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Are strains and muscle tension aches the same thing?

Are the symptoms of muscle spasm bad?

Are there any foods that can help prevent myalgia or muscular pain?

Are there any other muscle relaxers than Cyclobenzaprine? I'm not sure it help my chronic back pain.

Besides intermittent claudication what else can cause calf muscle pain?

Can a doctor prescribe me carisoprodol for my severe back pain and muscle spasm?

Can a kidney infection cause calf muscle pain?

Can a loose and weak piriformis muscle cause pain? If so what type of pain would it cause. Thanks

Can a muscle relaxer help with crps pain?

Can a pulled abdominal muscle cause scrotum pain?

Can a pulled shoulder muscle cause pain in breast?

Can a small tear in the soleus muscle cause severe pain or do I just have a low pain threshold?

Can alleve after taken for 4 days cause muscles in your legs cause tightness or fatigue?

Can ALS cause muscle soreness and mild pain in my bicep. I have twitching there too. Could the twitching and soreness be just from a pulled muscle?

Can amoxicillin cause muscle pain?

Can anxiety cause arm and leg pain? Similar to muscle pain and cramps

Can anxiety cause neck muscle pain ?

Can anyone tell me what causes extreme muscle weakness & pinching pains all over your body?

Can bad posture cause trapezius pain? I've been having this for the past 7 years. The pain seems to be in the muscle.

Can being bit by a tarantula cause muscle weakness or nerve pain?

Can bilateral flank pain be muscular skeletal?

Can butalbital be used for back pain or muscle pain/aches? Is it effective?

Can heat help with pain from a pulled muscle?

Can I take a muscle relaxer to help my ureteral stricture pain (have some left over from a pulled muscle) I ran out of my pain meds. Pain is 8. ?

Can i tell me how i can diagnose my muscular pain?

Can inflammation around the si joint cause sciatica pain? Or muscle spasms of piriformis muscle?

Can mannitol cause joint and muscle pain?

Can metformin cause muscle pain?

Can muscle pain last for months in hiv?

Can muscle relaxers help with hip pain?

Can muscle strain cause arm numbness w/ back pain? Went to dr told me I strain my muscle.

Can muscle tension cause throat pain?

Can muscle tightness cause throat pain?

Can neuropathy cause muscle pain ?

Can stress/anxiety cause upper back muscle pain ?

Can the trapezius muscle make you have chest pain, arm pain? My doctor and he said it's strained. I have flexeril (cyclobenzaprine hcl) to help it? What else can I do.

Can there be a statin that does not cause muscle pain?

Can tonsillitis cause muscle pain?

Can too much stress cause muscular pain and sore jaws?

Can trapezius pain and spasm be caused by strain, and or anxiety?

Can trazodone cause muscle pain?

Can vomiting pull the pelvic muscles?

Can you die from muscle pain?

Can you have fibromyalgia without widespread muscle pain ?

Can you please explain the good prescription for muscle pain at shoulder?

Cause of recurring muscle pain?

Chest pain and muscle aches. Heart attacks don't give you muscle aches elsewhere, right?

Could gabapentin cause a serious muscle pain ?

Could it be something bad if I have muscle pain?

Could pain by gallbladder be from a pulled muscle?

Do fibroids cause muscle pain?

Do I have abdominal muscle strain or hernia?I had pain when i was workingout my abs and its been almost 3 weeks now. Pain is better but still there.

Do OTC muscle relaxants work for back pain?

Do soreness/pain from DVT resolve on its own? If soreness from calf resolves/decreases after rest is it more likely to have been a muscle cramp?

Do the backaches and muscle pain go away after being off topotecan?

Do the symptoms of fibromyalgia include muscle cramps & spasms and/or shooting pain from nerves?

Do trigger point injections really help with muscle knots/muscle pain?

Do weak back muscles give you chest pain?

Do you think I pulled a muscle if sudden biceps pain?

Does a lack of potassium cause muscle and joint pain?

Does ALS cause muscle paIn?

Does ALS cause muscle pain?

Does fibromyalgia cause chest muscle pain?

Does inflammation of muscles feel like soreness weakness or tingling in muscles?

Does xarelto cause muscle and body pain?

Does zoloft cause muscle pain/spasms?

Experiencing leg pain with exertion, leg tenderness and muscle spasms. ER doc said it was an issue with my Sartorious muscle and gave pain meds and Flexeril. Doesn't seem to be helping.

For over 6 months I have been experiencing joint and muscle pain and a constant burning pain in my muscles accompanied with fatigue. What can this be?

Has right side chest muscle pain. My doc says it is due to muscle strain. More than 4 weeks and it is still there.Taking tylenol (acetaminophen). Any advice?

Having muscle spasm-like pain right lower back. Took muscle relaxer but no relief. Vomiting from pain. What could it be?

Having serve lower back pain with muscle spasms and trouble walking also when I breath it causes more pain. What could it be and what should I do?

Hello docs. I was wondering can working out your chest help alleviate pain of a strained trapezius muscle?

Help doctors! what're trigger point pains in muscles?

Help, what to do about muscle pain during cardio?

Help! I have burning muscles around ribs. What is this?

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