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Have pain in the base of neck and shoulder left side.4 few days. When lift arm pain shoots up my neck behind ear.Hurts more when rubbed or massaged?

Have a n the back middle of my neck what could this be?

16 year old female extremly bad headache knot on bottom of the hairline back of neck moves around when I rub it ?

5 days ago woke up with stiff neck. Hurt to turn to the side. Neck is still hurting and hurts at base of head when pressing. Ideas?? Wouldnt be heart?

9yr old has pain when neck 'pops'. Pain goes from backside of neck up to top and down torwards temple. Headache lately from her neck hurting. ?????

A lump on the left backside of neck. It doesn't move from side to side but up and down. Aches hurts shoulders, cracks and rolls when rubbed stiff neck?

A week ago i slept in a recliner, when i woke up i knew it...Now I have a 3" knot on the back of my neck between my shoulder blades and it hurts bad.

After hitting the back of my head on a wall i now have a sore neck & heat radiation from the spot where i hit myself to my neck and ears. Is this ok?

After I sleep my shoulder hurts and neck is tight?

Any head and neck surgeons here?

At times the back of my neck feels swollen ans it's uncomfortable to bend my head the whole way back...what would cause this?

Awful head ache, which began 7 days ago at base of skull and back of neck. Base of skull and neck pain worse with movement, causes?

Back an neck cracking problems, what to do?

Back of lower neck at spine feels bruised. Sore to look down or put neck all the way back. Almost feel like a bruise would be there. No injury. ?

Back of neck has crunchy sounds when i move it, is it because of arteries?

Back of neck is stiff and sore and painful to move. Hurts when I press on the front of my neck, and when I swallow.

Been having neck pain and stifness for a month, headache for a week now. If i press on my neck bones it is painful.cant turn head. Cause pls?

Both my neck and the back of my head was completely numb for the whole day what could be causing it? Please

Burn pains back of neck/head. Forehead & scalp tingles, headache, neck pops when I turn in any direction. Pain in my forearms down to wrists, help?

Burning pain back of my neck. Forehead/scalp tingling, neck cracks when I turn my head any direction. Pain down my forearms to my wrists. Shingles?

Burning pain back of my neck/head Forehead/scalp tingles, headaches, neck pops when I turn head any direction. Pain in my forearms to my wrist, help?

Burning pain back of my neck/head. Forehead/scalp tingling, neck cracks when I turn my head any direction. Pain down my forearms to my wrists. Help?

Burning pain back of neck/head. Forehead/scalp tingles, headache, neck cracks when I turn in any direction. Pain in my forearms down to wrists, help?

Can a pinch nerve in the neck or crown of skull cause dizziness? Strained neck heard a pop doesn't hurt but very annoying. Lower back of head tender.

Can a pinched nerve in back of neck kill you or cause you to not be able to swollow? Pain is base of skull into ear and up to top of skull.

Can a pulled neck muscle make head hurt?

Can a shoulder issue cause pain in neck and face or does pain always go downwards. My collarbone sounds like crackers being crushed up but it all hurt?

Can a sinus issue cause head hurt in the back and neck hurt?

Can adolescence make your joints/back/neck/head hurt?

Can my neck hurt because i slept on the couch?

Can sinus bother the back of your head and back of neck?

Can sinus cause your head and back of neck to hurt?

Can sleeping wrong cause a little swelling in neck and shoulder?

Can snapping your neck back in a chair cause throbbing in the rear of head?

Can you have arthritis in your head? How would you test? What could cause popping and craclkling noises started in top of head now neck too. 2 years

Can you tell me how can most nurses work if they have a hurt neck or back?

Can you tell me is popping your back, neck, and knuckles/fingers bad?

Chest infection.Now can't move my neck?

Cracked my neck a few weeks ago now all of a sudden it hurts very bad when i move it? What should i do?

Did a handstand and fell on my head. I heard my neck crack 3 times. My right lower neck has been hurting into the top part of my back. Been a week +?

Doctor i got muscle spasm on my neck which spreaded till my head and back, sometimes feels like something is moving on my back and head please advice?

Doctor's opinion? My neck does not hurt, but i kinda feel some pins & needles in shoulder to the the back of my head what is it?

Doctor's opinion? My neck hurts from sleeping wrong?

Doctor's opinion? My neck hurts when i stretch it?

Doctor's opinion? My neck hurts when i turn it to the right?

Doctors can you tell me why do I have uncomfortable neck and always snapping it?

Doctors can you tell me why does my neck hurt when I am doing crunches?

Doctors can you tell me why does my neck hurt when i tilt it to the right?

Doctors can you tell me why does the back of my neck pop and occasionally the snapping causes pain?

Dull throbbing at base of skull & painfully tight neck muscles. What can I do? Have tried massage..

Every few month I have strong back and neck pain and completely throw out my neck and can't move for a few days. I had a car accident a few years back?

Everyday I wake up with a sore neck and back and when I do my neck excersies I hear crunchy sounds in my neck what can cause this???

Feels like something snapping in the back of my neck when i turn my head. Is this somethign serious?

Feels like there is a bruise on the back of my neck. It's at base of skull to the left of my spine. Started 2 days ago.

Fell asleep on sofa on a hard pillow woke up with neck and head quick shooting pain now just got neck ache trapped or pinched nerve?

Fell on my head/neck and now have a lot of pain now in my neck/back/arm. Help?

Felt something pull in my neck while doing a neck x-ray?

For a couple months now I have had neck pain and I always feel like I need to crack my neck. I know this isn't good to do.. How can I fix this?

For two days the back of my neck/head, shoulders and collar bone hurt. But it's more like my skin hurts, only when something touches it? It's weird..

From time to time my neck will feel stiff &hurt, it gets worse I have a neck in a fixed position or if I'm looking down. Causes very painful headaches?

Front of throat sore to touch, hurts to lift and turn neck but only in the front of neck.

Good morning, i was reaching for something on a shelf on monday and felt my neck pinch, since then i can't move my neck to the r & pain in my r arm?

Got a massage on shoulders and neck area now they both swollen what's up with that?

Got a painfull neck and back because of work, lifting and pushing, had my neck xrayed and said it was worn, is there anything i can do to relieve?

Got put in hard headlock and now neck muscle are sore to touch and feel pain when turning neck..Not sharp pain just like stiff neck pain.What to do?

Had discomfort in my neck 4 weeks. Saw 2 doctors but they said nothing was wrong. Now there's a swelling on back of my neck when I turn my head left?

Had pain in my neck and in top of both my shoulders for 2 years and when I rotate my arms I can feel a crunching and grinding noise what could this be?

Have lumps inside of skin pop up in feet, hands, thighs, shoulders, back, back of neck and head for 3+ months, inflamed and painful they come-n-go?

Have neck & back pain , pinching pains in scalp.was stretching after sitting in awkward position ..& felt pressure in base of neck & felt it pulsate ..back of head too. Then dizzy when I stood. Ideas?

Have stiff neck for over a week on right in the back , what to do or take?

Having severe neck pain at base of my skull/neck. Had a small kink & used vibrating massager on it 4 days ago. Cant move neck much. What did I do?!!

Head pressure and headaches. Jaw tight when opened. Some drainage. Back of neck and shoulders are tight. Going on about a month. Ears clicking too?

Heard popping sound when i turned my head, now have pain base of neck. What is causing this?

Hello I have a pulled neck muscle that has happened about two weeks ago if not longer the muscle goes from the back of my ear to the front of my neck ?

Hello, i have had a little knot on the back of my neck for 2 years now and it hurts me sometimes just not all the time. I now have 2 and they hurt.

Hello, my mom has a neck trauma and sometimes her neck hurts alot, she can't have anything hot put on her neck only cold, . Any ideas on relieving pain?

Hi, my neck hurts when i try to bend my head to the right. what should i do?

Hit my head two days okay. Now have a sore stiff neck. Should i go to physio or is it too soon?

How can I elongate neck. When I stretch I hurt my neck or it pops?

How come I have a jerk in my neck when I move my head?

How come I have to crack my neck every 5 seconds?

How come my neck hurts after I do crunches?

How do I know if I have head, neck, and back injuries?

How to treat neck crepitus? My neck crackles if i rotate my head to right and it feels nice. If i don't move it, i feel pain through my nerves

Hump on neck below head and above sholders hurts to the touch and causing headaches and neck looks swollen.

I am 20 having chest shoulders and back pains and recently when i yawn or open my mouth wide my neck and back of my head hurts what could it be ?

I am having a neck pain and i can't turn my neck clockwise.What should I do?

I am having left-sided neck pain that extends into the base of my skull after a chiropractic manipulation yesterday. Should I be concerned about strok?

I can feel something click or pop in the back of my neck when rub a figure on it. It doesn't hurt, but I have experienced some headaches. What is it?

I can only turn my neck towards my shoulder so far before it starts hurting. What should I do?

I can't bend my neck a certain way today, or lift my arm above my head. Might by whiplash. What can I do to help it?

I crack my neck frequently & on the back of my neck near my shoulder there is a ball. I think its a popped vessel. What is it?

I cracked my neck and my shoulder hurts now. Help what can I do for this?

I cracked my neck this morning and now i can barely move it! what do I do?

I feel down stairs backwards 5 steps 6 mons ago i hit back of head neck and upper back still hurts to turn neck all the way what could be causing pain?

I feel like I have swelling at the bottom of my head just above my neck. I have had a sore neck and shoulders for a while?

I feel pressure which moves from under my nose, back of my head, to my neck and ears. Is it related to pinched nerve in my neck or recent dental work?

I fell on my back and now my neck and ribs hurt what do I do?

I flip over a gate and landed on my head now my neck and shoulder is in pain bad?

I had extra cervical rib i m 30 yrs old i had very bad pain in my neck i can't move my neck help me?