck causeyou to lose cervical curve?

Cervical epidural - c-2/c-3/c-4/c-5 - lots of pain in my neck and shoulder blade all the time. Will it help?

Cervical extradural cyst from TBI,appx 1/3 sz of canal,pushing spinal cord up.Weakness arms/hands,sluggish,severe neck/shoulder pain r side.Removal?

Cervical spondylosis n herniated discs c4-c5, c5-c6. Neck, shoulder pain. Tingling sensation on hand. Going for chiropractic treatment. Any danger?

Cervical spondylosis without myelopathy. I was walking when struck by a suv in may of 2012. No neck or shoulder problems before. Why now?

Cervical stenosis causing severe pain&stiffness in neck,numbness in both shoulders&hands,loss of strength, insomnia,&itchy neck- will rf ablation help?

Chiropractor said having no cervicalcurve is causing my headache/neck pain/vertigo. True or no. How to restore my natural curve in neck without chirop?

Chronic neck pain for 5 years and now face pain on that side as well. MRI/trigeminal tests= good, neurologist think it's my neck. Can neck cause face?

Could a curved spine cause neck ache?

Could a curved spine lead to neck ache?

Could bursitis in the elbow be connected to a long term bulging disk in the neck ?

Could DDD and osteoarthritis in spine be causing huge muscle knots in back and chest? How to treat this, very painful.

Could I have a brachial plexus stretch injury or damage without current compression, if lying down & sleeping provides relief? Neck/shoulder pain

Could kyphosis and 4 bulging disc in the neck cause neck, shoulder, and upper back pain.. Gone to a lot of physicians and nobody can give me an answer?

Could moderate to severe stenosis in cervical and thoracic spine cause pain, weakness in the upper arm, dizziness and tinnitus when stretChing my neck?

Could stretching your neck cause verterbral artery dissection or is it just brutal cracking?

Could the loss of cervical lordosis (forward head posture) lead to hands pain?

Cwk ct, mri: calcification and facet arthropathy of c3-c7. Does this explain pain, spasm in neck, shoulder/shoulder blades, headache, arms, back stifness, difficult/blockade when walking, turn/hold neck?

DDX pain stiffness(spine, back&neck),Para+Hyperaesthesia,Allodynia,9/10pain,episodes of 10/10 pain+intermittent back spasm find:diolated central canal

Describe a radical neck dissection?

Developed scapular winging & grinding 2 yrs ago. It progressed and now have severe pain in neck and have thoracic outlet syndrome. Any theories?

Diagnosed brain lesion and small herniated disc in neck Past 2 months head n neck tension Motrin don't work Can it be herniated disc or lesion?

Do you have cervical neck pain and problems finding a pillow that allows them to rest?

Do you have recommendations for reducing headaches at the base of the skull that are cervicogenic? I have cervical spondylosis. Neck/upper back tight.

Doc said I have herniated disc c6-7 , arthritis and stenosis in my neck should I be worried? Do these things go away? And shoulder tendonitis . Options

Docs, could a chiropractor help with a bone spur pinching the C5 nerve in my neck?

Does a cervical spine MRI look at the back of your neck to?

Does a cervical spine MRI show pinched nerves in the neck which can be causing head and left finger discomfort?

Does a more muscular neck mean a shorter one?

Does cervical disc herniation cause chest, arm and armpit pain?

Does cracking your neck/back do any harm? I have cervical spondylosis and a torn l4/l5 disc. I get relief from stiffness w/ cracking.

Does having a pinched nerve in the neck affect your shoulder joint? I have labrum fraying what Is that?

Does kyphosis cause back and neck cracking?

Does loss of cervical lordosis affect the functionality of neck muscles (like swallowing)?

Does naproxen work for a kink in the neck?

Does neck degeneration cause stiff neck? Dizziness? What symptoms cpme from.this and what does it mean? Xrays showed it don't know what it is

Does persisting neck pain or neck diseases causes erectile dysfunction ?

Does the neck cause pelvic misalignment? or is it the other way around?

During a core needle biopsy on a cervical lymph node in neck, what vessels or nerves can be damaged? I have been having headache and trouble swallowin