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Can stretching your neck muscles while poking and prodding at your neck muscles and tendons leave pain in that region afterwards? Thank you

Can U pull muscles in your chest and neck from vomiting ?

3 weeks ago I think I injured my rhomboid/overexertion. My neck was stiff/headache/sore. Still is but not as much. Can feel rhomboid pain. What to do?

All my joints and muscles Hurt?

Are muscle spasms and finger swelling normal after a shoulder dislocation?

Are muscle spasms and finger swelling normal after shoulder dislocation?

Are neck muscles involved when someone has bruxism?

Are there any ointments for whiplash neck pain muscle strain?

Arm stiffness/tight forearm muscle at work?

Arm stiffness/tight forearm muscle problem, please help!?

Back muscle stiffness?

Back muscles stiff and painful after three rib fractures. Is this common?

Best way for me to relieve a tense muscle in the shoulder?

Bump on rside above sternocleidomastoid muscle & on lside on (neck)upper trapezius muscle for about 5 month now, what could it be? (lump? For so long?

Can a chronically tight sternocleidomastoid muscle cause you to have TMJ issues and aches on the jaw muscles?

Can a lump on my back be the result of a pulled sternocleidomastoid muscle

Can a muscle spasm in your shoulder and neck cause your armto feel like its numb?

Can a pulled muscle in the neck cause face numbness?

Can a shoulder muscle spasm cause hand numbness?

Can anxiety cause shoulder and neck muscle spasm on one side with dizziness?

Can chest muscle strain causes arm numbness?

Can ear inf cause tight neck muscles?

Can exercises to build up the trapezius muscle exacerbate neck pain?

Can muscle knots in the neck be linked tightness in the same side of the tongue?

Can muscle spasms or tight muscles in the neck muscles cause random stabbing/shooting pains in back of one side of head?mainly when bending over?

Can muscle tension in the neck cause tingling in the face?

Can pinchef nerve cause weak oblique muscle or stomach muscles.

Can someone pull an arm muscle while sleeping?

Can spondylosis cause muscle tension? Can the pain from spondylosis cause chronic muscle tension in my shoulders and upper arms? .

Can strengthening your neck muscles prevent headache?

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Can tension or anxiety cause neck knots?

Can tight muscles in back causechest tightness?

Can tight muscles in the neck and back cause lightheadedness?

Can tight muscles on neck cause facial pain by involving the smaller facial muscles?

Can tight muscles or muscle spasms in neck, shoulder or upper back cause pain down arms or tingly numb feeling arms?

Can tight neck muscles cause jaw pain and stiffness or is it the other way round?

Can tight neck muscles make me have headaches when laughing?

Can tingling in arm be caused by muscle knot or spasm in the shoulder?

Can weak posterior deltoid muscles or weak latissimus dorsi muscles cause muscle tension and pain in the back and neck? Source: HealthTap

Can weak posterior deltoid muscles or weak latissimus dorsi muscles cause muscle tension and pain in the back and neck?

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Can you get muscles spasms in your collarbone and neck?

Can you pull a head muscle?

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Can you tell me some good stretches/exercises for tense necks and shoulders?

Can your sternothyroid muscle become swollen from muscle spasms?

Cold in neck muscle?

Common causes of sore, stiff, rigid muscles?

Could a pulled muscle or muscle spasm in the scalp cause a pain in the head?

Could arthritis in my neck be causing all my muscles to get very tight?

Could it be that after pulling a muscle the swollen muscle is pinching a nerve?

Do muscle relaxers help with a injured sternocleidomastoid?

Do muscles always heal ? Have had upper back muscle pain from overstretched rhomboids for around 18 months. Having physio for last year. Helps a bit.

Do you think I should buy a soft neck collar if I have a strained muscle in my neck?

Does TMJ lead to tight neck muscles r the other way round?

Does cervical traction work neck muscle spasm?

Does smooth muscle still work if we have a head injury?

During exercise, I might have caused a mild muscle strain or rupture in the upper back area. Probably trapezius or rhomboideus muscle. What to do?

Enlarged muscle or mass in neck?

Feel tension in my neck, could this be just muscle tenderness or something more serious?

For what length of time can muscle spasms in back and shoulder last?

Have cervical spondylosis w muscle spasms in upper back and neck. Should i be doing any upper body strength training or not?

How are tight muscles in neck and lump in throat related?

How can i differ between neck muscle pain and neck spasm?

How can I loosen my tight muscles?

How can I loosen up sore muscles?

How can I reduce swelling in my neck from tight muscles ?

How can I release extremely tight neck muscles with knots in then? Been so stiff and sore for 1 year now

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How can I relieve swollen arm muscles?

How can I shrink the muscles in my arms?

How can I strenghten neck muscles?

How can I strengthen my neck?

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How do I get my muscles to not be so stiff?

How do I know if i just pulled a muscle or something in my right arm?

How do I know if its a muscle knot or something else?

How do I treat a pulled back muscle? The muscle is on the inside of the shoulder blade.

How does someone tell whether or not a muscle is tense or tight?

How often should you stretch neck, back or leg muscles per day?

How to get rid of muscle spasm in neck?

How to massage neck tightness?

How to relieve tightness in jaw muscles?

How to stretch tight neck muscles at home?

How to tell if my neck is strained or fractured in any way?

Hurt muscles in right neck and shoulder shoveling snow. Stretching muscles hurts. Is it good to stretch sore knotted muscles?

Hurt muscles in right neck and shoulder shovelling snow. Stretching muscles hurts. Is it good to stretch sore knotted muscles?

Hurt muscles in right neck and shoulder shovelling snow. Stretching muscles hurts. Is it good to stretch sore knotted muscles?

I have a tumor on my right arm muscle. What could it be?

I have constant pain in my rhomboid muscle that sometimes travels down my arm, up my neck. There is knot too. How do I tell if it's a strain or tear?

I have fibromyalgia. I have many knots in my back and neck, and most of my muscles are tight. What's the best way to manage this?

I have had muscle spasm on upper back under my shoulder blade what causes this?

I have had TMJ and jaw muscles have been in spasm and tight. Is it a good sign if the tightness is fading and the muscles are beginning to ache?

I have increasing muscle pain and weakness in both arms and back of neck for about a month now. What can cause this. ?

I have incredible muscle pain in trapezus muscle and levator scapulae muscle. I would like to get massage but need to know what kind??

I have lumps all over all of my muscles.

I have muscle ache in my neck from last five years. Local doctors say it is just muscle ache and i need to do some neck exercises, it is of no use.