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16 weeks pregnant and having random muscle twitches. I will get one twitch in my calf and the next in my side. Like the muscle just spasms once. Normal?

2 weeks now been having nerve/muscle twitching 24/7 all over, plus horrible muscle soreness, and slight weakness in lims? HELP

26y.o.for some days, in an area in my front neck A muscle twitches sometimes , especially when i wake up.

4 mo.of neck manual PT.since stopping,random muscle twitches/random prickling feeling that moves around.could this be due to nerves repairing from PT?

A year ago, my sister punched me in my left arm. I used toget on/off aches for a few months. The doctor said that it isa muscle spasm/pinched nerve. Could it be osteosarcoma?

After a muscle spasm in trapezius area i notice that when i swallow just saliva i get pain in the muscle that spasmed. Goes into chest. What is this?

All my muscles hurt all the time! They seem weak and also spasm and cramp up daily. What could be causing this as it has gone on for almost a year now?

All of the sudden I have been having sharp pain muscle spasms in my calves. It only happens for 2 seconds then goes away. What may be causing this?

An osteopath says all my muscles seem tense and tight but can also feel tension through my skin what does he mean by this?

Anterior neck muscle spasms, pain from fatigue of spasms, hospital 2 days no dr's have checked us yet, resident dr's don't know what's wrong.

Are muscle spasms and chills normal after exercise?

Are muscle spasms normal before your period. I have recurring muscle spasms over my body legs, arms, back arms for 5 days now and got my period today.

Are seizing muscles the same as muscle spasms?

Are there any ways to break up muscle tension without massage?

Been having a twitch on my left stomach area just under my ribs for most of the day it comes and goes is it just a muscle spasm ?

Been having muscle spams since last sunday what can I can i do?

Been having muscle spasms for a few days in my bicep, they last up to ten minutes and do not hurt. Is it something to stress about?

Been having muscle twitching in arms, peitoral muscles, abdomen and legs for 2 or 4 years now, very frequent, happen several times a day for some seconds each. What should I do ?

Best muscle relaxers for muscle pain?

Can a muscle spams last over 2 months?

Can a muscle spasm cause difficulty in breathing?

Can a pelvic stress fracture cause muscle spasms?

Can a strain in your neck cause your muscle to twitch, cramp and some trouble swallowing? It felt like a level three strain cause the pain very sharp.

Can a tight muscle start tingling?

Can alcohol cause arm muscle ache?

Can an epidural for labor cause muscle spasms in your lower body?

Can an orgasm cause muscle cramp on the stomach area?

Can anxiety cause muscles in face to tighten up while sleeping?

Can anxiety cause twitching in the abdominal area?

Can biofeedback help muscle tension?

Can biofeedback help someone suffering muscle tension?

Can cancers cause constant painless muscle twitching in the legs?

Can cervical stenosis 8 mm cause irritation explaining why symptoms of intermittent muscle twitches felt all over including calfs/sensory sensations?

Can coughing cause muscle spasms?

Can depo-medrol be injected into muscle spasms to soften the spasms?

Can lactic acid in muscles cause prickling sensations and soreness ?

Can marijana cause muscle spasms or muscle twitching?

Can massage help get rid of muscle twitching?

Can mediazolan and diazepam used to treat muscle spasms cause muscle spasms or other movement disorders?

Can muscle spasm lead to death?

Can muscle spasms cause brief sciatica?

Can muscle tension from anxiety cause you to have a muscle sprain/muscle tear/muscle pull, etc?

Can muscle twitching at neck back of head etc be fast and erratic and occur rather frequently?

Can paravertebral muscle spasm can cause neurological symptoms?

Can pneumonia cause muscular paralysis or cut off circulation? I feel as though I am constantly coughing up mucus which stiffens my muscles otherwise

Can prednisone cause muscle tightness spasms?

Can Prilosec cause muscle spasms?

Can somebody tell me please why I am having muscle spasms all over my body and they just wont stop! and its causing me pain everywhere ! had them for 8 or 9 months now! please help !?

Can stress cause muscle twitches - not just in one area (and can be seen). Not constant and last a couple of days.

Can there be facial muscle spasms from tmj?

Can tight tense muscles cause muscle tremors?

Can too much stress cause random muscular pains and sore eyes?

Can you advise me to diagnose muscle contractions and spasms?

Can you die from muscle spasm?

Can you have a muscle spasm in / on the head?

Can you have a muscle spasm in your head?! and what would cause them?

Can you relax ciliary muscle spasm?

Can you tell me reasons why i keep having muscle spasms?

Can your back muscles spasm from low potassium?

Chronic muscle tension i think from bad posture since being a child.. Muscles feel hard and ropy.. Get eye strain from tight muscles to help?

Chronic tight muscles with knots.. Do I have to release the knots to get normal muscle function or if i relax will they go away themselves?

Coming and going pain in right calf muscles with twitching everyday and stiffness also diziness tiredness could it be ALS or what it is?

Constant tense muscle aches that won't go away. What do you suggest?

Constant tension in upper stomach muscles. Takes conscious effort to relax them even when in a relaxed position. Is this abnormal?

Continuous muscle spasm in chest randomly?

Could a muscle sprain lead to muscle spasms?

Could anxiety weaken your muscles?

Could prolonged standing cause muscle spasms?

Could schizophrenia cause severe muscle spasms?

Could stress cause painful muscle spasms in your rectum?

Could there be a cause for muscle spasms other than dehydration?

Could worry and stress cause muscle spasm in injury?

Could you have a muscle spasm or charlie horse in your jaw?

Developed spasms in my lower lip post facial paralysis a few months after. The spasm has gotten stronger. Is this hemifacial and will it get to my eye?

Do a lot of people get muscle spasm?

Do antiinflammatories and muscle relaxants cause muscle atrophy?

Do muscle relaxers help tmj?

Do stomach muscle strains come in waves? More intense for no reason at random times?

Do symptoms like muscle spasm go away quickly?

Does a disc tear cause muscle spasms?

Does an anticholinergic work on the muscles?

Does fibromyalgia cause muscle spasms? Does fibromyalgia cause muscle spasms?

Does having benign muscle fasciculations(all it is;tested) mean i likely have artery spasms? If my muscles spasm why wouldnt my arteries spasm too?

Does heat make muscle weakness or muscle heaviness feel worse?

Does magnesium help muscle spasms and tremor?

Does muscle contraction deal with muscles that are tense during working out?

Dyspareunia/vaginismus. Very tight can't Masturbate tight muscles painful spasms. Sensitive as well, what can help? Any meds? Very Distressed :(

Ertapenem antibiotic and muscle spasms, what to do?

Evening after drinking the night before, my legs start shaking and i start having random muscle spasms. Help?

Everytime I am physically active I have severe muscle spasms the night after. What can I do?

Eyelid/face twitching/spasms after doing chest dips,chin ups,and push ups(good form). Mild sore neck but no real pain.Whats causing this?have anxiety2

Eyelid/face twitching/spasms after doing chin ups, push ups, and chest dips. i have mild sore neck as well. no real pain. what's causing this?

Facial muscle spasms when smiling?

Feel muscle twitching in lower abdominal area?

Female 47. been having all over random muscle cramping. Front thigh muscles often feel they are about to cramp. Heart has gurgling palpitations often?

Fingers tremble/muscle spasms in legs- could stress cause this, what to do?

First chiropractor appointment today. Now, am having frequent muscle spasms throughout my legs (w/ hip pain), arms & back. Are the spasms normal?

For about two weeks now I have been experiencing a spasm or a twitch in my solar plexus area throughout the day. Is there a cause for this?

For approx 1 yr, many muscle spasms: abdomen, under ribs, back, lower arms, hands-long lasting. Occurs with certain movements. Hand-arm will sometimes freeze-up. What could be causing this & remedy.

For the last 5 days I gave had an on and off twitch / muscle spasm just below my ribs cage bilaterally in the same area. This spasm is not painful at?